Bri Nara Production

Hi peoples! I came up with this while I was thinking on how siblings always fight with each other, but I made this WAY funnier. This is the first story where I actually take the characters out of story and do something crazy. And a guest, my friend Avey, will be a judge.

"Hello peoples and welcome to Bri Nara's 'World's stupidest ninja games!'" said the hyper person holding the mic. "I'm your host, Bri."

"And I'm her personal bother person, Avey!" said the girl with frizzy brown hair.

"Now that we have our judges Avey, myself, and Nezumi here. LET THE MADNESS COMMENCE!"

Nine ninja stand in a line, with worried looks on their faces. (Naruto, Shikamaru, Neji, Itachi, Deidara, Zetsu, Sasuke, Suigetsu, and Karin)

"Relax guys, the first game is legal. ULTIMATE KEKKEI GENKAI STARING CONTEST!!!"


Nezumi holds up a sign that says "Super Scary Staring Contest."

"Now, Team Leaf has to send up Neji, Team Akatsuki has to send up Itachi, and Team Hebi has to send up Duck-butt, I mean Sasuke. Now, you three have to star into each others' eye until two people blink. No genjutsu, no looking away, Itachi and Duck-butt, no ninjutsu. Ready? Go!!!"

So the three boys turned on their killer eyes. And stared. And stared. And stared...

"Hey, Bri? Who do you think will win?" Avey asked.

"I'm betting on Itachi."

"But isn't he a bad guy?" (Very stubborn Avatar fan who barely watches Naruto. And is only here because I'm being nice.) "I think Neji will win with his x-ray eyes and stuff."

"Ha!" Karin stood beside them, gripping the frame of her glasses. "You idiots! Of course Sasuke will win."

"Then it's a bet; whoever wins gets a plushie of their favorite anime character."

"Oh, it's on now! Go Neji!!!"

Eighty years later...

"Nezumi! It has not be eighty years, it's only been an hour! And take that fake beard off!"

"You cannot win... foolish little brother." Itachi poked Sasuke in the forehead.

"Hey! Isn't touching the opponent against the rules?!" Naruto asked.

"I never said that, otherwise this would just be a normal staring contest."

"I know, right? Aren't ninja staring contest supposed to be all awesome and stuff?"

"In that case," Neji said, "I could do this." He spun around. "Rotation!" The Uchihas got knocked over, but didn't blink.

"Isn't that against the rules, un?"

"No. I said Sasuke and Itachi couldn't use ninjutsu."

"Well that's mean, un."

"One question," Avey said. "Since when was Bri ever nice?"

"You can use your art if you want."

"Did I ever mention how nice you are, un?"

So then they had to dodge explosive art, for another hour, until Bri got out a balloon.

POP! All three boys blinked.

Then all three started yelling at the same time. "Ha! You blinked! I win! No, I win! Stop copying me!!!"

"O...k... It's a three way tie, which means each team gets a point. So, so long peoples!"

"Hold on! Who gets a plushie?"

"It was a tie. So..."

"I DO!" Nezumi smiled as he hugged his brand new plushie. "I bet it would be a tie!"

Avey's eye twitched as she asked, "Bri... since when does your little made-up person get his own plushie...?"


End of the first event.

Now let's hope that I can think of a second. ^^u