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The past turns into the presents. Time is just a path of life. When two of these paths eventually cross, what will the outcome be?


14 years ago....

A little boy sat on the floor of a dirty rundown shack. He couldn't move, he couldn't speak, or even breathe loudly. Why?

Because he was hiding. He was trying to hide from death.

The little boy didn't really know what was going on, but he knew enough not to ask. This was just something a six year old boy could not comprehend. But what he could comprehend was fear on his family's faces. It was enough to scare him too.

Usually, he was so carefree, playful, and loud. Now though, it his throat was so dry that words could no longer be formed. Even if he could speak, what would he say?

He had plenty of questions he felt he deserved answers to, like: "Mama, what's going on? Why are we hiding? Nii-san, is Papa gonna come back soon? And why are you so scared?"

Maybe if he thought about it he could figure it out. He had woken up, put on his green kimono, and had a bowl of rice for breakfast. Then Papa went to his job as a fisherman. Mama was an artist. She would paint pretty pictures and weave different designs.

Keitaro and I would do our morning chores until about noon. Then I would go to school and Nii-san would go help father catch fish. He was fifteen and old enough to work, so he didn't go to school like me.

I wasn't very good at reading and my penmanship was looked almost as if a chicken had written it. But I really didn't care much for school. After that I played with my friends Mao and Yuuta, until Mama came to take me home.

I would finish my evening chores while Mama cooked dinner. Then Papa and would be home in time to eat with us. Tonight we were having one of my favorite dishes, Sukiyaki.

During dinner I told them how I played with Go with a boy named Tomi who won by cheated. Papa said that cheaters would never prosper in life and weren't worth the time. I didn't know what prosper meant but I agreed anyway.

Nii-san told us about his training in the ways of Bushido. Nii-san said he was going to become a samurai, so he would have to train for many years.

Mama explained how she was nearly finished making a beautifully designed kimono for the mistress of a Lord. I loved Mama's art , especially one painting that hangs in the living room.

It has the picture of a sakura tree in full bloom on a grassy hill. The sky is dark and dotted with crystal stars. And the moon was as pale as the fairest maiden's skin. Mama said she painted after I was born.

After dinner, Papa was reading while Mama was sewing. The sun was beginning to set so Keitaro and I went outside to enjoy what was left of the day. He showed me some of his fighting stances and afterwards we played catch. But, it soon became dark and I was tucked into bed.

Hours later, I was roughly shooken awake by Nii-san in the dead of night . He quickly took my half asleep form out of bed and rushed me out of the bedroom.

It was really loud outside and there were a few bright lights showing from the windows. But, I was still barely awake, clutching my blanket, and watching as my parents talked.

"Genkei, Genkei! When will you return?" Mama cried. Papa held her hand in his larger one.

"Haruna...I have to go fight. You take the boys and get as far away as you can. I promise I'll come back as soon as I can."

All I could make out after that were softly spoken words and hysterical pleas. My sleepy child mind just couldn't get what was going on. Papa then kissed Mama, hugged Nii-san, and embraced me as well. He reminded me to be good and listen to Mama and Keitaro. I could only nod in response. After that he ran out of the house with a sword in his hand.

That's how we ended up here. We ran through the cold night in search of a place to hide. Nii-san spotted this and we decided to try to rest. But I wasn't able to sleep anymore and neither were they.

Keitaro was in the corner staring at the wall with a blank expression that I had never seen. It's as if his hazel eyes were caught in a never ending trance. Before Mama had been running her hands through my red hair affectionately, trying to coax me into going back to sleep. When that didn't work she simply closed her eyes and leaned against the stiff wall.

I on the other hand didn't know what to do. My eyes were heavy, my throat was dry, and my gut was aching. And by the sad look on Mama's face and Keitaro's endless gaze it could only mean one thing. Papa probably wasn't coming back.

"Keitaro?" I tried to say, but nothing came out. I swallowed in attempt to wet my throat and tried again. "Keitaro?" I managed to whisper faintly at best.

I scooted closer so that I was almost at his side. "Nii-san?" I whispered. I was surprised at how weak my voice sounded. His head reflexively snapped forward in my direction. I gulped.

"Nii-san...Am I going to die?" His facial expression was utterly shocked. I turned back at Mama who was now completely pale. How could a mere child not even capable of truly understanding death, be able to ask such a thing?

"No. No, Otouto-san. I...I won't let you die." He whispered. And for a moment an ounce of my fear disappeared. But within hours or possibly minutes (there was no way to tell) we were found.

"Stay back!" Mama screeched. "Get away from my children!"

"Stand down!" A luminous figure ordered. I instinctively hid behind my brother for protection. I was a simple child. And a child knows when they're afraid. And when a child is afraid, they'll seek comfort.

"Ma'am, I order you to stand down. We won't harm you if you cooperate." Mama scowled.

"You are the men who attacked my village and killed my comrades. How can I believe you?!"

"Would you rather die now? Along with your precious children!" Another man yelled. The threat sent a chill down my spine.

"Don't you dare touch them! I will skin you alive if you even try!" The man laughed.

"Are you threatening me?" He scoffed. "Hell hath no wrath like a woman's scorn." Mama smuggly replied. That's when the man slapped her across the face, and sent her flying to the floor.

"Don't speak so cocky you ungrateful trash! I was going to spare your family, but now I think I'll torture you a little. And you're children!" He walked towards us and I started to tremble. Keitaro backed away all the way into corner when my mother sprung into the air and tackled the man.

Everything happened so fast. After some struggling another man pulled my mother away and threw her to the ground. The man she had tackled was furious and full of rage. He drew his sword and yelled, "You bitch! Now you die!"

And that was all I heard before my world was colored red. My brother yelled, "Mother!" as the man slashed her throat with his kantana. I didn't even have the strength to cry out. All I could do was whimper as tears flowed silently down my cheeks.

All I remeber then was being attacked by another man and being knocked out cold. At first I thought that I was dead, and that I had been lucky enough to be spared from an agonizing death. Until I awoke in a very dark place. The only light that could be seen was the glow of the pale moon. It took me a while to finally realize where I was.

I was in a wooden carriage with maybe ten other people; victims. I was sitting in my brother's lap and was wrapped in a thin blanket. But that would not suffice when it came to the cold wintry winds. I looked up to see that my brothers face was bruised and his arm was bleeding through his brown kimono.

He noticed I was awake and managed to give me a weak smile. I could tell that the men had beaten him and apparently had left me alone. Which meant my brother kept his promise; I didn't die.

"Go back to sleep. You'll be fine, I'm right here." And that was all my naive and innocent mind needed to hear. Those soothing words were enough to satisfy my aching heart enough for me to sleep.

I couldn't ask about Mama or Papa. I didn't wanna know where we were or where we were going. I just wanted to sleep. Maybe just for a little I could pretend this all was a dream and that I would wake up at my old home. I just want to pretend I was going to school tomorrow or that I was going to play with my friends.

I could imagine that my parents were still alive and that we were having leftover Sukiyaki for supper. I wouldn't even complain about my chores or misbehave for the whole day.

I wanted to sleep so I could forget reality. I wanted to pretned none of this was real. I wanted to pretend, even if only for a little longer.......

6 years ago...

A young man was on his knees in a quiet room. But what would be enough to get such a prideful nobleman on his knees?

This young man was kneeling by his wife. And his wife was on her death bed.

They were both so young. They were only sixteen when they got married and were now in their twenty four. They had spent eight wonderful years together.

But somehow he always knew it was going to lead to a tragic end. He was raised to be a stoic noble figure. She was raised to follow her heart no matter what.

Their relationship had never been perfect but that didn't matter. He did love her a lot. But, he wasn't in love with her.

Now, don't misinterpret this. He loved her company and loved her dearly. But, they were just never in love with each other. Perhaps they were never meant to be.

In a way, he felt ashamed because of how he used this young woman. But she had used him as much as he used her. He used her so he wouldn't have to be forced into an arranged marriage. And he used him to have a better life for her and her sister.

She had a younger sister, Rukia, whom she had to raise most of her life. Their parents died when Hisana was thirteen and when Rukia was three. So, they had to live in a small rundown shack. It was hard to make a living for the both of them but she worked hard for them.

She eventually got a job working at a shop, where she swept up or helped customers. They had met by chance when the young noble had visited her village. All three of them had a good life together until....two weeks ago. When Hisana became ill.

Now here he was, sitting beside her as she slowly fell into the hands of death.

"You know," she said weakly, "I really enjoyed my time here with you."

"I know." That was the only reply I could muster.

"It was nice to have a family again. You, me, and Rukia. It's been a lot of fun." She smiled. It only served to make her look even more fragile.

"I know I look so weak and fragile, but you know I'm much stronger than that." She always could read my thoughts.

"I spoke to Rukia before. I made sure to tell her everything I believe she needed to hear. And now I need to talk to you." She looked up at me with those sapphire orbs.

"You are a cunning, swift, and unforgiving man. But, you can also be kind and gentle. I know you were raised to be the head of your clan, which can mean being an ass, but I think you can overcome that.

I know we loved each other, but were never in love. Which means there's someone out there that is meant for you."

"Hisana..." I interrupted.

" Listen, please. I care about you, and I want you to try and be happy. I want you to move on, and live your life. Maybe there is someone who can satisfy you or make you happy. Promise me, you'll at least try."

"Alright, I....promise." I said finally. Cold-hearted man or not, I could never refuse someone on their deathbed. She had a small smile on your face.

"I'm sure you'll be fine. I want you to look after Rukia, make sure she's safe in life. But, don't be too overprotective of her. Speaking of which, could you please check on her?" She asked, with the exhaustion clearly visible in her eyes.

"Of course. Now please, get some rest." She nodded and then I exited into the hall.

And there standing against the wall, was Rukia. She was deep in thought and staring down at the floor with a sad expression on her now dim blue eyes. When she noticed my presence, she lifted her head to meet my gaze.

Nothing needed to be said. The look on my face was enough to tell her what she wanted to know. I couldn't help feeling sorry for the fourteen year old. She's probably the only one who will miss her sister more than me.

Two days later the worst came too pass. Hisana, my wife, Rukia's beloved sister, died peacefully in her sleep.

And that is the prologue. Now there's a few thing I might want to explain:

- If you didn't figure it out, the first part was Renji's past. Since he really didn't have much a past even in the original anime plot, I made him one!

- There will be OC's. Some will just be mentioned, some will be memories, and a few will play important roles. I hope you don't mind,

- In this story Hisana never abandoned Rukia, and they grew up pretty close. And I'm pretty sure you guessed the second part was Byakuya's past.

Now here are what the names mean:

Keitaro- male - Blessed

Genkei- male - To be honored

Haruna- female - Spring Flower

Yuuta- male - Excellent, big

Mao- female - True center

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