AN: It's Demyx month in the Year of the Demyx so to celebrate I'm writing a short thing for each day. (Yes, I started late, but I'm busy and sick.) They'll all start with "Demyx" and go from there. For days 1-13, they'll be centered on Dem and the Orgy member of the day. After that, we shall see. Anyway, enjoy Demyx month!!!

September 1:

Demyx crept down the hall. No one seemed to be awake. Everything was quiet and the doors he passed were shut. He had made it safely from his room to the kitchen and now all he had to do was get back with the Oreos. No problem, right? Everything was going just fine.

He peered around the corner and saw that a door to a room was open. Xemnas's room. Not good.

Demyx edged slowly down the corridor, his back pressed to the wall. When he reached the open door, he stopped, inches from the black void, and listened.


The coast seemed to be clear and he continued on his way. He was getting quite close to his goal now, to having gotten away with it. He was breathless with excitement.

Suddenly he froze and whipped round, sure he had heard something behind him. He strained his eyes in the darkness, but saw nothing.

Demyx gave a silent sigh of relief and turn back around.

And found himself face to face (well, not quite, due to height difference) with Xemnas.

"Demyx," he said in his "you are in such deep shit" voice.

The Nocturne gulped. He could see that Saïx's door was open behind the Superior.

"Hey, Xemnas," he squeaked. Even Oreos were not worth what he was sure was about to happen to him.