Roxas ruffled his hair, looking in the mirror critically.

"I look like a tool." He grumbled then smiled as arms slid around him from behind, warm lips pressing a kiss against his temple.

"Are you insulting my hair color?" Axel said teasingly and Roxas laughed, looking at himself in the mirror again.

"No, but it looks natural on you even if it is freakish. It doesn't look natural on me." Roxas was beginning to think he should have aimed for a strawberry blonde instead of bright red. But bright red was what he'd gotten and unfortunately, his blonde hair had none of the slightly darker tones of Axel's. The end result was something you could see coming a mile away on a dark night.

"Ah, you're handsome no matter what your hair looks like." Roxas sighed and leaned back as Axel massaged the back of his neck. "I've been thinking about dyeing mine black." Roxas blinked then turned to glare at the redhead.

"Never! I love your hair." Roxas growled, running a hand through the red spikes and pulling Axel down for a passionate kiss. The redhead made a soft, surprised sound before returning the affection. "Have I told you, you look sexy today?" Roxas paused to admire his lover for a moment. It was nothing but the truth. Axel was wearing a brown denim shirt with a fleur de lis on the back, and matching brown slacks. It set off his tan and red hair nicely, along with a thick gold chain.

"Have I told you, you look kissable?" Axel countered and Roxas smiled. He wasn't dressed nearly as stylishly… he was going for the current teen fashions, which largely consisted of jeans and a baggy t-shirt. In Axel's opinion, he looked cute as a button.

"No, but you can tell me as much as you like." They nuzzled each other briefly before Axel sighed and pulled back, taking his hand.

"Well, it's time to go." Roxas nodded as Axel took him out to the car, which was known not so affectionately as the Red Banana. It was a vintage car, probably worth a lot but the size of it made parking a bitch. Axel had inherited it from his father, for whom it had been a prized possession, and it held a special place in the redhead's heart.

Roxas had been living in Vancouver for almost six months and he'd definitely found a place there. The city was huge, easily as big as Baton Rouge. Bigger really, given all the outlying areas like Richmond and Surrey. Axel's mother had made up a story about him being home schooled with her aunt due to family circumstances and always refused to explain what the circumstances were. Aunt Inga had cheerfully agreed to perjure her immortal soul if anyone questioned her about it. Roxas thought that if he wasn't gay, he'd have fallen in love with Axel's aunt. His mother could be intense and bossy but his aunt was as cheerful and fun to be around as Axel, but even wilder. Of course, she was a lesbian so he'd have been doomed to heartbreak.

Now he was going to school in Vancouver and while he wasn't making a lot of friends, he had a few. He'd gotten involved in band again, playing the French horn, and made good friends with a kid named Myde who loved to play the guitar but could also rip out some amazing stuff on the Sax. He was also friends with one of the flute players, a kid named Marly who had the most amazingly pink hair he'd ever seen. It was frightening.

"Hey Roxy?" Roxas blinked, coming out of his thoughts as they merged into traffic. "Penny for your thoughts?"

"Their not worth that much." Roxas said as Axel laughed. "Just thinking about how much I like it here."

"Hey, that would be worth a penny – oh shit!" Axel swore as another car cut them off. "Stupid asshole! The banana will flatten you! FLATTEN!" Roxas snickered at the thought. He had no doubt the Red Banana could flatten a lot of cars. Sheer mass counted for a lot.

"That's the restaurant?" Roxas asked, interested, as Axel tried to find parking. It was a cute little place named West. He'd never heard of it but he wasn't much into restaurants outside of Axel's favorites, and the redhead had never brought him here before.

"Yeah, it's pretty expensive. But we're saying good-bye to Ienzo so we're going all out. He loves this place." Roxas nodded. Ienzo was a friend of Axel's, a quiet boy who'd just graduated and was going to live in Japan to teach English there. Roxas thought he'd be great at it if he could stand the people. That was the question though, Ienzo didn't suffer fools gladly. They would just have to see. "He's leaving next week but he wanted to have the party today. Hey Roxy, ya know, I was thinking." Axel said as he deftly maneuvered the banana into a parking space. "If you want to write to your dad, maybe you could get him to post the letter for you."

"From Japan?" That was an intriguing thought. Roxas felt a little guilty about his real father. Sure, he had been a total ass about putting his new girlfriend first but still. He was probably upset and worried about him. "Maybe." He hadn't dared send a letter from Vancouver. So far everyone seemed to assume he'd just run away like he had before, but a Vancouver postmark would point straight to Axel. And that could get all of them into immense trouble. But a Japanese postmark would just be confusing. "I'll think about it." He said as they walked up to the entrance to the restaurant. Roxas stared as he walked inside. The place was very colorful and bright but also very chic, with vases of flowers and some really interesting lighting fixtures. The tables all had wine glasses, something he'd never seen in a restaurant before. But then, his experience with restaurants was pretty much limited to roadside diners and Axel's pho place. Well, and some sushi restaurants, he'd gotten pretty fond of those.

"Axel!" Axel winced at the screech and Roxas grinned. That was Aunt Inga, her hair looking almost as day-glo neon as his own. She was a good friend of Ienzo's family although the boy himself looked like he would cheerfully deny knowing her if he thought he could get away with it. "Over here! We've been waiting for you." They were the last to arrive. Roxas picked up the menu and immediately felt intimidated by the descriptions and prices. Twenty dollars for an appetizer? Finally he settled on the most understandable, the seared ahi tuna appetizer. Axel immediately picked out the terrine of foie gras, and Roxas blinked at him, a touch surprised.

"I love foie gras, but can hardly ever get it." He explained with a grin. "Too expensive! But since we're here anyway…" He shrugged and Roxas nodded, understanding. The price difference between his choice and Axel's was only six dollars, so why worry? "Inga! Lay off the sauce, you're driving Roxas home, remember?" Roxas grimaced a little as he was reminded of that. Axel and the rest of the adults were planning to hit the bar after the wonderful meal. Roxas wasn't eager to go to a bar, but he couldn't, he was too young. He really didn't want Axel to go either but wasn't about to keep the redhead from his friends.

Axel isn't a drunk. I don't have to worry. He told himself firmly as he looked through the menu. But it still bothered him. His feelings towards alcohol were incredibly negative and Roxas doubted that would ever change. He never wanted to be like his mother. Axel was oblivious to his thoughts, chatting happily with Ienzo and his friends.

The meal was superb but Roxas felt a little left out by the end of it. He was the youngest person there and it was a little uncomfortable, but only a little. Inga and Axel both included him in the conversation and Roxas didn't really mind being a touch outside most of what was going on. It was good just to be there with Axel.

"That was a great meal." Roxas said with a smile as they were getting ready to leave, and gently touched Axel's shoulder. "You be careful getting home, okay?" Axel was giving several people a ride from West to the bar, and Ienzo's father would be the designated driver after that. His parents didn't live far from Axel, so they were planning to drop him off last then walk home. It seemed like an odd plan to Roxas, but everyone else seemed happy with it.

"I'll be fine Roxy, Dav and Mary can just pour me through the front door." Axel said cheerfully and Roxas fixed him with a stern look for a moment. Axel raised his hands pacifically. "I'll be good! I promise. You won't have to bail me out of jail, I swear."

"Good, because I wouldn't." Roxas said dryly as Axel winced, then grinned. "You'd have to just deal with the prison food and the guy named Bubba who wants to get to know you reeeeeally well."

"Ouch!" Axel took his hand for a moment, giving him a quick squeeze and caress before letting go. Roxas smiled brilliantly, wishing a bit that they could kiss goodbye… but everyone thought they were brothers and there was only so far they could go in public without getting squicky. But eventually Roxas would be eighteen and they were thinking of moving to the states and taking up his old identity when that happened. Then they wouldn't have to pretend to anything anymore, although Axel would be separated from his family again. Although the thought didn't seem to distress the redhead.

After aunt Inga had driven him home, Roxas played video games a while then went to bed. He wasn't expecting to be awoken early in the morning by something drunk and sloppy tumbling into bed with him.

"Axel!" Roxas half-shrieked as he was given a kiss that involved way too much drool. "Stop that!" His lover stank of alcohol and Roxas had to fight to hold back the bad memories. Axel smiled at him and his fears eased a little as he saw that the redhead seemed to be a happy drunk. Still. "You're drunk."

"I am not d-drunk!" Axel proclaimed too loudly. "I am shhhnozzled, toasted, trashed, shhit-faced, but not DRUNK! That is for slackers – ow!" Axel winced and rubbed his head. "What wash that for?" He slurred out as Roxas glared at him.

"You're going to wake up the neighbors. Hush!" Roxas started undoing Axel's shirt, grimacing a little at the smell. Axel wasn't very much help, moving exactly the wrong way, but finally he got it off the older boy and had to fend off another sloppy kiss. "You're not a dog, Axel. Stop drooling on me."

"But you taste so good. Don't you love me?" Axel said with drunken sadness, and Roxas paused a moment before shaking his head.

"Of course I love you. I just don't love you too much right now." He petted red spikes as Axel mumbled to himself, eyes looking a bit glazed. "Go to sleep Axel. You're drunk."

"Told you I'm not…" But Axel was running out of steam and yawned, flopping down and curling up against him. "Love ya Roxy." Roxas forced a smile. This couldn't help but bother him a lot, after what he'd experienced.

"I love you too Axel." That was the truth, no matter how he felt right at the moment.

The next morning, Axel was chipper as a daisy. It was astonishing to Roxas. He'd seen his mother and step-father nursing hangovers plenty of times and had expected Axel to be puking, turning green at the sight of food and generally suffering all the miserable effects. Seeing him eating a big plate of bacon and eggs without a single sign of nausea was almost disgusting.

"Hey Roxas! I made you breakfast." Axel said brightly as the blonde stared at him. "What?"

"Nothing. Just wondering why you're not wishing for death." Axel looked puzzled and Roxas shook his head. "You were really drunk last night Axel."

"Oh, that! Yeah, I never get hangovers, don't ask me why. Sorry about the whole drooling on you part, I get really affectionate when I'm drunk." Axel smiled but then noticed that Roxas wasn't really looking at him, going to get coffee without a word. "Roxy? Is something wrong?"

"…Did you really have to do that?" Roxas said in a low tone, feeling anger curling in his guts. Axel could be so completely insensitive sometimes. "You knew about my parents." Axel winced and looked down into his mug of coffee, then looked up.

"Yeah, I know. But Roxas, I'm not a drunk. I can pick up a glass of wine, drink it and stop. I can stop at one beer and I can get drunk one night without being a drunk. And I'm not going to let what happened to you stop me from drinking sometimes. You know?" Axel said and Roxas stiffened.

"You know, you're really an insensitive ass sometimes." He snapped, then winced at the hurt silence behind him. "I'm sorry Axel. It just – it really bothers me." Roxas shivered a moment as he remembered all the screaming fights, all the times his step-father and mother had hit him, all the – then he suddenly blinked as warm arms encircled him from behind.

"It's okay Roxy." Roxas sniffed and buried his face against Axel's warm chest, smelling the warm, comforting scent of his lover. Axel nuzzled his cheek, fingers tangling in soft, spiky hair. Hideously red hair, but still the hair of the boy he knew and loved. "I'll never hurt you that way, I swear. You're safe with me."

"I know." And he did know. It was just a hard associating to break. They stayed together for a moment, then Roxas looked up. "So is this our first fight?" Axel blinked.

"Wasn't much of a fight!" He'd had real roaring, down and dirty fights in the past and this was hardly a minor squabble compared to them. Roxas smiled slightly.

"I hate fighting. For me, this was a fight." Roxas thoughtfully trailed his fingers over Axel's shirt, undoing a few buttons so he could touch the redhead's chest. "You know, we haven't really made up yet." And it was early Saturday. Axel had a photo shoot later but that wasn't until four. The redhead grinned.

"Then let's make up." Roxas squeaked as he was swept off his feet and carried into the bedroom, bridal style. Axel planted a kiss on his neck and this time it was a normal kiss, the kind he loved to get from the older boy. Roxas turned his head and caught Axel's lips as he lowered him onto the bed, wrapping his arms around Axel's neck and pulling him close.

"Mmm, Axel." Roxas breathed as the older boy started working off his clothes expertly. Roxas began undoing his shirt, impatiently pulling away the fabric. He wanted to feel Axel, all along his body as well as inside him.

"Pretty eager, Roxas." Axel said teasingly before lowering his head, licking and nipping lightly at Roxas' nipples, making the smaller boy moan and tangle his fingers in soft red spikes. Roxas smelled a bit different now than he had on the island, Axel could catch the scent of soap and the vanilla of his shampoo, but beneath that was the warm musk that was Roxas. "Mmm, you taste great…" Axel whispered as he made his way, lapping at Roxas stomach for a moment before going down a bit farther.

"Agh!" Roxas moaned as warm heat enveloped him, Axel's tongue sliding slowly over his throbbing length. Axel kept a hand firmly on his base, keeping him from thrusting up into that heat, controlling him as he sucked. But then Axel took him into the back of his throat and gave him a hard suck, making Roxas toss his head back with a thick moan of pleasure. "God, Axel, please!" It was all too much and if Axel kept doing that, he was going to come for certain. Axel released him with a small pop and Roxas shivered at the sudden loss of his warm mouth.

"Please what?" Axel asked with a mischievous smile and Roxas frowned at him for a moment before heaving a sigh. Axel could be such a pain sometimes… but that was Axel.

"Please, fuck me." He said plainly and Axel laughed, kissing him gently as he opened up the blonde, fingers easily finding his sweet spot and making Roxas moan into his mouth. Lube made everything so much easier, and Axel went inside with a ragged gasp of pleasure. Soon he was pounding Roxas into the bed and the blonde had his arms wrapped around Axel's shoulders, pulling him closer with every thrust.

"Axel." He breathed out the older boys' name, feeling such an intense connection with him. They were perfect together, and being able to see Axel's face when they were making love just made it better. "Axel!" Roxas moaned in pleasure as Axel seemed to brush against his prostate with every thrust. It felt so good, so deep and intense. "AH!" Roxas arched and cried out as sparks exploded behind his eyes, a moment of intense pleasure that brought him to his nirvana. Axel followed a moment later, and Roxas felt the familiar sensation of the redhead releasing inside him. It felt good, and Roxas sighed, nuzzling his lover.

"Love you so much Roxy." Axel whispered in his ear and Roxas blinked slowly, then smiled.

"I love you too." There was nothing he was more sure of in his life. They lay together quietly for a time, just holding each other although neither of them were tired. Roxas finally stirred. "So… is this our happy ending?" He asked the world, and Axel laughed.

"Psh! Happy endings are for stories, not real life Roxy. No, but I know what I want our happy ending to be!" Roxas blinked at him, puzzled as Axel grinned at him. "I can see it now. I'll be the old geezer yelling at the kids to get off the lawn and you'll be asleep in the front porch swing. And we'll both be so old and wrinkly that no one could love us but each other. And that'll be our happy ending." Roxas stared at him, not sure if he wanted to laugh or be appalled.

"That sounds… awful!" He finally exclaimed and Axel laughed again.

"You won't think so when you're ninety." He promised, and Roxas shook his head with a small smile. There was almost no chance they would both reach ninety, still alive and together… but who knew? Maybe they would. Maybe Axel's dream of the future would come true.

They would just have to see.

And unless I decide to write more…