Frankly, Ryoma's manual is a bitch to do because I don't know him as well as the other characters, even though he's the main character. I'm such a failure. But he's significantly longer than Yukimura's cause, well, he's the protagonist. *sweatdrop*

The next manual I'm going to do is neither from Rikkai or Seigaku, so please tell me who you want next!

Warnings and Disclaimers: First chapter.


Congratulations! You have just purchased your very own ECHIZEN RYOMA unit, which is exclusively found in the nationwide popular SEISHUN GAKUEN (shortened as SEIGAKU) REGULARS unit's edition in the PRINCE OF TENNIS merchandise! This guide will be your ultimate helper and savior if ever your ECHIZEN RYOMA unit would manage to inexplicably disappear from your sight (most likely drinking its favorite drink or practicing on a court) or any other mishap that your unit would be inclined to do unless it was trained and was brought up in the best and the most proper conditions. The ECHIZEN RYOMA unit is one of the most popular units in the merchandise (and one of the more challenging ones to discipline and keep tabs on), and so we give you this guide to ensure the proper growth of the SEIGAKU team's future pillar of support, as well as to grow beautifully as a strong, powerful tennis player that will be the inspiration of future tennis players to come.

Technical Specification:

Name: Echizen Ryoma (This unit is called by many names, being the main protagonist of the PRINCE OF TENNIS merchandise. This unit is called as 'Echizen' among the SEIGAKU REGULARS, as well with their rival schools, but there are some, like the KATOU KACHIROU, MIZUNO KATSUOU and RYUUZAKI SAKUNO units, call this unit 'Ryoma-kun'. The OSAKADA TOMOKA unit, however, calls this unit 'Ryoma-sama', complete with that fangirl squeal of delight. There are also other units that call this unit its given name, like the RYUUZAKI SUMIRE coach unit. There are also nicknames for this unit, notably by the ECHIZEN NANJIROU unit, who calls this unit 'Seishounen'. This unit is not picky as to what he is called, as he doesn't particularly care, but he takes a certain offense, though he will not show it outwardly, when he is called a name which pertains to his age and small stature, such as 'Brat' and 'Boy'.)

Age: 12 to 13

Height: 151 cm (roughly 4"11)

Weight: 50kg

Blood Type: O

Date of Manufacture: December 24

Dominant Hand: Left-hand, though this unit is technically ambidextrous

Play Style: All-rounder

Affiliation: Seishun Gakuen (1st year)

Your ECHIZEN RYOMA unit comes with the following equipment (Please check to see that nothing is missed. If there are, please contact the PoT hotline to receive the missing items as soon as possible.):

- Seishun Gakuen Middle School Uniform (x1) – white, short sleeved collared shirt, black pants, long sleeved black coat with the school year level imprinted on the collar (for winter and autumn use)
- Seishun Gakuen Middle School Tennis Uniform (x3) – white and blue t-shirt with red lines, with the Seigaku logo imprinted on the left chest, white and blue tennis jacket (long sleeved, same design but with the Seigaku logo also emblazoned in the back), blue jogging pants and black tennis shorts
- White Cap (x1) – A head accessory uniquely created for this unit. The ECHIZEN RYOMA unit will always be seen wearing this, especially during practices and tennis matches.
- Wristband (x2) – A white and blue wristband occasionally seen on this unit's wrist. Used only for tennis practice and matches.
- Rubber shoes (x1) - Fila (Marks Philippoussis Mid). It can be noted that this unit's particular favorite brand is of Fila products, such as the t-shirt and its white cap, stated above.
- Tennis Racket (x2) - A YonexBRIDGESTONE (DYNABEAM GRANDEA). This is included in almost every single PRINCE OF TENNIS unit.
- Tennis Ball (x3) - This is included in almost every single PRINCE OF TENNIS unit.
- Tennis Bag (x1) - This is included in almost every single PRINCE OF TENNIS unit.
- Casual wear set A (x1) – Red jacket, a white t-shirt with red sleeves and cargo pants

Due to the unit's programming, we have decided to put in a Ponta (grape-flavored) 12-pack case (x1), completely free of charge. We assure you that this would lighten up your finances, as your unit is insatiable when it comes to its favorite carbonated drink.


When it comes to removing your unit, the first thing you would notice is that this unit is, usually, unconscious. As the ECHIZEN RYOMA is a deep sleeper, you will have no problem in removing it from its case and laying it down on your bed, letting you see its look of complete innocence when deeply asleep. As long as this unit stays asleep while you gush over its complete cuteness, you will be rewarded with a tousle-haired, half-awake unit when it wakens from its slumber, blinking up at you and looking incomprehensively on his surroundings, which will never fail in making a girl squeal loudly on how adorable it looks. When, if ever, you chance upon your unit to be awake, it will not hesitate to ask who you are and where it is, which may prove to be blunt, or even outright rude, but that is just how your unit usually acts. This unit is also forgetful and even outright stubborn at times, as it doesn't concern himself over authority, and you would have to be forceful for it to leave its packaging. This unit is uninterested in anything but tennis. So if you're not a tennis player (or you don't like tennis at all, god forbid) you may have some trouble with getting along with this unit.


The ECHIZEN RYOMA unit is one of the more peculiar units (and we have told you that it was the most faulty as well) in the entire PRINCE OF TENNIS merchandise. It has several programs that it can run on and switch with, namely:

TENNIS PLAYER: Like almost all units in the PRINCE OF TENNIS merchandise, the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit is, first and foremost, a tennis player. But this unit is only interested in strong, powerful opponents, as it aims to become stronger than the ECHIZEN NANJIROU unit, as well as to become the number one in the world of tennis. When playing against an opponent, the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit would play with his right hand first, to gauge the talent and skill of his opponent, and would later switch to his left when his opponent has proved itself worthy, much to their irritation and fury. This unit would also waste no time in taunting his opponents by saying 'mada mada dane', in the middle of the match, but it has the skills and the power to back up his words. This unit has every right to become a cocky, arrogant tennis player, and sadly, this unit knows that fact very well.

TENNIS GENIUS: At the tender age of 12, the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit has proved itself to be one of the (if not the) most talented tennis players in the middle school circuit. Even before coming to Japan, thus unit has been known to conquer several junior tournaments in America and has come to Japan with the intent to do the same. Even with the development of his own tennis style, his tennis is a complete copy of the ECHIZEN NANJIROU unit's style. This unit is able to copy any tennis player's special moves and has been able to create countering moves even during matches, with a keen sense of observation and ability to see moving objects, a feat not usually seen among people, let alone tennis players. This unit is the person to go to if you want an opinion on anything about tennis, though it might be better to consult the FUJI SHUUSUKE unit, as that unit has the same programming and is bound to be more insightful with information and would be very patient with your questions, unlike the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit whose replies to your inquiries may be sparse and vague. You may also ask it to coach you, but, unfortunately, this unit has little patience in that regard, as it is centered on improving his own tennis skills. Of course, this applies in the tennis courts only, and once he steps out of it, he will become your usual bratty half pint, albeit an aloof and anti-social one.

PRINCE OF TENNIS (locked): Also known as the "SUPER SAIYAN" programming. This programming also has a mode, but the difference is that this mode is only unlocked when your unit has managed to unlock the third door of the State of Self-Actualization (Muga no Kyouchi), the Pinnacle of Perfection (Ten'i Muhou no Kiwami). As stated by the ECHIZEN NANJIROU unit, all tennis player units in the PRINCE OF TENNIS merchandise has this programming, it is only when the units concern themselves with winning that this programming becomes locked. It can be unlocked when your unit faces the YUKIMRUA SEIICHI unit in its 'Child of God' programming on the NATIONALS event. In this programming, your unit will unleash tennis moves that can defeat the most powerful of opponents, as your unit experiences simply the enjoyment and fun of playing tennis. If your tennis skills are on par with the YUKIMURA SEIICHI unit, you may have a chance to unlock this programming as well, but otherwise than that, your chances of unlocking this program are lower than nil.

SPORT JUNKIE: Even if not on the tennis courts, the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit is shown to be extremely athletic, and is able to learn any sport quickly and efficiently. Whether it may be from billiards to bowling to table tennis (just… not beach volleyball, though you may try it just for the sheer amusement), this unit has extreme adaptation abilities and you will be sure that it will do a fine job in any sport you want it to play on. If you're a sports enthusiast, you can ask your unit to tag along in your current sports expedition, and you can be sure that he will go willingly (with a little *ahem* coercion, using the INUI SADAHARU unit's juices). And, if that sport has sparked an interest in it, the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit will take it upon himself to learn more about it, so don't be surprised if you suddenly found your unit reading a "'Sport' for Beginners" manual. Your unit is just broadening its horizons, and you will find that you will have more topics to talk about with your unit, not just tennis.

FOOD AND DRINK DISPOSITOR: We regret to say that your ECHIZEN RYOMA unit is capable of disposing food that can equal its body weight and not gain a single pound from it (as the result of daily tennis practice). Like the MOMOSHIRO TAKESHI unit, this unit has been known to inhale double pound cheeseburgers and extra large fries with an upgrade in cola. This unit is also infamous for its signature beverage, the Ponta drink, usually grape-flavored, which can be seen being drained by the said unit several times in a single day. It doesn't hold back when it comes to food and when it comes to eating competitions, you can enter this unit and expect that he can get at least a third place, because this unit just doesn't know the word 'defeat' in any competition that it may participate in. You would not want this unit to accompany you when you go on food trips, as you find your money flying away from your wallet faster than the Neo-Scud serve. Just make sure though, that the food you bring him is palatable (and note that your unit is picky when it comes to cuisine, there are times when your units wants an American meal, sometimes Japanese), and if you want it to stop eating any kind of food it can lay its hands on, just contact the INUI SADAHARU unit, request for its infamous juices, and place it on the table just before you eat. Your unit will be sure to stay away from the dinner table like the plague.

ENGLISH TUTOR AND TRANSLATOR: As your unit has spent its younger days in America, the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit is quite fluent in the English language. Therefore, if you have some problems with your English homework, or is simply struggling with the universal language of the world, you may ask your unit for some help (but not without some resistance), as it has some substantial knowledge in the field. Perhaps, this may be the only thing that your unit would be patient about, and it certainly helps that your unit would speak occasionally in the language, just to see you looked confused and frustrated at the fact that you can't understand it well, if you're not a native speaker. Your unit would probably have a future in being the American ambassador for Japan, as it also translates for its teammates who also grapple with the language, if it doesn't continue with its future professional tennis career. The ECHIZEN RYOMA unit would help you with your phrasing, accent and word structures, and in no time at all, you will be able to fluster your friends and family with your perfect, unaccented English, with your unit smirking proudly in the background.

YOUNGER BROTHER: Have you found yourself wishing that you have a little brother to cuddle, tease, coo over and other 'big sibling'-ish actions that you would like to do? Well, the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit will be quite agreeable and will be very cooperative with you (please note the sarcasm used in this statement) in that perspective. If you're an only child, having a younger brother might be a pleasant change in your household, as he will do the perfect job of being the annoying, brat-like, quite spoiled baby of the family that will always put the blame on you even if you're absolutely sure that he was the one (with irrefutable proof!) who broke the expensive, quite ancient heirloom vase while both of you are playing tennis in the backyard. Unlike the FUJI YUUTA unit, who has this program as well, your unit is confident in its skills and it will not hesitate to challenge you again and again in tennis, even if it had lost so many times in your hands. And, if you're an older sister, this could be the chance to baby this unit and watch it get flustered quite cutely, all the while grumbling and hiding under its white hat. You won't be required to watch over this unit like a hawk with its prey, like the FUJI SHUUSUKE unit in regards to its younger brother, the FUJI YUUTA unit, but there are moments in which your unit is feeling weak emotionally and/or mentally, and that will be the time for you to step up, encourage it and assure it that you'll support it all the way (with a little tough love on the side). Your unit will be grateful for it, and will show its gratitude (by crying so cutely that you can't help but cuddle it again), but it will not show it openly afterwards.

BOYFRIEND/HUSBAND (locked): Let it be said that the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit is oblivious to love. And, even if the unit is aware of it, it will not be the type to look for it willingly. However, as your unit is still human, your unit is still looking for that special someone who would accept his flaws and love him wholeheartedly without any conditions and/or repercussions. And, as this unit is the main protagonist of the PRINCE OF TENNIS merchandise, this unit may probably be the unit who could be paired off with ANY tennis player unit in existence, whether it may be male or female, as it interacts with more than half of the units available in the series. Also, as with all units, your ECHIZEN RYOMA unit would need to be in the right mode, in the right place, and in the right time to be able to unlock the 'Lover Boy (HET)' or 'Lover Loy (YAOI)' mode, and a ridiculous amount of time is needed to be able to unlock this programming, as your unit is that dense when it comes to the matters of the heart. You may want to wait though, for this unit to grow at least a few years older if you want this mode to be unlocked for you (unless you're at the same age as the unit) to avoid any misunderstandings and/or implications that may happen (*cough*pedophilia*cough*) if ever this mode will be unlocked early.

Your ECHIZEN RYOMA unit will also come in the following modes. Please be reminded that these modes can appear one at a time, or if some modes would complement each other, the modes would be activated at the same time. Also, there are some modes that are locked. It is completely up to you if you want to unlock these modes, although that would take some time.

- Aloof, Cold, Arrogant, Snarky Brat (default)
- Mischievous, Stubborn Brat
- Uninterestingly Bored and Sleeping
- Silent Carer
- Child Hero
- Prince of Tennis
- Breakdown
- Just a Kid
- TeniPuri
- TeniMyu
- Genuine and True (locked)
- OOC (locked)
- Lover Boy (HET) (locked)
- Lover Boy (YAOI) (locked)

At first, this unit will give you insurmountable amounts of headaches because of its cocky attitude. It won't listen to anything you say at first, only coming and going as it pleased, but when you have earned its respect it will listen and finally obey, but will definitely question some of your more questionable decisions. But otherwise than that, you will find this unit to be a quiet and cool companion, the one who will remind you (in its own snarky and caring way) to keep your head during an emergency situation. Also, this unit will become a source of your more painful headaches, since your ECHIZEN RYOMA is decidedly a BISHOUNEN unit, a breeding ground for "Kyaa!"-ing and squealing fangirls who finds your unit incomprehensibly bishie and/or adorable. At other times you may find your unit suddenly missing from its position, but never fear, as your unit would always find itself back (unless it's been guided by the RYUUZAKI SAKUNO unit in its NSOD mode). But your unit is unpredictable, and so, once again, we quote our TEZUKA KUNIMITSU unit: "Yudan sezou ni ikou."

The ECHIZEN RYOMA unit would always be seen staring at you with its large, cat-like eyes. While this may be unnerving for some people, it is simply because the unit has the 'San Paku Gan' (an eye condition that has more whites around the eyes), making its stare colder and more cruel. But rest assured that your unit doesn't have any ill feelings towards you, only that it's just the way it usually looks. More often than not, you can also see your unit smirking, if not smirking, looking outright bored. That doesn't mean, however, that your unit can't smile, laugh or cry, only that's it's a rare thing to be seen, and if ever you see it personally, it's bound to be a treat.

Mischievous, Stubborn Brat: Despite its status as a tennis prodigy and a powerful tennis player, your ECHIZEN RYOMA unit, is, after all, a twelve year old preteen boy. So it's not surprising for your unit to get into some scrapes, with its decidedly brat-like attitude both in and out of the courts. This usually is the result of the Uninterestingly Bored and Sleeping mode (even worse, when your unit is in its 'Younger Brother' programming), and, believe us, this mode happens more often than you think it does. You would notice that your unit has entered this mode: it has a big smirk on his face, combined with flat out refusal when asked to do otherwise, as the SEIGAKU REGULARS units experienced firsthand with their freshman brat. And when something goes wrong in your home, you can bet that it was your unit who caused it, if not you yourself. And your unit is most probably not alone in this, as he has the MOMOSHIRO TAKESHI and KIKUMARU EIJI units with him frequently, but it may not realize that it was doing it consciously, as the two aforementioned units are very convincing and somewhat manipulative, though it is the FUJI SHUUSUKE and the INUI SADAHARU units who takes the cake in terms of manipulation. So if ever you find your unit in a mishap, reign in your temper and you will find that for most of the time, it is not your unit's fault, but its senpai's. Just don't get used to that idea always and you'll be fine. Mostly.

Uninterestingly Bored and Sleeping: One of the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit's frequent habits is sleeping, or just lazily lounging around and doing nothing (or maybe even drinking from its Ponta can). When your unit is in this mode you can do either two things: Let it be (and internally squeal on how cute it looks sleeping like that), or kick its sorry butt into action (by employing some of the SEIGAKU REGULARS units, as they do it quite often. For the best results, using the KAWAMURA TAKESHI unit in its Burning! mode is highly recommended). Your unit is generally enthusiastic about waking up for tennis, but your unit is decidedly not a morning person, and getting it to wake up properly would be quite a chore. So you would have to keep your unit constantly occupied, not just with tennis, and other things as well (our sources have found that your unit is longing for a Nintendo DS…). Because if not, well… the above mode before this would appear, and rest assured that you do NOT want to do damage control as it will inevitably drain your back account and cause quite a chaos in the neighborhood.

Silent Carer:Despite the fact that your unit is a snarky, quite troublesome preteen, it still has a soft spot for those people who care about him. Like the TEZUKA KUNIMITSU unit, it will not show its appreciation easily, as your unit is the type to get embarrassed with public displays of affection. When it sees you struggling over your English homework, the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit will help you willingly (when on its 'English Tutor' programming), despite the protest and the refusal that would come first. And when it comes to advice, his answer will be often blunt and direct to the point of hurting your feelings, but that's because your unit is genuinely concerned for you, not by trying to protect your feelings, but to see you improve from your current standard. And when your unit complements you, it usually comes in the form of either a cleverly-disguised insult or a very vague affirmative response, but it will ultimately praise you (behind your back) and feel proud that you are its owner. This unit may not be the best comforter, but it does have its own quirky ways to help someone feel better, such as trying its best in tennis to win for someone's sake, or even drinking a whole carton of milk just because you bought it for it. Your unit shows its appreciation in little ways, but it's up to you to see and recognize its gestures for yourself. This is also the first mode to switch on frequently if you want to unlock the Lover Boy mode of your unit, and if you ever see this mode showing more frequently than usual, chances are your unit's 'Lover Boy' mode is already unlocked.

Child Hero: No matter what kind of situation, no matter what kind of pinch you and your unit's friends will be in, the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit will always definitely be there to at the last minute save the day. Whether it may be from being the deciding match that will affect the outcome of their win or loss (in its 'Tennis Player' programming) to using tennis to take down a thief who's running away (in the 'Tennis Genius' programming), your unit would ALWAYS (and we really do mean always) pull a Big Damn Hero move at the last moment, though your unit is quite the Reluctant Hero at times. There are times that your unit doesn't even know that it's saving someone at that current time. The other units from the PRINCE OF TENNIS merchandise also shows this mode in varying degrees and under different mode names, as it is incorporated usually with their attitude in courts (such as the TEZUKA KUNIMUTSU unit in its Determinator mode), but it is the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit who is the worst offender of this mode. When your unit is in this mode you WILL feel exasperated and maybe a bit irritated, because it WILL look like that the problem was purposefully made just for your unit to show up and show its great tennis skills for the definite win of the SEIGAKU REGULARS units, but you will feel grateful and even excited about his fight. No wonder the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit has cocky as a default mode.

Prince of Tennis: Also known as the 'Let's Get It On' mode. This mode usually comes hand in hand with the 'Tennis Player/Tennis Genius/Prince Of Tennis (if unlocked)' programming, his default mode and the Child Hero mode, sometimes overlapping with the Silent Carer mode when the particular match has some sentimental value to your unit. In this mode, your unit will become, literally, the Prince of Tennis, as he will unleash physics-defying tennis moves that will leave your jaw wide open in shock (though not to the degree of the TEZUKA KUNIMITSU unit, whose tennis has extinguished the dinosaurs. We kid you not.). However, unlike the 'Prince of Tennis' programming, this mode is seen almost always to the point of being the units other default mode, only that this mode only appears whenever your unit is in the tennis courts. In this mode, your unit will inattentive to anyone but his opponent, and the win that would almost always happen afterwards. And in this mode, after a particular hard fought battle, we know that you will feel indescribably proud of your unit and will forward to seeing its matches again. This mode will also pave the way to unlocking the 'Lover Boy' modes, as this is the ONLY way, apart from the Silent Carer mode, your unit knows on how to make you notice it. We HAVE told you that the unit is ridiculously naïve when it comes to love, so we will not be liable for any hair-tearing in exasperation or any frustrated emotions that the owner may experience with this unit.

Breakdown: This is probably the rarest mode that you will ever come to experience. In fact, you may not even experience this mode directly, and we hope that you will never experience it in the entire time that you have come to take care of the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit. In this mode, the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit would become hopelessly lost, unmindful of its surroundings, starting the self-destruct sequence that will be quite painful to watch. This mode will only be activated when it has suffered a major and devastating loss in a tennis match as well as with any major life trauma happening. Having never tasted defeat, the ECHIZEN RYOMA will despair and succumb to depression, gradually losing itself as time would pass. At the unit's first breakdown, recovery by itself will be very slim and would take several days, even weeks, if you let it come to that point. If the 'Lover Boy' mode is already activated during this time, simply bring along your unit's current loved one and let them talk privately (though eavesdropping wouldn't be bad either, if you're into voyeurism) about it (and it might even result to some *ahem* intimate comforting). If not, present the AKUTSU JIN of the YAMABUKI REGULARS units in its 'Tough Love' mode and let it deal with your unit for some sensible shaking. There might be some hurtful words and even more physical bruises, but rest assured that your unit has been effectively been brought back to reality, and will quickly recover by going into the 'Prince of Tennis' mode for some much needed training.

Just a Kid: This is another rare mode to come across with. Usually this mode is activated when your unit is on the 'Younger Brother' programming and it goes hand in hand with the default mode and the Mischievous, Stubborn Brat mode. Most of the time you unit will act more mature than its age. But there are really times where in your unit would pout, whine, and even do a tantrum, as unlikely as it sounds. But most of all, in this mode, you will see your unit shed those sparkly, salty liquid that we call tears. When you see your unit in this mode, you just can't help but give your unit a hug and assure it that everything will be okay and maybe find it a little adorable when it would sniffle and wipe its nose, and really see it act just like its age. We have received reports that the SEIGAKU REGULARS units has seen and experienced this mode, most especially the MOMOSHIRO TAKESHI unit. If your unit willingly showed this mode to you, it is a sign that your units trusts you very much and is willing to show his softer, more deredere side, as the fangirls call it. This is also another mode that would also help unlock the 'Lover Boy' modes, as your unit is shedding its strong mask and lets itself be taken care of by you or the unit you chose to be his partner.

TeniPuri: This is a mode completely unique to every PRINCE OF TENNIS merchandise that has been manufactured. In this mode your unit will shrink (yes, really shrink) to about 1/3 of its original height and will have the proportions of a CHIBI unit. If you want some entertainment to spice up your otherwise monotonous life, then this mode will be the perfect answer to that particular problem. Whether it may be from being a baseball player (using a bomb as a ball) to being a dual-pistoled gunman in the Wild, Wild West, your unit would always bring hilarity and amusement while in this mode while being its usual cocky, snarky self, albeit a bit shorter than the usual. And for the people who want to see a different side to the TeniPuri mode, there is the SeigakuPuri mode, a special subclass in the TeniPuri mode, wherein you will see the SEIGAKU REGULARS unit as a happy, loving, dysfunctional, quite crazy family, with your unit as the playful, mischievous first-born son of the family.

TeniMyu: This is also a mode unique to the PRINCE OF TENNIS merchandise. Despite the fact that your unit is almost an idiot to anything but tennis, English and some select sports (Beach volleyball. That is all.), your unit has some hidden skills with singing and dancing, and even acting, if your unit is up to it. So don't be surprised if your unit would suddenly start to dance and sing… while incorporating tennis moves in it. You may think of it as funny, hilarious even, but just to show you the prowess of your unit when it comes down to it, we would recommend that you watch the various musicals, affectionately named TeniMyu by its fans. Or, if that wouldn't satisfy you just yet, the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit has some singles out in the market, which are significantly popular among the PRINCE OF TENNIS fans. So if ever you want a career as a talent manager, just activate this mode in your unit often, sit back and watch the money roll in.

Genuine and True (locked): This is the mode that you would want to see activated within your unit. But we're not kidding when we say that it will take a long time for this mode to unlock, let alone appear. This is the mode that will let you experience the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit in a startlingly different way. Not as the Prince of Tennis, not as the cocky, arrogant brat, but as Echizen Ryoma, a first year tennis player in Seishun Gakuen. Only a select few units has managed to see this mode (namely the TEZUKA KUNIMITSU unit and the MOMOSHIRO TAKESHI unit) and, as stated before, you will need to activate either of the 'Lover Boy' modes to experience this mode firsthand, but even activating that particular mode will not be an assurance that this mode would be unlocked. In the case of the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit, unlocking this mode will be more of a challenge than the other units with the same mode, as your unit is stubborn to a fault and will never try to show its 'weakness', as it refers to its true personality. But with a lot of patience and a whole LOT of time, it WILL be quite possible to unlock this mode, and, if so, please tell us your way to that success!

OOC (locked): Also known as the Out-Of-Character mode. Another mode that you would like to see activated on your unit, though that will depend on you and your personality. Do you want to see your unit sitting demurely, actually smiling sweetly and cheerfully greeting you good morning as you sat for breakfast with it? Seeing that image might give you a sudden dose of apoplexy, or maybe cause a small heart attack, either way, your reactions to this mode might be of shock, surprise and even downright hilarity, and it will let you experience your ECHIZEN RYOMA unit in an extraordinary way that will touch your heart and provide some-in depth memories that you would want to go back to when you're old and gray. Of course, romance, desperation or a LARGE quantity of the INUI SADAHARU unit's specially made juice is needed to unlock this mode (we DEFINITELY recommend the latter for some quick and hilarious results). And, if ever you are able to unlock this mode, send us a video or a picture of it and it may have a chance to appear in the PRINCE OF TENNIS MANUAL SPECIAL EDITION! We'll be waiting for your entries!

Lover Boy (HET) (locked): We have said many times before that the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit is oblivious to love. HOWEVER, if you have managed to accomplish the herculean effort that is making your unit FALL IN LOVE (and with a girl too, to boot), then congratulations! You have successfully managed to unlock the Lover Boy (HET) mode! Indeed, having able to activate this mode in your unit deserves a trophy and a prize, as your unit is so obsessed about tennis to the point that if ever tennis gets a corporeal form, we are 100% sure that your unit will marry it in an instant. The most favored partner for the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit while in this mode is, of course, the RYUUZAKI SAKUNO unit, as that particular female unit has quite the crush on your unit after your unit pulled the Child Hero mode while the female unit was present. But, unfortunately, your unit doesn't concern himself with it, and so you would have to be irritatingly persistent if you want their romance to develop and bloom. Of course, there are other female options for your unit, such as the OSAKADA TOMOKA unit, or even you yourself, if you're a female. Just remember our warning (see the 'Boyfriend/Husband' programming entry for more details).

Lover Boy (YAOI) (locked): Also known as the 'Fangirl's Dream' mode. This is perhaps the mode that most fangirls would like to activate within their unit, as the males in the PRINCE OF TENNIS merchandise are innumerable, and the possibilities of a relationship with any of them has unlimited potential. The ECHIZEN RYOMA unit is, perhaps, one of the few units that can be PAIRED OFF WITH ANYONE in the merchandise, as he interacts with almost half of the units, being the titular protagonist of the PRINCE OF TENNIS merchandise. Do you want something standard? Then the Echizen/Momoshiro pairing it is. Something cute? The Echizen/Dan pair will work. How about a little spice and thrill? The Fuji/Echizen pair will cover for that. What about a love/hate relationship? The Atobe/Echizen, pair, most definitely. This is the mode that will cater to the yaoi fangirl's every desire and whim, as the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit is versatile and be will able to adapt to the kind of lover that you would want to pair it up with it. So even if you have a fetish for a shotacon relationship (*cough*Tezuka/Echizen is the one*cough*) you can be sure that it CAN and it WILL happen, if you put yourself up to it. Also, as a little good note, this mode will be the one that is easier to unlock relationship-wise, as your unit takes a particular interest in strong players. Not saying that unlocking this mode will be a piece of cake, but it will definitely take up less of your time and money, unlike the 'Lover Boy' (HET) mode. Just remember: the right time, the right place, the right mode and, last but not the least, the right unit.

Your ECHIZEN RYOMA unit holds some relationships with other units prior to your purchase of it. Being the main character of the PRINCE OF TENNIS merchandise, your unit has the most established relationships among the other units, and listing them all will take another manual to do so. Only the prominent ones are shown and once your unit has been given to you, you have the option for furthering your unit's established relationship or make some new ones.

ECHIZEN NANJIROU: This unit is your unit's biological father, so expect him appearing in your house at various times of the day to check up on its son. It would always use a disguise so you wouldn't recognize its face, but you would most definitely know that it's that unit, since the ECHIZEN NANJIROU unit rarely changes its clothes. This is the unit that would endlessly tease your unit about everything and anything and even start corrupting your unit by sending porn magazines to your doorstep every now and then, but it is clear that this unit cares for its son very much, even to the point of sacrificing its own tennis career for the sake of its future son's. At first it might be seen as a perverted stalker (and we will not blame you, we have received calls from paranoid female buyers who has seen this unit creeping around their house) but it genuinely cares about its son deeply and will not hesitate to protect your unit from all the things that can potentially hurt it. Excluding himself, of course.

TEZUKA KUNIMITSU: Known as the SEIGAKU REGULARS CAPTAIN unit, this unit was the first one to realize the true potential of the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit. Stoic and serious by appearance, this is the unit who pushes the SEIGAKU REGULARS to do their best and will not hesitate to go for the win, even if it meant injuring itself for the victory of its team. Your unit looks up to this unit highly, and has willingly taken the responsibility of being "Seigaku's Pillar of Support", as the TEZUKA KUNIMITSU unit asked of him. They have a very unique senpai-kouhai relationship, almost bordering on mentorship, and let it be said that this unit is THE one to beat on the middle school tennis circuit, and your unit is not exempted from losing to this CAPTAIN unit. Of course, achieving the 'Lover Boy (YAOI)' mode with this unit is very possible, but will be very difficult to achieve, as both of the particular units love tennis to a fault and would never have the time to lay down their tennis rackets and look at each other. But persistence is the key, and always remember our warning to wait a few more years for your unit to grow a little, if you don't want the pedophilia police on your tail.

MOMOSHIRO TAKESHI: This is the unit that is the closest to the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit in terms of friendship. This unit is the first SEIGAKU REGULAR unit that your unit will meet, and if you believe in the notion of "love at first sight (or, in this case, friendship, but, then again, your mileage may vary), your unit and this unit will instantly click, going as far as to make a makeshift doubles pair for a tournament (and they're both inexperienced to boot). This is your unit's best friend, being able to do everything with your unit: eat truckfuls of artery-clogging fast food, sleep (and in a cute way too), train for tennis matches, and even going out on a date (though it's a three-person one). Your unit is completely comfortable with this unit, going as far as to cry in front of it twice and almost always being paired up with each other when it comes to most seating and sleeping arrangements. It shows that the both of them care for each other deeply, though as to what bounds, no one can be really sure. The MOMOSHIRO TAKESHI unit is THE unit to choose if you want the easy route in unlocking the 'Lover Boy (YAOI)' mode to be unlocked, as it has the closest relationship with the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit out of all the TENNIS REGULARS units in the PRINCE OF TENNIS merchandise. It would take some work, but not as tedious as the other units, and we are certain that it will give you the satisfaction of seeing a YAOI unit pair in the shortest possible time.

RYUUZAKI SAKUNO: This unit's relationship to the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit is a bit… disheartening, to say the least. This is the sweet, shy unit who has a massive infatuation with your unit… needless to say; your unit is downright oblivious to it. Really, this unit crush is just so OBVIOUS that the KIKUMARU EIJI and the MOMOSHIRO TAKESHI units have been known to match-make the two units together… though it's not really successful. Just to show you just how hopeless your unit is when it comes to heterosexual romance: your unit even forgets this unit's name at times, despite the fact that the both of them met each other with only a few days interval in between AND the INUI SADAHARU unit has said it: chances for a romantic relationship: 0%. And we all know that Inui's data never lies. But this is the unit that would be the one to always cheer your unit enthusiastically at every game and every match that it has (but always losing to the OSAKADA TOMOKA unit in this aspect), having believed your unit's skills in tennis wholeheartedly. As we've said, this is the unit you would want to achieve the 'Lover Boy (HET)' status with, but it will definitely will be at the cost of your time and money, as there will be moments where you would want to facepalm in exasperation and scream at your unit to just hook up with this unit, as it WILL be harder than making the TEZUKA KUNIMITSU unit smile willingly. But, just to speed up the process, we recommend that you place the TOOYAMA KINTAROU of the SHITENHOUJI REGULARS unit nearby when the two units are together, for once. This will spark the necessary jealousy in your unit, and it will start to stop taking this unit for granted, and will help the blooming romance along.

Your unit's relationship with its team varies significantly, depending on who your unit is interacting with at that moment. It mostly ranges from respect (for most of its senpai-tachi, but most especially the TEZUKA KUNIMITSU and FUJI SHUUSUKE units), exasperation (when faced with the FRESHMAN TRIO unit plus the HORIO SATOSHI unit, even getting mixed with the RYUUZAKI SAKUNO and the OSAKADA TOMOKA unit at times), obstinate stubbornness (again, for the senpai-tachi, but the RYUUSAZI SUMIRE COACH unit is the one who frequently gets the end of it) to even fear (when faced with the INUI SADAHARU unit's infamous Vegetable Juices or when the FUJI SHUUSUKE unit is in its 'Sadistic, Manipulative, Mischievous Torturer' mode). Being the youngest REGULAR unit on the team, it is inevitable the there are times wherein the rest of the SEIGAKU REGULARS units would baby and fuss over your unit, but that is the way they show their concern, and they only have the best interests of your unit at heart… even if the way they show it is slightly unsettling and even downright dangerous at times.

The relationship of this unit from the other units from the other SCHOOL EDITIONS always has the same process of your unit being underestimated, then finally winning against that unit, thus getting some reluctant admiration and begrudging respect, even some annoyance when your unit would make a smartass comment upon their loss to it, and finally cheering on your unit (either quietly or loudly, depending on the said unit) to win against its current tennis rival, because they wouldn't forgive your unit if your unit would lose against that rival BECAUSE your unit has managed to defeat them. Confusing explanations aside, your unit has steadily gained the respect and admiration of the other TENNIS REGULARS players and has come to both support him and to avenge their defeat in the unit's hands. Your unit also has created some friendships with the other MIDDLE SCHOOL units as a result of this, namely AOI KENTAROU of the ROKKAKU REGULARS unit and TOOYAMA KINTAROU of the SHITENHOUJI REGULARS unit… if you can call it as such. Your unit follows the adage "Defeat means Friendship" very well… not that it had intentionally made it to.


The ECHIZEN EYOMA unit likes to try out different bath salts when it is… well… taking a bath. So having a bathtub (a ridiculously big one that you could even swim in is highly recommended, though a simple one would suffice) would make your unit incredibly happy. It would also take its time soaking and generally relaxing all those aching muscles during tennis training, so set a time wherein your unit could indulge itself while not causing inconveniences among your family members. You could also give your units some bath scents and salts if you're having problems as to what to give your unit in special occasions, and it will appreciate your gift greatly. Also, as your unit is a growing teenager, it's best if you leave it alone during this time, though it will certainly not be adverse to you joining in its bath (if the both of you are of the same gender, obviously)… except for the ECHIZEN NANJIROU unit, in which case it WILL kick that particular unit out of the bath.


As stated above, the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit is an eating machine. So it probably wouldn't care about the food that entered its stomach, as long as it's delicious and your unit is craving for it, as your unit is the type to get picky over its foods. Its favorite dishes include egg sandwiches, chawanmushi, fried fish and Japanese cuisine in general, though there will be times in which it would request an American meal. Food is also excellent blackmail material, as well as brownie points for you if you know how to cook well. If not, call the MEINO NANAKO unit, as this unit would be willing to help you in your cooking endeavors and will do the excellent job of being your unit's personal chef.


The ECHIZEN RYOMA unit is a glutton when it comes to sleep. But there will be times where in it would be stubborn and refuse to return for the night for various reasons which you can be sure are definitely tennis-related. But rest assured that your unit keeps its sleeping hours, as it would be too exhausted to do anything but sleep, particularly after a hard day of tennis training. But when it comes to tournaments, however, you can be sure that your unit will not get any sleep at all, especially if it has a pending match the next day, so be extra firm when it comes to these days. This unit is also not a morning person, as said before, so you have to be strict when it comes to its waking schedule, not the sleeping one.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q: Waaaah! When my unit entered the house this morning, he was so cold to me! I think he hates me already! How can I make him like me again?

A: First, check if your unit has a tennis tournament that particular day or the day afterward. If yes, then you have your answer. The ECHIZEN RYOMA stays quiet when it has a match that it had lost, or that his opponent is a particularly strong one. And if you found your unit missing after a while, don't fear, your unit is just in a tennis court behind a temple, challenging its father for a match to reduce his stress and to be able to think clearly. Your unit will eventually come back, and be sure not to smother it with your worries, for it will become more irritated and would further not speak to you. But don't worry, after that particular match, your unit will be back to normal in no time.

Q: Holy shit! When I opened my unit's packaging, a dirty white fur ball suddenly jumped at me! What the hell?

A: Ah. That 'white fur ball' you are referring to is the KARUPIN unit, your unit's pet cat. The KARUPIN unit follows your unit everywhere, being so attached to your unit, and your unit is a kindhearted cat lover who loves its cat immensely and will always look out for its safety. So don't be surprised if you actually acquire another pet in the household, since your unit and the KARUPIN unit is pretty much a 2-for-1 deal. Just be prepared for the arrival of the KARUPIN unit a few days after your receive your unit, and make sure to train the other pets in your home to accommodate another one, as your unit will not stand for it if its pet kitty is going to be hurt.

Q: Oh dear. Ever since this morning my unit is always running around anxiously. But every time I ask what's wrong, it won't answer me! It's as if it's looking for something!

A: Oh no. If you see your unit in this state, chances are that the KARUPIN unit has gone missing and your unit is desperately searching for it. Offer your help and start searching for it as well, and, if not found soon, your unit will enter its Just a Kid mode and you would be treated a sight of your unit crying for its lost pet. But don't worry, at the end of the day the KARUPIN unit would be found and delivered to your home by none other than the MOMOSHIRO TAKESHI unit itself. If you let your unit answer the door when this happens, you will also be treated with the sight of your unit smiling shyly and gratefully at its senpai, and will facilitate the Lover Boy (YAOI) mode and help kick start its activation.


My unit would faint once in a while. Sometimes it would become hot-blooded! Sometimes it would suddenly scream and drop unconscious!

You have our assurance that your unit is perfectly normal. Your unit is acting like that simply because it has ingested the INUI SADAHARU unit's infamous power juices (lethality is subject to the unit drinking it so you have no legal right to sue us if ever your unit foams at the mouth because of it). The unit's reactions differ as to what kind of juice your unit would drink, but the usual effects are usually the ones stated above. Don't worry, your unit will live.

We hope.

My unit would always look off at a faraway distance lately. And it usually happens after the end of the Kantou Tournament.

To answer that question, we would ask you to open your television and go to any sport-related channel, especially if it's about tennis. If you hear that it would be the start of the UP Open championship soon, that would be your answer. Your unit has been invited to play in the US Open, but with the Japanese Nationals coming up, it is having a hard time in deciding if he should stay or go. It may sadden you that it wants to leave for America, and it is ultimately your decision if you want it to go or not, as its owner. Your unit would accept whatever you decide, even if it wanted to go, so choose very carefully, but be warned that the ECHIZEN NANJIROU unit would stop at nothing to pester you to let its son go.

End Notes

Having the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit is a definite must if you are a fan of the PRINCE OF TENNIS merchandise. Taking care of it will most definitely not be a chore, and you will find your days to be more interesting and more fulfilling. This is the unit you will spoil and baby and still be the same cold, arrogant, aloof teenager with a soft hidden spot that you would be sure to abuse in the time you have come to know and taken care of this unit. Soon this unit would grow to be a confident, well-rounded individual with superb tennis skills, and we are certain that you would become a very proud owner of the ECHIZEN RYOMA unit when you see it mingle and interact with your family and friends.

Next unit: ... You decide. But no players from Rikkaidai and Seigaku.

Reviews, comments, and suggestions appreciated.