The Israeli woman looked down at her partner. The forensic scientist looked so small and helpless when she slept. Ziva smiled as she gently stroked the curled curves of her lover's back. Abby shuddered awake, "Zi-vah! Why'd have to wake me?"

"I… I just wanted to touch you… to see if this night was…"

"Real?" Abby asked, looking up at Ziva with her green-grey eyes. She lay a soft kiss on Ziva's nose, "Better believe it, Zi," she whispered.

They lay together, the darkness feeling less forbidding for them with each other to hold on to. Ziva thought about everything that had happened that led up to this night: the touches, the kiss in the lab that one fateful night, and finally, the talk that lead to Abby taking her hand and leading her home with her after work. Tony would so rub it in her face when he found out, as he was wont to do: he was Tony, after all.

(Though he shouldn't be laughing. Both Abby and Ziva had seen the way he stared at one Timothy McGee. To put it into Abby's terms, the evidence was all there.)

Something was nagging at Ziva's brain, though, as the darkness flowed around them: I could lose her in a second… She had lost so much and gained so little these past few years of working at NCIS. She loved her job (though some days, she didn't), and she loved the friends she had made: Tony, McGee, Gibbs, Ducky, Jimmy, Jenny… but she had taken a special liking to an often-over-caffeinated forensic scientist: Abigail Sciuto. The pain in her heart tugged harder until Ziva let out a haunted cry.

"Ziva, darling, what's wrong?" Abby asked, looking up at her before kissing the Israeli woman's eyelids, as the corners of the foreign eyes were tearing up.

"Don't you ever leave me!" Ziva hissed, a possessed look in the firm brown hues. She gripped at Abby, who nearly shrieked in pain, but she knew that Ziva had had a hard life, and she silently shushed the other woman until the frightened cries dulled into mewling whimpers.

"I won't ever leave you, Ziva," Abby finally said, her arms wrapped around Ziva like she was a child, "If we fight, we fight together, and if we die, we die in each other's arms…" she added.

Ziva looked up at Abby and nodded before kissing her lover once more on her perfect mouth. The kiss deepened after a few seconds, and wandering hands began moving once more across each other's torsos until they crossed down to frequently explored territory.


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