"So... Here's the final event of the 'World's Stupidest Ninja Games!'" Avey said happily into the mic.

"Seeing that nobody requested a final event, Bri-san... um... Bri-san?"

A normally hyper person was sitting alone in the emo corner, causing Nezumi to sweatdrop.

"Are you still grumpy, Bri-san?"

Avey noticed Bri in the corner reserved for Sasuke and Itachi. "I knew this would happen! I just knew Bri would turn emo on me!"

POW! Bri's fist somehow stretched out of the emo corner and smacked Avey. "I'm not going emo, dang it..."

"Hey! No need to be so violent! I already have a broken arm and brain damage thanks to that creepy dude with the heavy wallet!"

"Um... well, in Bri-san's mind it was either American Idol or Mario-Kart-style races. She picked races. SHOW THEM THE CARS, AVEY-SAN!"

Avey pulled off the cloth that was covering the cars. One was a blinding bright red, one was a jade green, and the last one was a Suigetsu's-eye-color purple. Each one had a turbo speed button, four seats, and king-sized cup holders. Naruto started drooling, Itachi had an almost invisible sparkle in his eyes.

Bri got out of the emo corner and grinned. "Ok, we're doing this a little bit like the old Mario-Kart games. Each team gets a car; one person drives while another person attack. You're not allowed to leave your car without someone in it. Other than that, there are no rules!"

There was a menacing grin coming from at least one person in each team. There are no rules!

"Get in your vehicles!"

There was a mad scramble in each car, and there was a lot of fighting over who would get the wheel. Naruto was trying to strangle Shikamaru.

"Shikamaru! Let me drive!"

Shikamaru managed to keep Naruto away from the wheel. "Naruto, you have to defend the car. My Shadow Possession won't work in this race."

"But why do you get to drive?!"

Shikamaru held up his wallet. "Because I have a license."

Naruto stomped over to the back seat. (Genin don't get a license. XD)

So it ended up being Shikamaru, Zetsu, and Suigetsu (He threatened to bite anyone who objects. -.-") driving. Nezumi walked onto the road with one of those Olympic starting guns.

"Racers!" Nezumi's small voice said. "Ready?!" Suigetsu and Zetsu grinned. "Set?!" All the drivers had a foot next to the gas pedal. "GO!!!" BANG!

Nezumi jumped out of the way as the racers sped off at 100 miles per hour. He grinned as he asked "We're still doing the super-bet, right?"

"Duh, Mousy-kun!" Bri put on some goggles and racing gloves. "If Sasuke loses, I win Avatar's copyrights!"

"What?! We never agreed to that!!!"

"Oh yes we did! Prepare to see your precious Aang in a dress, Avey!"

"No! If Naruto loses, you have to give me the Aang plushie, and kiss Hidan!" (She doesn't really know who Hidan is, she just knows that I hate him)


"You'll have to kiss Hidan, on the lips, and not smack him five seconds later!"

"Oh heck no!"

"Bri-san! Bri-san! If none of the cars touch the finish line, then I get my own fanfic!"

"SHUT UP, NEZUMI!" Bri and Avey yelled as they got into their go-karts.



"The car is going too slow!"

"Zetsu, you shouldn't blame the car, un."

"But you can't blame me for why it's going too slow!!!"

"Wait, I have an idea, un!"

Deidara grabbed a wad of clay and stuffed it in a pipe in the back of the car. He sat back next to Itachi with a devious smile.

"You better start appreciating my art, un." He made a handsign. "Because art..."

Naruto's mouth dropped opened as the Akatsuki car flew by him in a streak of red.


Naruto started panicking. "Shikamaru! What just happened?!"

"They used the force of the explosion to get ahead of us," Neji explained.

"Well, do something!"

"Naruto," Shikamaru said, "use Rasengan on the ground behind us."

"You got it!" A ball of chakra was in his hand. "Rasengan!"

Naruto's team sped of past Sasuke's team. Karin then got very mad.


Sasuke went to the back of the car, and did fireball jutsu a million times.

"Great idea, Sasuke-kun!"

Akatsuki was in the lead, by a mile. The race was going to be theirs, until Zetsu saw a stand that said "Edible people 25 cents." Then he stopped the car and ran out.


The was a small person wearing a fake mustache. "What can I get you, sir?"

Zetsu smacked a quarter onto the stand. "Get me the best thing you've got."

The stand-person held up a girl with four sand-colored pigtails. "This one is free."

"Then can you get me a strawberry?"

"Sure." The stand-person held up a strawberry.

"Not that kind!"

"Oh." They held up a certain orange-haired person from Bleach. (Ichigo means strawberry. XP)

"Thanks." Then Zetsu ran off to some random place to eat.

Itachi and Deidara were still in the car. "Should I drive?" Itachi asked.

"Sure, why not, un?"

Then the racers were neck and neck, until the Akatsuki car had a few technical difficulty.

"Deidara! What happened?!"

"The bomb got stuck and it's gonna blow, un! And the blast is enough to take everyone out, un!"

"Why did you have to try the C2 clay?!"

And then the bomb went off, and everyone zoomed forward. (Insert matrix slow motion) And all the cars flew over the finish line, at the same time.

Bri and Avey had their mouths wide opened and said dully, "It's a tie."


"The world's stupidest ninja games ended in a tie."

Almost everyone was disappointed, except for a certain light brown-haired genin.

"What are you smiling about, Nezumi?"

"None of the cars touched the finish line. And the finish line's ribbon is still in one piece." Nezumi's smile grew.

Bri's eyes widened as she remembered the bet. "Oh heck no!" Then she ran away.

"But Bri-san! You lost the bet!" Nezumi started chasing after her.

Avey sweatdropped. "Oh well. At least Bri has more work to do."

No. -__-"

Nezumi: You have to. ^^

Fine. I'll write your stupid fanfic.

Nezumi: Yay! =3