Syed Masood sat up in bed, staring intently at the man lying next to him. Every so often, he would reach out and stroke Christian's hair, as if he had to convince himself that he was really there. The sun was beginning to shine through the bedroom window, and Syed knew he would have to leave soon. Silently, he dressed, before returning to the bed to wake Christian. Syed stoked the side of the other man's face, causing him to sigh softly.

"Christian," Syed said gently, "I have to go," Christian kept his eyes closed, but turned in his sleep to grab tightly onto Syed's arm. "5 more minutes" he groaned childishly. Syed sighed. He softly removed his arm from Christian's grasp. "I have to," he said sadly, obviously not really wanting to leave. He took a deep breath. "I'm going to tell Amira"

Christian's eyes snapped open and he sat up. He could see by Syed's eyes that he was serious, and he was scared. He placed a hand on Syed's, anticipation and concern building in his stomach. Of course, he wanted people to know, to have everything out in the open. But he knew all too well that someone would get hurt.

"Sy, are you sure?" he asked, now fully awake. Syed nodded.

"I'm tired of living a lie," he said, "I'm engaged to a woman I'm not in love with, and having to sneak away to be with the person I actually want to be with" he looked down. "I can't do it anymore"

Christian squeezed his hand comfortingly, and Syed smiled back. But the smile didn't touch his eyes. Christian pulled him into a hug, resting Syed's head on his shoulder.

"I'll be waiting for you," he murmured, "Good luck."

Syed pulled away, quickly kissed Christian's forehead, then turned and walked out of the door. His head spun with the thought of what he was about to do. He would go to Amira, then to his parents, ready to finally reveal his true self.