Tears, Frustration and Blind Kisses in the Dark

Riley walked in the front door and saw Jazmine laying on the couch, a large red blanket covering her and a pillow from Hueys room under her head.

"Aye, what you doin sleepin on da couch Jazmine?!" He asked loudly. Huey came out of the blue and punched his brother in the back of the head. "Ow! Nigga damn. What the hell was that for?!" he yelled only to get a dirty look through...whoa! Puffy red eyes? "Man were you cryin?" he asked.

"Thats none of ya damn business. Here take this and go away." Huey said coldly handing his brother a hundred dollar bill. Riley had not even the slightest second thought he just took the money and dipped. Huey sat on the recliner and put his hands over his eyes. Why he actually cried, he had no idea, but he did. His cell phone rang. He didnt bother to look he just answered. He didnt really feel like talking to anyone at the moment.

"Hello?" He said calmly.

"Hey Huey, wat cha doin?" That included his own girlfriend.

"Not now Faye. I'm sorry but I got somethin on my mind right now and I gotta think for a while." he told her.

"Do you need me to come over, what happened?" she asked.

"I don't wanna talk about it. But when I start to feel better I promise to call you back okay?"

"Sure." she sighed. Huey was quiet. He could see Jazmine turn over on her side and open her eyes with a sigh.

"Iight later." he said. Faye didnt speak, she just hung up.

Huey closed his phone and watched as Jazmine looked around. Her eyes found his sad face and she tried to sit up. Which was a bad idea. The headache she had came back like a baseball bat to the brain. She plopped back down, that just made things even worse for her. A single tear rolled down her cheek. She covered her eyes to shield the rest that flowed out her eyes like a river. Her sobs however couldnt be helped. So she just let herself cry.

Huey couldnt watch so he sat at her feet and put a hand on her knee. Jazmine wiped the tears and looked into Hueys red eyes. She sat up, and felt no pain this time but what she did feel was Hueys arms around her, and her heart break.

"I thought it was fo'real this time. I thought he was gonna be different. I actually thought he loved me, but he didnt. I feel so stupid. What did I do wrong? Where did I go wrong? Huey what happened to me?" she cried into his chest.

"What exactly happened before you called me?" he asked. She shook her head and took a deep breath even with the tears.

"We were watching tv and then I said something about you and then he got mad at me. We started arguing then he started cussing me out even after I apologized. Then he started yelling at me saying I needed to make a choice and I told him I was having doubts and he just went crazy. He had this look in his eyes and I just got scared. I tried to run to the door but he caught me and threw me on the bed, I begged cried and screamed for him to stop but he wouldnt! He hit me so hard my head started to hurt. I couldnt get him off, so when he pulled his jeans halfway down I kicked him off and ran out his room. He pulled my hair and threw me against the wall, before I could look at him he hit me again. I bumped my head on a wall and he kicked me in my side. When I stood up he thought I was gonna run but I took the lamp in the hallway and threw it at him. When I missed he chased me downstairs and i tripped. I jumped off the last step before I could completely hit the floor. When I got up again I hid around the corner in the kitchen. When he walked in I hit him with the skillet sitting next to me on the counter. While he was out I ran back upstairs I grabbed my phone and hid in the linen closet downstairs and called you." she sobbed. When she closed her eyes Terrels face appeared angry and cold. She broke into tears.

"Stop cryin. Its not your fault. You know its not. Calm down." He told her. She pushed away roughly and gave him an evil glare.

"Oh sure. Tell me to calm down. You never have these problems, you and your ditzy ass girlfriend are the happiest couple in the world. Nothing wrong with you two! Right?" she sobbed. Huey shook his head and looked her dead in her green eyes.

"No." he said in a soft tone. Jazmine was confused.

"What do you mean no? I see you two all the time, laughing and smiling like the whole world is right when your together. What makes you say that you two don't have a happy relationship?" she asked in a bitter tone.

"Because she's not what I exactly wanted." He started. Jazmine searched his eyes for a reason. She didnt have to. "She has flaws, the really negative ones at that. She has barely to no smart days, she doesnt take me seriously half the damn time, she bitches over the littlest things when she's mad, she's an annoying white girl from the country club living off daddys money, stuck in a black female. She gets on my nerves just looking at her. She gives me headaches and migraines just smiling or the slightest laugh." He told her. Jazmine was beyond confused at this point. "I cant stand her. At all." He told her with a serious expression.

Jazmine wiped the tears from her eyes and ignored the pounding of her headache. She sighed lightly and they just stared into the others eyes.

"If she gets on your nerves so much, why do you still have her as your girlfriend." she asked. Huey shook his head and shrugged.

"I don't really know, but you have every right to be crying. I just witnessed your boyfriend basically beat you and this whole time I never knew." he told her looking away.

"Does that explain why you cried too?" Jazmine asked, taking note of Hueys red eyes.

"A little bit. But I never did after today. We cant tell anyone about this. Which is why I stupidly gave Riley a hundred dollars to go do something with his life." He mentally cursed and kicked himself in the ass. He turned back to Jazmines big green eyes staring at him, still slightly filled with tears. "What?"

"Nothing. I'm just shocked that you cried, then you paid Riley not to say a word, and I missed it." she smiled lightly. Huey shook his head and stood up. He walked over to the unused fireplace and put his head in his palm. Jazmine stood up and put a hand on his shoulder. "Hu...."

"You couldve got us killed, you could be dead right now and your sittin here laughing because I decided to save your ass from certain death!? Jazmine what the hell!?" he yelled.

"Im sorry. But I actually just tried to lighten up my own mood. And please don't start yelling unless your gonna turn into him and kick my ass all around your house. Maybe you two arent so different." she said coldly. Which she realized was the wrong thing to say when he turned to her sharply and got a hold of her shoulders.

"I COULDVE LOST YOU JAZMINE DON'T YOU REALIZE THAT?!" he yelled shaking and pressing her onto the wall beside them. She was shocked. "If I didnt come save your ass, you'd be dead right now. Get out of fuckin 'lala land' and wake up." he said with pure concern letting her go.

"Why are you so mad?" she asked.

"Im not mad, its jus....its jus the thought of losing you that scared me to tears. Thats not normal for me Jazmine." he said slowly. He looked back into her eyes. He noticed a small fragment of glass in her hair that was centimeters from her eye. He took a single step and pulled it out. She flinched. "Its a piece of glass in your hair. You didnt see that?" he asked. She shook her head and kept her eyes locked with his.

As he let his hand drop, she caught it with hers and put his palm to her cheek eyes still in place. Her lips grazed his hand as she closed her eyes to calm herself some.

"Dont worry too much about me. But I'm glad I called you. I'm glad you came. Your right, I would be dead if you didnt come, or we'd both be dead, but your too smart and you care too much about me to let it happen." she lifted her gaze to meet his. "Dont you." She stood between her best friend and a wall with her head held high no matter the small cuts and bruises. She let her eyes drop and close again, her cheek still in his palm. Huey felt his heart go soft and let it stick to him.

Jazmine felt Huey shift lightly and when she opened her eyes she felt his arms around her waist and her head on his shoulder. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his shoulders in a long embrace.

"Your right, I wouldnt." he whispered. Jazmine looked into his eyes as they pulled apart and let a single tear free only to be wiped away by Hueys thumb. That moment felt like an eternity but neither had a complaint. Their eyes stayed locked.

Awaken me to the truth I was blinded to

They say love is blind and will take over your mind

But the key to finding true love is to be heartbroken by another

Once you find what your looking for has been with you from the start

Then you will see what its really like

For now just lie here in my arms and cry your little heart out

When your done look up toward god and your prayers will be answered

And the truth will be obvious to the naked eye

Its been here all along, and I just helped you see that light.

Jazmines eyes closed slowly as she turned her head away only slightly. Huey kept his hand softly on her cheek and directed her face back to his. Jazmine felt her heart beat again as if it stopped, but it was just racing like crazy. Their eyes stayed locked and before she could speak she felt lightheaded and dizzy. The room started to spin as she began to go weak in the knees and fall in his arms. Huey kept a firm grip on her so she wouldnt hurt herself.

"You still need sleep." he told her quietly. She nodded and he lifted her back to the couch. Huey laid her down and placed the blanket back over her and she rested her head on the pillow.

'I cant believe this is happening to me. My best friend who's taken keeps thought he was gonna lose me to, my now ex boyfriend, who tried to kill us both. He cares so much about me and I didnt really know until now.' Jazmine thought as she dozed off. Inside a smile played across her lips, but outside, the calm face of an angel.

Huey sat back in the recliner and watched over Jazmine. 'I cant believe I that mutha fucka was beatin on Jazmine. Imma fuck him up.' he thought to himself as he drifted off to sleep. The night was cold but he needed it to cool him off. Terrel wasnt going to be very happy come Monday, but until Huey was satisfied he was on the top of his 'Hit List'.

"Jazmine didnt I tell you he was gonna hurt you. You shouldve listened to me."

"Huey I'm sorry but I love him."

"Yeah, Huey she loves me. So back up."

"Im so sorry Huey."

"Wait, what are you doing?"

"She's lying. She loves you more than me!"


"Shit...." Huey whispered as he sat up quickly from the recliner. He looked at his cell. 2:08am Sunday. "Damn." he cursed. He looked over to Jazmine who was asleep and undisturbed like a child. Then he thought back to the dream. "Why did it feel real?" he asked himself as he stood up.

As he entered the kitchen the sound of a cricket filled the night, along with his near silent footsteps toward the refrigerator for a glass of water. He sat in the dark thinking. His famous frame appeared, he felt it as he thought of Terrel killing Jazmine before his eyes in the dream. That was a scary thought. Jazmine dying....it made his heart jump.

A loud thump echoed from the hallway and when he looked up Jazmine stood in the doorway.

He sat up slowly as she found her way next to him.

"Wats wrong?" he asked. She shook her head. She used her hand to block the dim light from the window. She sat next him and covered her face. "Your suppose to be asleep." he asked sarcastically sipping his water. Jazmine poked out one of her eyes with a raised eyebrow. He could see the small smile beneath her arms. She sat up, inhaled, exhaled and looked around letting her eyes adjust to the light.

"You guys have any kool aid?" she asked. Huey rose up from his seat setting his glass on the counter dragging his feet toward the refridgerator. Jazmine just watched him.

He placed the pitcher on the counter next to her and walked over to the cabinet and placed her favorite cup next to her. It was emerald green around the rim and bottom of the cup but the middle was pink with white 'J's around it. He poured the kool aid into the cup and set it in front of her.

"No ice?" she sighed. Huey gave her his famous face and she smirked. She took a sip and dwelled in the sweet cherry flavor.

As Huey sat back down she chugged the whole glass in one big gulp and an airy burp. She excused herself and sighed.

"I don't undersatnd how you and Riley can drink that sugary crap. Your just giving yourselves diabeates with cherry flavored shit and water." he complained.

"Its too late in the night to give me a lesson on how unhealthy half the things I eat and drink are. I'm not in the mood. Much." she responded rolling her eyes. She looked toward him and he was simply looking back at her. "Wat?"

"Nothin. Hows your head?" he asked. Jazmine put a hand on her head and shrugged.

"Better I guess. Still hurts when I touch it though. Only some." she told him. He nodded.

"Fast healer. Drinking that green tea I gave you?" he asked with a smirk.

"Once a week like always. Health nut Tuesday." she smiled. After a short silence Jazmine stood up and hugged Huey. At first he was confused but he knew it was best not to ask. So he just hugged her back. His arms wrapping around her firmly. She sighed.

"Thanks." she said. His head shifted slightly. "If I didnt call you in time i'd be in a hospital bed right now." she hugged him tighter. Through the darkness he looked around as he listened to her speak, her soft breathing and the feel of her heart beat against his own. Jazmine felt as if she were in the right place. In his arms. It was like a dream that became a reality. Terrel was suppose to be just that, but Huey took the top spot right off the bat.

She pulled away lightly and looked into his eyes, even in the dark she could see. "Wat I do to tell you how sorry I am for not listening when you told me there was something wrong with him." she laughed lightly. Huey nodded and looked off to the side to avoid her eyes. He couldnt help it, but he had to look back.

"Nothin much. Just listen more often. Thats all I ask of you." He said in a sigh. Jazmine smiled.

"I kno. But its not my fault I'm hardheaded and stubborn like a bull." she shrugged.

"Values of a Taurus, like you say." Huey reminded. She laughed a little more.

"Okay I know. But your smart like the Capricorn you are." she pointed out. Huey rolled his eyes and chuckled. An awkward silence passed through and Jazmine realized Huey was still holding her. "Im going back to the couch. Night." she said trying to get out as fast as she sould without him noticing. She quickly stood on her toes and kissed his cheek. Just when she was about to leave he tugged her back thats when she noted her slip up. But what made her mind go blank was less than 2.5 seconds later when he was kissing her.....

"Can't let a good thing go down the drain.
Hey girl, it's ups and downs but we got to maintain.
I know it get hard out there (Hard out there)
I know it get rough out there (Ooh)
But you can't leave, I can't do this without you.
Hey you can't go, I can't do this without you.
There's one thing you must know, I can't do this without you.
Cause baby I need you by my side, I can't do this without you."

Rebstar ft Trey Songz