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Dean had woken Sam and Bobby and all four of them sat in the front room, waiting for Castiel to explain what had happened and why he wasn't dead.

"I would have come sooner but even we needed explanations for why our disease was cured," Castiel begun. "Sam, did you pray for me to God? Did you ask him to save me?"

All eyes turned to Sam who shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

"Yes, I couldn't think of anything else to do and I figured Dean had already been through enough in the last year so I prayed, it was the only thing I hadn't done," Sam answered.

"We had always assumed that the only way for the spell to be broken was by a demon giving their soul to God. An eye for an eye. But everyone always underestimates the power of belief and what magic that can create. Sam is something different than human, he has demon blood inside him and that makes him have a perquisite for creating the magical cure. By him praying he showed that he believed and that he could give his soul to God one day. Even if a demon were to do the same there was no proof they would continue to be faithful. All the spell required was for a demon, or someone very like a demon, to believe there was a God and that belief created the magic that saved us all."

Dean slapped Sam on the back, giving his brother a thumbs up but Sam didn't look overly thrilled by the idea he had saved the angel's life. He figured it was probably due to the fact that Castiel had called him a demon.

"We're glad you're alive, Cas," said Dean, keeping that as the only sentimental sentence he'd ever use. "Now, what was that whammy thing you pulled on the demon?"

"Remember when I told you that Lucifer had broken the rules by rising?" Castiel asked, and Dean nodded. "God didn't fail to notice, he no longer is required to not personally interfere with the affairs of man. As God's army we have been bestowed with the power to remove demons from a host body with a touch, without harming the host, and the demon then ceases to be."

"So you touch the demon and they die for good?"


"That's friggin' awesome."

"They are not aware yet that our disease has been cured; we plan to gather our numbers and then attack together. The element of surprise will make all the difference, once they realize what we can do with touch, things will become more complicated."

"When will that be?"

"As I am here all the angels are gathering in Heaven, we should be prepared by tomorrow afternoon."

"What should we do?" asked Sam.

"If you were to join us you would be in the way," Castiel explained. "Remain here and once our initial attack has happened we will decide how to plan from there."

"What are our chances of winning now, Cas?" asked Dean.

"We will know definitively after tomorrow but as of now, the chances are high," answered Castiel.

"That's what I like to hear."

"I am afraid I must go; I have been granted the privilege of leading my own garrison. I must gather my angels."

"We'll be here, let us know what we can do."

"Thank you, Dean, for everything."

With that Castiel vanished and the boys all looked to one another. The apocalypse had begun, just as they knew it would but just then they were together. Their hope had been restored by Castiel and the angels and they no longer had to be on their toes in anticipation. They were alive and safe, at least for one more day, before everything would change.



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