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Chapter 1: Death and Rebirth

Ever feel that the world's out to get you? That you'd be better off somewhere, almost anywhere, else?

Well I don't know about you, but a young boy named Naruto Uzumaki feels that way all the time.

Why? You may ask.

Because it's true…


Naruto Uzumaki, a newly 8 year old boy as of today, had known little more then the absolute agony of being alone for all of his short life, sure there were a couple of people who were kind to him, Teuchi and Ayame-neechan from the Ichiraku ramen stand, who gave him discounts on ramen and patched him up when he was hurt, as well as being friendly faces and lending a friendly ear every now and then, as well as Saru-jiichan (Third Hokage) who gave him good advice now and then and was like a grandfather to him, even if he was swamped with paperwork most of the time and couldn't help as much as either of them would like. But like anyone in his situation would tell you, three kind faces in a sea of thousands of faces that showed little better then outright loathing just isn't enough sometimes.

Today was Naruto's birthday, the 10th of October, and he already knew, without being told yesterday by Teuchi and Saru-jiichan, that going anywhere today was a bad idea, he'd gone out to see the Kyuubi festival last year and was beaten within an inch of his life by a bunch of drunks, he knew it was a miracle he'd survived because he'd been awake to hear one of the doctors talking about it with Saru-jiichan. Thus he stayed at home, reading the storybook that Saru-jiichan had dropped off that morning, it was a book written by some guy called Jiraiya, the title was "The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja", and it was a great book, made even better in his 8 year old mind by the fact that the main character bore his name.

A few hours later Naruto had finished the book and was fast asleep, dreaming about being a ninja, saving princesses and all other kinds of heroic deeds. Little did he know that a certain silver haired Anbu Captain had drunk a little too much tonight…


'Fucking Demon, Look at him, sleeping there as if he doesn't have a care in the world, welll hehehe 'hic' after tonight he won't be able to care about anything at all,' thought the more then a little inebriated copycat ninja, though fortunately, from his point of view, he was sober enough to use his signature assassination jutsu, the Raikiri, once. Kakashi walked up to the Jinchuuriki's bed, pulled down the sheet and pulled up his shirt to expose his stomach, revealing the seal which was normally hidden, though in his current state Kakashi didn't care about the fact that the seal should be invisible, he just wanted his revenge. 'Now demon 'hic' I will finish the job that Minato-sensei started, and rid the world of you,' as he thought this Kakashi powered up his Raikiri jutsu, making the room sound as if there was a whole flock of birds in it, 'farewell, and good riddance.' And then he plunged his Raikiri charged hand straight through the seal…


"FUCKING HELL! WHEN I GET OUT OF HERE, THAT DAMN SCARECROW WILL BE THE FIRST I EAT!" Kyuubi thrashed and yelled, feeling his container's pain, all too aware it was fatal and the brat was dying. "DAMN IT! HE'S NOT READY YET! WHY THE HELL COULDN'T HE HAVE TRIED THAT IN SEVEN DAMN MORE YEARS WHEN THIS USELESS PILE OF FLESH WOULD BE READY FOR MY CHAKRA, WHEN HE WOULD HAVE DEMANDED IT TO SURVIVE! WHEN I COULD HAVE TAKEN CONTROL! HE COULDN'T EVEN SURVIVE ONE TAIL NOW!" Knowing that if he didn't heal him, they both would die, he pushed his chakra into Naruto's body. "Hopefully, that little stunt weakened the seal." More and more chakra was pushed through, causing a very interesting turn of events...


The remnants of Kakashi's Raikiri, The Shinigami's energy in the seal, an abundance of demonic chakra from the Kyuubi, the spiritual energy left there by the Fourth and Naruto's abundant chakra supplies mixed chaotically, tearing a hole in space-time, quite literally a hole in the very air, which just so happened to be where Kakashi used to be standing, though the headless corpse on the floor gave a very good idea as to what happened. The hole then proceeded to suck Naruto through it before closing, leaving an empty room and a headless corpse as the only witnesses to the phenomenon.


Digital World approx 5 years before Guilmon's creation, Northern Quadrant, Ebonwumon's Lair.

Ebonwumon was currently doing what it did whenever it was bored, the two heads were arguing, between each other, this time the argument was about which food tasted better, chicken teriyaki or beef fajitas, now you would imagine that this being the oldest and wisest of the sovereign the argument would be full of various points, rebuttals etc, well let's see…





Yup, you can literally feel the wisdom of the ages… well thankfully they were distracted from their argument by a dimensional gate opening and depositing a rapidly bleeding Naruto on the Left Head.



After rushing Naruto to the infirmary and placing the child under the care of the Babamon (not the one from the desert) that was in charge down there, Ebonwumon went back to where the dimensional gate opened to see if they could get an idea as to what the hell was going on, only to find that the gate had completely vanished. Left with no other choice they decided to tap into the child's mind to see if they could get an idea from his memories.

After coming back to the infirmary and finding that the child is, while not healed, he is at least stable, and getting permission from Babamon, you do not want to do something to her patients without her approval ("Right scary she is" "Yup"), they extended a couple of vines which they pressed to the kids temples.

"Right now, Little Mystery, let's find out what brought ye here," and with that they hacked into his mind (It is the Digital World, therefore everything is data, therefore hacking into someone's mind wouldn't be too hard for a sovereign), making sure to do as little damage as possible, wouldn't want the lad to wind up as a vegetable after all.


"Well now, Little Mystery, let's see what ye've been up to," said the Left Head as they walked through the corridors of Naruto's mind. They soon came up to the door holding all of Naruto's memories… and they opened it.




Ebonwumon watched in horror at the suffering the child had been put through, for what seems to be no reason, though as he watched the memories he started to put things together, though it wasn't until he pieced together Naruto's earliest memory that it all made sense.

A dark night on the full moon…

A blonde man holding Naruto in his arms, from the other memories identified as the Fourth Hokage…

On a large orange surface which seemed to quake every couple of seconds…

The screams as warriors died brutal deaths against something they couldn't possibly defeat…

The horrific roar of a monstrous fox with nine tails…

The chill of the energy of a celestial being, named Shinigami by these people…

Incredible pain in the area of the child's navel…

The Fourth's last words, "Good luck, Naruto, my son."…


After shutting the door on the chi… no, Naruto's memories the two heads looked towards each other and for once they agreed on something, "Well that certainly explains a lot."

"Yup, I think we should help the lad, who knows, he has potential, he could be the best tamer there has ever been."

"But, how to train him, we know nothing of this chakra?"

"You saw all those clans in his memories, there must be leftover knowledge from his parents, we just ask the digignomes to go get everything that rightfully belongs to the kid."

"That just might work…"

As they continued to talk about the kid's training, and his potential, they walked towards the cause of the child's suffering these past 8 years…

"So this is the Kyuubi no Kitsune, humph I expected something a wee bit more frightening." Indeed the Kitsune had definitely seen better days, his size had been cut in half and he had monstrous chains riddled with seals covering his entire body, not to mention a large wound in his side which was leaking demonic energy everywhere.

"RRRRRRR, You Won't Be Saying That When I Get Out Of Here And Eat You Turtle," Replied the Kitsune, more then a little pissed to see a Genbu (Japanese mythology, Guardian Spirit of the Northern skies, and the being that Ebonwumon's design was based on) knock-off in front of him, he never did like Genbu, the asshole always spoke in riddles that took forever to understand.

"Now that's not very nice, and here I was hoping you'd be reasonable, but apparently not, oh well let's see if you have a better idea as to how the lad came to be here…" And with that they hacked into the Kyuubi's mind, not being anywhere near as careful this time, they had felt his aura and the evil and malice within it was really only comparable to an old foe of his, Lucemon.

After seeing the actions of the silver haired ninja, something the Kyuubi had been able to witness through the seal when it detected Kakashi's KI (killing intent); Ebonwumon's determination to see Naruto succeed was only magnified. After withdrawing from the beast's mind, who was cussing up a storm by-the-way, they withdrew from the child's mind to see an angry Babamon glaring at them.


"Well, did you get what you needed?" Babamon snapped, more then a little impatient to get back to treating the child.

"Indeed, we also now know that there is a malignant spirit bound to this child, and that to treat him without its removal would be inadvisable as the spirit wants freedom at any cost, likely when it happens it will destroy the child as well as anything and everything in the world in its rage at being imprisoned in the first place." said the Left Head.

"We will have to remove the spirit but to just tear it away will destroy the child anyway, because the spirit was bound to him shortly after birth he requires the spirit's energy to survive," added the Right.

"What if we substituted another type of energy instead?" asked Babamon

"What are you suggesting?" asked the Left Head

"What if we established a two way energy link between the boy and a digimon, instead of the normal one way link common with most tamers?" replied Babamon.

"It would have to be a rookie level, the boy is not ready for the power of a champion just yet, he also might experience some physical changes," said the Right.

"What about that young Strabimon lad, he might make a good partner, and considering his ancestry it's likely that he'll be a great warrior himself one day," suggested the Left.

"Not to mention that the establishment of the two way link would force both to experience the lives of the other, it might actually settle the lad down a wee bit, he's been hungry for adventure lately, not to mention he's been driving your other subordinates, including me, up the walls," commented Babamon. "By the way there's something else bothering you, I've been your subordinate ever since you took up the position of sovereign, I know when there's something your not telling me, now spill." she demanded rather forcefully.

"(sigh), there's no arguing with ye when ye get like this, very well," said the Left head, rather exasperated, "just don't say we didn't warn ye." Ebonwumon extended a vine and placed a tip in the centre of Babamon's forehead, he then proceeded to upload a copy of Naruto's memories into her mind.

"THOSE BASTARDS, OOOOHHH WAIT UNTIL I GET A HOLD OF THEM, I'LL SHOVE AN EMPRESS HAZE RIGHT UP THEIR ASSES." Needless to say, Babamon was PISSED, Ebonwumon hadn't seen her this angry since that one time when the ten legendary ancient digimon all got drunk and trashed the entire sovereign complex, and they all ran away from her like terrified puppies with their tails between their legs when they saw how mad she was.

"Babamon … Babamon …BABAMON," shouted the right head trying and finally succeeding in getting her attention, "I know that what they did was unforgivable but right now we should concentrate on healing the kid don't you think?" the Left head finished, praying to Goldramon that appealing to her reason will knock some sense into her and keep her from going on a rampage.

"Oh, right, right, of course. Well let's get to work then, you do know that we'll require the digignomes help to set up that link, it's not as if this kind of thing has been done before, but I know full well that even with all the power you have you don't have the ability to establish even a one-way link, never mind a two-way. And while your at it grab Strabimon we'll need his help as he's the one who'll be bonded to the kid in the first place." ordered Babamon going back into Medic Mode, "I'll stay here and keep the kid stable."

"We will in a moment, we just have to talk to the kid first, it may be the only option but we're not about to force him into something he may not want." After saying that Ebonwumon extended one of their vines and pressed it to Naruto's forehead, in attempt to contact his currently unconscious mind…

"Wha … Huh, whoa you are huge… who and what are you?" asked the mental representation of Naruto, who while appearing a little more whole then his current physical body had no differences from it, which is good because if the mental representation showed some kind of super being it would indicate an arrogant person whereas a mental representation that was smaller and weaker then the real body would indicate a lack of faith in their own abilities.

"We may get the occasional crack about our size bucko, but don't think you're going to get away with it a second time, as to your question we are Ebonwumon, one of the four sovereign Digimon which rules over the digital world." Naruto was stupefied, he didn't have a clue as to what he was on about, and it showed on his face. "Ah, sorry about that, if you'll allow me I can transfer all the important information about the world you are now in directly to your mind, don't worry it won't hurt" the Left head quickly added seeing a trace of fear in the boys eyes.

"Meh, ok, go ahead, this is a really weird dream anyway so I don't see why you wouldn't be able to do that," replied Naruto a little freely.

"Oh trust me laddie, this is no dream," the right head stated before the knowledge transfer was initiated, to save time they included everything they had found out about him, his current condition and their plan to help him.

"… Wow, now everything makes a hell of a lot more sense, the adults hating me cause of the Kyuubi, why I'm seeing a whacked out version of Genbu the turtle, in my own mind no less and why I never woke up this morning," Naruto sat down, more then a little overwhelmed by all of the facts that had just been shoved into his head, he was the container of the most powerful known demon on his world, he was now in a completely different world which was built from data instead of atoms, the only way he was going to survive and thrive was to enter into a bond with one of those data-based life forms, he was the heir of the Fourth Hokage from back in Konoha, the "whacked out version of Genbu the turtle" was giving him a chance to be free of Konoha's ridicule… oops eheh better apologize.

"Um, eheh sorry about that whacked out Genbu comment," Naruto apologised, a little embarrassed about saying such a thing to quite possibly the only being who is able to help him right now.

"Perfectly understandable, I imagine that all that information must have been a wee bit of a shock," replied the Left Head.

"Yeah definitely, I'm a little annoyed that you went rooting around in my head without permission, but under the circumstances it's understandable, you had to know how I got so far into your territory without your knowledge, security risk and all." Ebonwumon was a little shocked that this child so easily accepted what was considered a major breach of privacy amongst digimon, which is why it wasn't done all that often, the kid either had a heart of gold or he was far more mature then his age would indicate, both of them were betting on the latter.

"I take you have no objections to the plan then lad," asked the Right head.

"Well, considering that it's do this or die in a horrifically painful death knowing that your demise brings about the end of the world, yeah I'll do it, just one question, I'm not gonna wind up with a tail am I?" Naruto asked, hoping to whoever the local deity was, oh yeah Goldramon, that the answer would be no, he really didn't think he could deal with something like that.

"No, no, ye're not goin to get a tail," the Left head answered, chuckling, "a few minor cosmetic changes and maybe a greater understanding of electronics at the most." With that Ebonwumon left Naruto's mind in peace.

"All right, All right, we'll go get them," the two heads said to Babamon when the first thing they saw as they returned to the physical realm was her glare…


After Ebonwumon returned with a group of digignomes and Strabimon, who had informed of what was going on with a quick upload they set to work.

"So, this is the brat you want to be my tamer huh?" asked Strabimon, looking at the blonde child rather doubtfully.

"Tamer indicates a normal one way bond, as this is a two way bond you'll be partners, far more knowledgeable about each other than any ordinary tamer-digimon pair, and thus have a greater bond and will likely be all the more powerful for it, besides once the bond is made I doubt you'll give any more complaints, quite honestly I'm surprised the kid didn't go insane a while back with all he's been through." answered Babamon.

"Naruto has enough stubbornness to rival you at yer worst lad, at least give him a chance, the bond is after all nothing that can't be dissolved, though I'd appreciate if ye did that here if you must do it at all, Naruto will require another digimon to be linked to him if he is to survive after all," added the Left head.

"(heavy sigh), fiiine, let's just get this over with," replied Strabimon, "heaven forbid one more human die," he added sarcastically under his breath, only to be whapped across the back of his head by Ebonwumon for his cheek.

Ebonwumon directed their attention to the couple dozen digignomes floating around the ceiling. "Hear us our giggling cousins," "This procedure must be done delicately," "First we remove the kitsune's spirit," "then we establish the two way bond between the lad and Strabimon here," "then while the connection is stabilising we heal the child," "We will lend the power, but you little fellas will have to do the work." One of the Digignomes glided down in front if them and nodded

"Let's Begin," said Babamon, eager to get the child healed.

"We will do as we must, for the good of the digital world," added Ebonwumon.

"Let's just get this over with," Strabimon added, bored out of his digital mind, *whap*, "Ow, Babamon!"



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