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Chapter 12: Impmon's New Path & the Golden Chicken

Last Time on Naruto's Digital Destiny…

"... Beowulfmon!"

She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the lips, Naruto was too shocked to react in the short amount of time that her lips were locked with his, but before she had a real chance to pull back in disappointment at his unresponsiveness he pushed his lips back against hers, this time Rika got what she wanted as they had their first real kiss, the first real kiss that either of them had ever had actually, true their lips remained closed and neither of them had all that much skill, but it was a skill that they were ready and willing to develop together.

Unfortunately neither of them was aware of anything around them, or they'd have noticed the person watching them from a nearby alcove.

"Uh Naruto, I think you should come see this," Strabimon called out apprehensively, Naruto shrugged and wandered over, not even noticing his partner's tone, he was too happy, though when he saw the computer screen his mental faculties came to a screeching halt, it was him and Rika, in a picture, together, kissing, on the front page of a gossip tabloid, so naturally he said the first thing that came to mind.

"Rika's gonna kill me."

Now, The Story Continues…

As Naruto walked towards Rika's house with a pair of bokken over his right shoulder and take away Chinese food in a plastic bag in his left hand he wondered how badly Rika was gonna hurt him in their sparring session, she no doubt already knew about the photo that vulture had gotten of them last night, if her mother hadn't rang earlier this morning he'd be very surprised, and then there was the fact that he was pretty sure there'd be at least one of the bloody parasites trying to get through the front gate, he eventually realised that the number of bruises he was gonna get was directly proportional to how many reporters there were and how loud they were gonna be, he just hoped it wasn't gonna be too bad.

'Man my luck sucks today,' Naruto thought to himself as he came within viewing distance of Rika's front door, usually he would be able to see said door at this point, but not anymore, there were over two dozen reporters in the way and each and every one had their own cameraman/woman next to them, making a grand total of 48 vultures, luckily they weren't too loud, but Naruto was willing to bet that was because they couldn't see Rika and they weren't aware of him yet.

Naruto cleared his throat loudly before yelling, "What the HELL are you parasites doing here?"

At the sound of his voice the vultures turned and saw one of their designated prey, it didn't take long before they started to hound him; it also didn't take long for their squawking and the flashes of numerous cameras to piss him off.

"SILENCE!" Naruto roared, drowning out the squabbling rabble, fortunately shutting them up fairly quickly before spotting the one that started all of this. Bob the reporter was now at the back of the group, having been one of the ones closest to the gate before they turned to see him. "Now, as both myself and Rika are minors, you cannot publish anything about either of us without the consent of our legal guardians, and as my grandfather is out of town and I know for a fact that Rika's grandmother would never grant such permission, I am giving you all one chance to vacate the premises before I am legally allowed to break every bone in your bodies," Naruto informed them with a low growl in his voice.

Bob started to sweat, he knew from experience that Naruto wasn't bluffing; unfortunately he wasn't able to stop one of his fellows from dooming them all, especially him.

"Mr. Uzumaki, Japan Fashion Weekly, what would make you think that you could carry out such a threat?" one of the idiots in the front row decided to flap his gums to ask.

Naruto smirked as he put down the food before grasping the handle of one of his bokken, "Because I am not just Rika's boyfriend, I am also her martial arts tutor," he replied before he swiftly struck the idiot on the sides of both of his legs, breaking them cleanly before knocking him out with a blow to the forehead. When the idiot collapsed Naruto looked at the other vultures with an eyebrow cocked and asked, "Any more questions?"

Now that they had seen what he was capable of doing the lot of them were sweating buckets, the smarter ones decided that discretion was the better part of valour, and ran away as fast as their legs would carry them, those who stuck around were quickly incapacitated, but there was one among them that wasn't so lucky...

Before Bob was able to get away Naruto got a firm grip on the back of his shirt, it took a full 20 seconds before Bob realised that despite running as fast as his legs could carry him he wasn't getting anywhere, at which point he started praying that his punishment would be quick.

"Now, to deal with you," Naruto said in a conversational tone, "you know, I'm starting to think that you actually like the punishment I keep putting you through, I mean come on, how hard is it to get it into that thick skull of yours that Rika has no intention of becoming a model like her mother and just desires to be left alone?"

As Bob looked around the numerous unconscious bodies surrounding them on the ground he admitted to himself that he might have gone a bit far, but getting that photo of the two of them together had become a matter of journalistic pride to him, he really should have realised that going any further was a bad idea, but his boss had been insistent, 'this is why I preferred freelance, having an actual job might be more stable, but it is also far more likely I get myself into shit like this,' he thought to himself as he tried to come up with a something good to placate the dangerous child with a firm grip on his shirt, knowing that he was gonna have a fair few broken bones if it wasn't good enough.

"To be honest, I was more interested in you than in Miss Nonaka, I just knew nobody would listen to me if I didn't include her," Bob said nervously, getting Naruto's full attention, "I know there's something different about you, your papers are good, but they're not good enough to fool me, I know there's more to your story than what you show publicly. I was freelance before I got dragged into working for the gossip tabloids, I used to write articles about Government cover ups and conspiracies and such, but I got too damn close to something I wasn't supposed to know. Next thing I know my name is dragged through the mud and the only people who would take my articles are the tabloids, and even then it's only because I'm one of the best investigative reporters they've ever had work for them, I knew how to get dirt on people that they've never imagined in their dizziest daydreams, tch, that and the fact that they didn't want me publishing what I found out about them."

Naruto considered the reporter in front of him, he knew that what he said was true, he was close enough to the guy to be able to feel the fluctuations in someone's chakra system when someone lied, that wasn't something that could be suppressed by someone who wasn't trained how to do it, and in this world he was the only person with the information of how to do so.

"To be honest kid, you're better than any other mark I've ever tailed, I've no idea how you kept spotting me, but I do know you must have some serious training, I also know that you've gotten the attention of some real top secret government types, you know, the ones working at Hypnos under Yamaki," now he had Naruto's full attention, if this guy knew about Hypnos and Yamaki then he might know about real digimon, this wasn't something for just anyone to hear.

"Not here," Naruto whispered sternly, shaking him lightly, "meet me at the entrance to the old flood tunnels under Shinjuku Park at 3pm, we'll talk then."

"Oh? And what makes you think I'll agree to meet you in a place of your place of choosing Hmm?" Bob asked, interested in the kid's response, 'and must have really gotten his attention talking about Hypnos.'

"Because if you don't I'll track you down and use you as a training post, that's why," Naruto replied giving off a little KI as he did so.

'Yikes, this kid's serious, then again if he is what I think he is then I guess he has reason to be,' Bob thought to himself as he shivered a little under Naruto's glare, "Alright, I'll be there. By the way, you do know that those others will only be scared for so long right?"

Naruto smirked at him, "Well, considering that it's your fault the damn buzzards are after me then I'll just have to pick your brain to find out how to get rid of them for good eh?"


After Bob went on his way Naruto grabbed the take away and quietly crept through the gate and into the Nonaka residence, flinching at every little noise until he heard Rika's voice from the kitchen, considering it was to most central room in the building and usually impossible to hear from this distance he figured that Rika was arguing with someone, loudly at that, concerned he crept closer, just in case.

"Mom, it was just a date, something I remember you saying you had quite a few of at my age ... Ok bad example, but Naruto is a decent guy, unlike all those idiots who just want to get in your bed ... Yes I'm sure he wouldn't do something like that, he's not the type of guy to take advantage of a girl ... I know because he's been my friend for the past 6 months and we already knew a lot about each other even before we went on that date ... I didn't tell you about us getting closer because I didn't want to have to deal with you yelling at me over the phone, like now! ... I know you're worried, but I can take care of myself, I'm not the naive little girl you were at my age, you taught me better than that ... I promise I'll tell you if something goes wrong, but I want to live my own life mom, and that means that sometimes, I gotta make my own mistakes, though I don't think that this is one of them, Naruto's a better man than dad ever was ... yeah I know it wouldn't take much for that to be true, but let me put it this way, grandma approves of him, hell Naruto cleared it with her before he even took me on the date, both are things that dad was never able to do ... I promise mom, I'll be careful ... love you too ... Bye." Rika sighed as she turned the phone off before turning at a creaking floorboard.

"Hey, everything ok?" Naruto asked, the concern in his eyes evident as he looked at her.

"Yeah, mom was just panicking a little, I mean, so far as she knew we were just friends, and then suddenly she sees us on one of those bloody tabloids, something that probably came to her attention when she saw her production manager waving it in her face or something," Rika said before she noticed a little blood on the side of one of bokken Naruto was carrying, cocking an eyebrow she figured that he took care of the vultures outside for her, kind of him.

"I picked us up some chow, should still be pretty warm I'd think," Naruto said as he put the take out boxes on the table and passed a pair of chopsticks to Rika before proceeding to dig in.

"So," Rika started after swallowing a mouthful of the combination noodles, no prawns, "How many vultures were out there before you scared them off?"

"A few, turns out our stalker was among them, I've actually got to see about doing something about him later..."


Later that day the Tamers along with their various human and Digimon allies met at Guilmon's shed, Naruto needed to talk to them about a few things, not the least of which was Bob the reporter's apparent level of knowledge, and what else he might actually know.

"So do you guys think he knows about real digimon?" Naruto asked the group after telling them what was said in his earlier conversation with the reporter, along with his plans to meet him later that afternoon.

"Well if I were a betting rodent, which I am," Terriermon answered, "Whoa yeah."

"Hah, even if he does know 'bout us, what does it matter," Impmon remarked from a nearby branch, "He said so 'imself, no-one's gonna believe 'im if he ain't got solid proof, an' even then, he'd have to get someone to actually listen to 'im."

"And that's if Yamaki and his goons don't silence him first," Renamon reminded them from her position on the grass next to Strabimon.

"Ok, so I think we can be safe about letting him know about that even if he doesn't already know, question is why are we even worrying about him? It's not like he can do anything to hurt us," Henry asked.

"True, but we might actually be able to get him to help us," Kenta remarked nearby, getting everyone's attention focused on him, "He also said that he's one of the best investigative reporters there are, he might be able to get us something on Yamaki at the least."

"But why would he want to help us, you know as well as I do that he's not gonna try very hard to help us if we try to control him through threats, so what else is there?" Naruto asked.

"To a freelance reporter, reputation is everything," Rika explained, "If he has a bad reputation, no-one will take his articles, he'd have to print his own and even then, very few would believe him, the only way we could be sure of his loyalty is if we helped repair his reputation."

"Ok," Takato said slowly before asking, "How are we gonna do that?"

"(sigh) damnit," Naruto muttered, getting everyone's attention, "We all know that the secret of real digimon isn't going to stay secret forever, eventually a digimon is going to bio-emerge that we can't put down without massive amounts of property damage, one of the more powerful devas most likely, and then we'll be up shit creek without a paddle unless we get some really good PR going. People are sheep, easily influenced by what they see on the news, the first reaction to real digimon by the masses will be fear and panic, the only way to stop that is to counter it with good PR."

"So, when the secret does come out, we use Bob to counter the panic, and his rep is restored by being the person to reveal digimon to the world in a friendly manner, there's no way it's that simple," Strabimon reminded them.

"Yeah, we'll probably have to keep a tail on him for a while," Naruto stated, "and we'll probably all have to do interviews with him and ... ugh."

"It ain't pretty," Kazu summed up, "but it'll have to do."

"Ok, next problem," Naruto said aloud as he went over his mental list, "Impmon's current inability to digivolve."

THAT got Impmon's attention, he started so much that he fell from the branch he was relaxing on to the ground, fortunately thanks to his training of late he was able to land on his feet before he yelled, "You finally figured out what's wrong?"

The tamer's had tried nearly everything to help him digivolve, from allowing him to take the lead in the fights against the lesser bio-emergers to triggering calumon's crystal matrix, something that is very tricky to do, all to no avail, the only route they wouldn't take was to bring him near death.

"I think so, now as we all know, Impmon has 2 digivolution paths, from Devimon to NeoDevimon to Beelzemon and from Boogeymon to Phelesmon to Murmuxmon, the former being his dark digivolution path whereas the latter is the normal path, I think we can all agree that we would prefer the latter path," Naruto stated.

"Unfortunately, for some reason Impmon's Boogeymon form is locked to him, whereas his Devimon form is not, we've gotten in contact with an old friend of ours, the Sepikmon that we learned Meditation from, and though he had no idea why such a thing would happen, he did have an idea as to how to fix it," Strabimon explained.

"Basically we have to move the lock from his normal path to his dark path, which would, essentially make him incapable of ever dark digivolving, but I doubt that anyone would complain too loudly about that, but it would open up his normal digivolutionary path," Naruto finished.

"How da heck you gonna do dat?" Impmon asked after Naruto was finished, the tamers had informed him of all of the various ups and downs of both paths and he agreed that he preferred his normal digivolutionary path, but it had been blocked to him, and he had been getting desperate for a solution.

"You would have to let Strabimon into your mind as he is the only one I can think of being capable of something like this," Naruto answered, "As the sole descendant of the ancient warrior of light, he's probably the only one who would be able to seal off your dark path without being corrupted by it in the process."

"You sure about dat? It ain't exactly pretty in dere ya know," Impmon replied hesitantly, he wanted to be able to digivolve because digimon could only get so strong without digivolving, one of the few ways in which humans were superior to them, at least those who knew about chakra in any case. But the few times he had meditated he had seen what a mess his mindscape was, it was probably a little better now than it had been, but it still wouldn't be pretty.

"Don't worry Impmon, I'll be ok, and I'll try not to screw your head up anymore than it already is ok?" Strabimon reassured him.

"Gee Thanks," Impmon replied sarcastically.


"Hoo boy, Impmon really needs to get a decorator in here," Strabimon remarked as he walked down a dark, damp tunnel between the sections of Impmon's unconscious mind. Thing is, it wasn't the dark and damp that was the problem, it was the fact that the walls and floor of the passageway weren't made of stone or dirt, it actually appeared to be particularly squishy flesh, it actually felt like he was walking along one of the crevasses of a person's brain, and it was disgusting. And then there were the various monsters all over the place.

Thankfully, as he was permitted by Impmon to take this little stroll through his subconscious, the defences that would usually either expel him or devour him took no notice of his presence, though Strabimon did admit that a few of them had almost made him flee just from their appearance.

"Geez, what is it with this guy and the horror movie monsters," he asked himself as he examined one of the few defence monsters he actually recognised, a pred-alien from Aliens vs. Predators Requiem, considering that the creature was a good bit taller than him and likely dozens of times stronger, he was glad that it was ignoring him as it patrolled Impmon's mind.

Strabimon slapped himself out of his curiosity before berating himself, "you're not here to look at all the ugly creatures, you're to keep Impmon from becoming something worse than them remember," Strabimon reoriented himself before dashing through the corridors, his only source of light being a soft glow that came from his mental representation of his body, which really only made the trip even spookier than it already was as it made every shadow look like another scary monster created by Impmon's mind, problem was he couldn't reassure himself that his mind was playing tricks on him because a good portion of those shadows were monsters that in any other circumstance wouldn't think twice about having him for a mid-afternoon snack.

"Finally, this must be it," Strabimon muttered as he walked into a room off of one of the corridors, the reason for him saying so is really quite simple, there were two doors on the other side of the room, one of which was pitch black and looked to be cracked open, the other was blood red and had a bar across the front of it, it really didn't take a genius to figure out what to do, as the doors were right next to each other he simply had to slide the bar that was blocking the red door until it blocked the black door instead.

First of all though he had to properly close the black door, easier said than done.

"Alright, can't use any attacks in here, no idea what that'd do to Impmon, so it's gonna be pure elbow grease then," Strabimon stated before spitting in his palms and rubbing them together, the minor ritual done he shoulder barged the black door until it was mere millimetres from closing, which took a lot of work considering the door would only budge slightly every time he rammed it. "Ok that's close enough, Sepikmon said not to close the black door completely until I could open the other one, might permanently trap him in Rookie form if I did that," He remembered before he went to the bar over the red door and shoved it towards the black one with all his strength.

"Goddamn, this thing is heavy," He complained as the bar slow but surely moved until he was able to crack open the Red door, having done that he forced the black one shut and finished moving the bar, but when the bar finally slid into place the Red door slammed all the way open, the force of the energy emanating from it forcefully ejecting him from Impmon's mind.


The first thing Strabimon became aware of as his real eyes opened was a deep blood red light shining from the figure in front of him.

"Impmon Digivolve to ... Boogeymon!" (as Impmon has no tamer his digivolution is like the Goblimon to Fugamon digivolution in the anime)

"Hey, it worked! HAHAHAHA" the newly digivolved and very red Boogeymon cried out, tears appearing in his eyes as he thanked them by grabbing everyone he could and dragging them into a massive group hug that nearly squeezed the life out of them.

"Hey Boogeymon," Naruto struggled to say.

"Eh? What?" He replied

"AIR!" they all shouted as loud as they could.

"Oh Sorry."


Later that day Naruto walked through the metal door into the Shinjuku flood tunnel, he was honestly surprised that Bob had actually shown up and that he didn't have to go vulture hunting.

"So you made it, about time," Bob grumbled when he saw the door shut behind Naruto.

"To be honest I was betting on you not being here, so I took my time," Naruto retorted.

"(sigh) Ok kid, if we're gonna work together we gotta quit sniping at each other, at least when we're talking shop, we can go back to hating each other later," Bob compromised.

"Agreed," Naruto replied, seeing the sense it what he'd just said, "We each get 3 questions to start, the other has to answer with the full truth as best they know."

"Agreed," Bob replied, finding the plan favourable, "you start."

"Ok then," Naruto agreed before asking, "So what do you have on Hypnos anyway?"

"Well the official version is that Hypnos is a monitoring agency that keeps an eye on the internet, countering the really dangerous viruses, shutting down kiddy porn sites, all that jazz," Bob said as he lit a cigarette, "the unofficial version is that they also monitor just about every major network connected to the web for terrorist activity," he continued before he let loose with the information that had gotten his name dragged through the mud, "the top secret information, aka the truth, is that Hypnos monitors and polices, or at least tries to, all of the Real Digimon activity in the Shinjuku area, considering that Shinjuku is only one of several places across the world that is a hotspot for digimon activity, the Hypnos here is not, of course, the only agency of its kind."

Naruto already knew the public version, having googled Hypnos one time out of curiosity, he also knew the top secret version of Hypnos' purpose, being one of the main thorns in Yamaki's side, he did not however know the unofficial version, though it made sense, or that Hypnos wasn't the only agency of its kind, though it was probably the only one in Japan, so that meant the other agencies would be in other countries, and as is typical, communication between said agencies was likely non-existent, if they even knew about each other. "And Yamaki?" he queried.

"Matsudo Yamaki, 28, never been married, no kids, total workaholic, fired by his previous boss for obsessive behaviour, though kept on the government's payroll because he knew too much to let him go and was too brilliant to kill, is completely obsessed with ending the 'digimon menace' as he sees it, won't listen to the advice of others, refuses to acknowledge he's wrong unless he has his nose rubbed in his mistakes, documented narcissistic behaviour, often plays fast and loose with the rules, frankly the only reason he hasn't seen jail time thanks to all the annoyances he's made disappear is because he's too damn good at covering his tracks and technology is ahead of the law," Bob rattled off, showing everything he knew about the man who ruled Hypnos with an iron fist.

"Any skeletons in his closet that you know of?" Naruto asked, still reeling from all the information that he was never able to find, even by hacking into Hypnos' database with his D-ark.

"None that I can prove," Bob replied before asking, "So how come your papers are faked, by a pro I'll admit, but faked nonetheless?"

"Orphan, spent the last 5 years before I came here in the digital world, before that I was somewhere that I don't remember the name of," Naruto answered as he shrugged.

"So there really is a digital world, I always wondered," Bob muttered to himself before asking, "What training have you ad that you were able to spot me every time I tailed you?"

"Mostly self trained, though the digimon I stayed with in the digital world taught me a bit as well," Naruto answered.

"Hmm, more than a bit I'd think," he muttered, but decided to ask his final question, "Do those with power in the digital world intend to invade?"

"There are four digimon who each rule their portion of the digital world, essentially four kings who each rule their own territories, only one of them wants the destruction or enslavement of the human race, one doesn't care, the other two oppose the first, one subtly, one actively, though to be honest the first has always been belligerent and hot headed, I don't believe it will come to a full scale invasion, just a few skirmishes here and there before he sets his sights on something else," Naruto answered before deciding to wrap this meeting up, pleasure doing business with you, same time next week, warehouse thirteen in the east Shinjuku docks."

Bob watched as Naruto headed towards the door with a smirk before calling out, "bring your wolf-like friend next time Uzumaki, I'll see what I can find about the other staff of Hypnos."

Naruto paused before he opened the door, he considered the reporter's request before nodding as he left...


A few days later Ms Asagi stood in front of her class, "Alright, everyone has their permission forms right?" Ms Asagi asked after she passed them out, the forms were for a camping trip that the class would be going on next week to the nearby mountains. After receiving nods from everyone she continued, "Alright that's about everything for today, class dismissed," as the students started to file out she remembered, "Oh Naruto, stay behind a moment will you?"

As everyone else filed out bar him Naruto noticed that Jeri's ditzy friends stopped just outside the door, no doubt hoping that the 'Evil Uzumaki' was about to get punished for something.

"What did you want Ms Asagi?" he asked before she passed him another permission form, though he noticed that it was slightly different than the one he'd gotten a minute ago.

"Give that to young Miss Nonaka will you, I'm sure you want her to come along anyway," Ms Asagi said with a slight smile, "I've already gotten permission from her school."

"Wha, how did you know that?" Naruto asked, slightly dumbfounded.

"I confiscated one of those gossip tabloids earlier today, imagine my surprise when I see you on the front cover?" she replied as her smile grew slightly impish.

Naruto slap his face with an exasperated sigh, "It was our first date damnit and now just about the whole school knows," he grumbled, 'still I kind of feel for Rika, I mean if it's this bad for me I can't imagine how much worse it'd be for her in an all girls school.'

"Mind your language Naruto," Ms Asagi replied automatically, "I know you don't have a lot of friends, just Takato, and Henry from Moory's class, and I'm happy that you're going out with Miss Nonaka, but I also know that the first few weeks are crucial, especially with how young the both of you are, I wouldn't want to ruin it with a camping trip, especially considering that the grounds have a lake, and thus there will be a lot of girls in swim suits around. Just focus on her, pay her the occasional compliment and I'm sure you'll do fine."

Naruto smiled before bowing slightly, "Thanks Ms Asagi, you're the best."

Her lips twitched before she nodded toward the door, "Now get outta here."

When Naruto opened the door three girls tumbled to the ground in front of him, obviously they had been eavesdropping. Naruto cleared his throat loudly, getting the girls to look up at him in fear, "Move," he ordered. The three girls scrambled to get up and out of his way, eventually managing after the third attempt to get out of his way.

Nami Asagi (AN: looked it up, that's her actual name) just watched all of this with an amused smile on her lips as she thought to herself, 'Naruto's a good kid, a hell of a lot kinder and politer than the rest of the class, sure the clique are terrified of him but I know that whatever threat he's got hanging over their heads is reputational rather than physical, at least it had better be,' she frowned before continuing on her thoughts as she watched Naruto walk out of the room, 'He's not the first orphan I've had in my class and I highly doubt he'll be the last, but he's definitely one of the most balanced. I've seen kids who are afraid of their own shadow and others who are lashing out at everything and everyone around them, hell when my parents died all those years ago I was a wreck, it took a lot of hard work from my friends to drag me out of the pit I'd dug for myself.' She sighed as she leaned back in her chair, ever since she'd tried to help her students like her friends had helped her, it had been her main motivation for being a teacher, 'you know, it's been a while since I last caught up with them, I think I'll try to round them up for a night on the town, it is a Friday, and Moory's always trying to get me to relax anyway.'


'I swear, if one more of these ditzy bimbos asks who the hot guy I'm going out with is I am going to lose it,' needless to say, while Rika didn't regret the night, she did want to rip Bob a new one, she just hadn't decided where to put his new asshole yet. Ever since she had shown up to school this morning she had been getting two types of questions; Who is the cute guy you went out with? And how much did you pay him to put up with an ice queen like you? Those were the basic versions, there were some girls who were more subtle about it, and others who were a lot more crude, but that was basically what it boiled down to, 'tch, like any of those bitches could even get Naruto's interest anyway, Naruto is an ass man and according to him mine is the best he's ever seen, human or digimon, considering that puts me up against the likes of Angewomon and Lillymon, or even Ladydevimon, I'd say that's pretty damn impressive, hell the only reason he isn't attracted to Renamon is because he's not a furry fan, even if he admitted that he just didn't know which of ours was better.'

Significantly calmer now that she remembered that, Rika pondered why her teacher had told her to have fun next week, she obviously knew something Rika didn't, but she wasn't saying what. Rika shrugged, she'd find out eventually anyway.


"Are you sure that Renamon and Strabimon shouldn't come on the bus too?" Guilmon asked after Ms Asagi had fallen asleep during the trip up to the camp grounds the next Monday.

"They'll catch up, besides they'd both hate the ride and they'd have to stay invisible for most of it, the only reason we were able to sneak you, Calumon, Impmon and Terriermon on the first place is because they look like stuffed animals and you make a very comfy seat," Rika answered him as she leaned back in her seat at the back of the bus with Naruto's arm over her shoulder, while she wasn't normally one for public displays of affection, Naruto had asked her to look at the trip like a vacation s she decided to roll with it.

"Ha ha," Guilmon replied sarcastically.

"Don't worry Guilmon, just relax will you, this is supposed to be a vacation," Naruto commented from his place next to Rika, even though his eyes were still shut.


That afternoon the digimon, except Strabimon and Renamon who hadn't shown up yet, and tamers were watching the sun set over the city from a hill top near the camp grounds, everything was peaceful until a piercing cry echoed across the forest.

"Fuck, I know that cry," Naruto cursed as he brought out his D-arc and brought up Sinduramon's profile, "We have to handle him now, bird-brain ain't all that smart but he gets his energy from absorbing electricity, if he gets it into his head to go to the power plant nearby he'll blow our cover wide open."

"I know he's an ultimate, one of the devas actually, but just how strong is he?" Rika asked as she looked at the hologram over Naruto's shoulder.

"Hmm, normally he's about mid-champion strength, and I'd have heard about it if he had started sucking juice from the power grid so that's probably what he still is, but we have to do this before he sees the city by night, because once he does he'll suck every joule from city grid and go from mid-champion to high-ultimate really quickly," Naruto answered before continuing, "Impmon, this'll be some good experience for your champion form, the rest of us will be your backup ok?"

"Right," Impmon replied confidently before glowing an eerie red as he grew from a 3' tall imp to 6' tall devil, "Boogeymon ready and reporting for duty sir!" Boogeymon said as he pulled off a very snappy salute for someone who looks like they should be in the demon lords' service.

"Right, he's 500m that way, you go in first Boogeymon, you should be able to handle him yourself, we'll only interfere if things get out of hand ok?" Naruto told the demon man digimon who nodded eagerly, this was gonna be a good fight, he could feel it.

After flying over the treetops for 500m in the direction that Naruto had told him it would be Boogeymon saw a very funky oversized chicken in one of the higher braches of one of the taller trees looking toward the city which was just starting to light up with the millions of light bulbs in the city, 'fuck,' Boogeymon cursed in his head, 'I gotta get rid of him now!'

"Death crash!" Boogeymon yelled as he threw his pitchfork, which was lit with unholy flames thanks to Naruto and Strabimon's teachings, at the, currently, small digimon.

Sinduramon noticed the attack coming at the last moment and flapped out of the way with a squawk as Boogeymon created another pitchfork in his hand and set it alight as the thrown pitchfork dispersed into data.

"Haha, stand and fight coward!" Boogeymon called out to his enemy, "or are you too chicken to face me?"

Sinduramon's eyes lit in an unholy rage as he squawked and flew toward unleashing thousands of volts of electricity at this upstart with a cry of, "Positron Pulse!" In his rage Sinduramon ignored the fact that he was using the energy he normally used to defend himself when he was small, and was thus making himself very vulnerable.

Boogeymon smirked as he dodged the rooster Devas attack and brought himself in close as quickly as possible before stabbing his pitchfork through Sinduramon's skull with another exclamation of "Death crash," destroying the bird's brain in a single strike thanks to his opponent's idiocy. As Sinduramon broke apart into data Boogeymon absorbed every last byte, unlike the others he didn't get extra energy from a tamer...


"BOMBDIVE!" Guilmon, Takato, Henry, Terriermon, Kazu, Kenta, Impmon and Calumon yelled out in sync as they launched themselves into a more secluded portion of the camp lake, Strabimon and Renamon had disappeared into the forest and Naruto, Rika and Jeri were watching from the shore line, even if they too were in swim wear, they had just had no reason to get wet yet.

Rika was very comfortable as she snuggled into the side of Naruto, who was only wearing a pair of swim pants. Whereas Naruto had been nervous as hell ever since he first saw Rika in a dark blue bikini which, while it wasn't all that skimpy, it didn't leave much to the imagination either. Rika had been quite happy with the very strangled, "You ... beautiful ... sexy," that had come from his lips when she had first snuggled up against him.

Jeri was in a full body suit that nevertheless got a lot of glances from pretty much every male, and quite a few females, in sight, pretty much Naruto, Rika, Strabimon and Renamon were the only ones who hadn't looked and that was because they were too busy being wrapped up in each other. The girl had an impressive bust on her small frame, needless to say most of the clique was muttering mutinously about the shy girl having a better figure than them and Takato had to be slapped out of the staring contest he'd been having with Jeri's nipples.

Rika smirked at the fact that Naruto was still stiff as a board next to her before she sat up, threw her leg around to the other side of his legs and sat on his lap with her hands on either side of his face as she whispered, "You're supposed to relax Naruto, this is a vacation after all," before kissing his lips firmly and insistently, she could feel as the stress melted away as he wrapped his arms around her waist, deepening the kiss and getting ready for a good, long make out session with his girlfriend before hoots, hollers and wolf whistles started to come from the idiots in the lake.

Under normal circumstances Naruto would give them a friendly ass kicking, but this time he settled for giving them the finger as he deepened his kiss with Rika...

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