Alone in the study, Hermione poured Black's memory into the pensive and watched it swirl. The silvery curl of the memory was almost dazzling and she took a deep breath in preparation.

She paused and stared into the pensive - This was important - Black had to go back to his own time and this memory held the answer, she knew it… She smiled and shook her head. It wasn't like she would never see him again, he was right here in this time too, just older, wiser, and calmer.

"Merlin, if my emotions get any more complicated I think I'll swap them for a teaspoon after all."

Inhaling again Hermione gripped the edges of the large bowl and entered the pensive.

The world twirled and she was falling until with a THUMP she hit the floor and looked around with bleary eyes. She was in some kind of party - The lights were dim and couples danced while groups talked and drank.

And then she saw him. A young and very handsome Sirius Black stood not too far away. He was dressed the way he had been when she first saw him, long leather coat and his hair hanging down his back. He had one hand in his coat pocket and he seemed to be fiddling with something and a shot glass in the other hand - and he was looking right at her.

Hermione's heart stopped. That wasn't possible - was it? Sirius smiled, slow and smooth and way too charming, his eyes twinkled and his teeth glimmered…

"Miss me, love?" he asked with a cocky grin.

But before Hermione could respond a figure walked through her - actually through her body and came out the other side to shove Sirius hard in the shoulder.

Hermione jumped back, gasping - no-one had ever walked through her before in a pensive and it felt wrong and icky but she had no time to dwell. Of course Sirius hadn't been speaking to her, this was just his memory, and he couldn't see her. She sighed and scolded her stupid heart for getting so overexcited.

The woman glared daggers at Sirius. "You son-of-a-bitch, don't you give me that cocky look and that you're-the-only-woman-for-me smile. I know exactly where you've been."

"I went to get you a drink!" He held the shot out to her and was obviously pretending not to notice that she spotted the pathetic lie.

"Oh so you pulled that from that other girl's mouth, then?" She sneered. "Or maybe from her bra since you had your hand INSIDE IT!"

"Hey, babe, calm down!" he hushed her. "She didn't mean anything to me."

Her mouth actually fell open and Hermione could just hear the girl's outraged gasp. "I really thought that you liked me." The words seemed to escape the girl without her intention. She shook her head and turned away.

Both Sirius and Hermione watched the girl walk towards the door - on the way she was met by another man who spoke with a thick Irish brogue. He offered to take her home and she nodded and took his arm.

"Oh, Sirius," Hermione whispered, looking at his bewildered expression. He was still so young and had so much to learn.

"Bloody hell, mate," Remus slapped him on the back. "You sure handled that well."

Hermione inhaled sharply and stepped back. It was Remus - young Remus. She grinned and tipped her head one way then the other taking him all in. She wanted to hug him. He looked wonderful - Scars crossed diagonally across his face but his eyes glittered with a youth that just wasn't there any more. All he had to worry about in this time was getting a job, his friends were alive and well and he was loved…

A pang of that old anger stung at her fingertips. The war had robbed them all in so many ways. But there was no time to dwell.

"I didn't mean to hurt the girl," Sirius muttered, pouting at the space she had left. "Rita just came out of nowhere all blond and curvy…" He gave Remus a randy grin. "How am I supposed to say no to that, you know what they say about a stiff pri…"

"Alright!" Remus cut him off. "Yeah I know, I know because everyone and his dog has ridden Skeeter - Don't say it!" Remus shook his head. "Debbie was nice, she wasn't just looking at your trust-fund like a lot of other girls do, and she really liked you."

Sirius looked shamefaced but didn't say anything.

Remus sighed and smiled that smile that seemed to belong to Sirius alone. "Ah, Padfoot," he said and slapped his arm in a time old friendly gesture. "When are you going to grow up?"

Sirius watched Remus return to where he'd been sitting with a group of girls and guys from their Hogwarts days.

He gripped the something in his pocket and sighed, "When am I going to grow up?"

He pulled it out of his pocket and looked at it then rolled his eyes and dropped it back in. "Useless bloody thing. What's the point of a broken fob-watch."

He lit a cigarette, shut his eyes and Disapparated.

Hermione fell out of the pensive and onto her bottom with another thud. It took all her concentration just to breath. What she had seen struck more points then she dared consider.

Hermione knew that Sirius Black had been a ladies man in his time; a seducer and a very bad boy. But hearing the stories and seeing it first hand were two very different things.

She was pretty sure Black liked her too, but how long before he got distracted by another woman? The thought of Black touching, kissing and moaning in pleasure as he sank into another woman hit something deep and sharp inside her. Of course it wasn't Black she was going to be with. It was Sirius who belonged in her time, Sirius she had been falling in love with for the last two years. Surely Black had grown up and matured to become Sirius, of that she saw evidence every day…

In her head she saw herself coming home early one day and walking in on Sirius in bed with another woman, his hands planted on the bed and his hips pumping with the urgency of oncoming orgasm. She shut her eyes tight and shook her head. No. It wouldn't happen again, not like it had with Ron… Would it?

"Now that looks like one very confused butterfly," Black said from the doorway. "So I guess now you know everything."

It took Hermione a moment to look at him but when she did she knew that she had been wrong. He was watching her intently in a way that definitely never looked while with either of the other women. Other memories flooded back to her, things Remus had said, things Sirius himself had said and somehow it all just fell together in a kind of logic that could only work in the wizarding world.

"That broken Fob-watch you had, go get it."


"So that's it?" Sirius asked, obviously unsure. "He just wishes himself back home?"

"I know it sounds nuts, and in theory the Timeturner isn't supposed to work that way," Hermione said with a shrug. "But I saw it with my own eyes and I have read snippets from various forbidden texts stating that if a wish to travel is made from the depths of ones being the Timeturner will oblige."

Black held the Timeturner in his hand and looked at it. He seemed to be picking his words. "And so that's it, I just will myself home and off I go?" His hand shook. "Just like that? I could go right now."

The gasp escaped Hermione's lips before she could control it. "I guess you could." The words came out more sharply then she'd meant to sound.

"I'm sorry Butterfly, I didn't mean it to sound like that." Black moved closer to where she sat on Sirius' bed. They had all settled there when Black had retrieved the Timeturner from his coat pocket. His placed his large hand over her smaller one. "I'm just shocked is all."

She snatched her hand back as though it had been burned. She blinked to ease the sting of tears that were going to betray her soon. "I guess you can't wait to get back home, back to your old life. You can forget all about us."

With that Hermione jumped up off the bed and retreated for the door. If Black was leaving her forever then she didn't want to see it, couldn't watch him just leave her behind so eager to return to his old life.

"Oh no you don't," Black growled, leapt off the bed after her and blocked her path by putting his back to the door. "No way are you getting the last bloody word."

"Get out of the way." It wasn't a request. Hermione's throat felt thick and her eyes stung.

"So just like that, huh?" Black's expression turned guarded. "You find my way home and I'm just supposed to go like a good boy. Sit, fetch, play dead."

She sank her teeth into her lower lip and finally the first tear broke free. It slid down her cheek and dripped off her chin. At length she met his steely gaze. "What am I supposed to say?"

His eyes didn't waver but his hands slowly drifted upwards to grasp her arms, gently pulling her closer. "Tell me not to go."

Hermione gasped and something in her heart fluttered to life before falling flat again. It was impossible. "I can't," she muttered. "You know I can't, you have to go back."

He nodded. "Yes I do." Black drew her closer and wiped away another stray tear with his thumb. "But maybe I just need to hear it."

And finally she looked up at him, really looked. The man was painfully handsome with his hair hanging loose down his back and his chin in need of a good shave. Her mind drifted over the passed few days from that electrifying first kiss to the night they made love. Hermione had been in love with Sirius before Black arrived and she still was. But she loved Black as well, for all the things that made him who he was, for all those things he would never be again. Merlin help her but she loved them both, for all their differences and their sames.

The word was on her lips before she had time to think of the consequences. "Stay."

It all happened so fast. In one smooth movement Black cupped her face between his hands and kissed her lips with a passion and hunger that heated her flesh all the way to her toes. It took her a moment to realize that even as Black kissed her another mouth was slowly kissing and nipping its way down her throat and up to her jaw, around her ear.

Black pulled back just enough to speak and to let her see that Sirius was right there with them and not in any way unhappy… Quite the opposite in fact. "Now you listen to me," Black said, his voice gruff. "I love you in a way that I have never loved anyone in my life and yes I have to leave and yes I'm going to forget you. But only up here." He tapped his finger against the side of his head.

Sirius moved closer and Black moved around so he was standing at her back. This time Sirius cupped her face and his mouth swooped down and captured her lips. The kiss was urgent, needy and oh so long overdue. When he pulled back they were all breathing hard but Sirius made her look him in the eyes.

He thumped his hand against his chest and said, "I always remembered you here and never for one moment stopped loving you."

Hermione thought she might melt with the pure joy that filled her heart. This was right. What was happening what had been happening was something bigger then all of them. After all her years living in the wizarding world, Hermione was sure that this was the first time she had seen real, pure magic at it's deepest form, at it's source.

There was a saying that the problems of three people don't mean a hill of beans. That saying was wrong. This was all for them, the world had shifted, rules had been broken, time and space had been invaded and manipulated in ways impossible to all those but the top most powers in order to bring Hermione and Sirius together.

Working in perfect harmony Sirius and Black managed to strip Hermione and themselves. On the bed Black kissed her mouth then down her throat, down her chest till he entrapped one pebbled nipple between hit lips and sucked and licked till she writhed with the pleasure of it. Meanwhile Sirius kissed his way up her long, smooth legs and parted her thighs, grinning wickedly up at her when she gasped with excitement.

Hermione was in heaven. She had chosen right, let her self love the man she was destined to love and this was her reward. Even her brief relationship with the twins seemed to be merely a preparation for this moment.

Black removed his lips from her nipple to watch as Sirius moved down between Hermione's thighs. "Hope you know what you're doing, Pops," he murmured, his other hand cupping her breast. "This lady has been sorely neglected in that department in the past."

"Don't worry about me, boy," Sirius growled at the younger man. "I have no plans to leave this lady wanting."

Sirius gently parted her soaked folds and lapped at her experimentally at first, learning her body as one would learn an instrument. She moaned in delight when his tongue flicked over her swollen clit and cried out in frustration when he stopped. His arrogant chuckle was a price she was willing to pay when he returned to his duty and lapped at her again. Quickly he learned her rhythm. Circle, flick, circle flick, circle, circle… Oh Merlin. Hermione cried out and felt her back arch of the bed as white light flashed behind her eyes and her body thrummed with delight.

When her eyes fluttered open again he found herself gazing into Black's eyes. He was watching her closely, his expression heated with barely withheld passion. "Merlin, you're beautiful."

"Out the way, boy," Sirius grunted and shoved Black back. No Small feat, neither man could be called weak or slight.

"Oi!" Black looked ready to hit back but something in Sirius' expression made him stop.

"Sirius?" Hermione whispered, suddenly she felt unsure. There was still so much about this older man that she didn't know and wasn't sure she wanted to know.

But when he looked down at her she saw only passion. Scolding, molten and edged in a darkness that wasn't yet a part of Black but was very much a part of Sirius. "This has been a long time coming, woman." His voice was gruff as he crawled up her body and settled his knees between her spread legs. "Don't you dare make me wait another moment to feel you."

The command was simple. It was straight forward and allowed no argument; even if she had wanted to. Deftly his hand dipped between then and cupped her tingling mons. Two long, strong fingers parted them, settled either side her swollen clit and circled tightly till she moaned. All too soon a new wave began to spread but before she could let go he removed his hand.

"Oh please!" Hermione almost screamed on the edge of orgasmic bliss.

"You feel that?" Sirius murmured into her ear, his hand hovering just millimeters away from where she so needed them. "Passion so strong it burns a path through your soul. You think you would do anything just to touch it."


"Years, Hermione," he growled. "This is how it's been for me for years. I got rock hard even with the smallest touch. Night after night I gripped my cock thinking of nothing by how fucking amazing it would be if only you'd let me inside."

He positioned the thick tip of his shaft against her opening and gazed into her face. "Tell me you want this too."

"I think my whole life led me to this point," she mused and wrapped her legs around his hips. "I've wanted this for so long now. Please take me, Sirius. Make me yours… Always been yours…"

"Mine," he repeated the word, sounding it on his tongue as he gripped her thighs and slammed home forcing a cry from her and a broken roar from himself.

She couldn't get enough of him. His hands, his smell, the desperate moans that escaped his lips while he plunged again and again. Her head fell back and her eyes opened to the younger Black. The feeling was indescribable, looking up at the same man at such different points in their lives while one filled her and the other could not take his eyes off her flushed face.

Gripping her hips, Sirius maneuvered onto his knees and restarted his urgent rhythm. "Fuck, darlin' you are something else," he grunted. "Feel incredible…Knew you'd be a dream… Made for my cock…"

Hermione cried out and curled her legs around his back. The way he spoke just lifted her molten desire to a whole new level. If she were a cat she would purr with the way he took her body with the rough passion of his own. Together they were perfect in a way that they'd never been with others.

Feeling better then rapt Hermione reached upwards to find Black waiting. He grabbed her wrists and held them in place, pinned to the bed. Sirius was fucking her hard and fast while Black held her wrists, held her captive to their urgent pleasure. It was all too much.

The first flickers of her climax made her tremble. Her head flicked back and forth on the pillow and her knees lifted higher. Sirius' name sounded on her lips over and over, a passion filled chant feeding her ardor and driving her higher. By the way Sirius moaned her name right back she knew that it was doing the same for him.

Hermione watched in fascination as Sirius and Black looked down at her. They were both enthralled by the vision that she obviously made, wrists pinned by one while the other filled her to bursting. The two men exchanged a look that shone with pure male victory. There was something deep, dark and primal in that look. They were no longer the same man but two men who had caught their wench and they were proud.

The laugh was out before she could stop. "Oh of all the macho…" but she never finished. Sirius picked that moment to change his hold and bring one hand between their bodies. He dragged his thumb again and again over her clit, just right and in time with his thrusts till her back arched off the bed and a scream escaped her lips.

Her orgasm flooded her body before she was ready, white light exploded behind her tightly closed eyes and the wonderful molten rapture started at her toes and flowed up through her in waves of delight. She wasn't sure how long she stayed in the ocean of climatic bliss but she could hear Sirius swear and moan in the darkness.

Her body clamped around his cock, viselike, almost painfully and Sirius groaned and gave one last broken cry as his cock flexed again and again filling her with his seed. And he spilled everything inside her as he did, his love, his desire, his longing flooding her.

They were all breathing hard afterwards, Black still painfully erect. "Wow," he said, his voice hushed in awe.

Hermione giggled feeling giddy with the endorphins released with her climax. She was in bed with two Sirius Blacks and one of them was still wanting. There was so much excitement and pure happiness that came with just being with them. Hermione rolled over and tackled Black.

He was breathing hard and she could feel the evidence of his arousal against her belly. "Babe, we don't have to…" The concern in his expression had her falling in love with him all over again.

"Oh yes we do, boy," Sirius murmured then grinned at Hermione as she straddled his younger self. "You're not the only one who likes to watch."

It was hours later before they slept.


Two days later Hermione had performed the needed equations to set the time turner to as close to the moment he had disappeared as possible then charmed it to magically spin the required turns. Her original theory was sound but she wasn't taking any chances.

Black placed his large hands on her shoulders and held them as though he would never let go. His lips danced over hers in a series of nips and tastes, engraving the memory of her onto his soul.

"My Butterfly," he murmured into her hair, breathing her in. "Don't let him sell my bike."

She laughed and shoved his shoulder. "That thing is a death machine."

"Not when I'm on it," he replied outraged. "When I ride that bike it's the safest bloody place to be, the smoothest trip to anywhere and everywhere."

And just like that she understood. His bike meant freedom; it defined him and all the reasons why she loved him.

"I promise and better yet you're going to teach me how to ride."

His gaze turned wicked to match his grin. "I don't know. You seemed to ride just dandy last night."

"Cut it out." She giggled and blushed and Black gently brushed a stray curl from her face and tucked it behind her ear.

"Alright," he said more gruffly and his expression had turned serious. His hands gripped tighter. "I have to go."

"I know." Hermione raised her own hands to grip his arms. Her eyes pricked with tears and this time she did not fight them. Tears were good. "You listen to me, before you forget, don't think just live. When you get back home I want you to drink as much as you like, find some really good food and the prettiest girl in the room."

He pulled back but she would not let go. "What?"

"Live, Sirius," she said urgently calling by his first name. "Just live and love and be happy… Promise me."

He looked confused but at the same time something seemed to click into place, an understanding. There was fear and there was sorrow and he nodded. "I promise."

And with that he reached into his pocket, gripped the Timeturner and was gone.

With a shattered sob Hermione swung around only to find herself in the arms of Sirius, her Sirius. And they held one another in the cold snow.

"You must hate me," she sobbed against his chest.

"You can't save the whole world, Butterfly," Sirius spoke softly into her hair. "What happened had to happen, I made my choices and I've lived with them." He lifted her chin to look into her eyes. "You are my reward. For you I'd live that life a thousand times over."

The impish smile crept in. "Just a thousand? Not a thousand and one?"

"Nah, I'm not sure I could do more then a thousand." He was smiling down at her now too. "Now come on I need pancakes and some sleep - not as young as I used to be." He looked away at that last part and it was Hermione's turn to make him look at her.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." She stepped on tiptoes and kissed his lips. "Take me to bed, Sirius. I think that I could sleep a week. You can make me pancakes later."

"Anything for you, Butterfly."