It's been a while since I've had a chance to write any Nami/Zoro! I've finally had some time to write now that it's summer. Yay!

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Prompt: Dressing up


Little Black Dress

The short denim skirt was clipped onto a hanger, followed by her favorite blue top and a pair of white slacks. Nami had finally gotten a chance to do some laundry and now came the chore of putting everything away.

She heard soft snoring behind her and glanced over her shoulder, her brown eyes softening and her lips forming a smile as she saw Zoro contentedly napping on her bed. He had kicked off his boots and had propped himself up with pillows. His arms were crossed behind his head and although he had unstrapped his swords, they were on the floor within reach should he need them. How anybody could catnap so much was beyond her. The navigator sometimes wondered if he had a mild case of narcolepsy because it seemed he could drift off almost instantaneously, no matter where he was.

Nami turned back to her closet and began hanging freshly washed tops, skirts, pants and a single summer dress she had worn last week when the weather was particularly nice. She went to hang the yellow garment on the far side of her closet, pushing others aside to make room, but paused when her eyes fell upon slinky black material. She hung the yellow dress in exchange for the black one, holding it up to her body and smiling a little. It had been ages since she had worn this dress but she guessed it would still fit her. The knowledge was reassuring.

"I've never seen you wear that before." While Zoro could fall asleep instantly, it seemed he could awaken just as quickly.

Nami turned to face him, dress still in hand. "I wore it once to the party that was thrown for us when we ran out those pirates that were tormenting the island villagers," she replied. "There was the cutest little boutique there and when I saw this dress I had to have it, even though I knew there would hardly ever be an occasion to wear it"

She could see his dark eyes taking in the slinky garment and her lithe body and had a feeling he was trying to mentally superimpose the two.

"Are you sure you wore it then? I think I would remember a dress like that."

Nami giggled and came to stand next to the bed, looking down at the man she had been dating for well over six months now, much to Sanji's chagrin. "I wore it, but you drank so much that night I'm surprised you remember there was a party at all the next day."

"Of course I knew there'd been a party," Zoro replied. "A hangover like that couldn't have been caused by anything else."

Nami laughed before letting her eyes return to the dress. "It's a shame," she said. "I even bought black gloves and heels to go with it. I don't think I've worn the shoes since that night either and I've never worn the gloves at all. Us pirates just don't get invited to enough fancy events."

A moment of silence passed before the green-haired man's low baritone rumbled softly, "You could always wear it for me."

Nami looked at him incredulously. Zoro was hardly a fashionable man. He wore what was comfortable and easy to move in and disliked clothes shopping as much as he enjoyed naps and alcohol. He had never shown much interest in what she wore before, so why now?

"It would be silly to put it on and then not go anywhere," she countered. "And this is hardly a dress you can go shopping for supplies in."

"I want to see what it looks like on you," he remarked simply. "Put on the dress with the shoes and gloves and whatever other accessories you women insist on wearing."


"Why not?"

"But I'm not even sure if it still fits!"

"Only one way to find out."

Nami sighed, not in the mood to argue with her stubborn lover. Besides, she was a little curious as to how the dress would look on her once more. She didn't think she had gained any weight since she bought it, but one could never tell.

She went to her closet, rummaging around until she found the shoes she was looking for: a pair of elegant strappy sandals with a completely impractical, but inarguably sexy, four inch heel. The gloves took a little longer to locate but she finally found them buried in the bottom of a dresser drawer. Clothing in hand, she turned to the small bathroom that connected her room to Robin's.

"You could just change here," Zoro suggested, his face calm but his eyes betraying a mischievous glimmer. "It's nothing I haven't seen before."

Nami waggled a finger at him. "But that would ruin the effect," she chastised. "I'll be out in a moment."

She shut the door behind her and took a deep breath as she began to strip off the pale green T-shirt and faded jeans she had been previously wearing. After a moment's hesitation, her bra and panties followed. The material was such that anything she wore beneath it would leave unsightly underwear lines so she would have to forego them for the moment.

The navigator pulled the dress over her head and tugged it down over her hips before smoothing the fabric into place. She slipped on the shoes and fastened the straps, shifting her weight experimentally as she got used to the added height the heels gave her. Once she pulled on the ebony gloves that reached past her elbows, she looked in the mirror, bracing herself for the transformation.

She was pleasantly surprised to see that the dress fit her just as well as the day she bought it. The black material clung to her like a second skin, accentuating her generous curves and slender waist. The front was cut in a V, showing enough cleavage to be alluring, but not trashy. The back was simple yet elegant, cutting straight across and covering everything just below the armpit. Thin black straps kept the garment on her shoulders and the skirt's hem ended at mid thigh. Her long, creamy legs looked even longer when wearing the heeled shoes, and the gloves added a touch of elegance while hiding more of her smooth skin from view.

Nami turned to the side, and then to the back and peeked over her shoulder, trying to see herself from all angles. Although she knew she had an excellent body, this particular outfit made her look even better. She just hoped that at least Zoro would appreciate it. For some reason, she couldn't help but feel like a silly young girl meeting her date for prom as she stepped out of the bathroom and allowed her boyfriend to see her new attire.

At first he was silent, but his expression said it all. The way his dark eyes slowly traveled the length of her body from head to toe and the way his jaw dropped slightly before he could compose himself was proof that Zoro appreciated her outfit immensely.

"Well?" Nami asked, turning in a slow circle so he could see her from all sides. "What do you think?"

"I this it's a goddamned tragedy that this dress spends so much time in the closet."

Nami feigned flattered embarrassment, even though that was just the sort of compliment she had been fishing for.

"Come here," he commanded, his voice dropping into that sexy register that always had her shivering delightfully at the sound. She walked towards him, but did so at a teasingly slow pace. Zoro swung his legs over the edge of the bed and watched her approach hungrily. As soon as she was close enough, he reached out and tugged her towards him, hand moving so quickly that she didn't have the chance to avoid him.

Strong hands found purchase on her waist as he pressed his face to her navel, nuzzling the silky fabric that separated her skin from his. Nami smiled down at him, hands gently resting atop his head where they lovingly played with his short green hair.

His reaction to her attire was flattering. Zoro was a man who usually kept his emotions in check, monitored by his own unwavering self discipline. But every now and then, she was able to watch him come undone. Even all the swordsman's skill and training did not make him immune to her feminine charm.

His hands began to wander over her body, smoothing over the silky fabric and feeling her supple curves beneath. Fingers flared over her hips and swept up her back, callused fingertips fleeting over exposed skin and making the navigator shiver.

"You look so damn sexy in this dress," he growled against her stomach. "But for some reason, I'd rather take it off."

Nami giggled, feeling the warmth of his breath against her navel. "That's too bad, because I want to enjoy wearing it for a little longer."

His hands made their way down her back and over her rear, pausing momentarily as he lifted his head to look up at her. "You're not wearing underwear."

Nami would have rolled her eyes at how much that fact seemed to excite him, but the intense desire in his dark eyes caught her by surprise and stole away any sarcastic remark she might have made. "I would have had panty lines," she said instead.

The redhead felt more than saw his lips curve into a smile against her belly.

"That will make it easier," he whispered huskily.

"What will be easier?" she asked, her voice laced with confusion.


Before she could respond, Zoro dropped to his knees and effortlessly hoisted one toned thigh over his shoulder, her stiletto heel braced against the edge of the bed. The position hiked up the hem of the dress, exposing the juncture of her legs and Zoro wasted no time in sealing his lips to her most intimate place.

"Z-Zoro!" the navigator cried as she felt the heat of his mouth on her sensitive skin. She wobbled for a moment on one unsteady shoe before his hands tightened on her hips, holding her in place as he began to explore her womanhood with his tongue. He was thorough in his work, suckling at her clit and feeling it swell against his lips before pushing into the tightness of her body.

"Mmm...ahhh!" Nami moaned, struggled to cope with the abrupt pleasure as he expertly swirled his tongue inside her tight channel, her hands gripping his shoulders as she trembled. A part of her knew they should stop this or at least take a break long enough so she could lock her door. If someone were to walk in on them to find her in such a compromising position in her current attire, she might die of embarrassment. And yet she couldn't bring herself to push him away as he flicked his tongue over the tender pink pearl at her entrance.

Zoro teased the bundle of nerves before moving back to her opening, slipping his tongue inside and growling in pleasure as she shuddered against him. His hands began to guide her hips in a rocking motion, aiding him in thrusting inside her, lapping and slurping and groaning as she grew wet for him, her desire tasting both tart and sweet.

Nami's thighs quivered around his shoulders as she struggled to catch her breath. Already she found herself racing towards climax thanks to the talents of her lover's limber tongue. She eagerly anticipated her release, but at the same time she felt that things were happening much too fast. She wanted to draw out the foreplay a little longer before she found herself pinned beneath Zoro's powerful body.

"Wait," she panted, tightening her grip in his hair and pulling hard enough that he finally ceased his assault on her and pulled away slightly.

"What is it?"

Nami carefully unhooked her leg from around his shoulder and sank down until she was level with him. "Sit," she commanded and he hesitantly repositioned himself so that he was sitting on the floor with his back pressed to the bed. His expression was still heated, but slightly amused as the navigator suddenly started issuing orders. He was curious to see where this would lead, even though he wanted nothing more than to pick up her petite body and toss her on the bed where he could ravage the beautiful skin that was currently encased in sexy black material.

"It's my turn to touch you," she whispered seductively, hands deftly untucking his shirt before unzipping his fly and pulling out his hardened manhood. Taupe eyes flicked upward to meet stormy black as she let gloved fingers wrap around the base and began to slowly pump up and down.

Zoro let out a deep groan as his head tipped back against the bed. The satin touch of her glove and her firm grip made stars suddenly explode across his vision. Heat and lightning raced along his spine as she stroked him and soon he was thrusting into her hand.

Nami's eyes roved over the sexy picture he made. His legs were carelessly spread, allowing her to crouch between them and his shirt had ridden halfway up his chest, exposing sculpted muscle and scarred skin. His eyes had drifted closed and his jaw set against the pleasure. She couldn't resist leaning in and pressing teasing kisses to the exposed column of his neck. She dragged her thumb over the tip of his shaft, smearing the bead of precum that had leaking from him. Zoro groaned again, clearly enraptured by feeling of her satin-covered hand jerking him slowly.

"These gloved are amazing," he rasped before winding his fingers through auburn strand of hair and pulling her in for a heated kiss. She moaned as his tongue entered her mouth, her rhythm unwavering even as he kissed her hard and deep.

Nami could feel him twitching in her grasp, his rigid shaft growing even harder as her slippery smooth palm glided up and down, slow and unhurried. She never dreamed she'd be using these gloves in such devious ways at their time of purchase, but now that she knew of their potential, she no longer intended to leave them (or the dress) forgotten.

Zoro's hands fell to her shoulders as he released her lips from their kiss. Dark eyes watched her hungrily as battle-roughened fingers slid the straps down over sun-kissed skin. The thin straps fell down around her elbows, slackened and useless as her right hand continued to stroke him. Much to his annoyance, the garment clung to her in a way that the dress stayed in place at her bust even without the support of the straps.

With a soft growl, the swordsman moved his hands to her hips, palms smoothing upward and gathering the dress as he went. When he reached the place where her dress ended below the armpits, he gripped the fabric and tugged downward. A primal sound of satisfaction escaped him as twin globes spilled from their silky confines, the black material now bunched around her waist.

Though her breasts were large and pert, they weren't anything Zoro hadn't already seen countless times. But the way he fixed the mounds with his ravenous gaze brought the same smoldering excitement as the first time he had stripped her naked.

Without warning, he dipped his head and captured one hardened nipple between his teeth, tugging it softly before soothing the sensitive bud with quick flicks of his tongue. Nami cried out softly and arched into his touch. Her head tipped back and her steady rhythm finally broke as she shuddered against him.

Warm breath washed over her skin as he chuckled at her response. Seizing the moment, he scooped the navigator up in his arms as he stood. He didn't even release her captive breast from his mouth as he laid her out on the bed and climbed atop her in one smooth motion. Nami found that she had somehow lost her grasp on his arousal along the way, and her hands were now desperately tugging at the hem of his shirt as she unsuccessful tried to work it up his body.

Zoro assisted her, abandoning her breast just long enough to tug the shirt over his head and toss it away before latching on to the opposite mound. He smirked against her as he suckled hungrily, biting down with the perfect amount of pressure to pleasure but not to cause pain. By now, the swordsman knew exactly what drove his lover wild. Though he possibly had the world's worst sense of direction, he knew exactly how to navigate the redhead's body. She didn't mind when he got lost on his journey from time to time, retracing his steps along her skin and making her quiver in anticipation.

However, she was no longer in the mood to delay any longer. She tugged impatiently at the waistband of his pants, squirming and arching against him as he continued to work over her breasts with his skilled mouth.

"Zoro, please," she panted, her pelvis grinding restlessly against his stomach and feeling his hot length trapped between them. Her gloved hands smoothed over his bare back, making him growl darkly against her skin. The sound made her shiver as she was reminded of the strength and power this man possessed. She had by no means tamed him, and the dangerous ferocity inside him could sometimes be glimpsed at times like this when he was hot and hungry for her.

He pulled away from her breast with a wet pop, his eyes following the creamy mound as it bounced back from the suction of his lips. Slowly, his eyes lifted to meet hers, twin pools of black fire igniting her with their heat.

Any other woman would have been both terrified and helpless, but Nami was neither. "Inside me. Now," she whispered harshly, parting her thighs to show him just how wet and ready she was for him.

In an instant, Zoro's pants were gone, leaving him fully naked and Nami with her dress in disarray, heels and gloves still somehow intact. He settled between slender legs, his hand wrapping around his length to guide it to her opening. She whimpered as she felt the blunt head push against drenched lips, and for one tantalizing moment, she thought he was going to stop there, teasing her by making her wait for what she so desperately needed. But then he was pushing forward, entering her in one smooth, slow stroke, filling her up in the way that only Zoro could, until she felt stretched and complete.

"Ahh!" she moaned, instinctively arching up against him as slippery gloved hands struggled to grip his shoulders, She wrapped her legs around him, ankles crossing at the base of his spine, and Zoro couldn't help but groan when the position forced her body to squeeze him a little tighter.

His thrusts were neither hurried nor especially deep, but thanks to the prior ministrations of his tongue and the sheer eroticism of their little dress up game, she found herself already astoundingly close to her peak.

Zoro buried his face in the crook of her neck, inhaling the sweetness of her skin as his hips glided forward and back against her thighs, his movements strong and sure and powerful as he took them both to the heights of pleasure. Nami trembled beneath him, too enraptured to be embarrassed about how quickly she was coming undone for him.

His shaft slid into her with the same silky ease that her satin-encased hands smoothed over the shifting muscles of his back. She could feel her womanhood growing tighter and tighter around him as the pleasure coursing through her veins ran hotter, brighter.

Sensing he had her precariously on the brink, Zoro let his tongue trace her jaw line until he came to her ear. He gave the lobe a soft bite before whispering a simple command in her ear. "Come for me."

The sensual rasp of his voice ensured she could no longer deny him. Her body went ridged for a short moment before she trembled violently in his arms, consumed by the inevitable supernova of heat and light. She heard him groan as she clamped down around him, legs squeezing and spasming around his waist, but she couldn't seem to open her eyes and watch him. The fragments of brilliant color behind her eyelids had robbed her of command over her own body.

He moaned again, his voice desperate, helpless. It was a beautiful sound and Nami clung to him tighter as she felt hard muscles tremble beneath gloved fingertips. The steady rhythm of his thrusting hips faltered. His body tensed, and the familiar sensation of his warm seed flooding her womb accompanied his soft cry of surrender.

He collapsed on top of her, but the weight of his body was familiar and soothing as they both floated down from their high, sweat slicked bodies quivering among tangled sheets. Gradually, the navigator was able to open sleepy eyes. Zoro's green head of hair came into view as it was still tucked into the crook of her shoulder. A look past that revealed his muscled backside in all its naked glory, and past that the remaining laundry that she had not yet put away.

Deciding that her lover's unclothed body was far more appealing than chores, she remained comfortably pinned beneath him, letting her hands glide over him soothingly. She swept her palms over the broadness of his back before caressing upward to massage his neck and run satin-clad fingers along his scalp. He gave a contented sigh, practically melting into her as she pampered him in the afterglow.

"Don't ever get rid of this outfit," he rasped against her neck before pressing his lips to her skin in a lazy kiss.

"I won't," she promised, then teasingly added, "but maybe I'll just store it in the closet forever. It's clearly too dangerous to wear it around you."

Zoro chuckled as he held her against him and rolled them both over so she was now settled on top. Nami couldn't help but notice that although he had gone soft, he was still intimately nestled inside her.

She found herself looking into his dark eyes as he spoke, and though the lustful fire inside them was gone they were still full of warmth. "If you wear it in public, I promise I'll behave, but once I get you alone, know that you'll be in for it."

Nami giggled, bracing her palms on his chest as she leaned down to kiss him. "Maybe next time, you should dress up for me."

Zoro chuckled. "I look terrible in little black dresses, and I can never find one in my size."

At this, the redhead couldn't help but laugh, swatting at him playfully. He easily caught her wrist and tugged her down, rolling her to the side so that she was spooned safely against his front.

Nami sighed in contentment, loving the feel of his hard body cradling hers. She didn't even care that she had clothes left to put away or that the light was on. She didn't care that she still had her gloves on and her dress was still bunched around her stomach, although she did sleepily kick off her heels, hearing them fall off the bed in a series of twin thumps. Hell, she didn't even care that the door was still unlocked. Everybody knew about them anyway and should know better than to pop into either of their rooms unannounced.

She felt Zoro tug a sheet over them before showering her shoulder with soft kisses. Before she could even murmur how good it felt, she was asleep.