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Bella seemed nervous as the plane began to taxi out. When I asked if she was okay, she simply nodded and gripped my hand as she clenched her eyes shut. This action confused me, since she was perfectly fine when we had flown to Boston.

"You have to tell me what's going on in that head of yours, my love. I can feel your tension and nerves as if they were my own," I reminded her.

"It's nothing," she said, though her tone clearly said that it was definitely something.

"Bella, it's clearly not nothing, love. Please just tell me," I asked in my most persuasive voice.

"Okay, no need to pull out the heavy artillery, I'll tell you. I hate the way I left things with Renee, and I am beyond scared to leave the country. I've only ever been to California, Arizona, Washington and Massachusetts," she sighed. As she explained this, she visibly relaxed, almost as if simply telling me this removed some of the strain she felt.

I took a moment to decide how to address the Renee issue. Finally I decided that honesty was the best route.

"I believe that you did the right thing with Renee, love. She honestly believes what she says about us and our marriage to be the absolute truth. She needs time to come to terms with the fact that you and I are not like her and Charlie. I think that by the time you are ready to venture back into the human world, she will have realized that she was wrong and will ask you to forgive her," The last sentence was a lie. In fact, I didn't see Renee ever coming around, but Bella didn't need to know that.

"And as for leaving the country, are you forgetting our little journey to Italy my dear?" I laughed at her surprised gasp. "I'm shocked Bella. I proposed there and you forgot." I sighed in mock disappointment.

"You proposed in the hall at school, and in our meadow, and then again in our room. So forgive me if I forgot one instance where you asked me to be your wife. I've had a lot on my mind today," she stuck her tongue out at me, and I could help but chuckle at her, and she eventually joined in.

"I don't recall proposing to you at school," I said after our laughter had ended.

"Yeah, I guess that's right. I thought you were proposing, but you were asking if you could keep me in the more permanent way," she pressed her fingers to her neck, just under her jaw line, as if to clarify what way she meant.

"Yes, I do recall that, and I will follow through on that tomorrow," I smiled widely, showing her my teeth. It felt strange, yet perfectly natural to joke with Bella about my vampiric nature.

"I'm holding you to that Mr. Cullen," she yawned.

"You're tired, Mrs. Cullen. Try to get some sleep, and we'll talk about all my promises and just how I should go about keeping them when you wake up," I cooed seductively in her ear. She blushed, as I knew she would, and then curled up into my side and fell asleep.

I held her close to my side, watching her as she dreamed, knowing that very soon, I would be joining her in her very last slumber. I let my mind wander over the beauty that was our wedding, and before I knew it, the pilot was announcing our descent into Houston.

I woke Bella up and asked if she wanted me to carry her. She nodded her consent, and then drifted back off as I lifted her into my arms. It still amazed me that this perfect angel trusted me so completely, that she felt safe enough to sleep in my arms.

She woke up, needing a human moment just after we entered the international terminal. I got her a coffee and a snack while I waited for her, and she ate while we waited for our flight to be called. She was wide awake as we took our seats for the flight to Rio.

She was calm as the flight took off this time, and I was glad that she was over her moment of nerves. She pulled a book from her bag and curled up into her seat to read. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and watched her expressions as she read. I loved the faces that she made as she absorbed the emotions and thoughts of the characters.

We sat quietly like that until the flight attendant came by with a beverage cart.

"Tell me the plan one more time," she asked, after she opened her soda that the attendant offered.

"It will be around sunset when we arrive in Rio, and we will head straight to the yacht that the family has arranged for us.'' there was no need to tell her that I had bought the boat especially for this monumental moment in our lives. ''I will feed my lovely wife supper, and then perhaps dance with her before proceeding to ravish her until she is fully sated, and then I will claim her in the final way left to me, and we will drift off into a peaceful slumber." I ran the back of my hand across her suddenly flushed cheek, reveling in the spike of her heartbeat at my words.

"While we are sleeping Aro, Carlisle and Alice will come aboard the boat. Alice will ensure that we are properly covered before Aro observes our connection. He will then return to Italy. Once Aro is gone, Carlisle and will pilot the yacht over to Esme's Island. While Alice follows in another, smaller boat. They will remain on the island with us making sure the transformation goes as it should. Once we are both awake and you immortal, they will take the smaller boat back to Rio and then a plane home. Leaving us alone to enjoy some private time together." I hated the fact that I had to trust others to keep Bella safe, but if I trusted anyone with Bella's life, it would be my father and sister

We spoke quietly to each other after that, but it was about nothing of consequence. We were really just listening to the sound of each other's voice and becoming absorbed in each other, basking in the love and contentment that was flowing between us. The nerves about what we were about to undertake began to set in as we claimed our luggage and proceeded to the car that was waiting to take us to the yacht.

Nervous excitement engulfed both of us as the car approached the marina where 'The Siren's Song' was docked. By the time the car stopped at the end of the dock, the tension in the air was so palpable that it was almost its own entity. The electricity continued to hum and pulse between us as I took Bella's hand and helped from the car.

The driver noticed our distraction as he moved to unload our two suitcases and Bella's carryon from the trunk. He offered to carry them to the boat for me, but I dismissed him with a sizable tip and not very much attention.

I tried to rein in my emotions, knowing that I had plans for the evening, and they included more than simply ravaging my bride, yet that was the only thought that made its presence known at the moment.

I tucked both our suitcases under one arm and threw the strap of Bella's bag around my neck. I wrapped the other arm securely around Bella's waist, unsure if she was stable enough to walk the slippery dock to the boat.

She was silent as we boarded the boat, but each step we took closer to our destination brought forth a more rapid rhythm from her pounding heart. She worried her bottom lips with her teeth and seemed lost in thought.

"Are you okay, Bella?" I asked as I helped her onto the main deck.

"I'm fine, just nervous," she said with that irresistible smile of hers. I was momentarily stunned by her beauty.

"I'm nervous as well love, but Aro assures me that it will help ease your pain if I'm the one who does it," I told her.

"I'm not nervous about that part, silly husband! I completely trust you. I'm just nervous about the part before that. The part where you see me in all my naked glory, or lack thereof," she rolled her eyes at me.

"That's the part I'm looking forward to the most, my love. Seeing all of your exquisite body and not having to worry about some pesky psychic showing up and ruining all my fun," I growled playfully at her, causing her to giggle.

"We are alone here, aren't we?" she said the words like she had just realized their meaning, and I felt a sudden jolt just below my navel that coincided with a spike in Bella's breathing.

"That we are, my love." I purred. I needed a moment to calm myself. "Why don't you go freshen up a bit while I get your supper ready?"

I patted her bottom as she bent to pick up her bag. She giggled and headed to the bathroom to have a human moment.

I had a few things delivered earlier in the day, so all I had to do was heat them. I placed my iPod in the doc that I had brought with me and brought up a playlist of my favorite piano concertos. The music relaxed me, and I listened to the rustling of fabric that indicated that Bella was moving around that bathroom. I smelled the toothpaste as she brushed her teeth.

I was remembering Emmett's lewd joke from my bachelor party before I registered what she was doing. I then wondered why she would brush her teeth, knowing that I was preparing food for her, but that thought quickly left my head as Bella emerged from the bathroom wearing a very sexy white silk slip dress. I was instantly and painfully hard.

I froze holding the covered plate of Ravioli in my hands, openly gaping at my wife as she spun in a very slow circle, giving me a three hundred sixty degree view of her luscious form. I growled a low rumbling sound and she took it as a positive response and glided past me to take the covered dish from my hands. She placed it on the table and turned to press a quick peck to my lips before sitting down to eat.

I was having a hard time controlling my need to touch her, so I excused myself to prepare the bathroom and bedroom for the rest of our evening. I sprinkled the red and white rose petals that I had stashed in my suitcase across the bed, making sure to save a few to place in the tub for Bella's bath. I laid one of Bella's nightgowns on the nightstand, along with a pair of my boxer shorts so I could dress us before we fell asleep.

I lit candles and checked to be sure that the body wash that I had requested had been delivered. I wasn't sure how much longer it would be before Bella was ready to relax, so I didn't start running the bath yet. I placed the petals on the counter and felt like I was in control enough to head back to Bella.

She was just finishing up her dinner when I arrived on deck. I took her plate to the galley and returned with a small dish containing three chocolate covered strawberries. She smiled brilliantly at me as I sat down in the chair beside her. I placed her dessert on the table and pulled her onto my lap.

I was entranced as I watched her wrap her lips around the chocolate covered treat that I held to her mouth. She moaned as the flavors exploded on her tongue, and I groaned in response.

I needed a distraction from my building lust. I concentrated on the soft music that was floating on the night air from my iPod. I ran my finger over the keys of my piano in my mind as I lifted another berry to her plump lips.

The music in my head suddenly shifted; no longer was I hearing the lovely piece that Handel composed. No, my lust ridden mind had begun to compose its own music around the pounding of Bella's heart and the sounds of her moaning in appreciation of the flavor of the fruit.

I shook my head and lifted the last of the strawberries to her mouth for her to indulge in, but she shook her head and took the fruit from my hand.

I tried not to openly grimace as she held the berry up to my mouth in offering.

"I'm afraid that the flavor will be wasted on my pallet, love." I said, hoping that she would understand that I meant that though the chocolate covered fruit was sweet and delicious to her, it tasted like dirt to me.

"I know that silly. I just want you to hold it so that I can eat it," the seductive gaze that she gave me had me opening my mouth for the fruit before my brain registered the movement.

I held the berry between my lips and closed my eyes at the sensation of Bella squirming around on my lap, turning so that she could pluck the berry from my lips.

I growled deeply as I felt Bella's soft, warm lips brush against mine as she bit into the ripe fruit. I shivered at the sensation of the juice from the strawberry trickling down my chin. I opened my eyes when I felt Bella's fingers trap the remainder of the fruit in her grasp.

She tossed the remnants of her dessert behind her and leaned forward, dragging her soft moist hot tongue across my skin to collect the sticky juice before closing her mouth over the point of my chin and gently biting down.

The feeling of her teeth on my body was pure bliss. I wanted, no I needed more. I snarled in pleasure and pulled Bella's body closer to mine. She whimpered against my mouth as I kissed her passionately.

I could feel her arousal in the air. Her longing for me was consuming my every thought as it mingled with my own, running rampant along the current that flowed between us. Everything was happening too quickly.

I was desperate to find a way to slow things down before my lust got out of hand and I accidently hurt Bella. That was my greatest fear: that I would somehow hurt her trying to show her my love for her.

I clenched my jaw and squeezed my eyes shut to make myself focus. The sound of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata filtered into the back of my consciousness, helping me to clear my head.

"Dance with me, Bella," my voice had a husky undertone, which I recognized to be seductive from the few times we had allowed ourselves to get carried away by our love for each other. It apparently had quite an effect on Bella because she shivered against me even though it was still eighty degrees outside.

She nodded, removing herself from my lap and offering me her hand. I stood and quickly pulled her body against mine, reveling in her scent as the current hummed loudly between us.

I arranged us so that my hands were wrapped around her waist, and her hands gripped my shoulders, while she laid her head against my chest. I wondered if the she could hear the thunderous pounding of the electricity through my body.

The feeling of her warm, fragrant skin pressed against my body, even through the fabric of our clothes, caused the air to rush out of my lungs in a hiss.

My body shook as heat rocketed through my chest as she pressed his lips to my shirt, directly over my dormant heart. This wasn't working. I needed to put some distance between our bodies, but how? Then I remember the bath; yes she could soak in the tub and I could slow down and regain enough control to be gentle as I claimed her body as my own. Not helping, Edward!

"Would you like for me to draw you a bath, love?" I tried to force the desperation I felt for her from my voice, but I wasn't sure I was successful as her breath hitched at my words. She looked up into my eyes and I was almost lost. Please say yes, so that I'm not tempted to take you right here with the stars and the moon as witness to my weakness.

"I'd like that, Edward," she said shyly, blushing a lovely scarlet.

"I'd like that too" I said, not meaning to say the words aloud. I smiled sheepishly at her and ran into the bathroom.

I turned the water on to start filling the tub and tossed the red and white petals in the tub before lighting a few tea light candles to make the room glow. Once I felt the room was perfect, I ran back onto the deck and scooped her up and carried her into the bathroom. I wanted so badly to undress her myself, but knew that if I allowed myself to peel the thin fabric barrier away from her bare skin I would have neither the presence of mind nor the patience to make it to the bedroom before I made love to Bella. She deserved better than that, so I stood back and watched as my angel turned her back to me and disrobed herself.

My eyes were glued to her form as she lifted the silk over her head, revealing to me her gloriously naked back and rear that was covered only by a miniscule piece of white silk that had the nerve to call itself underwear.

I groaned longingly as she slipped her fingers under the waistband of her delicate lace panties and slid them down her hips and off her feet. She looked back over her shoulder and winked at me.

I growled in response. It took every bit of my century's worth of control not to pounce on her. The need to touch her gnawed at my self restraint until I allowed my body to move with the electric current as it pulled me towards Bella's naked form.

She didn't seem to notice that I was drifting towards her as she lowered her body into the tub. She turned her head to smile shyly at me, gasping at my close proximity.

"May I wash you, love?" I asked in low gruff voice.

"Yes, but do you… um, do you think you could get in the tub with me while you do it? The water is almost too hot for me," I couldn't tear me eyes away from her skin as I watched her light pink blush color not only her face but her neck and the top of her chest as well.

I nodded and slowly undressed, feeling slightly self conscious as Bella's hungry gaze roamed over every new inch of flesh I exposed to her.

I let out a breath that I didn't realize I had been holding when Bella closed her eyes and she moaned needfullly.

I lifted her out of the water, allowing my eyes to feast on her exquisite naked form, and then lowered us both down into the warm water. Bella sat with her back against my chest and rested her head on my shoulder.

She moaned appreciatively as I ran my hand up and down her sides. There weren't words to describe the sensation of her soft flesh in my hands or the taste of her excited scent in the air– floral soft and purely Bella - on my tongue.

My eyes never closed, but light exploded behind my eyes. My entire world shifted as Bella reached behind her to tentatively brush her hands along my now throbbing erection. I growled out, desiring her almost to the point of pain. Bella's hips pushed backwards against me as I slowly trailed my finger tips down over her stomach to graze her blazing hot center.

She moaned, arching her back. Her breathing was irregular and fast. Her head fell back against my chest as I carefully traced the contours of her delicate folds. Bella looked up at me with heavy lidded eyes and moaned breathlessly, "Edward, Oh my God… I need you so much."

I felt my body convulse at her words and my hips bucked into her as I grabbed her thighs and urged her back into me. I felt nearly delirious with need as I placed my hands on her hips with more force than I would have otherwise used with her. I needed her more than I ever had before.

I carefully lifted her and turned her in my arms, groaning as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I ravaged her mouth, kissing her as hard as I dared, moaning against her lips. I stood, tightening my grasp on her so that she would feel safe in my arms.

"Edward, please don't stop," she cried out immediately, panting as I removed my lips from hers. Did she really think that I would ever stop now? I set her on her feet as soon as we out of the water and chuckled as I kissed her hair. I grabbed a towel from the counter and began drying her off so that she wouldn't get cold.

Once she was fairly dry, I picked her up bridal style and walked straight to the bedroom and laid her across the green bed spread. I knew I should have taken the time to dry myself too but I couldn't be bothered with such mundane details. The sense of urgency curling in my lower abdomen was far too great to do something so trivial.

Her scent and heat surrounded me and I was only just aware enough to keep my strength in check, as my strong desire to claim her forced a feral growl from my chest.

I brought my mouth back to hers once again and we continued our kiss that we had started in the tub, only now it was even deeper and more passionate because the current between us was strengthening with every second that passed. It seemed that our bodies were getting closer and closer, and that they knew what they wanted. Our bodies wanted us to become one.

"Bella, I need this, need you, now. I want to make love to you. Are you ready?"

The sensation of our dual pleasure running through my body was almost too much for me to take.

"Yes, Edward, I'm ready. Please, make love me, now" her voice was laced with desire.

I could feel the current that surrounded us. It was pulsing with both of our passion, making it impossible for me to think past the need to hold her and kiss her and love her and claim her in every way.

Unable and unwilling to fight the electricity flowing between us any longer I leaned down and kissed Bella as tenderly as I could

"Now, Edward. Make love to me, now. I love you." she moaned around my lips.

I shifted my weight to one arm, to balance myself and I positioned my manhood between her thighs. I groaned when I felt the soft hot skin of her center against me.

Please God, let me keep her safe, I plead silently asIslowly pushed into her. I fought to keep myself in the moment and not lose myself in her heat as the passion began to overwhelm me. Her hands slowly ran over my shoulders, encouraging me to fully take her. The electric tingling that her touch left in its wake grounded and relaxed me somewhat and I pushed in further; I felt the point at which I encountered her barrier, and took a shaking breathe, willing myself to go slow, and be gentle. My mind was at war with my body as our shared need pulsated in my chest like a phantom heartbeat.

"This will be painful, love. I am so sorry."

"I'm not. Make me yours, Edward" she whispered against my lips. I nodded once, not trusting my voice to be anything other than a growl of pleasure.

Steeling myself, I quickly pressed through her barrier. We both gasped as

Our connection became complete. And then we were one. It was like nothing I had ever known. It was almost like my long evaporated blood was now living and flowing like liquid hot lava through my veins. It was nothing short of miraculous.

Oh God, so good. "Speak to me, love. I need to know you're okay," I pled.

"I'm okay," she breathed, "Just hold still for a moment."

I ground my teeth together to steel myself against the urge to thrust into Bella's heat. I could be patient. I would be patient and let her body adjust to my intrusion. I would do everything to make this as wonderful an experience for both of us as I could. Being inside of my wife was the sweetest sensation I had ever felt in my entire existence, and could only hope that I felt even half as good to her as she did to me.

She began to move around me and I groaned. She pushed her hips up for a fraction of a second and then pulled down; the delicious friction was almost too much. She placed her hands on my lower back and pushed her hips back up to meet mine again. Oh that's exquisite.

"Move, Edward. Please, I need more," Bella rasped huskily. "I'm more than okay, I promise," she added, knowing that I wouldn't move until I knew she was okay.

I brushed my hands through Bella's hair, and then placed my elbows on either side of her head, promising myself to keep my hands flat on the bed so that I wouldn't grip her too hard. I slowly pulled my hips back, growling low in my throat at the pleasure it caused to move within my Bella and slowly pushed back in.

The sensation was like nothing I'd ever felt before. It wasn't just the mind-blowing physical sensation of her hot sex pulsing against my now throbbing length. It was the emotional bond between us that grew exponentially the longer we were connected this way. Realization hit me as I moved inside Bella again I was making love to my wife. My wife, those words were so beautiful.

"Oh God Bella, oh God," I groaned. Ilove you so much, Bella.

I love you too, Edward.

I stopped mid thrust and looked into her deep brown eyes, stunned.

I heard you, Bella. I heard you answer me. Oh God Bella, oh God.

Move with me, Edward. I need more. Please…

I set a slow, steady rhythm that allowed both of us to get used to the sensation of moving with one another. I was still reeling with the astonishing marvel of hearing her mind; I rained tiny kisses all over her face and neck, careful to keep my lips over my teeth, so I didn't lose myself in the moment and bite her too soon.

When my lips found Bella's again, she began pulling at my hair trying desperately to increase the pressure. She moved her hips up to meet my thrust. I grunted. She did it again and I almost roared in pleasure.

Oh, Edward. Yes, those sounds, oh God.

Oh, Bella. I love being inside of you, this way.I couldn't believe how amazing it felt to be both inside of her and her mind.

She moved her hips against mine harder as my thoughts registered in her mind.

"Bella, l need this to be slower, softer. I can't control myself"

"You can, Edward. I need you, Edward. Please?"

I thrust a little harder, experimentally. She moaned loudly, her breath fanning out over my face, and I clenched my jaw as I suddenly felt a new kind of lust enter my mind. For the first time in our relationship, I felt venom flow into my mouth when I inhaled her glorious scent.

"More, Edward, more!" she pleaded.

Yes more. Always more. I tried to push my own desire, my own passion away so that I could concentrate on giving Bella what she needed.

I started to thrust just a little harder, just a little faster. Reading the signals her body was sending mine.

Yes!That's it, Edward. I love you, oh how I love you, she cried in her mind.

I love you, Bella. Oh God, so good. I-It's so good. I was shaking with the effort to restrain myself.

It felt like fire was building in my abdomen and every time Bella spoke to me in her thoughts, she was stoking the flames higher, slowly but steadily breaking my control.

"Go faster, Edward." If her spoken words weren't enough, she showed me the image of us in her mind as she saw it. I growled and adjust us so that her legs were wrapped around me, mirroring the position in her thoughts.

"Bella… I can't… It's already too much."

"You can do it, Edward." Take me, Edward. I am yours.

"Yes Bella. You're mine. Forever mine, Bella. My wife, my soul mate, mine. I Love You."

"Yours," She gasped. "Oh God, Edward. Only yours for eternity."

"God, Bella. Yes, so good, you're so warm, so tight." It's so much. It's too much. It's everything. Oh, Bella.

"It's all for you, Edward, Only you."

I couldn't help myself. I started to thrust harder. My need was overwhelming my control.

I swallowed mouthful after mouthful of venom as she threw back her head exposing her throat to me and moaned my name loudly.

"Oh Edward, just like that. Oh it's good, it's so good."

"Bella, oh, Bella."

Edward, don't stop. Oh God, don't stop. I think I'm gonna…

Yes, love. Me, too. Do you feel it Bella? Do you feel how much I love you?

Oh my, Edward. I feel you. I feel you. Oh my God… I love you.

" Are you ready, love?"

"Edward, I am… Take me … Edward!" she screamed my name as her body clenched around me with an intensity that physically shook both of us. I could feel the explosion of pleasure I made her body feel as if it was my own. I felt so powerful in this knowledge, like I could do anything.

"Oh god, Bella. You're my everything... my forever. I love you." I was right on the edge of climaxing, of losing control Our combined pleasure was swirling in my head, creating a haze that left me reeling, wanting and more.

"Bella," I roared, as the intensity of her climax around me brought me over the edge with her. I pulled my lips back, bearing my teeth, and I buried them in the soft flesh of her neck as we rode the waves of our shared orgasm.

The intertwined ecstasies of enjoying both her blood and her body commanded control of my mind, and it was the most exquisite pleasure. When my mind finally returned to me, I released my teeth from her soft flesh and quickly moved to push my venom into her wrists and ankles, in an effort to push as much of my venom into her system as I could.

As I swallowed mouthfuls of her glorious blood, I began to feel dizzy and intoxicated. I was beginning to feel very drowsy. I suddenly remember our state of undress and reached out towards the nightstand and grabbed her nightgown and slipped it over her body. I then pulled on my boxers before too much time had passed.

I then carefully climbed into bed with Bella, pulling her into my loving embrace and settled in beside her. I pulled the blankets over us and closed my eyes as I drifted off into the first sleep I had known in almost a hundred years.

To Be Continued...

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