Summary: In his sixth year Harry Potter discovers the truth about Albus Dumbledore, he also discovers that instead of being Harry Potter he is Harry Malfoy Snape.


Warnings: Swearing, depression, self harm, smoking, drugs, underage drinking, underage sex, scences of a sexual nature. Contains manipulative!Dumbles.

Okay, So I wrote this fic a year or so ago when I'd just got otu of hospital after havign my appendix out. The idea came to me when I was completely doped up on morphine and re-reading it I think it's mental but oh well... I'm posting it anyway... tell me what you think and I may continue it. It's pure angst at times...

Chapter one.

"Harry, what can I do for you?" Dumbledore smiled as Harry walked into his office. Harry looked at the man in front of him, the man he'd trusted with his life for the past five years.

"Umm… I'm mean to be writing an essay on the Grindelwald war for history of magic and I was kind of wondering if you could help. I mean you know all about the war and… well Ron's writing to his dad to ask for help but I can't obviously so…" He said, lying through his teeth.

"I would be honoured to help you." The older man smiled, he guestured Harry to take a seat and Harry did so, taking a piece of parchment and a quill out of his bag. Albus Dumbledore began to talk about the beginning of the war against Grindelwald Harry tried to appear interesting but his mind kept going back to the battle at the ministry a few months earlier, when they had lost Sirius. Harry and Voldemort had battled against each other until finally Voldemort had driven himself inside Harry's mind and tried to possess him. Harry had managed to push Voldemort out of his head but not before viewing one of the dark lord's memories.

"There is a small group standing in our way." Came Dumbledore's voice.

"Then we kill them." Snapped Voldemort.

Dumbledore smirked, it was terrifying. "No, we mess with their heads. Obliviate them and give them new memories. Make them trust us and then use them for our own means."


Then Harry had been thrown from the memory. He hadn't mentioned it the headmaster and had tried to tell himself he'd imagined it but he couldn't have. Harry frowned, he knew he had to do this... he had to know... 'Legimens' He thought and dove forwards into Dumbledore's memories. Then he found what he was looking for.

Harry Malfoy Snape, in the arms of his father Severus who was stood next to his husband Lucius. In the memory Dumbledore obliviated the two older men, Making Severus believe that he was a spy for the light against a non existent dark side, he then made Lucius believe that he supported the dark and was married to Narcissa Black, they had a son, Draco, whom Dumbledore had kidnapped from Remus and Sirius Black the day beforehand. Taking Harry, Dumbledore headed over to the Potters.

"Harry?" Dumbledore asked and Harry blinked. "Are you okay? You seemed to zone out a little there…"

"Headche." Harry lied, resisting punching the man.

Dumbeldore nodded, "You should go and rest, how about I write some notes down for you and have a house elf deliver them?"

"That would be geat proffessor, Thanks." Harry said, shoving his parchment in his bag and leaving the office, leaning against the outside wall as he struggled to come to terms with what he had seen. Harry didn't realise that by discovering the secret to his past it mean that everyone involved now knew the truth of what had happened, their old memories returning to them.


Severus Snape's mind went wild. He was seeing things. Memories. His husband. His child. Their happy times together. Harry's fist steps with Lucius and himself smiling proudly. Harry had his father's green eyes and his own hair but much shorter and shiny. He couldn't believe it. The boy he had hated so much had been his own son. His happy home had been destroyed not by someone he hated but someone he had trusted. Dumbledore. He had been the one to fill his head with hatred for people. Hatred for his own son!


Remus somehow knew... His memories were all mixed up. He remembered Severus his best friend. Lucius, His best friend's husband and then there was Harry, His godson. All had been separated after Dumbledore had began his manipulations. Sirius, his husband... and their son Draco, taken and handed to Lucius...Lily and James' son Neville... what had happened to him? Put with the Longbottoms, whoever they really were… Dumbledore! The man was powerful. He wanted the world in his hands. He practically had it. Voldermort and he working together to take over…

These two remembered everything from their child-hoods. They did not hate each other. They were best friends. Practically inseparable. Peter didn't exist at all... The marauders had been Remus, James, Sirius and Severus. They could not believe a mere spell had kept their friendship apart.


Harry walked down the corridor, as he reached the end he noticed Severus stood there. "Do you know who I am?" Harry asked quietly, he watched his father nervously hoping the man knew, hoping that Snape hadn't known all along and had merely denied it, but Harry had seen him looking happy with both himself and his other father. He only hoped that Dumbledore had made Snape forget too. Severus gave a small nod. Harry didn't scream and shout like Severus expected which made him smile slightly. Harry still kept up his guard though, he just hoped that Severus wasn't like his uncle. "You are Harry Malfoy Snape, my son…" Severus looked to the floor; guilt was clearly shown on his face. "Dumbledore fooled us all." Harry nodded. It was awkward. Snape wanted to hug his son. To apologise for everything he had said, he hated himself.

Harry heard a small noise and pulled up a wandless shield quickly, he couldn't help but be overly careful. Severus examined the shield, he'd known Harry was powerful enough to use wandless magic but was surprised at how quickly and well he could do so. He also had no idea why his son had pulled up the shield. "Harry why did you..." Then he heard the footsteps. Severus wasn't worried, It was probably some student. Then Remus stepped around the corner. "Remus!" Snape exclaimed. Remus and Severus hugged tightly, making Harry feel even more uncomfortable and awkward.

"I'm sorry my friend. I didn't know." Remus smiled.

"Neither did I. Not until just now." Severus said, pulling back slightly.

Remus looked at Harry who was still inside his shield. "That's very impressive Harry. Now how about you come out and give your godfather a hug?" Remus had trained Harry to do some simple wandless magic and knew he was practising it on a regular basis but he was surprised at how well the boy was doing. Harry watched the man before he sighed and let the shield fade so that he could hug his godfather. He stayed tense the whole time aware that at anytime he could be hurt. Severus smiled, he had his son and friend back. Now all he needed to do was find out if Sirius, James and Lily really were dead, contact Lucius and find Draco and Neville.


Harry stood awkwardly as Severus and Remus sat down in Severus' living room chatting about things they had forgotten. Harry felt almost like he didn't belong here. The two however noticed as Harry tried to sneak out and leave them in peace. They both pulled Harry to sit down causing Harry to whimper thinking about how his uncle would pull him around. The two looked at him oddly but shook it off and started adding Harry into the conversation about his wandless magic and what he did to waste his time around Hogwarts. Harry of course didn't tell them about his writing and his other secrets but about how homework and quidditch took up most of his time they smiled and laughed when he said homework, both knew Harry was the student who did the least in the school. Well lately they had noticed it had increased slightly, with more detail too which impressed them both greatly. "So you and Sirius were married?" Harry asked Remus. The werewolf nodded, "And you had a son?" Another nod, "Who Dumbledore has made everyone think is Draco Malfoy?"


"The Draco Malfoy we all believe to be Lucius Malfoy's son." Remus and Severus both nodded, "Lucius Malfoy... the Lucius Malfoy who is my father."

"Yes Harry."

"Merlin." Harry muttered, running a hand through his hair.

Severus smiled, "I know it's a lot to take in..." He patted his son's shoulder, frowning as Harry winced.

"The spell on you lifted because I knew... right?" Harry asked.


"Well James, Lily and Sirius are still alive. James and Lily believe they are muggles and they currently live in New York. Sirius thinks he's a squib and he lives in Chester. I assume the spell will have lifted on them too. And on my other father."

Remus nodded, "I assume so... We should hear from them all in the next few days. I just got permission for you to come to mine over the summer after spending a week at your so called aunt and uncle's -"

"My so called aunt and uncle?"

"Lily's only sibling was Lucius. Dumbledore charmed two muggles into believing they were Petunia and Vernon. He made them hate magic." Severus and Remus flinched backwards as Harry began radiating anger, books flew off the shelves, "He put me through that shit?" Harry growled.

Severus frowned, "Harry calm down." He said, giving a sigh of relief as the boy did so. "What do you mean by shit?" Severus asked.

Harry winced,

"Nothing I just... never felt at home." He lied.

"Anyway once you've spent a week there everyone can join us at Sirius' mansion, just in case Dumbles casts a tracking charm on you, see Sirius left it to me in his 'will'." Remus explained.

"Can't I just go straight to yours?" Harry begged.

Severus sighed, "Dumbledore's still going on about blood wards and we have to pretend to believe him. Sorry son." Harry sighed and gave a nod but Severus was still bothered about what his son suffered. "You should get to bed..."

Harry nodded and rose from his chair, "Goodnight." Both men hugged him, frowning when he tensed. Harry left the room but instead of heading to the tower he headed to the room of requirements and pulled out his notebook

I was thinking earlier, before I found out about all this... Well I was remembering really... The first time I tried to kill myself, I was eight. I carved the word freak into my arm with a kitchen knife. I didn't bleed enough, My 'Uncle' found me the next morning. He seemed almost proud of my work, even let me have a fifteen minute bath to wash the dried blood off, a fifteen minute one! Usually I was only allowed a four minute one or a two minute shower. That was exactly twelve days before he sold me for the first time. The client, an average business guy, loved the scars, said it added... style. He fucked me into the bed, beating me as he did so. It took six days to recover... Then the next client came along. Six months after that I tried to kill myself again but that's another story...

Harry used the quill to cut his arm before drawing, with his blood, a small snowdrop at the bottom of the page. He pulled his sleeve over the cuts before casting a drying charm on the ink and the blood and closing his book, slowly he headed up to the tower.

So... what do you think?