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WARNING: Contains short sexual incestual scenes.

Otouto. Wake up." Itachi gently shook his little brother to wake him up.

"Mmmm..." Sasuke groaned and slowly woke up, yawning.

"We're home otouto." Sasuke nodded his head and got out the car.

"We're home otou-san." Itachi called out as they entered the house. He put his slippers on as well as Sasuke, who was really tired from all this.

Sasuke saw his father sitting back on the couch, watching TV.

"Welcome home." Fugaku got up and smiled, turning the TV off. "You two are pretty late. It's already past 12." He said, checking the clock.

"Yeah. We stayed and watched number 1 and number 2's last scene. They asked for me to be part of the injection part and so I did so." Itachi explained, putting his coat away and sitting on the couch next to his father.

"Ah I see. Were they good?" Fugaku asked.

"It wasn't the best I've seen of them. They could have done better." Itachi said strictly. "But the members loved them and the idea was good. I give them credit for thinking it up."

"Are you kidding me?!" Sasuke almost yelled. "They were amazing! They acted like there was no one in the freaking room except them two! They didn't act ashamed or embarrassed at all!!" Sasuke shouted, surprised that Itachi would say they weren't good when they obviously were fantastic!

Itachi glared at his brother. "You are not a professional in this area so you wouldn't know the flaws they made. They were out of tune many times as they grinded against each other. Between the actions they had expressions that didn't seem as if they were drugged up, which they were supposed to seem like. They did not even use real drugs." Itachi said in a tone that made Sasuke slightly shiver.

"So they should use real drugs to seem 'professional' then?" Sasuke asked, glaring back. He didn't want to seem inferior all too soon.

Itachi kept a solemn expression but the dangerous gleam was still in his eyes. "If they want to be at the top, everything needs to not just seem real but be real. If they were really determined to give the best show, they would have taken the risk and challenge to use real drugs."

"No one would know the difference." Sasuke argued. "The audience didn't."

"But I did." Itachi countered. "They are practicing however and soon, they will be able to use real drugs. But the performance tonight was not perfect. As time goes by, little brother, you will be able to observe the flaws in every performance."

Sasuke kept quiet at that. He knew since he wasn't an expert, he couldn't really say whether the performance was actually good or not. But damn it, it seemed good to him!

"Now I suggest you wash up and go to sleep. You will come with me to the mall around 8 tomorrow."

"8?! But It's a Saturday!" Sasuke once again complained. He usually had plans on Saturday.

"Yes, it is. And you will come with me to the mall." Itachi said in the voice that made it official with no complaints.

Sasuke sighed. "Fine." He muttered.

Fugaku laughed at his two sons fighting and the way Sasuke looked so defeated.

"You two are definitely brothers." He laughed. Sasuke scowled at that comment and Itachi smirked. "Well then you should sleep though son. It's been a long day, I know."

Fugaku got up and gave Sasuke a hug. "I do hope you won't hate me for being who I am."

Sasuke gave his father a hug back. "I can never hate you father." He separated from the hug. "What you do is definitely... unusual. But it's a real business and you take it seriously. I understand at least that much."

Fugaku smiled at his somewhat mature and understanding son. "Good night Sasuke."

"Good night otou-san. Good night aniki." Sasuke called as he went upstairs.

"Good night." Itachi said back.

Fugaku and Itachi sat on the couch together as Sasuke went to sleep.

"You didn't tell him did you?" Fugaku asked.

"No. It's too early for that." Itachi replied.

"I don't even know if we should ever tell him." Fugaku sighed, rubbing his temples. "It's way harder to tell than all this."

"He has the right to know." Itachi replied.

"I know." Fugaku groaned and leaned back on the couch. "I really do need to retire."

"Father- you know the Underground is a part of your life. You won't be able to resist it so easily." Itachi pointed out.

Fugaku chuckled. "I know. It is. I love everything and everyone in it." He sighed. "But I do need to pass it on to you. I'll keep working at the company though. I still have the strength for that."

"Working the Underground is harder than your company?" Itachi asked, amused.

"Hah- Itachi. Trust me. Nothing is more tiring than a job that involves sex and everything that comes with it." Fugaku sighed as he leaned back. "But I think you'll do a way better job at this job than me."

"You were good at this job but I'll work hard as well father. I think Sasuke can too."

"Yeah. That little punk has more potential than any of us." Fugaku smiled. "Well I don't know if he could be better than you but we'll see. If he makes the decision to do it of course."

Itachi nodded. "Yes. We'll see."


Sasuke had a dream that night...

"Otou-san? Onii-san?" Sasuke whimpered as he was in nothing but darkness. He felt... alone. He felt scared.

"Nii-san! Itachi nii-san! Where are you?!" He yelled, wanting to be with his brother.


Sasuke heard moans and thought it was Itachi's voice. He walked towards the sound and soon, he saw his brother and father in front of him. Everything was still in darkness.

Like before, they were having sex. Itachi was sitting on Fugaku's lap, being penetrated deeply by him.

Sasuke winced. He hated seeing this because he felt very left out. The way the two looked at each other seemed like they didn't recognize anyone else in the room. It was just them two. It was as if they didn't even care about Sasuke- didn't know he was there.

"Nii-san.. Otou-san... Can you hear me?" Sasuke asked, reaching his hand out and wanting to hug them.

Itachi turned his head to him and lifted a brow. "You don't matter right now Sasuke. You can't do what we're doing so leave."

Sasuke's eyes widened and he felt so shocked that he staggered backwards.


"You can't give me this Sasuke." Fugaku said as he thrusted into Itachi. "But they can." He gestured towards the right and Sasuke looked there.

He saw Neji, Gaara, and Naruto there, all naked and smirking. They looked at him as if they just won a challenge he didn't.

"Yeah. You can't give him this Sasuke. Only we can." Neji smirked and walked up to Fugaku, touching him in certain places.

Gaara and Naruto did the same.

"No..I.. I can.. give him that... they're my family!! Get away from them! They're mine!!" Sasuke yelled. He wanted to push them out of the way but he couldn't. All he could was stand there and reach out his hand, but he could never reach them... he couldn't touch them.

"They're my family! I can give them whatever they want! I can! I can!!" Sasuke yelled determined.

"Then prove it." Itachi said, giving him a look of challenge.

Suddenly, he woke up and felt someone heavy on top of him.

"Mm..." He opened his eyes and widened them as he saw Itachi on top of him, his lips right above his.

"Nii-san! What are you doing?!"

Itachi smirked. "Are you going to push me off otouto?"

Sasuke wondered if he was still dreaming. Sasuke slowly shook his head. "No... because I know you'll get off on your own."

Itachi smirked again and slowly got off him.

"Hm- you were calmer than I expected. You may have some potential, but it's up to you whether you want to do it or not." Itachi said as he got off the bed.

Sasuke wondered if the dream was telling him something.

"Anyways, what were you dreaming?" Itachi asked as Sasuke sat up.


"You were squirming a lot and kept on saying the words, 'I can' continuously." Itachi explained.

Sasuke blushed. "Oh.. um..yeah..it was nothing."

Itachi lifted a brow but didn't question him further. "It's 7 so change, wash up, and come down to eat breakfast. Afterwards we'll go to the mall."

Sasuke nodded tiredly. "Ok."

After changing and washing up, Sasuke went downstairs to find a table full of food that Itachi cooked up. He was a good cook and kind of the 'mom' of the family. He was better at cleaning and cooking then their dad.

"Ittadakimasu." Sasuke thanked before grabbing his chopsticks and starting to eat his food.

His father was working on his laptop while drinking coffee at the same time.

Itachi soon set his own bowl of rice down and started to eat along with Sasuke.

"So... is Naruto going to be at the mall?" Sasuke asked a bit awkwardly since he knew Naruto was, well, 'number 3.'

"Yes. He'll work as usual at his usual store during the day of course and since today's a Saturday, he'll be busy tonight performing." Itachi explained.

"I- I see." Sasuke stuttered, blushing as he tried to visualize Naruto doing all those perverted stuff that Neji and Gaara did. He blushed even more.

"I want you to see the Underground more and make your decision as soon as you can." Itachi said, talking with a straight forward voice.

"Yeah.. I know." Sasuke looked up and Itachi and knew he was probably never going to look at his older, admired brother the same. Of course he'll still have respect for him, and probably even more but knowing that his dominant older brother was once submissive and... well maybe even begging for sex made him have a very awkward and strange feeling inside him.

The surprising thing is it didn't really disgust him but more like... intrigued his curiosity. It also made him a bit motivated as well, making him think, "If nii-san can do it, maybe I can too."

Soon, they finished and Sasuke went up to his bedroom. He looked in his closet and remembered those clothes that Neji and Gaara were wearing.

"Hm... I'm going to have to wear those kinds of things? Or even worst- nothing at all." Sasuke's decision on this issue was going up and down as he went through the day.

"Sasuke- let's go." Itachi said, knocking on his door.

"Ok. Hold on." Sasuke quickly grabbed a pair of ripped jeans and threw on a black t-shirt with the words, "BON JOVI" on it.

There's one obsession Sasuke has, and it's Bon Jovi. He absolutely loved them, even if they were an English band.

Anyways, he grabbed his cell phone and went downstairs where Itachi was already ready and waiting by the door.

"Ready?" Itachi asked.

Sasuke nodded and they both politely said good bye to their father who was about to go to work later.

They soon got in Itachi's car. Sasuke knew how to drive and had his license and everything, but he just doesn't have a car. His father and brother tend to be a bit... overprotective of him at times, and one of those times is him having a car. They feel as if having a car will lead to drugs, sex, getting girls pregnant, becoming a crack addict, jail, then death.

Sasuke did not see how having a car connected to those things, but he was used to his family's protective actions.

"Hm... yet they want me to have sex with a bunch of people I don't know." Sasuke thought. He couldn't help but grin and mentally chuckle at the thought.

"What are you smiling about otouto?" Itachi asked, not looking at him but looking at the road with those solemn eyes.

"Well, I was just wondering, you think I can get a car soon?" Sasuke asked.

"That's what you were thinking?" Itachi asked, lifting a brow and not quite believing him.

"Sort of."

Itachi decided not to go further into it and replied, "You know father and I don't approve of you getting a car yet."

Sasuke sighed. "I know. But seriously- I'm going to go to college soon and I really think I should get a car. It's not like we can't afford it."

"I understand otouto." Itachi wasn't one to be too unreasonable. He always provided rational reasons for situations, however it was just their dad that just sprouted nonsense at times.

"If you can afford it yourself, then you can have a car." Itachi solved.

Sasuke lifted a brow. "Really? So you're saying I can have a job? Didn't you and father always say that I should focus on school rather than getting a job?"

"Well if you agree to say yes to this situation, it'll be required of you to get a job anyways. With that you will get money for both jobs and be able to buy your own car." Itachi never spoiled Sasuke. He taught him to raise himself.

But Sasuke couldn't be more thankful for the way he's taught him to grow up.

"Hm... fine." Sasuke murmured.

They soon reached the mall which opened at 9.

Right now it was 8:30 so some people were already parked outside the mall, waiting to get in.

Itachi walked through the small crowd with Sasuke following behind him. Itachi unlocked the doors and went inside.

The two walked down the empty floors of the mall, walking past different stores.

Sasuke thought it looked very different when empty compared to seeing it during the afternoon.

Some workers were already there, getting ready early. Sasuke watched as they'd lift the gates blocking the entrance of their stores.

"Hm... looks familiar." Sasuke thought as he saw two of them.

"Good morning Itachi-sama." They would say, although their eyes would be on Sasuke wonderingly.

Itachi acknowledged their greeting. "Keep up the good work." He said.

They smiled with their eyes glistening. "Yes sir!"

As they walked throughout the building silently, Sasuke would look around. He never really realized how very comfortable this mall seemed. No wonder everyone loved it so much.

Soon, they reached the back of the mall. There was a small door reading, "Employees Only."

Itachi opened it with his key and walked in, Sasuke following. He knew where they were about to go.

The room was not that big but big enough. Sasuke watched as Itachi moved the clothes from the rack of a closet and of course, there was a mirror behind there, 3 by 3 of course.

Sasuke tried to remember the order you press the mirrors.

The wall soon opened up, revealing of course, another elevator. Sasuke and Itachi stepped in quietly and the younger brother watched as his aniki opened up that small, mysterious box and pressed the button, reading, "Deep Down." Those words didn't make him scared anymore but more...anticipating.

"So how long did it take to make all these elevators and stuff? And how did you do it without letting anyone else know about it?" Sasuke asked curiously.

"Father told me it was very complicated, but he said with his connections, it was possible." Itachi explained. "Actually, the Underground used not be in the area. It used to be located in an apartment Otou-san owned. He said that it was very small and was just for fun- like a small club him and Uncle Tobi made, however, as more people wanted to join, he found it more complicating to just keep it simple and in secret. So he decided to move it below the mall." Itachi explained.

Sasuke was very intrigued at the story. "Wow...that seems like a very interesting history." Sasuke wanted to hear more but didn't wan to bother Itachi too much.

"Otouto." Sasuke looked up at his brother.

"I want you to make your decision soon. I'm not saying it has to be immediate but by today or maybe this week. I want your training to start as soon as possible." Itachi looked at him seriously in the eyes.

Sasuke couldn't avoid those dark eyes...those eyes that were so strong yet when he looked in the, he saw, a very small amount of softness and gentless to it. Something not a lot of people can see normally but him, and of course otou-san who sees nothing but that.

"I understand nii-san." Sasuke nodded.

The elevator soon stopped and they reached all the way below. They stepped off the elevator which doors closed behind them. Sasuke was exposed to the familiar grounds of the wooden hall way and looked around, hearing no noises and seeing no people.

"The Underground is only active during the night time, however in a few special occasions it can be active 24 hours. Those are only for very special occasions." Itachi explained, seeing as Sasuke looked confused. "Being active in the day would cause complications in the mall itself."

Sasuke nodded, understanding. "So, what time does this place open then?"

"Well the mall closes at 10 and the Underground usually opens around 12 on weekdays. The performers are given 2 hours to prepare for their shows, and it takes a lot of time to prepare."

Sasuke got the image of a fashion show in his head, thinking it was just like that. You get little time to prepare and have to put on a great show for the audience. However, this wasn't a fashion show…it was way more.

"On Fridays and Saturdays, since the mall closes at 9, the performers get an extra hour to get ready since on these days, there are usually big performances. On Sunday, the Underground is closed however the mall is open until 9."

"I see…" Sasuke was trying to get all of this into his head. He never really asked a lot about the mall because he had no plans to take over it nor work in it, but he wished he had now so he could get this stuff faster.

"Are there any other questions you want to ask?" Itachi asked.

Sasuke asked, "If I accept this job, does that mean I can't go to college?"

Itachi looked surprised, not expecting that question. And then he couldn't help but smile. His little brother was cute at times.

"Well, I thought you didn't want to go to college. You always complain about hating school." Itachi pointed out.

Sasuke chuckled. "Yeah...That's true. But still, I mean, I want to go to college. Dad did, you did too…"

Itachi smiled. "Don't worry otouto. You can still go to college. I was able to, so you can too."

"But I'm not you Itachi." Sasuke thought, but didn't say it out loud. He didn't like showing his weak sides to Itachi.

"I'll help you too. So don't worry too much about that." Itachi tried to reassure.

Sasuke nodded. "Well, the mall is probably open right now. You should go up and talk to some of your school friends and ask them about the Underground too." Itachi got some papers out and started working on them.

Sasuke lifted a brow, watching his brother work. He watched the way he had a look of indifference on his face as he worked, not showing any frowns nor smiles. Just a blank face… But why, why is it that he always looked so masculine, overpowering, bold as he was working on some papers?

The younger Uchiha was not only jealous of that ability his brother possessed, but also… intrigued. Aroused. That dominant nature of Itachi always made him blush inside. He knew by now that the feelings he has for Itachi is not just 'brotherly love.' It's more… he couldn't quite describe it. It's not just jealousy nor inferiority. It's more. More.

Sasuke stood up and bowed his head, turning around and leaving before he stared at Itachi for too long.

Walking through this empty place by himself, Sasuke realized just how big this area was. It was huge. He walked through each room, each 'level,' and saw these clean, clear glass cases. He wondered if he could stand being inside these, entertaining other males with his body.

"Could I do it?" Sasuke thought.

He sighed and quickly left the place, finding his place out easily.

As he got upstairs, he found himself in a closet, and left. He then got out and already, the mall had people coming in. He went to the ramen bar Naruto worked in.

"Sasuke!" Naruto exclaimed as he was cooking some ramen. "Hey!" He smiled and said, "Sit down! Lemme make you a bowl."

"I'm not that hungry Naruto." Sasuke said, sitting down.

"I don't care. You'll eat anyways. And it'll be on the house- my apologies for yesterday night." Naruto grinned widely and gave him a bowl. Some girls a few seats away from Sasuke were looking at them, probably saying something along the lines of, "They're cute."

"So, you thinking of joining the Underground?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke sighed. "I don't know yet. It's… a big decision you know."

"I know. It took me a while to make my decision too." Naruto said. "I wanted to work here because I really wanted to make ramen and plus some extra cash wouldn't hurt. But when I applied for the job, and Itachi told me about the Underground, I was speechless. Took me at least 2 weeks to make my decision, but I finally did. And now, I'm one of the best." Naruto grinned pridefully.

"2 weeks? That's a lot of time." Sasuke muttered.

"Yeah, but other people, like Neji and Gaara took at least 3 or even a month." Naruto added.

Sasuke frowned. "Why does Itachi want me to make my decision so fast then? He says he wants a decision by this week."

"Well, you're the type to make a decision pretty quick and stick to that decision no matter what. Itachi probably knows that." Naruto suggested.

Sasuke thought about it, and he decided that was probably true. He couldn't help but feel a bit complimented for some reason, thinking Itachi knew the kind of person he was so well.

"But yeah. Hope you do join." Naruto said, handing him his bowl of ramen. "The Underground, no matter how sick and twisted it looks, is actually really… fun." Naruto grinned.

"Fun?" Sasuke said, lifting a brow. "How?"

"I don't know how to explain it, but it's very…exhilarating. It's like learning something so new, so great every day. Once you finally master it, you feel so successful. And at school, the people who are in it and you share this connection. This understanding that no one else knows about. It's like having this own little secret inside you that only a few people know about. This dangerous, mysterious, sexy secret." Naruto smiled as he thought about how he loved the Underground so much. "You wouldn't really get it unless you join it, so," Naruto shook Sasuke's shoulders. "Think hard about it Sasuke!"

Sasuke nodded, rolling his eyes at his over enthusiastic friend. As he was eating his ramen, which was good admittedly, he thought about what Naruto said. "Hm… I wonder if it'll feel like that for me." Sasuke thought.

"Oh, and by the way, your brother is so fucking good at sex." Naruto whispered to him.

"What?!" Sasuke almost shouted. "Y-you've…?"

"Of course! A lot of people on my level has." Naruto smirked. "That's one of his ways in encouraging people- to have sex with them. And let me tell you, it works." Sasuke could see the lust in the blonde's blue eyes.

Sasuke didn't like that idea. At all. He didn't know why, but he didn't. He didn't like the fact that Itachi has had sex with so many people before. So many… and he was a virgin. A fucking virgin.

"Damn…" He again felt inferior and jealous. But he wasn't so much jealous of Itachi, but more jealous of Naruto. And Gaara. And Neji. And Uncle Tobi. And everyone else that got to have sex with Itachi.

"Damn…" Sasuke thought. He sighed in frustration. He remembered his dream as well, and really didn't want to be left out. He wanted to be able to make his brother proud as well as his father. He wanted to show them he could do everything that Neji and Gaara and Naruto can, and even better.

Even if he wasn't really gay… or was he. Sasuke didn't really know and didn't really care so much as to what his sexuality was. But he had to admit, he'd rather have sex with a guy that a girl. He's seen girl's naked bodies, and he's never turned on. However… a guy's…maybe slightly. Especially Itachi's.

Sasuke left Naruto's place and roamed the mall and stopped by at Kiba and Shino's pet store. He liked animals honestly. He thought they were very cute.

He looked through the displays of the dogs.

"Hey Sasuke!" He heard Kiba exclaim, patting his back. "Watsup sexy?"

"Kiba." Shino said in his low voice. "This is why you're a cheater."

Kiba pouted. "I'm not a cheater Shinooo! You're the only guy for me."

Shino probably rolled his eyes behind his sunglasses. He then talked to Sasuke. They were pretty okay friends. Sasuke really liked Shino because he wasn't too loud but not too quiet. He talked when he had to.

"What are you doing here?" Shino asked.

"Just roaming around." Sasuke muttered.

"The look on your face shows me that you found out about the Underground." Shino replied.

Sasuke sighed. "Yup."

"You did! Welcome to the club man!!" Kiba exclaimed excitedly.

"So you can 'train' him now right?" Shino said coldly.

"Ouch." Kiba said playfully. He wrapped his arm around Shino's waist, pulling him close.

Shino didn't make a move to move away but didn't look at Kiba, ignoring him.

"You haven't decided yet right?" Shino said, more a statement than question.

"I was just told this yesterday. I can't make a decision so fast." Sasuke muttered, and sighed. "You guys like it?"

"I love it." Kiba smiled, saying this sincerely. "I'm only on the Romance level but still, it's so great. Everyone part of this are so close and we all love each other. It's something that you can just be free and enjoy yourself."

Sasuke nodded and looked at Shino, waiting for his answer.

"I like it too." Shino said honestly. "It takes a lot of practice but it's good to get things down and it really helps you a lot to learn about your body well." Shino slightly blushed.

Kiba smirked. "Shino's so cute eh?"

Sasuke smiled at the couple and said, "Well thanks for your comments. Imma leave now. See ya."

"See ya babe!" Kiba called.

"Shut up." Shino muttered angrily.

Sasuke then went to the store Neji worked at. Neji was another really good friend of his. They had a lot of things in common.

"Hey Neji." Sasuke couldn't help but blush, imagining what he saw just last night. Neji naked…in a cage…with a dildo in his…

"Stop imaging me naked." Neji smirked. "I thought I saw you in the crowd."

Sasuke smirked back. "Yeah. You and Gaara put on a good show."

"Nah- we could've done better." Neji admitted.

"Just what aniki said." Sasuke thought.

"Anyways, I'm glad you liked it though. Hope we can do stuff like that in the future." Neji smirked lustfully.

"Haha. We'll see." Sasuke said.

"You still thinking righit?"

"Of course." Sasuke muttered.

"Don't worry about it. It took me a month to decide and when I did, I never regretted it til this day. Me and Gaara joined at around the same time, and at first it was kind of like a contest between us. I wanted to get to the top and he did too. In the end, I became number 2 and him number 1. But we're mostly equal I'd say. I don't mind so much the competition anymore though." Neji explained.

"Ah- so that's why you and Gaara got so close this year." Sasuke said.

"Yeah. We had to plan our performances a lot together and eventually, we just got closer." Neji smirked. "Maybe too close. I'm starting to really like him."

Sasuke remembered what Naruto said about how the people involved in this have their own little secret and understanding. He kind of wanted that thrill as well.

"You, liking someone? How surprising." Sasuke said. Neji didn't really fall for anyone that easily.

"I know. But when I was partners with Gaara in the Romance level for a while, we clicked so well. We got through it pretty fast because of each other. It was so easy with him." Neji chuckled to himself. "He's the best partner I have."

"What about Naruto? He's always jealous of being number 3." Sasuke wondered.

"Naruto? He's really good too. He makes a really good uke, and sometimes seme. Gaara and I can switch positions easily though. But I think you and Naruto would really click well if you two tried it out actually."

Sasuke blushed. He realized he'd probably have sex with Naruto too. His best friend.

"Hm.." He didn't hate the idea.

Sasuke laughed. "We'll see about that."

Sasuke soon left and sighed. He thought about everything he just learned.

"So it's like a secret, and I'll be having sex with everyone…including Itachi." Sasuke sighed. He decided to watch a movie. Movies always calmed him down, only because the loud sounds, the big room, helped him block out all other thoughts.

One movie turned into two, then three, then enough to last him until 15 minutes to 9.

Sasuke went to the changing room and opened the door. He went inside and was in between a row of lockers. He was about to go the storage room in the back but stopped when he heard someone say, "Itachi's brother? Sasuke Uchiha?'

"Yeah. I heard he's going to join the Underground soon. He'll be one of us."

"Pft- he'll probably think he's all that just because he's from the Uchiha bloodline."

Sasuke frowned.

"Probably. I bet he won't be able to do it though. I see him at school and he's never probably laid one girl. He's too shy probably and way too egotistical to try and be the 'submissive' one."

"Haha! Yeah! But his brother's damn good."

"He is. I haven't had sex with him yet, but once I get to the Bondage level, I'm totally going to attack his dick. He's so fucking hot. I'd take him rather than Sasuke any day."

The two soon went down the elevator and Sasuke scowled. He was angry but he tried to keep his cool.

That was the last push he probably needed to help him make his decision. Competitiveness. Intimidation. Looked down upon.

He went down the elevator after the other two, already knowing the combination. Once he got down there, he saw it was already starting to fill up a bit. He walked towards Itachi's office. He strode towards it. He heard some of his friends probably call him in the background but he couldn't hear what they were saying. He wanted to tell Itachi his decision, fast.

He felt like if he didn't, than it would be too late. Too late.

He started running through the levels, faster and faster.

Finally, he burst through Itachi's office without knocking. He found Naruto, Neji, and Gaara all in there. Naruto was trying to straddle Itachi's lap and Sasuke felt like he just saw an image in his dream. That was an extra last push.

He strode towards Itachi and pulled Naruto off roughly.

"He's my brother! I can give him that too! I can!" He almost yelled, saying what he said in the dream.

He quickly straddled Itachi's lap and grabbed Itachi's shoulders. "I- I want to do it! I want to do it Itachi nii-san! I can do it! I can do it- I know I can! And not because of being related to you, but because of myself! I want to do it aniki!"

Itachi couldn't help but seem just a bit surprised. Just a bit. But he didn't show it much and smiled gently. He wiped the tear from Sasuke's eyes that Sasuke didn't even know he had.

Sasuke realized he was crying from frustration and sadness. He didn't like seeing the image he saw in his dream in real life. He felt like he was going to lose Itachi right then and there, and he didn't want that.

"I want to do it nii-san…" Sasuke put his head on Itachi's shoulder, trying to stop the tears.

Itachi patted Sasuke's back, making Sasuke feel 7 years old again. Naruto, Neji, and Gaara were already gone, having closed the door as well. Sasuke did nothing but mutter again and again, "I can do it. I want to do it. I know I can."

Itachi couldn't help but smile. Sasuke could make him smile easily.

"I know. I know." Itachi muttered. "I get it Sasuke. I get it." He said quietly and gently.

Sasuke looked up at him and cleared his eyes of the tears. "Nii-san… I… I don't know if I can do this as well as you and otou-san and Neji and Naruto and Gaara… but I want to try. I really want to try."

Itachi smiled. "Okay Sasuke. You're going to. I'll let you."

Sasuke smiled and suddenly, he realized he was sitting on Itachi's lap. He blushed immensely and almost fell off.

"I-I'm sorry nii-san! I didn't think right!"

Itachi chuckled. "It's fine. Anyways, you should go out and try to clear your head a bit. We'll talk more about this when you're calmer."

Sasuke nodded and headed towards the door.

"Otouto?" Itachi said.

Sasuke turned. "Yes?"

Itachi looked up from working on his papers and said, "I knew you'd say yes. And I'm glad you did."

Sasuke blushed. "Oh. Thanks."

"And I already know you can do it. So you try to prove me right." Itachi looked back down and began working again.

Sasuke couldn't help but smile wide. "Okay. I will."

Sasuke then left the office and leaned against the wall, sighing in relief. He felt like he just made a huge, big decision. One that would change his life.

And he couldn't have been more right.

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