This is the first of hopefully many Zoro/Nami one shots written for the 30_lemons lj community. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about my current commitments to the Naruto fandom, but I feel like it's finally time to branch out a little.

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Prompt: Preventing Hypothermia


Keeping Warm Was Never So Hot

"Hard to starboard!" Nami cried out, the roaring winds and crashing waves so loud that Sanji could barely hear her orders even though she was right outside the door. The ship's cook followed her command, turning the ship so that its side wasn't buffeted quite so hard by the wind.

"Zoro, Luffy, tie up the sails! They've come loose again!"

The rubberman and the swordsman immediately left to complete the task, tying down the large black sail before the raging winds tore it to shreds.

The storm had hit suddenly, the sky turning from sunny blue to thunderous black in less than half an hour. The waves had become violent, tossing the Going Merry around as if it were a toy boat in a bathtub. Usopp and Chopper were sent into a terrified frenzy before they curled up in a corner, shivering and clinging to each other as if it might save them from the storm. Nami stood just outside the bridge, soaked to the bone from the pouring rain and trying to keep their ship from getting thrown off course as she gave commands. Robin was at her side, conjuring hands to help with tasks as needed.

Once they finished securing the sails, Zoro and Luffy dropped back onto the deck, both drenched and tired. The ship's fearless leader was beginning to show signs of fatigue as he was assulted by the waves crashing into the deck, the sea water sapping his strength.

"I think I should take Luffy below deck," Zoro yelled over the wind. He knew that soon the pirate captain wouldn't even be able to stand if he remained saturated with salt water.

"Zoro, I'm fine," Luffy yelled back in protest.

"Well, at least go stand by Sanji and dry off," Nami ordered, squinting at the log pose on her wrist through the pounding rain to make sure the ship was still headed in the right direction.

Before the elastic pirate could argue, a huge wave crashed into the side of the ship and washed over the whole deck. Nami's feet were knocked out from under her as Zoro and Luffy managed to cling to the central mast. The boat pitched to the side as at was nearly capsized. The sudden motion sent the navigator sliding across the deck and over the railing where she fell screaming into the sea.

"Nami-swan!" Sanji shouted, immediately leaving the helm to come to her aid. But Zoro, in a display of lightning speed, had already kicked off his boots and unbuckled his swords. He tossed his precious weapons to Luffy before racing to the edge of the deck and diving head first into the sea after her.

"Zoro! Nami!" Chopper cried, leaving the dry haven of the bridge to stare tearfully over the railing with Usopp right behind him.

Sanji slammed his fist against the railing and cursed, "That shitty idiot! Now they're both in trouble!" Another wave hit the boat, nearly pulling Chopper into the sea as well as he struggled to hang on to the wooden railing with hoofed hands.

"Everyone, back to your positions!" Robin called when she noticed the ship was starting to veer off course without anyone to steer it. "Ussop, you keep an eye out for them and throw them a rope!"

Sanji returned, struggling with the helm as he tried to fight the raging sea. Usopp stared into the dark churning ocean, desperately hoping to spot either of his comrades, but all he saw was gray sea foam and black water.

"Don't worry," Luffy called, his voice surprisingly bright. "Zoro is too tough to drown. He'll keep Nami safe!"

Unfortunately, Usopp could not bring himself to share his captain's optimism.

Sanji distractedly guided the ship back on the course their navigator had set. His beloved Nami needed help, and though he wanted badly to be her knight in shining armor, her life was currently entrusted to a man with no sense of direction. He lit a cigarette, using his hand to shield the small flame of his math from the wind and rain. If he couldn't be the one to save her, than Zoro sure as hell better bring her back safely, or the cook would see to it that their pirate crew lost one more member in addition to their navigator.


Zoro sputtered as he tried to clear his mouth and nose of the sea water that seemed to persistently find its way inside. Nami clung to him, barely conscious as she shivered violently. The swordsman knew he had to get her out of this freezing water soon if he planned on saving her life.

The oceans of the Grand Line were both frightening and unpredictable with the strong currents making it difficult to stay on course. Though he could have sworn he had started swimming back towards the ship, he had gotten turned around and was soon carried away from the Going Merry. The boat was now out of sight and the waters still violent, forcing Zoro to swim hard just to keep afloat.

Through the stinging ocean spray, he spotted a glimmering light on the horizon. It blinked on and off, dim but recognizable, alerting him that some sort of man made establishment resided there. He fought the wind and rain as he swam towards it at a torturously slow pace, and little by little the light growing bigger. Gradually, Zoro could see the rocky outcropping that the light was built upon, and beside it a coastline. Relief flooded through him as his bare feet finally touched upon sand. He hauled himself out of the stormy waters and onto the beach, dragging Nami with him.

He was exhausted and freezing but at least they were on land, although he had no idea where they were or how they were going to get back to the Going Merry. "Nami, we made it," he called through the rain that had yet to relent.

He received no reply, not even a faint murmur. He looked down to find that the woman in his arms was no longer clinging to him, but was limp and unconscious.

"Shit," he grumbled, noticing the navigator's skin had taken on a bluish hue while her lips were damned near purple. It was hard to tell if she was breathing with the storm whipping around them, but he could feel her heart beating weakly against his chest. He had to get her somewhere warm and dry or risk losing Nami to hypothermia, but the beach offered no immediate solutions. The light which he'd hoped might be a lighthouse was just a searchlight on top of a tall metal tower and held no promise of housing someone who could help them.

The beach sloped upward, hiding what was on the other side from view, and Zoro could only hope he would find help on the other side. The green haired man pulled Nami onto the beach out of the reach of the crashing waves before he forced his aching muscles to run up the slight incline a ways. His skin was raw from being chaffed by wet clothes, and his feet sunk deep into the soft sand, making running even more difficult. He was chilled through, causing his teeth to chatter and his body to shake, and all he wanted was someplace warm and dry. Thankfully, what waited for him on the other side of the hill offered precisely that.

Spread out below him was a town with its lights twinkling in the darkness. It wasn't a very large one but they surely had to have an inn they could stay in…if Zoro could find the money to pay for one.

The swordsman stuck a hand into the pocket of his wet trousers and found nothing but equally soggy lint. It appeared he didn't have so much as a single beli on him. Fortunately he was stranded with a woman who loved money more than anything in the whole world. She had to have cash on her somewhere.

He returned to Nami's side and knelt next to her in the sand. After a brief inspection, he discovered the pockets of her tight fitting brown pants were empty and the pale blue T-shirt she wore didn't provide any promising hiding places either.

Zoro's brow creased in a frown as he gazed at Nami's unconscious form. Where else would she keep money? He had never known this woman to go anywhere without at least a few hundred beli on her.

The water had soaked through her clothes, making her light T-shirt slightly transparent and He could clearly see the outline of the darker bra she wore beneath. It was while he was staring at her chest that he noticed something that made his eyes light up — and it wasn't because of the way her womanly figure was exposed. What had him smiling was what appeared to be the corner of what looked to be a green paper bill poking out of the top of one lacy cup.

"Aren't you the sneaky one?" Zoro mused, his hand lifting her shirt to trail over her stomach and breast in order to pluck the wad of cash from her bra. He had no doubt that if Nami were even semiconscious, she would have mustered the last of her strength to punch her comrade wherever she could reach for both stealing from her and inadvertently feeling her up in the process.

While Nami's breasts were indeed quite nice, Zoro had other matters to attend to. Counting the cash with numbed fingers, he was pleased to find there was enough to get them a room and maybe even a meal. Pocketing the money, he picked Nami up in his arms and cradled her bridal style against his chest as he made his way back up the sandy slope and into the town below.

The town was small and quaint, filled with modest homes and simple shops. If the sun had been shining, it would have looked like a postcard come to life. The inn was easy to find and he only hoped that whoever gave them their room didn't recognize his face from the reward posters. The last thing he needed was the marines showing up while he was without his swords.

It turned out luck was on his side because the elderly woman at the front desk looked to be half blind the way she was squinting at the book she was trying to read. The dark, long sleeved dress and the way she had her grey hair pulled into a bun made her look like a strict and intimidating school teacher. However, the illusion quickly dissolved when she looked up at the sound of the door opening and she immediately began to fuss over the strangers.

"Good heavens, you two are soaked to the bone!" she exclaimed, forgetting about her book as she hustled off to retrieve two fluffy, white towels. "What were you doing out in such a terrible storm?"

"We're travelers that got caught in the downpour. I'm just glad we made it to this inn," Zoro lied, setting Nami down on her feet and letting her rest against him as he pulled the equally soaked money out of his pocket. "We'd like a room please."

"Certainly, certainly!" the elderly woman quipped, handing him the towels before she counted out the fee for a night's stay.

Zoro draped a towel around Nami's shoulders, letting it absorb the freezing moisture dripping from her red tresses before tossing his own towel over his shoulder. He was thankful the kind woman's eye sight was too bad to notice trivial things - like his lack of shoes or the absence of personal belongings.

"Is your wife alright?" the inn keeper asked as she handed Zoro back his change. "She hasn't said a word."

"She's exhausted," the swordsman replied, finding it to be too much trouble to explain his relationship with Nami. Besides, he supposed they looked less suspicious this way. "She'll be fine after a little sleep."

"Poor thing," the woman said sympathetically. "It's such a terrible night to be out in the rain. Come now, I'll show you to your room."

She pulled a key out of a small drawer in her desk and turned down the hall with a flutter of her dark skirt. She stopped at the last room on the right and opened it so Zoro could carry his unconscious teammate inside.

"Call me if you need anything, dear," the innkeeper said as she handed the key to the green haired man. The door closed and he could hear her footsteps hurrying back to the front desk.

Zoro laid Nami down on the nearby mattress and switched on the small bedside lamp before returning to the door and locking it. He looked at his surroundings and noted that even though the room was small it was at least clean. The floral printed quilt on the bed looked to be handmade and a watercolor painting of the ocean adorned one wall. The place was a little too quaint for his tastes, but he was grateful to be out of the rain.

He placed the key on the nightstand and opened the door to the small bathroom. The shower was hardly big enough for one person, let alone two, but hot water would be the quickest way to warm Nami up.

Glancing over at the motionless woman on the bed, he found himself thankful that she would be unconscious for all of this. Even in her weakened state, she would probably fight him tooth and nail, and she'd certainly hit him every chance she got once her strength returned. This way, she wouldn't remember a thing.

He turned on the bathroom light and cranked on the hot water, removing his clothes as the small room began filling with steam. Hanging his waterlogged garments over the top of the shower to dry, he returned to the bedroom, trying not to shiver as the cold air nipped at his skin.

Zoro frowned at Nami's unresponsive form, pondering the best way to go about undressing her. He crouched at the foot of the bed and started with her shoes, sliding the heeled sandals off her feet and trying to ignore the fact that her toes were now purple. He then went for the fly of her pants, grumbling that she wore them too damn tight as he struggled to get them off, a task made more difficult by the fact that she was dead weight in his arms and unable to assist him in any way.

Her alabaster skin was ice cold beneath his fingertips. Zoro pushed away the thought that perhaps it was already too late for Nami, that her petite body had been exposed to the cold so long she would never wake up…or at least lose a finger or toe to frostbite.

He tugged the drenched shirt over her head and tried to ignore the way her bountiful breasts seemed to strain against the confines of her black lace bra. After all, Nami wore skimpy things all the time and seeing her ample cleavage wasn't anything new. He had seen her in a bikini top more times than he could count, and while he had admired the alluring size and shape of her perfect breasts he had never gotten this close to them before. The tattoo on her left arm stood out starkly against her skin, the swirling, crossing lines a testament to the choice she had made to follow Luffy and his reached around to fumble with the clasp of her bra and after a moment it popped open causing the pale globes to spill free.

For a moment, he could only stare. He knew it was hardly the gentlemanly thing to do but he couldn't help it. He was momentarily hypnotized by her beautiful figure, even if her nipples were currently tinged blue. The fact that they were so cold had made them harden into tiny points, and pictures of warming up the chilled buds with his mouth flashed through Zoro's mind before he was able to purge the image.

Nami currently needed warmth, not the perverted musings of an idiot. But as Zoro laid her back down and hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her simple cotton panties, he was painfully aware of just how long he had gone without sampling the flesh of a woman. Ever since he'd joined Luffy's crew, picking up loose women at bars had become a thing of the past.

He tugged the white garment down around her thighs and was unable to resist peeking at what they had just covered. His mouth curved into a smirk at the sight of fiery orange curls that had been shaved everywhere but a narrow, well-manicured strip down the middle of her mound. It made him wonder who she was planning on impressing by keeping everything so trim.

Without thinking, his hand fell to her thigh. Her skin looked so smooth and inviting; he wanted to feel its soft texture. But the minute he touched her chilled flesh he was reminded as to why he had undressed her in the first place.

The swordsman removed the log pose on her wrist, setting it carefully on the night stand next to the room key. He slipped an arm under her bent legs and wrapped the other around her shoulders, cradling her to his chest as he made his way towards the bathroom. She was so light and seemed deceptively delicate. He didn't realize it, but he was handling her body with a gentle tenderness that would have shocked the rest of the crew.

He held her tighter as he stepped under the shower's hot spray, basking in the warmth as it washed over him and carried away the residual chill that had seeped into his bones. He eased back against the shower wall and the cool tiles pressed into his back as he lowered Nami's feet, holding her in a tight embrace as the water poured over her back.

Zoro stared down at her thoughtfully, her auburn hair which had darkened to copper as water ran through the strands and down her face. Despite the trauma of being pitched overboard by the violent storm her expression was peaceful and her features placid as she leaned heavily against Zoro's muscled torso. He was pleased to see that her lips had lost their purple hue and were now a rosier pink, and he couldn't help but wonder if the hardened peaks pressed to his own chest were pinker as well.

With a little maneuvering in the confined space, he was able to reverse their positions. Her back slide slowly down the wall until she was seated on the floor, head slumped back against the tiles. Her rescuer crouched in front of her to take one of her smaller hands in his.

Despite the heat of the shower, her fingers were still purple. He began to rub them in an attempt to improve the circulation to her extremities. He supposed it would have been better if Chopper were here since his own medical knowledge was non-existent. Then again, if it had been the reindeer doctor here instead of him, Zoro wouldn't have gotten a glimpse of Nami's glorious body.

Her current position parted her thighs slightly, and as tempting as it was to look he contented himself with the view of her breasts. He noted that her nipples had indeed turned from a bluish hue to an alluring coral pink.

He could feel the beginnings of arousal stirring in his loins and grit his teeth, determined to keep himself under control.

He dropped her hand in favor of picking up the other and had just started to rub over her small digits when the water temperature dropped, slowly turning from warm to tepid. He straightened and reached for the shower knob, turning it off before the water could run cold. It seemed the inn's other guests had enjoyed hot showers as well and now the heated water was depleted.

Zoro looked down at Nami ,who was still motionless, propped against the tile floor. Glistening beads of water clung to her skin and hair, and while that was okay in this steam filled room, she would be chilled the second she entered the bedroom.

The former pirate hunter grabbed a towel and began the torturous task of drying her off. He tried to keep his touches clinical, methodical, as he wiped the moisture from her skin with the towel. He ignored the urge to cradle those amazing breasts in his palm and feel their suppleness, to run his thumbs over those sensitive little nipples until they were once again hard nubs.

With a soft growl, he tossed the towel over her head and began to dry her hair, absorbing as much of the moisture as he could.

It annoyed and perplexed him that he was suddenly so attracted to this woman. He had known her for such a long time without feeling this magnetic pull. She was obviously attractive, but never had he entertained the idea of touching her. Never had her hips and oversized breasts beckoned to him like this.

Once she was as dry as she was going to get, Zoro straightened and rubbed down his own body with a second towel. He ran his hand distractedly through his short green hair as he once again let his eyes wander over her body. She wasn't warm enough to be out of danger because the hot water had cut out early. As much as it would torture him to do it, he would have to use the heat of his own body to revive her.

He scooped her up in his arms and carried her into the bedroom, unable to suppress a shiver as cold air washed over his damp flesh. He could hear the rain outside, fat droplets pelting the window violently, and he wondered how the rest of the straw hat pirates were fairing in the storm. Considering Nami had taken their only means of navigation with her, he was a little worried how they would be able to find them. The only reason Zoro was here now was because he had found their current location purely by accident. He didn't even know the name of the town so the chances of the crew knowing it were slim. Then again, Luffy had faced worse odds than this, and the future pirate king wouldn't stop searching until they were found.

Holding the redheaded woman to him with one arm, he peeled back the bed sheets with the other. He grateful that there was a down comforter beneath the floral printed quilt.

He laid Nami down gently, admiring how her flame colored hair fanned out and framed her face. He lowered his own body atop her and tried not to groan as her breasts pressed against him and her curving hips cradled his own. She felt so good beneath him, her feminine body soft and welcoming. Once again, he found himself fighting down arousal as he shifted so his weight wasn't crushing her while still maintained as much body contact as possible to warm her. He tucked his face into the crook of her neck, inhaling the sweet smell of her hair, and sighed in frustrated bliss as he felt the beating of her heart and the steady rise and fall of her chest as she breathed.

It was by sheer willpower alone that he tugged the covers up around them and promptly fell asleep, not even bothering to turn off the lamp on the nightstand.


Nami awoke with a sleepy grumble to discover her body encompassed in warmth. She was about to stretch luxuriously and enjoy sleeping in for a few more minutes before attending to her duties on the Going Merry when she realized she couldn't move her arms. They were pinned to her sides by a heavy weight settled on top of her and after a moment, she realized whatever was holding her down was breathing.

Her eyes snapped open to take in a small, unfamiliar room lit by a lamp on the table next to the bed. There was no trace of sunlight shining through the curtained window and she could hear the sound of steady rain outside mixed with the even breathing of whoever was on top of her, their warm puffs of breath tickling her neck.

She suppressed her initial urge to scream in panicked fear, afraid that the person atop her could be dangerous. Nami craned her neck, trying to see who was with her, and was greeted with a shock of short, green hair.

"Zoro?" she gasped in surprise and relief, thankful that she was at least with someone she knew. However, her relief quickly turned to anger as she wondered what the hell he was doing in her bed.

Her soft exclamation was enough to wake the swordsman and he lifted his head to blink at her sleepily. "Nami? You're awake?"

The navigator rolled her eyes. "Of course I'm awake! I'm talking to you aren't I? What the hell are you doing in my bed?"

Zoro let out a thankful sigh, ignoring her question. It appeared his limited medical knowledge had been enough to save her.

"So you feel alright?" he asked, propping himself up on his elbows to look down at her with concern. "Can you feel all your fingers and toes?"

Nami arched an eyebrow and looked at the green haired man like he might be crazy. "Of course I can!" she snapped, giving her toes an experimental wiggle. It was then she noticed something very peculiar about their arrangement. She could feel his bare skin against hers and, try as she might, she couldn't feel a scrap of clothing on either of their bodies. "Zoro…are we…naked?"

The swordsman blanched a little, knowing he was about to be on the receiving end of a very angry tirade. "Nami, you were frozen through. I had to do something to warm you up or you would have—"


Zoro's cheek stung with what was sure to be an angry red handprint.

"You pervert!" Nami cried, suddenly struggling to throw him off of her while pummeling whatever part of him she could reach with her fists. "I don't know what the hell you did to get me into bed with you but I swear I'm going to cut off your—mff!"

Using his superior strength, he pinned both her arms over her head with one hand and clapped the other over her mouth. "Calm down," he growled irritably. "I didn't take advantage of you. Believe me, this is just as weird for me as it is for you."

A tiny voice at the back of mind screamed that that was a filthy lie and that he had actually enjoyed laying on top of her naked body quite a bit…but he wasn't about to tell her that. "You fell overboard in the middle of the storm, remember? I jumped in after you and dragged you ashore."

Nami's taupe colored eyes widened as she remembered the terror of falling over the railing and into the sea. She remembered Zoro swimming towards her, his powerful arms cutting through the choppy waves, but everything after that was an enormous blank.

It must be true then. Zorro had saved her life.

"I took you to this inn because you would have died of hypothermia out in the rain. I tried to warm you up in the shower, but the hot water ran out. I had no choice but to use my own body heat, and that's not something I could have done with wet clothes on. Do you understand?"

Nami nodded and he reluctantly took his hand away from her mouth, ready to silence her if she decided to squawk at him again. But instead of yelling more accusations, her eyes shifted away as a sheepish expression crossed her face. "You saved me…I guess I should be thanking you and not hitting you then."

Zoro shrugged indifferently, although inside he was rather delighted by Nami's gratitude and the fact she wasn't going to punch him after all. "You're nakama. We look out for each other. You know that."

She nodded, seeming to accept his response before asking, "So, where are we now?"

"No idea," the swordsman said with another shrug. "I sort of found this place by accident."

Nami groaned and pressed the heels of her hands to her eyes. "It's just my luck to get stranded with the man who has the world's most terrible sense of direction."

Zoro let out an annoyed 'hmph' at the insult. Just because she could navigate through anything didn't mean she had to pick on his weaker attributes. He doubted she was all that handy with a sword, but he didn't tease her for it.

As much as he hated to leave the warm cocoon of their bed, he knew that if he didn't move soon Nami would start to expect their naked bodies was the result of something more than a life saving endeavor.

He pushed off of her and the covers lifted with him as he prepared to pull himself into a sitting position. But to his surprise, small hands gripped his shoulders and tugged him back down with surprising strength, forcing him to catch his weight on his hands. When he looked down into Nami's slightly panicked expression, he immediately understood her actions. By sitting up, her body would be revealed from from the waist up. Apparently she would rather remain pressed to him that let him see her while she was conscious.

A devilish smirk curled his lips, and he just couldn't resist teasing her after the jab she had taken at his navigation skills. "Why so shy?" he crooned, bringing his lips close to her ear. "It's nothing I haven't seen before."

Her body instant went rigid beneath him, and he had to stifle a smug chuckle at her response. "You…you saw everything?" she squeaked, a blush suddenly painting her cheeks an adorable shade of pink.

"Well, I couldn't undress you with my eyes shut," Zoro grinned, amused by her sudden shyness. It was seldom he saw the headstrong woman so vulnerable and he was going to enjoy it while it lasted.

"You jerk," Nami pouted. "You really are a pervert!"

Although her voice sounded angry, she made no attempt to hit him again, a fact which Zoro was thankful for.

"Hey, I didn't touch you anymore than I had to, so don't go calling me names," he growled.

He made it sound like the act of touching her had been extremely undesirable, or at the very least a chore. Nami had always considered herself an attractive woman and was very proud of the way her body had blossomed, but the fact that Zoro seemed to be unfazed by her knocked her self-esteem down a peg or two.

"You didn't?"

If he wasn't mistaken, he could have sworn he heard a twinge of disappointment in her voice.

"I didn't," he replied with a smirk. His body still hovered over hers, his hands planted on either side of her head. "And it was no easy task. You chest has a tendency to get in the way."

Nami flushed a little darker, taken aback by his comment. Her chest got in the way? Nobody had ever said a negative thing about that particular part of her anatomy. In fact, most men tripped over themselves with just one look at her in a low cut top. But come to think of it, Zoro had always been different. She had never caught him sneaking a peek at her cleavage, although she supposed Sanji did it enough to make up for it. Still, the fact that this man found her breasts to be nothing more than an obstacle, an obstruction…she didn't know what to make of it.

"They get in the way?" she repeated, sounding a little hurt. "You're not a fan of big breasts I take it?"

Zoro was becoming increasingly aware of their intimate position. He was straddling her hips and their torsos were nearly touching. He wondered if Nami was aware of the rising sexual tension between them, and if she was why she hadn't she thrown him out of the bed and onto his ass. He knew this little game could end with him receiving a black eye, but the alternative was so alluring he was willing to play along and see where this banter led.

"I'm a very big fan of big breasts," he said, his voice dropping into a lower register that for some reason made Nami tingle in places she'd rather not name. "It's just no fun to touch them if the woman isn't awake to enjoy it."


Struck speechless by his unexpected and very provocative answer, Nami wondered why the hell they were still in bed together naked even though it had been established that she was fully recovered from her brush with death. Maybe it had something to do with the fact she was still gripping his shoulders and holding him close to her.

She was suddenly very aware of his body, the corded muscles of his exposed arms and shoulders tempting her brain to conjure images of what the rest of his anatomy looked like. He'd seen her body in its entirety and it seemed unfair that she hadn't even gotten a glimpse of his. Whenever she caught him shirtless, she admired his washboard abs and sculpted back muscles. She'd have to be a saint not to, but she had never considered engaging in anything sexual with him. He was rough and crass and unrefined and well…Zoro. But the way he was staring at her with dark, hungry eyes was making her think that there was a whole other side to the ex pirate hunter she'd never seen, and she was suddenly very, very curious.

"Do…do you want to touch them?" she stuttered, knowing she was playing with fire. Once they did this, it could never be undone and they would be stuck together regardless of the outcome. But her body was already tingling, her skin highly sensitized and reminding her that it had been oh so long since a man did more than drool over her from afar.

Zoro's sexy smirk turned positively naughty as he gently lowered his body onto hers, pressing her into the mattress. She gasped as something warm and half hard pressed against her thigh, proving that he was indeed interested in her.

"Is that a trick question, Nami? Of course I want to. I am a man after all."

She could hardly believe the sudden flood of sexuality emanating from this man, the man who was either fighting fearlessly or taking naps. It seemed the pheromones were coming off him in waves, clouding her judgment and making her dizzy. She never would have thought Zoro was capable of seducing her, but now all she wanted to do was succumb to him.

"I'm a man, but I'm not a brute. I'll only touch you if you let me," he said, his voice soft and low as he lowered his head, letting his lips graze her ear as he spoke.

He could feel her shiver beneath him as his breath washed over her and smirked. He hadn't meant for things to end up like this, and it certainly wasn't his initial intention to seduce her, but now that he'd started he couldn't stop. He wouldn't until she pushed him away or satiated their mutual desire.

"Will you let me, Nami?" he whispered, the raw need in his voice making her tremble. He was leaving it all up to her. She could say no, walk away from this dangerous situation and forever wonder what it would have been like…or she could take the plunge and give him permission to ravish her.

The desire buzzing through her veins seemed to control her, forcing her to open her mouth and utter a breathless "yes" before her mind could even registered all the consequences.

Zoro let out a heated sound of approval, a soft growl that vibrated deliciously over her skin. His mouth soon followed, pressing hot kisses to her neck, making her inhale sharply as a stab of heat spiked in her core.

He trailed his lips to her jaw and down her throat, suckling briefly at the pulse point there. Nami's hands gripped his shoulders a little harder as every kiss made her nerve endings sizzle. She could feel his body pressed against her, his arousal growing increasingly hard and hot against her thigh. He was all rippling muscle and raw power, and he had the ability to dominate her completely. He had more strength in one finger than Nami had in her entire body, but his touches were gentle, his power restrained as he kissed his way down to flick his tongue over her collarbone.

The navigator barely suppressed a whimper as he continued to kiss downward, his lips trailing fire over her skin. He tasted the skin between her breasts, tongue tracing the valley between her bountiful cleavage, and she felt his weight shift backwards so he could free up his hands and let his callused fingertips ghost over the globes lightly.

He groaned blissfully, his face buried in her impressive bosom as he felt her nails cut into his shoulders slightly. She was urging him to use his mouth on those rosy peaks, already desperate for more as her breath came in irregular gasps. Zoro finally allowed all the primitive urges he'd felt in the shower to come forward. He was too disciplined to let himself be completely controlled by lust and prided himself on always being in control of his body. The naked woman beneath him would test his limits, but he would also be sure to test hers, giving her all the pleasure her supple body would be able to bear.

He lifted his torso, sitting up straight and letting the covers fall back off his shoulders. Cold air immediately swept over exposed skin but both pirates were too caught up in their current activities to notice. Nami's hands fell to the sheets as his shoulders moved out of her reach. She was exposed, pink nipples immediately distending against the cold. They were so perfect, so feminine, that Zoro's hands went to them as naturally as they did to his own trio of swords.

He watched raptly as his large hands cupped her breasts, the globes overflowing his broad palms. As he squeezed gently, his eyes flicked to her face, noting how her mouth parted just a little as she sucked in a breath. Her soft brown eyes were watching him, their depths clouded with desire, and when their eyes met, she bit her lip in a sexy smile. The unspoken invitation to give her more did not go unnoticed.

His eyes dropped back down to her chest and he watched appreciatively as he molded the supple flesh in his hands. They were firm but deliciously soft and no matter how he squeezed them, they always returned to their original form. He pressed them together, enhancing her cleavage before moving his hands in slow circles.

She let out a breathy sigh as he released them to allow his fingers graze the soft curves. But when he dragged his thumbs over her nipples, a whimper fell from her lips that went straight to the swordsman's groin.

"Sensitive?" he chuckled, repeating the action and getting a similar result. He let his thumbs flick over them harder and was rewarded with a shuddering gasp. When he captured each pink peak between his thumb and forefinger and tugged, she couldn't help but cry out in pleasure.

Nami was a heavenly vision laying spread out below him, her hair a copper flame against the pale pillow, chest rising and falling with increasing speed as her reddening nipples were pinched between his fingers. "You're so damn sexy," he breathed, eyes shamelessly drinking in her flushed visage.

The navigator could feel her internal temperature rise at his compliment, the muscles in her core clenching as a naked, aroused and incredibly attractive man stared down at her with unbridled lust. His calloused hands felt so good on her burning skin, and the way he watched her reactions with dark, hungry eyes made her tremble beneath his touch.

Zoro watched her breasts heave up and down with every breath she took, the skin so creamy and smooth that he couldn't contain himself. He had to devour those flawless mounds and work them over with his mouth.

Leaning over, hungry lips greeted silky skin, spreading hot, wet kisses over supple flesh as he continued to roll her nipples between his fingers. She let out another cry, this one louder and more heated as she arched towards him, offering more of herself to his mouth.

Zoro had always liked this particular part of the female anatomy, but never had he been so captivated by them. He kissed and suckled, drawing a mouthful of the sweet flesh into his mouth and sucking briefly before allowing it to pop free. Soon her breasts were covered with red marks, but Nami seemed to enjoy it as she arched and shuddered and whimpered as his hot mouth ravaged her.

Her responses were divine, making his hard arousal pulse with the desire to be inside her. As she squirmed, her thigh rubbed against him, making him growl against her flesh at the stimulation. Her hands had left the sheets and were now settled on his head, running restlessly through his short, green hair, trying to center his mouth over one swollen nipple.

Zoro instantly understood, his hands abandoned the pink nubs so his mouth could take their place. Nami moaned as his scalding mouth closed around her, the sultry sound driving him on. He flicked over the hardened peak with his tongue before letting his teeth graze its sensitive surface.

"Oh! Oh Zoro, that's good!" Her fingernails raked over his scalp as she called his name breathlessly, and the swordsman decided he rather liked hearing her address him in that needy, trembling voice.

He switched breasts, laving the other nipple with equal attention. She was sweet and salty, soft and tender. Zoro couldn't get enough, sucking her perfect little nipples hard enough to bruise, but his rough ministrations seemed to only spur Nami on. Her hips were moving restlessly, grinding against nothing as her thighs rubbed along his cock with delicious friction. He was sure that if he shifted just a little, he'd be able to feel the accumulated moisture of her desire against his member, but such a thing would break his resolve and cause him to drive into her mercilessly and he didn't want it to be over so soon. Already he could smell the spicy-sweet scent of her arousal. Her hands wandered down to his back where nails clawed at him helplessly, leaving little red lines on a plane of existing scars.

He pulled away from her breasts, her nipple leaving his mouth with a pop, and looked down to admire his handy work. Her perfect flesh was marred with angry red splotches and her nipples were distended and nearly crimson after his aggressive sucking. She looked dazed, wanton, and so damn delicious that Zoro was hardly aware that he was leaning forward over her until their lips met in a heated kiss.

She moaned into his mouth, eyes drifting closed, and immediately responded to the tongue that slipped past her lips. His tongue twined with hers, stroking and exploring until their lungs protested the lack of oxygen.

When she opened her eyes, she was greeted with his smoldering gaze, his dark eyes holding a hunger that she had never seen before. He was a dangerous creature-she had seen the proof of that in countless battles-but his look posed a different kind of threat. He wanted her, and she was hardly a match against not only his physical strength but his potent sexuality. Zoro was an animal, primal and hungry, and it was her he wished to prey upon. She licked her lips, equally starved for the feel of his naked skin. He may be dangerous, but she was not intimidated. His animalistic stare was making her hotter, wetter, needier than she could stand.

Her hand came to the back of his head and she tried to pull him down for another kiss, but then his mouth fell to her neck, forging another burning trail down her body. He paused at her breasts, and for a moment she though he was going to torture her bosom all over again. She whimpered in frustration, wanting to taste his mouth again and tugged at his hair, but then he kept going, kissing down to the taunt skin of abdomen.

"Zoro?" she panted, not sure what he intended to do.

He shifted his eyes up to her face, meeting her gaze briefly as he let his tongue dip into her bellybutton.

She gasped, trying not to shiver at the ticklish sensation as Zoro pressed tender kisses around her navel. "What are you doing?" she asked, finding herself strangely aroused by the way he shifted down to trace a protruding hipbone with his tongue.

He flashed her a smirk, both knowing and mischievous, and the expression made something in her stomach flutter. Had he always been this devastatingly sexy? Rather than answer her question, he reached behind him and tossed the sheets over them, covering Nami from the shoulders down and hiding himself from view completely.

She gasped as his lips were upon her again, his tongue trailing over her skin with lazy strokes. Nami couldn't see what he was doing but could most definitely feel him descend lower down her body. She jumped when strong hands ran up her thighs and coaxed them apart. He spread her wider…wider, and Nami felt her pulse race in excitement as she waited for him to continue. His lips fell to her inner thighs, pressing soft kisses that suddenly had her very away of his close proximity to her desire.

"Zoro," she whimpered again, feeling wonderfully naughty for allowing him to kiss such places. He was a goddamn tease and she hoped he would make it worth her while.

A puff of warm air over her exposed apex was the only warning she got before she felt the pliant heat of his tongue sweep over her, causing her to squeal in surprise. Strong hands slipped under her thighs and wrapped around them to restrain her bucking hips as he began to explore her most intimate place with languid strokes of his tongue. Nami couldn't stop the moans that kept falling from her lips as his wet muscle slid into her liquid heat, swirling and twisting within her at an agonizingly slow pace. It felt so amazing that she couldn't help but get lost in the sensations, unable to fight him even if she'd wanted to. Zoro wasn't giving her a choice in the matter, holding her down as his mouth worked sinfully over her drenched folds.

A pleasured growl left his lips as the spicy tang of her nectar coated his tongue. Her scent was strong, especially under the covers, but the swordsman found it wonderfully intoxicating. Her velvety folds were absolutely drenched, betraying how much she had enjoyed the way he had touched her breasts, and she seemed to be getting wetter every time he slipped his tongue inside her. He could hear her muffled moans through the covers and feel her hips rocking pleadingly against his mouth. Although he tried to keep his ministrations slow and teasing, her enthusiasm for his touch was quickly eroding his self control, causing him to slurp and suckle at her soaking folds with increasing urgency.

Nami pressed the back of her hands to her mouth but it did little to muffle her moans. She'd never expected to ever make such wanton sounds, especially in Zoro's presence. But his mouth was doing the most incredible things to her, and already she could feel the pressure growing low in her belly, a tension that when released would send her careening into the blissful depths of release.

She could hear soft growls and grunts coming from under the sheets, as well as the wet smacking of his lips against her soaking sex. The hungry noises gave every indication that he quite enjoyed what he was doing to her, and Nami was glad because she didn't want him to stop.

Her sex was quivering as he laved it with his tongue, muscles contracting every time he pushed his tongue inside. Her responsive body was trying to pull him in deeper and fill up the aching void within, but his tongue only teased, making her moan and whimper and cry out a siren song that was both erotic and compelling.

He let his tongue slide free of her folds to slick over her throbbing pearl, smirking as her hips immediately arched off the bed at the contact, a sharp cry filling the room. He tapped and swirled his tongue around it, flicked over it again and again while taking care to be gentle with the sensitive button.

"Zoro!" the navigator cried, fire suddenly running through her veins and sizzling over her nerve endings as he shifted his attention from her opening to her clit. Her hands tore at the covers mindlessly, fisting in the sheets as pleasure streaked through her.

Zoro took the swollen little jewel in his mouth and suckled it softly, delighting in the way it made her whole body shudder. Although the covers hid her face from sight, he could imagine her pleasured expressions as he devoured her with a ravenous, unstoppable hunger.

He began to switch back and fourth, plunging his tongue into her molten core before sweeping it over her clit, sucking at her plump outer lips, then her tight, pink pearl, before doing it all over again. The swordsman noted with pride that her moans were continuous, his name falling from her lips in breathless cries. Her sex was absolutely soaked, her juices plentiful enough to drip from her opening, and he could tell she was close to her peak.

With one last kiss he pulled away, crawling up her body to emerge back into the cool air and yellow light from the bedside lamp. The woman beneath him looked disheveled, disoriented by all the pleasure he had wrought on her, but the unconscious grind of her pelvis against his told him she was anything but satisfied.

Nami felt him pull away and mourned the loss of such wonderful sensations. Her hazy eyes focused on his face as it appeared from beneath the sheets. His mouth and chin were slicked with her juices, but he didn't see to mind at all as he hovered over her, eyes drinking in her features before lowering his head for another kiss. She could taste herself on his lips, spicy and strange as he spread her flavor around her mouth. The kiss turned increasingly passionate, as Nami linked her hands behind his neck, moaning into the kiss as raw need continued to pulse in her core.

Zoro knew he couldn't wait much longer, He was painfully hard, his length throbbing against her thigh as he pressed against her. As he broke their kiss, he took his member in his hand and aligned himself with her blazing opening.

Nami's eyes widened in shock as she felt his smooth head glide against her slick outer lips. Zoro was hovering above her, fire and lust burning in his dark eyes. There had been no final chances to back out, no breathless whispered questions asking if she was ready. Her green haired team mate had given her incredible pleasure and now he was going to take his. Nami knew she was powerless to stop it, that he could do whatever he wanted with her now, and while this was both arousing and frightening, she knew she didn't want to stop anyways.

The gazes remained locked as he pressed forward, her drenched slit parting under the pressure of the head of his shaft. She gasped as she felt him fill her inch by inch, her body stretched by his width even as it squeezed tight around him. A soft groan of awe and pleasure sounded through Zoro's clenched teeth as he was enveloped in amazing heat and tightness. It must have been quite some time since Nami had been with a man; her sex was impossibly tight around him, slick walls rippling and contracting and nearly forcing him to come on the spot.

For a moment he didn't move, allowing her to get accustomed to the feel of him inside as he fought to get himself under control. She was trembling and her arms were still wrapped tightly around his neck. Suddenly, he was struck with the thought that maybe this was the first time she had ever let a man touch her this way.

"Nami," he breathed, voice low and raspy. "This…this isn't your first time is it?"

The navigator shook her head and smiled. "No, I've done this before. You don't have to worry about hurting me. You can move."

Zoro smirked. That sounded like Nami alright, always putting on a brave face for the sake of her pride. She was a strong woman, but she was still very fragile, unable to defend herself the way other members of the crew could. Her skills did not lie in fighting, and more than once Zoro had protected her from harm. He would do the same now, making sure she didn't feel any pain.

He began to move inside her, hips pulling back to push forward again, his movements fluid and slow. Nami moaned softly, the sounds betrayed ecstasy, not pain. Soon, she was lifting her hips to meet his gentle thrusts. Zoro couldn't help his own choked moan as his cock massaged her slick walls, her body pulsing around him, squeezing him and drawing him in deep while sucking at him slightly ever time he pulled away. Her face was set in an expression of pleasured rapture, her skin flushed and glowing with a soft sheen of sweat and taupe eyes hazy and heated. When she wrapped long legs around his hips, encouraging him to thrust a little deeper, Zoro dropped his head into the crook of her shoulder and groaned deeply. She felt so damn good with her silky skin, her moist heat and tightness, and her long limbs wrapped around him.

His lips began to suckle and bite at her throat, working up to capture her lips in another kiss as he increased the speed and intensity of his thrusts. She moaned her approval against his lips, hands wandering over the scarred expanse of his back and feeling the hard muscles flex beneath her fingertips.

Nami's mind was spinning, burning pleasure leaping from synapses to synapses, clouding her thoughts and making everything fuzzy except for Zoro's body pressed to hers. Zoro's tongue tracing her lips…Zoro's hips pressing forward and retreating over and over, filling her and making her whole. Never had her body felt like this; like it was on fire, like she would burn up if he kept touching her, like she would die if he stopped. Her hips bucked up to meet his faster and he responded, quickening his pace. His body was like that of a machine; hard, solid, powerful, without a trace of fatigue. Through the haze of heat and pleasure, Nami wondered just how long he could keep up his unwavering rhythm, rocking his hips against her. She had the feeling that she would tire long before he did.

Zoro pulled away from her mouth, noting with satisfaction that her lips were red and slightly swollen from the way he had sucked them. She was a vision of beauty, hair mussed and tangled, mouth forming an 'O' as she moaned his name. Her perfect breasts, still dotted with red marks, bounced in time with his thrusts and Zoro was captivated by their movements, watching the globes swing up and down.

Nami squeezed him tighter, both with the legs around his waist and the muscles wrapped around his member. With actions both conscious and unconscious, she urged him on, encouraged him to go faster, and though his pelvis was already surging against her at a fast pace, it wasn't enough. She wanted to feel him deeper, feel him slam into her harder. She arched beneath him, fingernails carving tiny half circles into his back as she whimpered, "more!"

Zoro could feel her shifting beneath him, obviously searching for more stimulation than what he was giving her. Rather than fumble around or break the mood with questions of what she wanted, the swordsman decided to relinquish his power and let her take the lead. Slipping a hand under her shoulder, he easily rolled them over until her small form was on top, a leg folded on either side of his hips and his length still wedged tightly inside her womanhood.

Nami blinked at him for a moment, dazed by their positions being switched so suddenly. She felt very exposed atop him like this. His body no longer covered hers as she was revealed to him in all her glory. It appeared what he had said about liking her breasts was true. His eyes were glued to her tits, his lustful stare making her feel sexy and wild.

"Move how you want," Zoro instructed, his voice husky and slightly strained with the effort of not thrusting up into her wildly.

Goosebumps began to break out over Nami's skin as the cold air washed over her now that it was no longer shielded by Zoro's warmth. She loved that he had given up control in favor of letting her have a moment to shine.

"Are you sure you can handle it?" she teased as her fingertips tracing the large diagonal scar on his chest.

Zoro's mouth curved into a smirk at her challenge. They both knew he could handle anything she was capable of giving him, but her playful banter was actually rather cute, and her headstrong confidence was sexy. He liked that she was competitive, that she challenged him at his own game. "You said wanted more," he said, hands running softly up her thighs to settle on her hips. "Now show me what you meant. Move in a way that makes you feel good."

Nami bit her lip, an obviously seductive gesture that Zoro found incredibly sexy. It was testing every bit of his self restraint to remain motionless beneath her and let her take things at her own pace, but his santoryou training had taught him the value of patience.

Bracing her weight on his chest, Namo lifted her hips experimentally, loving how the action made the fire in his eyes burn hotter. When she slid back down, her tight sex once more swallowed his length entirely. Zoro's eyes drifted shut as he groaned harshly, fingers gripping her hips a little tighter as he struggled not to buck up to meet her.

The navigator repeated the action, sliding her hips down with a little more force and feeling a stab of pleasure slice through her own body as well. Her breath caught in her throat as she felt him throb inside her, pulsing hard against her inner walls and making her own sex quiver with need. Everything else was soon forgotten as she began to bounce atop him, loving the feel of his shaft impaling her deeply.

"Yes, that's it," Zoro groaned, feeling her slick heat work up and down his cock. She felt so good, so tight and liquid. He forced his eyes open and was greeted with the marvelous sight of her riding him, her own eyes closed and her head thrown back, large breasts jutting forward and bouncing enticingly with her movements.

He breathed her name in awe, caught up in her beauty and heat and raw sexuality as she rode him. His hands slide to the firm roundness of her ass, kneading the toned flesh and encouraging her to press down the same time he raised his hips, forcing himself even deeper inside.

Her breath left her in a keening cry as heat radiated outward from the place they were joined. He was so deep inside her, touching all the right places, sending electric jolts of pleasure through her with every upward thrust. The tightness low in her abdomen was beginning to become unbearable, the pressure building to the point where something would have to give.

Nami no longer felt the cold, her skin flushed and hot as Zoro's hands gripped her ass and urged her into an even faster tempo. The muscles in her thighs burned from raising her hips, but it felt too good to stop. She was so close to completion that it was agonizing. She was hanging on the very brink of the abyss and wanted so badly to jump over the edge.

Her heady moans turned desperate as she slammed her hips down and began to grind her hips in circles, searching for something that would grant her release. Zoro could feel her core tightening around him, signaling just how close she was. He was also nearly at his peak, be he'd be damned if she didn't tumble over the edge with him.

With out warning, he sat up and gathered her into his arms. "Hold on tight," he growled, pulling her into his lap as he scooted back against the headboard.

Nami obeyed, her arms encircling his neck and her legs his waist. The position gave her no leverage and she almost cried in frustration. Didn't he understand she would go mad if this ended without her finding release?

But then he began to move, his hips rapidly slamming up into her with jackhammer motions, his cock filling her hard and deep and so fast that spots danced over her vision and she momentarily forgot how to breathe.

The sounds of Zoro's harsh panting and the rush of her own blood filled her ears as he pounded into her, giving her the stimulation she had been craving. When she was finally able to draw a breath, it was quickly released in a scream as her inner walls clamped fiercely around him. The ball of pressure in her belly exploded outwards and whited out her vision with wave after wave of blinding pleasure.

Zoro felt her body go rigid a split second before her sex constricted around him like a vice. Her fingernails raked across his back hard enough to draw blood but it was quickly forgotten as feminine muscles flexed and fluttered around him, massaging his rock hard length until he couldn't help but give in.

Wrapping his arms around her, he crushed her to his chest as he erupted, spurting hot, milky liquid deep inside her. The pleasure was intense but short lived, and soon he was coming down to find that Nami was still convulsing in his arms, her face buried in the crook of his shoulder as she sobbed in ecstasy. He rocked his hips against hers gently, easing her down from the blissful place he had taken her as he ran a hand soothingly over her back. He could feel the muscles wrapped around his softening length still twitch occasionally and figured it must have been one hell of an orgasm. He just wished he had gotten to see her face while she was at the pinnacle. Nothing was sexier than a woman succumbing to bliss under his touch.

At last her body slackened in his arms, her shuddering breaths blowing warm against his shoulder. She nuzzled his neck with her nose and gave a contented sigh, signaling that she had been satisfied wholly and completely. "Zoro," she murmured lazily. "Why the hell didn't we do this sooner?"

The swordsman smirked against her hair, finding it crazy that before this incident Nami had been nothing more than an attractive woman with a knack for drawing maps and a very short temper. "Because you were too busy yelling and screaming at everyone who pissed you off for me to see the sexy woman behind that violent fist."

He felt her huff indignantly against his shoulder. "Well I thought you were a lazy oaf with more muscle than brains who couldn't find his way out of a cardboard box."

Zoro chuckeld at her acidic words and brought a hand up to thread thrown her messy copper tresses, tugging gently to pull her face away from his shoulder so he could see her face.

"Do you admit you were mistaken, or do I need to prove to you again that I have other skills?"

She rolled her eyes, pretending that his sexy smirk didn't make her stomach flip-flop pleasantly. "I think you've proved that sufficiently enough, thank you," she replied tartly, pushing out of his arms.

"Where are you going," he asked, letting his eyes wander over her bare form as she crawled away from him.

"To get my clothes," she responded without looking at him, her eyes scanning the room for the discarded garments.

A muscled arm wrapped around her waist, dragging her backwards, and Nami suddenly found herself flat on her back, pinned down by the chiseled musculature of Zoro's body.

"You don't need clothes," he whispered against her neck. "We can just stay in bed like this."

Nami was about to protest when his tongue dipped inside the shell of her ear, making her shiver. Who was she kidding? There was no way she could throw him off of her anyway. Besides, the way he was nibbling on her earlobe made the thought of staying in bed sound very appealing.

She let her own hands glide over Zoro's back, sliding them down to his rear to grab at the most delicious rock hard set of buns Nami had ever seen. She felt Zoro growl against her neck, the sound feral and predatory, before his arm reached out and flipped the switch on the lamp, plunging the room into darkness.


Nami awoke, swearing she had heard someone calling her name.

She found herself wrapped up in a tangle of sheets and limbs. Her back was pressed to Zoro's front and his arms encircled her smaller form. She felt warm and secure, bathed in heat and the soft light filtering in through the curtains. The rain had stopped, leaving bright sunlight in its wake, and judging by its yellow tint she guessed morning had come and gone and it was now some time after noon.

They had certainly slept late, but Nami admitted with a small smile that it had been quite a night.

Just then, a distant voice called her name, a voice that she recognized. She hadn't been imagining things after all.

"Namiiii! Where are you?" Luffy's voice called.

"Nami-swan! Answer me, my love!"

The navigator would have smacked her palm to her forehead if she hadn't been restrained by her sleeping nakama. It appeared the crew had somehow found their location, and for that she was grateful. Unfortunately, the band of Straw Hat pirates had no idea how to be discreet.

"Zoro!" Chopper's small voice called, followed by a much louder echoing of the swordsman's name from Luffy.

Yes, not too discreet and quite stupid considering they were wandering around a foreign town, calling out the name of a man with a sizable bounty on his head.

"Those idiots," Nami hissed, abruptly sitting up and waking Zoro by roughly pulling out of his embrace.

"Hey," he grumbled irritably, blinking at her with sleepy eyes.

"It's our brainless leader," she seethed, sitting at the edge of the bed as she plucked the log pose off the night stand and proceeded to strap it around her wrist. "If he runs around town calling your name, someone might decide they want to cash in on your bounty, or at least call the marines and tell them we're here."

"Sounds like typical Luffy," Zoro chuckled, sitting up and moving behind Nami. He found it amusing that the first article of clothing she went for was the tiny bauble on her wrist, not that he minded. It gave him a chance to admire her naked body a little longer.

"We need to get our clothes and get out of here," she snapped irritably. "We need to find those dummies and shut them up before…"

She trailed off as Zoro sat behind her, his legs hanging over the bed on either side of hers. His hands fell to her thighs, broad and callused and warm as his breath blew over the back of her neck. Apparently he didn't find the task of reuniting with the rest of their shipmates to be quite so urgent.

"Nami, I want to do this with you again," he breathed against her skin, stirring the small hairs at her nape and making her tingle deliciously. "If I come to you, will you let me touch you?"

His voice was raspy from sleep, making him sound even sexier than normal. She shivered as his fingers dragged up her thighs before his arms wrapped around her waist. This man had just proved that he could probably seduce her into doing anything he pleased.
If he wanted to sneak into her bed back on the ship, he could easily do it. Instead, he was asking her permission, giving her the choice to end things, which she appreciated. However, there was no way she was going to pass up the opportunity to feel his hands and mouth all over her again.

"I'd like that," she murmured settling back against his chest. "Just don't let Sanji know about it. He'll kill you."

Zoro chuckled against her shoulder. "That depends on how quiet you are. The whole ship will know if you're always as loud as you were last night."

The navigator felt her cheeks flush at his remark. He was teasing her of course, but there was something in his voice that told her he had rather liked how loud she had been and wouldn't mind if she repeated the performance. Things were becoming rather dangerous considering they were sitting on a bed, and with minimal effort, Zoro could have her flat on her back, delaying their mission to find their crew.

"Get dressed," she said firmly, untangling herself from his grasp. "The sooner we get to the others, the better."

Zoro watched her intently as she walked to the bathroom, hips swinging enticingly. He longed to have enough time to lay her down and delve between those long legs again, but he supposed it would have to wait.

He followed her into the bathroom to retrieve his own clothes and found her in nothing but her cotton panties, counting a wad of money with a frown.

"Zoro, where's the rest of my money?"

The swordsman sighed. He had almost forgotten how obsessed she was with gold. "I had to pay for this place somehow," he replied, pulling his pants down from where they still hung over the shower and stepping into them.

"You know you're going to have to pay me back, right?"

At first, Zoro thought she was joking, but her expression betrayed her seriousness. He could not believe this woman had the nerve to ask for the money that had, in essence, saved her life. Would she have rather stayed the night in a trash can in an ally somewhere? He was about to protest angrily when a wonderful idea crossed his mind.

"Why don't I pay you back a different way?" he said, his mouth curving into a wicked grin as he stepped closer to her in the small space of the bathroom.

"W-what do you mean?" Nami stuttered, taking a step back. She didn't like his expression. It was too mischievous, too knowing, and too damn sexy!

He continued to close in on her, cornering her easily in the small space of the bathroom. "I'll give you one orgasm for every one hundred beli I spent. I think that's quite a fair trade."

Nami squeaked in surprise as her legs hit the toilet, forcing her to sit down upon its close lid.

"But you owe me thousands of beli," she laughed nervously, wondering if she could possibly bolt past him into the bedroom. Then again, it was probably a bad idea to be anywhere near a bed with Zoro around.

"I never said I'd pay you back all at once," he chuckled darkly as he knelt before her. "It may take a while but you'll be repaid. In fact, I can start right now."

Nami gasped as his hands abruptly spread her legs, fingers gathering the material over her apex and pulling it to the side to reveal velvety pink folds.

Hs mouth was upon her before she could push him away and her body temperature suddenly spiked as he delved between her legs.

"B-but Zoro, we have to—ah! Have to find the o-others!" she whimpered, gasping when his tongue flicked over her clit.

"Shh," he murmured against her flesh. "This won't take long. Just relax."

Nami didn't really have a choice in the matter, but soon she found herself unable to care as his mouth did deliciously sinfully things to her. Her fingers tried to tangle futilely in his short green hair as her hips bucked up to meet his mouth of their own accord.

She would never tell him, but she secretly like this even better than money. If she had known things would have ended up like this, she might have jumped off the ship during a storm sooner.


Thanks for reading my first crack at One Piece fanfiction. There's more on the way.