EDIT: This will be the start of my newest project, the Prince of Tennis Manuals, since some people had told me that it's a good project and that I should complete it. First off is Yukimura, because he's my ultimate favorite character.

Credits to KanonKyoya for the manual format.

Warnings and Disclaimers: Konomi-sensei's. Some typos, mentions of yaoi.


Congratulations! You have just purchased your very own YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit, which is exclusively found in the ultra-rare RIKKAI DAIGAKU FUZOKU REGULARS unit's edition in the PRINCE OF TENNIS merchandise! This guide will be your ultimate helper and savior if ever your YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit would manage to inexplicably scare your household half to death or any other mishap that your unit would be inclined to do unless it was trained and was brought up in the best and the most proper conditions. Also, having this guide would help you immensely financial-wise, as the YUKIMURA SEIICHI is one of the more expensive units to be produced, as well as the most faulty of them all (we regret that we have not yet fixed the bug inside this unit's programming as it was created inside of the unit itself when it was being manufactured). However, with a little guide, your YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit would be able to grow into a beautiful BISHOUNEN, standing tall and leading the RIKKAI units to their victory.

Technical Specification:

Name: Yukimura Seiichi (Like all those belonging to the BUCHOU and FUKUBUCHOU units, this unit is usually called 'Yukimura-buchou' or simply 'Buchou' among the RIKKAI units. This unit is also known as 'Yukimura' or 'Yukimura-kun' and even the 'Child of God' to the other REGULARS units, but there are some, of course, like the YANAGI RENJI unit, that calls this unit 'Seiichi'. It would be most best, however, if you would address him by his last name first. You could also try calling him 'Seiichi' or 'Sei-chan', complete with that fangirl-ish squeal of delight, but we are not completely informed on how the unit will act if you will call him as such.)

Age: 14 to 15

Height: 175 cm (about 5"7)

Weight: 61 kg

Blood Type: A

Date of Manufacture: March 5

Dominant Hand: Right hand

Play Style: Counter-Puncher

Affliation: Rikkai Daigoku Fuzoku (3rd Year)

Your YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit comes with the following equipment (Please check to see that nothing is missed. If there are, please contact the PoT hotline to receive the missing items as soon as possible.):

- Rikkai Dai Middle School Uniform (x1) - white shirt, black pants, a stripped blue tie, black coat (for winter use)
- Rikkai Dai Middle School Tennis Uniform (x3) - yellow t-shirt with black and white fastenings with school emblem printed on the left chest, yellow tennis jacket (same design with t-shirt, only long sleeved), yellow jogging pants and white tennis shorts
- Headband (x1) - A head accessory uniquely created for this unit. The YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit is almost always seen wearing this, except when it enters its 'Technical Breakdown' programming.
- Wristbands (x2) - these actually weigh at about 50 kilograms each. The unit wears this during its practices.
- Tennis Racket (x2) - This is included in almost every single PRINCE OF TENNIS unit.
- Tennis Ball (x3) - This is included in almost every single PRINCE OF TENNIS unit.
- Tennis Bag (x1) - This is included in almost every single PRINCE OF TENNIS unit.
- casual wear set A (x1) - Dark blue dress shirt, beige dress jacket, black slacks and a red scarf

Due to the unit's programming, we have decided to put in a Patient dress set (x2) - Pale green button-up long sleeved shirt and loose pants, completely free of charge. We assure you that this would slightly lighten up your fiances, as the unit would inevitably be going through its 'Technical Breakdown' programming soon.


This unit is one of the more unpredictable units, so we cannot be entirely sure of what is going on through the unit's mind as it was being placed in its box. Usually, the unit would enter the box itself simply because it was curious to find out where it would be going. Rest assured though, that as long as you don't shake the box as soon as it arrived on your doorstep and squeal loudly like a fangirl, this unit would be very mellow and would be very willing to converse with you. This unit may also snub you the moment it leaves its packaging, as the unit is very likely to judge you under its first impressions. While it is certain that while your impression on it is questionable, this unit is not immediately hostile towards anybody it would see, but would rather make their acquaintances first, and THEN plot their immediate demise afterward.


The YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit is one of the more peculiar units (and we have told you that it was the most faulty as well) in the entire PRINCE OF TENNIS merchandise. It has several programs that it can run on and switch with, namely:

TENNIS PLAYER: Like all units in the PRINCE OF TENNIS merchandise, the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit is, first and foremost, a tennis player. Do you find yourself sprawled on the ground, racket aways from you as the ball managed to hit you straight in the face? The YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit would be all too happy to help in your endeavors to at least hit the tennis ball, with your racket this time, particularly. As the ultimate lover of tennis (this unit lives, breathes and would even die on a tennis court, if given the chance to), this unit would serve, smash, lob, volley and rally against you until you will be ready to beg for your own death, in which, he WILL serve, smash, lob, volley and rally more.

TENNIS TEAM CAPTAIN: As the strongest player in the RIKKAI REGULARS unit, the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit is, undeniably, the Rikkai Tennis Captain. Nicknamed the 'Child of God', your unit is of National Player status and has led the RIKKAI REGULARS units, past and present, to the Nationals and has already won three consecutive Championships for its school. The unit has undeniable leadership skills and every word it would say, especially if the unit is in the 'Child of God' mode, demands instant obedience and respect. This unit has no problems making his teammates obey him, and if you ever want this unit to be your captain, be prepared. This unit pushes its team to the limit to produce the greatest results. And by push, we mean that this unit will inevitably send you to the brink of death. If you want an efficient captain, but would prefer lengthening your life span, we would recommend the TACHIBANA KIPPEI of the FUDOUMINE REGULARS unit. The TEZUKA KUNIMITSU of the SEIGAKU REGULARS unit would also be an excellent choice, but if you have rather weak stamina and an even weaker stomach, skip this unit immediately. This unit assigns laps and will make you drink the INUI SADAHARU unit's newly made concoctions as a punishment. We will not be responsible for any internal hemorrhaging and even death that may occur.

TENNIS COACH and TRAINER: As the RIKKAI REGULARS units run without a COACH unit, your YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit would take center stage and, with the help of the YANAGI RENJI unit in 'ii data' mode, your unit would take charge of the team's players, conditions, status and would eventually choose the Rikkai team regulars and their line-ups in the coming matches. Also, this unit would be in charge of the regular's training regimen and training program, which would prove to be strenuous and life-threatening for those who are not in the RIKKAI REGULARS unit. If you would prefer a safer, more wholesome training to start your tennis career, we would recommend the RYUUZAKI SUMIRE of the SEIGAKU unit. While the ECHIZEN NANJIROU unit would also be an excellent tennis coach as well, the usage of this unit is highly discouraged because it frequently enters its 'perverted old man' mode, and if you are a girl with... the right body proportions, you will find yourself begging your YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit to train you instead of that 'lecherous perverted unit'.

CHILD OF GOD (locked): While this unit has also this programming as a mode, this programming would only be unlocked if the unit has found a formidable match in the tennis court. Most of the time the unit would pretend to be as soft as it looks. But as the famous saying goes that "never judge a book by its cover", this adage would particularly apply to this unit quite perfectly. As the 'Child of God', the Yukimura unit would unleash tennis moves that have been never seen before in this lifetime. You probably wouldn't be able to unlock this programming all by yourself if your tennis skills is lower than nil. But if you are really persistent in unlocking this particular program, present the ECHIZEN RYOMA of the SEIGAKU REGULARS unit in 'let's get it on' mode during the NATIONALS event and wait. If the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit is really persistent, there's a big chance that the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit would unlock its program all by itself.

GOSSIP SOURCE and INFORMATION SEEKER: Your YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit has a very... effective way of attaining information from other people. That includes blackmail, threats, and a very promising hour of extreme and oh-so-slow torture that would make you wish that you have never been born if you don't give him what he needs, and fast. And if you are the type of person that wants to know anything and everything there is to know, you could bet that this unit would be able to supply the information you want and need. Is Tezuka and Fuji really dating? Is Atobe really gay for Jirou? Are the Golden Pair really together? If you want answers, you can depend on your unit for one hundred percent facts, grilled and served hot. And you're better off not asking how your unit acquired the said information. Really.

THIEF LORD:The YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit has this very unique way of... thievery. He robs you of your senses. Quite literally too. If you planned on becoming a world-class thief, then this unit would be the perfect accomplice to your crimes. He would simply take the guard's sense of sight, hearing and touch, disable the alarms and both of you could skip away with the golden goodies tucked under your arm. And if worst comes to worst, your unit could simply charm the police, the military and the government to let you both off the hook.

BUDDING ARTIST:Apart from tennis, the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit does gardening as a hobby and frequently draws sketches in his spare time, particularly those of the RIKKAI REGULARS SANADA GENICHIROU unit. This unit is fairly talented when it comes to the arts, so you could rest assured that any painting of you will not come out as a hideous botch of paint. If you share the same interests, the unit may allow you to draw him in his most splendorous form - in a tennis outfit, of course, or help you prune your rose bushes while 'accidentally' pushing you into the said bushes.

OLDER BROTHER: For those girls who are wishing, even groveling on their knees that their parents would give them an older brother, despite the absurd impossibility of it, you finally have a solution. While this unit was not programmed to be the perfect, older brother in the bunch, like the SEIGAKU REGULAR FUJI SYUUSUKE unit, we assure you that this unit would do a fine job being your tennis-crazed, torture-loving, illness-prone older brother. It might not fit your exact description of a perfect nii-san, but nothing could better than hearing "Who made my little sister cry?" every time you're cornered by those nasty bullies at your school. The YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit would be nothing like the overprotective, I-will-protect-my-beloved-imotou-from-the-rest-of-my-kind older brother. If anything, it would probably leave you alone. But if push came to shove, you can expect him to be there for you, letting you cry yourself to exhaustion on his tennis jersey while plotting the best way to make your oppressors vanish from the face of the earth.

BOYFRIEND/HUSBAND (locked): Now, who doesn't want Yukimura Seiichi for a lifetime partner? Your unit, no matter how unstable it may be, still has a heart, and is looking for someone to give it to. But unlocking this feature could take many months, even years for it to be completely activated in your unit's system. Other than that, there's a possibility that even though this program is activated, your unit is in the 'Lover Boy (HET) or Lover Loy (YAOI)' mode. Your unit will be in love... but not with you. If you are a fangirl, this would be the chance to make your unit fall in love with another unit of your choice, provided that they both meet in the right place and in the right time.


This programming takes a section all on its own, since this bug in the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit would inadvertently destroy your unit if not noticed and healed immediately. This program was the result from a virus attack in the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit's programming during it's early stages of development. The virus was completely deleted from the system, but the data from the virus has entered the unit's system and created a bug that was both fatal and damaging to the unit. This bug would lay dormant in the unit's body for many years, until some factor would trigger it's awakening. We regret to say that that the YUKIMURA SEIICHI in inevitably go through this programming. Some of the units, like the TEZUKA KUNIMITSU and OISHI SHUICHIROU unit from the SEIGAKU REGULARS edition will too develop this bug, but it is very minor compared to the damage caused in the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit.

Symptoms and Treatment:

You will immediately know if your unit has entered the 'Technical Breakdown' programming if you suddenly see it collapse without any particular reason. In this case, remain calm and do your best to comfort your unit as well, as the unit has absolutely no idea what has happened to itself. The YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit will enter its 'Helpless Damsel' mode and, if you are a girl, it's a truly heartbreaking sight to see. Contact the PoT special hotline immediately and wait for them to collect your unit for its healing. Yes, your YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit will be taken away from you, but it's a small price to pay... unless you want your unit to completely shut down. The PoT technicians will also come and go frequently, as your unit will become a sort of out-patient.


After a while of healing, your unit will be sent back to you for its rehabilitation. This is the most crucial moment in your unit's life, as its rehabilitation would be the key factor in the next stage of your unit's development. If your unit suddenly leaves the moment it arrives on your door, don't be surprised and wait for 5 hours or so before calling for it. There is a big chance that it has met with the SANADA GENICHIROU unit and asked for it to take care of the RIKKAI REGULARS unit. After that, leave your unit alone for a couple of days, as it probably entered its 'Depressed' mode and does not wish to be disturbed. Rest assured though, that it will make a comeback once it has gotten to terms with its condition. Just support your unit every time it will go to its sessions with the technicians, follow the technician's orders, and just simply be there for it and soon your YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit will in 'Determined' mode and will definitely be back to lead its members to the NATIONALS event.

Your YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit will also come in the following modes. Please be reminded that these modes can appear one at a time, or if some modes would compliment each other, the modes would be activated at the same time. Also, there are some modes that are locked. It is completely up to you if you want to unlock these modes, although that would take some time.

- Smiling, Pleasant, Friendly Charmer (default)
- Sadistic, Manipulative, Mischievous Torturer
- Oppressive Mother Hen
- Child of God
- Determined
- Helpless Damsel
- Depressed
- Intended Poker
- TeniPuri
- TeniMyu
- Genuine and True (locked)
- OOC (locked)
- Lover Boy (HET) (locked)
- Lover Boy (YAOI) (locked)

By default, you YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit is bound to cause you major fangirl problems because it is, by nature, a charmer. A smile from this unit would instantly make you either melt in your shoes (if you are a girl) or stare at it, stunned by it's rather effeminate beauty (if you are a boy). If you are the type of person that doesn't like the sound of 'moe-ing' fangirls, this unit will not be the type for you. We have heard cases that the owners are completely smitten with this unit with one glance and a smile, and so I quote the TEZUKA KUNIMITSU unit: "Yuzan sezou ni ikou.".

This unit would be usually seen smiling, but not as much as the famed FUJI SYUUSUKE of the SEIGAKU REGULARS unit. It will take a lot of things to wipe its smile off its face, and it will take almost everything you've got for it to revert to its 'Genuine and True' mode. This is one of the units that is more difficult to control, as it is used to getting its way frequently. The only thing we can offer is advice, if you still want this unit: Don't let your guard down.

Sadistic, Manipulative, Michievious Torturer: This mode is almost always activated enough to become the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit's default mode, and it usually switches with the unit's original default mode to prevent the other units from getting too suspicious. This is a mode that is very difficult for a stranger to see, because your unit is still smiling as this mode is active. But you could always tell if this unit has entered this mode: its smiles become a little wider and there is a spark of troublemaking in its features. Therefore don't be surprised if your neighbors will come marching into your house because your unit managed to wreck havoc in their house while you took your eyes away for only a minute. Also, while this mode this active, your YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit is free do whatever it wants, and only a few things can stop it, and that includes the RIKKAI REGULARS SANADA GENICHIROU in 'Restraining' mode, but even this unit may not stop the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit in time. Be prepared for the humongous fees that will come if you ever decide to buy this unit.

Oppressive Mother Hen: As the Tennis Captain of the Rikkaidai, the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit takes care of his teammates. Thoroughly. And by take care, we mean that the Rikkai has morning, afternoon, weekend and holiday tennis practice, 5 hours on weekdays and 10 hours on weekends, complete with five hundred laps pre-, during and post- the said practice session. Together with that, the regulars are expected to wear metal wristbands, shoulder bands and ankle bands, with each weighing at about 50 kgs. each and they should be able to play a match like they usually do. Overkill much? Yes. Exaggeration? No. This unit is a perfectionist, and if ever the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit enters this mode, it usually goes hand and hand with the 'Sadistic, Manipulative, Mischievous Torturer' mode and the 'Intended Poker' mode. We will implore you for the sake of your own sanity and life (if you think them vitally important) to clear off and to stay hidden until your unit is satisfied and returns to its default mode. 'Hell hath no fury over a Yukimura scorned.' is the saying here, and you wouldn't want to cross a mother who is in the middle of disciplining her child now, would you? Definitely not. Not when you're going to be involved in the crossfire too.

Child of God: As stated above, this mode is a program as well, only that the 'Child of God' programming and the 'Child of God' mode are two completely different things. Usually the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit enters the 'Child of God' mode when it is on the 'Tennis Coach and Trainer' and 'Tennis Team Captain' programming. If this mode is activated, the unit's word immediately becomes law and you have no choice but to obey, if you don't want divine retribution (in the form of the RIKKAI REGULAR SANADA GENICHIROU unit in 'Emperor' mode) to fall down on you. In this mode, your unit will stand tall and proud, looking mighty and invincible to all those around him, commanding an air of utmost respect and obedience. You will be in utmost awe if you managed to catch it in this mode, as well as afraid of it, as the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit, in all of its omnipotence and glory, will be absolutely merciless in dealing with others, but in a different way from the 'Sadistic, Manipulative, Mischievous Torturer' mode.

Determined: This is a mode you will see after the unit has gone through its 'Depressed' mode after its 'Technical Breakdown' programming and the second mode you will get to see quite often. After that episode in its life, the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit, will, with its utmost power, recover in an alarmingly fast rate in time for the NATIONALS event. This mode is to be seen also with the 'Child of God' mode, as the unit is almost hell bent on raising the potential of the RIKKAI REGULARS unit to the utmost maximum, as well as sharpening its own tennis skills. If you will see it in this mode, particularly after the 'Technical Breakdown', we have no doubt that you will feel immensely proud of your unit.

Helpless Damsel: If your YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit enters this mode, you will see its beautiful face marred with sadness, despair and utter hopelessness. And you can't help but feel to protect your unit from all the troubles in the world if you can help it. Yes, that's how powerful this mode is when unleashed. You will see the unit in this mode during its 'Technical Breakdown' mode and during the loss in the KANTOU event, as well as during the stages of its healing. The YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit will be the epitome of vulnerability. Great pools of unshed tears in its large eyes, together with that look of beseech... if that doesn't make you slay dragons for it, nothing else will. While in the other units this is known as the 'kicked puppy' mode, the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit, like the SEIGAKU REGULARS FUJI SYUUSUKE unit, displays an almost feminine grace and elegance while in this mode, likened to the medieval 'Damsel in Distress'. Also, as a little side note, letting the RIKKAI REGULAR SANADA GENICHIROU in 'Crushed' mode meet your unit while in this mode will help facilitate the 'Lover Boy (YAOI)' mode, as well as turn the SANADA unit from 'Crushed' to 'Determined' mode.

Depressed: You will know if your YUKIMURA SEIICHI is in this mode when he is not smiling, for once. Your unit would be quiet and withdrawn, speaking only when spoken to, and it is of grave importance that you do not disturb it while in this mode and not fuss over it worriedly, as it will only worsen its current mode. The best thing to do is to leave it alone for a while and yes, it knows that you are extremely concerned for its condition and it will try its best to get over its depression on its own.

Intended Poker: We regret to say that the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit completely disregards the other units' private lives and would meddle with affairs that are not its own. We will warn you to NEVER, we repeat, NEVER let your unit meet the SEIGAKU REGULARS FUJI SYUUSUKE if the said unit is in the same mode, as it will result to a major catastrophe if ever one of it decided to 'set things right' which would definitely include entering the 'Gossip Source and Information Seeker' program and at the same time entering the 'Sadistic, Manipulative, Mischievous Torturer' mode, which would definitely worsen the problem that the poor unit particularly has. While your unit certainly has the best interests of that particular unit in heart, it doesn't really understand that there is a line that separates the part in which it can help and the part that it can only watch and observe the results. But it is inevitable that sooner or later this mode would resurface, so please prepare a lot of money for the collateral damage that your unit is bound to make.

TeniPuri: This is a mode unique to every PRINCE OF TENNIS merchandise that was manufactured. In this mode, your unit will shrink (yes, really shrink) to about 1/3 of its usual height and will have the body proportions of a CHIBI unit. We will advise you not to squeal and hug your now CHIBI unit to death because of its cuteness because while in this mode, your YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit will be a frail, wheelchair-ridden boy who would be fond of saying 'Sorry to trouble you', especially when the SANADA GENICHIROU unit is near and in its 'YUKIMURAAA!' mode. While this mode will show you the vulnerability of your unit, the reactions of the other units will certainly provide some comical entertainment for you if ever they would see your unit in this state. Also, there is also another version of this mode, the 'RikkaiPuri' mode, which will let you see your unit as the beautiful, gentle, sadistic, borderline-violent 'mother' of the Rikkai family.

TeniMyu: This is also a mode unique to the PRINCE OF TENNIS merchandise. If the YUKIMURA SEIICHI mode will enter this mode, will suddenly have the urge to do some heart-thumping breakdance moves and sing with a voice you can liken to a rockstar's. If you are the type to do singing and dancing as a hobby, just let your unit enter this mode and both of you can belt it out in a karaoke or show your hip-hop skills in a dance-off match. However, we will not be responsible for the increased fangirl 'moe-ing' if ever this mode would be activated. Also, this mode also employs some acting skills, and so if ever your lead male actor would suddenly fall from the fifth floor of your school building for some strange reason, you can bet that your unit will save the day with a bonus, not only is your play a major success, it also turned into a musical!

Genuine and True (locked): If you believe that your YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit's smile is just a facade or that this unit has more than what meets the eye, then do your best to unlock the 'Genuine and True' mode. This mode will let you experience the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit in an extraordinary way. In this mode, you will see the unit, not as the 'Rikkai Captain' or as the 'Child of God', just as simply Yukimura Seiichi, a Rikkai 3rd Year student. It is said that this mode will only be unlocked if you could manage to unlock either of the 'Lover Boy' modes. We have also received reports that the RIKKAI REGULARS SANADA GENICHIROU and YANAGI RENJI units have already seen and experienced this mode in the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit. So far, nobody has succeeded yet in unlocking this mode, but we assure you that it's completely POSSIBLE to unlock it, and if you managed to do it, please tell us your secret to this success!

OOC (locked): What would you think if your YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit suddenly acted like the effeminate boy that it looks like? What if your unit didn't love tennis was instead a naive, innocent teenager? The possibilities are endless and it would certainly be a sight to see. The 'OOC' mode will provide you with the most comical, most shocking, and yet the most in depth experiences with your unit that will forever be stored in your memories. How to unlock this mode? We have tried AND succeeded, but we will leave it to you to find out how to unlock this mode completely unique to this unit as it will take the fun away. We will give you a hint though. Romance and sheer desperation plays a great part of it. Figure out the rest, and if you managed to do it, tell us your method so we can compare ways on how to unlock this mode faster.

Lover Boy (HET) (locked): Have you ever wondered how YUKIMURA SEIICHI would love a girl? Well, unlock this mode, and you will have your answer. But unlocking this mode would be very taxing to do, as there are not so many girl units in the PRINCE OF TENNIS merchandise, and the fact that this unit is completely dedicated to tennis that it even forgets about the world sometimes. Frankly, the chance of getting this mode to unlock is slim, unless you want it to be unlocked because of you (if you are a girl, obviously). But if you are really persistent, you can unlock this mode with any girl that you may think about pairing with this unit, after all, this isyour YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit!

Lover Boy (YAOI) (locked): This mode is also known as the 'Fangirl's Dream' mode. The number of male units in the PRINCE OF TENNIS merchandise is almost endless, and the possibilities are almost infinite as well. The most favored partner for the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit is the RIKKAI REGULARS SANADA GENICHIROU unit and both of them would become the famous 'ALPHA PAIR', the name this pair is affectionately called by. KIRIHARA AKAYA and the other RIKKAI REGULARS units are also seen to be a possible partner, and inter-school romances are getting more and more common, as HYOTEI REGULARS ATOBE KEIGO unit and ECHIZEN RYOMA and FUJI SHUUSUKE of the SEIGAKU REGULARS units are also able to achieve this mode with the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit. But as it happens, YOU are the owner of this unit, and so you hold the power to make your unit fall in love with another male unit that you would prefer, given that they meet in the right place in the right time and in the right mode. Although we will warn you that if the male unit you chose will not be compatible with your unit (such as the SEIGAKU REGULARS FUJI SYUUSUKE unit and the ST. RUDOLPH REGULARS MIZUKI HAJIME unit), there will be much chaos, destruction, a lot of near-death experiences and an emptying of your bank account happening before your wish would become true.

Your YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit holds some relationships with other units prior to your purchase of it. Once your unit has been given to you, you have the option for furthering your unit's established relationship or make some new ones.

SANADA GENICHIROU: This Rikkai FUKUBUCHOU unit is almost always seen beside the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit, often seeing both of them walk, eat and talk together side by side every time that they are together, with the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit calling this unit 'Genichirou', which suggests a very close relationship between the two of them. They have a history together as close teammates and friends. Your unit trusts this unit with its life, and the SANADA unit is the only one of the few who is really able to control the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit. The SANADA GENICHIROU unit is stoic, strict and responsible, very much like the SEIGAKU REGULARS TEZUKA KUNIMITSU unit, only with slightly violent tendencies. And, as it was already stated above, this unit would be the perfect candidate if ever you would want to unlock your unit's 'Lover Boy (YAOI)' mode.

YANAGI RENJI: This RIKKAI REGULARS unit is also a close friend of the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit, going as far as for your unit to call this unit 'Renji'. Together with the SANADA GENICHIROU unit, the three of them eventually formed the "Three Demons of Rikkai", with this unit as the 'Master'. They also have a history as close teammates and friends, though it is seen that the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit is closer to the SANADA unit emotionally. Known as one of the DATA MASTER units, this unit is the one who would side with your unit if ever your unit would decide to wreck terror once again during tennis practice with the excuse of 'data gathering'. This unit also usually helps the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit if ever the said unit enters its 'Tennis Coach and Trainer' program. While it is also possible for this unit to be in 'Lover Boy (YAOI)' mode with the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit, the chances are lower compared to the SANADA unit.

KIRIHARA AKAYA: This second year ace's ambition is to defeat the "Three Demons of Rikkai", a feat it has yet to do. Its relationship with the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit borders on the parent-child line, with your unit acting as this unit's... 'maternal' unit. It was a running joke inside the Rikkai that this unit was, apparently, the child of their buchou and fukubuchou in the past life. While this rumor remains to be seen, it is clear that this younger unit is close to the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit, going as far as for your unit to call this unit their 'baby kouhai'. It is also possible for this unit to achieve the 'Lover Boy (YAOI)' mode with your unit, and the chances are certainly greater than with the YANAGI RENJI unit.

ECHIZEN RYOMA: The best way to describe your unit's relationship with this unit is a mixture of begrudging admiration and friendly rivalry. This is the only unit in the whole PRINCE OF TENNIS merchandise that is known to defeat the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit is a decent and fair tennis match. Your unit will enter its 'Oppressive Mother Hen' mode after its loss to get rid of its frustration at its defeat. But soon that will turn into the 'Determined' mode, and your unit will be looking forward again for a rematch. It is also possible for this unit to enter the Lover Boy (YAOI)' mode with the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit, but you will have to spend a lot of money and resources if ever this will happen as your unit will try to perform a... special kind of wooing (sadistic torture) to try and win the heart of this reluctant unit.

The YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit's relationship with its team is a mixture of family, friends, rivals and teammates. The RIKKAI REGULARS units looks up to this unit with respect and admiration and your unit treats them as equals, unless of course, you unit's 'Child of God' mode is entered. The units have an equal chance of getting the 'Lover Boy (YAOI)' mode activated with your unit, but it will depend heavily on you.

The relationship of the other units from the other MIDDLE SCHOOL editions ranges from jealousy, awe, rivalry, respect, admiration to acquaintances, depending on the current SCHOOL edition and its members. As stated above, there are some units from other editions that are also capable of achieving the 'Lover Boy (YAOI)' mode, particularly those from the SEIGAKU and HYOTEI SCHOOL editions.


As the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit is already a grown fourteen to fifteen year old teenager, it can perfectly take care of itself in this aspect. And refrain from asking if you could join him in its bath, as this unit prefers its privacy (how ironic). And don't forget to remind your household members that you have purchased a live, breathing male unit to prevent any misunderstandings and/or assumptions that your parents might immediately think about if they would suddenly walk in on a naked teenage boy in the shower.


Your unit is still a growing boy, and so it needs as much nutrients as it possibly can, more so because he is recovering from a bug in his system and the fact that he is also a tennis player means that the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit would probably eat anything as long as it is nutritious and good-tasting. Grilled fish is its favorite food, and so a polishing of your own cooking skills is needed to maintain its athletic physique (or if you want a favor to be done, this unit is not above bribery). Being good in cooking might raise you in the unit's eyes, and will help facilitate the 'Lover Boy (HET)' mode with you.


The YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit is a tennis-aholic, meaning that it will play tennis until it would drop to the ground from exhaustion. Added with the fact that it is recovering from its 'Technical Breakdown' programming, you will have to be strict in enforcing its resting hours, as it would most probably forget that it is not a machine and all human beings need to rest for a full 8 to 10 hours before functioning again. The YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit is also a morning person, and if you are the type of person to sleep until midday, we encourage you to break that habit, and now. Your unit will be persistent in waking you up before the sunrise and it's futile to even try and stop it, as it will send you one of its smiles that will send you scrambling for the shower, knees quaking in fear.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q: Help! My Yukimura-chan is making trouble in the neighborhood, AGAIN! How can I make him stop?

A: Well, first, find out what mode your unit is in. If it's in the 'Sadistic, Manipulative, Mischievous Torturer' mode, GET. OUT. NOW. You have a snowball's chance in hell of stopping him and you would be dead before you even try. Your best bet would be to bring in the SANADA GENICHIROU unit in it's 'Restraining' mode and hope for the best. With any luck, your YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit would stop and return to it's default mode. If not, well, clear off until your unit would exit the mode itself. We DID warn you about purchasing this unit, so you have no legal right to sue us for any illegal action that your unit may do.

Q: My unit is still in its 'Depressed' mode after its 'Technical Breakdown' programming! What should I do?

A: First, check for how many days your unit has been in this mode. If it's just for a day or two, chances are that you are overreacting. Leave your unit alone for a few more days and it will come around eventually. But if the unit is still in its 'Depressed' mode for more than a week, round all the RIKKAI REGULARS units in their 'We Need You' mode and let them meet your unit. After the meeting, your unit will be back to normal in no time.

Q: Oh no. My Yukimura Seiichi unit is stalking the Echizen Ryoma unit! I want him to stop! How can I make him?

A: If this happened after the NATIONALS event, it is possible that your unit is still in the 'Determined' mode and is seeking for another match. Let it be because the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit is stubborn when it wants to. But when after all is done and your unit is STILL a stalker, there is a big chance that your unit's 'Lover Boy (YAOI)' mode has been unlocked and has set its sights on the SEIGAKU REGULAR unit. If this is the case, collaborate with the SEIGAKU REGULARS FUJI SHUUSUKE unit and with the RIKKAI REGULARS YANAGI RENJI unit to discuss and plan for the break-up, if you want your unit to fall in love with someone else. If not, sit back, watch, and let the teen drama unfold.


My unit is acting strange lately and I think that it has activated its 'Lover Boy' mode with another unit! But I can't, for the life of me, figure out who the other unit is!

You can contact the PoT hotline and they will be all too happy to find out for you just who is it that caught your unit's fancy. But that is a rather boring way to find out, and so there is another way, more expensive, exhausting and a lot more interesting than calling a telephone. Employ the skills of the following (using bribery, of course): SEIGAKU REGULARS FUJI SYUUSUKE in 'Intended Poker' mode and RIKKAI REGULARS YANAGI RENJI and SEIGAKU REGULARS INUI SADAHARU in 'Gathering Data' mode for the ultimate STALKER unit team. They will be all too pleased to poke around in your unit's rather secretive love life and find out for you your unit's secret lover.

Crap crap crap! My Yukimura unit is still in 'Oppressive Mother Hen' mode! It's scaring everyone away!

If the 'Oppressive Mother Hen' mode is getting out of hand, call our PoT hotline for emergency restrainers, free of charge. If you can't put it on by yourself, employ the help of the more muscled male units in the merchandise, as even though the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit may look like a pushover, the sound of its fist breaking your nose would convince you otherwise. Once the unit is deemed to be safely restrained, you may now step away from your hiding place and wait until your unit would stop thrashing and return to its default mode. Bear in mind that you can only use this method if you didn't give a damn about the other units, as your unit is the type to have long-lasting grudges.

End Note

Taking care of the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit will definitely be an experience you don't want to miss. Your household might be in chaos becuase of this ever-smiling, torture-happy, slightly manic unit, but we guarantee that the true smile of your unit will be enough payment for all the time and effort you've spent on it. In your care, you might be able to tame the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit and proudly display it to your friends as a kind, loving, awesome tennis player that has managed to be a runner-up in the Nationals Tournament. In its tamed state, the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit will be a BISHOUNEN that is sinful to the eyes of men and, as it is still a living unit, rest assured that your unit will stay with you for the rest of your days, even holding your hand while both of you are in your death beds, and isn't it a pleasant feeling when you realize that both you would depart in this world at almost the same time?

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