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It was dark and cold in young Naruto's apartment. If you can even call it an apartment. Naruto was currently hiding in his closet shivering and whimpering in fear. Today was October 10th the day of the infamous kyuubi attack. It had been 5 years since that terrible day, where so many shinobi died, including Konoha's greatest leader, the Yondaime Hokage.

On this day civilians and shinobi alike release all their grief and sorrow by forming mobs and beating up the 'kyuubi kid' as they called him. Naruto was abused quite often, but usually got out with only minor cuts and bruises, however, October 10th was always much worse. Ever since he could remember, his birthday was spent getting beaten till he lost conciousness and then waking up in the hospital. No matter how much he hid or ran, they always managed to find him. The only people to have ever shown the 5 year old kindness were old man Hokage, Teuchi, and Ayame. But they could do nothing to help him now, for the Hokage was to busy and the Ichiraku team were only civilians.

'Why do they hate me? I haven't done anything wrong have?' He heard the door to his apartment slam open.

'Maybe they're all just sad. They just need an outlet for they're sadness.'

Naruto had a kind heart. Even though they hurt him, call him names, and make him feel terrible about himself, he still wasn't angry at them. Not only was he kind, but he was also quite intelligent for someone so young. All his experiences made him wise beyond his years.

They villagers found him, and began they're evil deeds. There were even a couple of chunnin and jounin in the crowd. Punches, kicks, kunais, and shruiken all came at the poor boy. He welcomed unconciousness with open arms, for it was a way to get away from the pain. Silent tears fell down his face, but no one cared.

'It's okay, I understand. I'm sorry...' His eyes closed and a half an hour later, the mob got bored and left. Most likely to drown their sorrow in sake.

Somewhere far away

The Shinigami was a powerful being. He could control death and many would think he enjoyed his power. However, the Shinigami often got bored, he had no goals, he didn't need any more power, there were no evil beings that needed to be punished, there simply wasn't anything to do.

So, to get rid of his boredom, he watched humans and sometimes even meddled with there affairs. The Shinigami's favorite human happened to be none other than the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato. His reasons were simply because he thought differently compared to the rest of the humans and he even succeeded in sealing a biju. Almost no one would sacrifice their own life for another person. Yes, Namikaze Minato was interesting indeed. But what interested him the most, was the fact that he sealed the kyuubi into his son not once thinking that nobody would treat the jinchuuriki as a hero.

"He put to much faith in those pathetic people and now his son has to deal with it. But, the boy does interest me. I guess all the Namikazes are like this. Even though those people hurt him he forgives them and even pities them."

"Such a pure soul should be rewarded, and besides, this should definitely be entertaining." With his decision made the Shinigami sent for his personal messenger.

"Eva-san, could you please come here."

A pitch black portal appeared and out stepped a young looking girl. She looked to be 14 with long black hair tied in a ponytail with a crimson ribbon. She had cold blue eyes and a pale complexion. She wore black clothes as well. Though she may appear young, the Shinigami's messenger, named Eva, was almost as old as he was.

"Hai, Shinigami-sama."

"I wish to test Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto. To see if he's worthy of a guardian. You know what to do correct?"


She bowed and stepped through another portal.


Naruto awoke in the hospital. He was quite familiar with this routine, having done it quite a few times. The only difference was that this time, the hokage was there as well.

"Oji-san! What are you doing here." The Sandaime chuckled and walked over to the bed. But his laughter faded and he put on a serious face.

"Naruto, I'm terribly sorry about not getting there in time. I wish I could have helped, but some of the chunnin were distracting me."

'What's even worse was they did it on purpose!' He thought angerly in his head.

"It's fine, they lost a lot of loved ones, so I guess they hate the fact that I was born during the attack."

"No Naruto! Nothing is your fault, the villagers are just being silly! I promise this won't happen again."

Naruto smiled and nodded, but inside he knew those words weren't true. The Sandaime couldn't watch over him every second of everyday.

The Hokage smiled and left the room. As soon as he did a nurse came in glared at him, and told him to get out. Naruto complied silently and walked over to his trashed apartment.

He spent the rest of the day reading the books the Sandaime had given him and when night fell, he went to sleep.

Eva appeared in Naruto's apartment and walked over to his sleeping form. She put one finger on his forehead and forced his spirit out of his body.

The spirit Naruto awoke and looked at her with fear.

'Oh no! Not again!' He closed his eyes and waited for the pain.

"Child, I am not here to hurt you. I was sent by my master to test you."

"Test me? What do you mean?" He looke up at her curiously.

"My master, the Shinigami, has seen your pure heart. He has taken a liking to you and as such will grant you a gift, that is, if you pass the test."

"The Shinigami! Does he want to kill me!"

"Of course not, I just said he's taken a liking to you didn't I."

"Oh yeah, right. Sorry, it's just that the Shinigami has always struck me as being evil and mean."

"He simply hates humans. I myself do too, but there are a few that he does like."

"Well I guess I'll take your test but, what's the gift?"

"You will gain a guardian to help you and talk to you."

"So you mean I'll get a friend?"

"I suppose you could call it that." She said with a little amusement hidden on her normally emotionless face.

'This boy is indeed interesting. I can see why Shinigami-sama chose him.'

"Alright! I'll take this test!"

"Very well. Hold on to me and I shall take you to the Shinigami's realm."

He grabbed onto her and they left through a portal, leaving Naruto's physical body behind. They arrived in a dark, creepy place. And sure enough sitting in a chair was the Shinigami.

"Hello child. Are you ready for your test." He smirked. (I don't think the shinigami would actually smile.)

"Hai!" Naruto answered, determination shown on his face.

'If I pass, I'll get to have a friend!'

"This test will take place inside my stomach, Eva will go with you to explain what to do. Good luck."

Before Naruto could fully digest the thought of going inside the Shinigami's stomach he and Eva were already being suck in.


Shinigami's Stomach

'Well this isn't what I expected.'

The stomach was completley white and looked to be deserted.

'Wow, no evil monsters or gross stomach goop.'

Though he was mature for his age, Naruto was still a child in some aspects.

Naruto's thoughts were interrupted by Eva's voice.

"Your test is simple. When we begin hundreds of monsters that reside in the Shinigami's stomach will awaken. Your guardian is one of these monsters. The guardian is the only one residing in here that hasn't been consumed by the darkness. Many creatures that end up here are evil and turn in to monsters, but your guardian's soul remained pure. However, this didn't stop the darkness from surrounding his soul. His soul is asleep and the darkness took over. If you are able to find him, the Shinigami will awaken it and allow you two to leave and live peacefully on earth. If you choose the wrong though, you will lose your chance to gain a guardian and will be sent back to Konoha."

"Do you understand."

Naruto was a little nervous, but was still determined.

'I refuse to lose my chance to gain a friend.'

"Hai, I understand."

"Then we shall begin."

Suddenly, hundreds of monsters appeard. All of them were black and evil looking with red eyes. Many took the form of a person causing them to look like shadows, but one giant monster stood in the center. It was at least 5 times the height of a normal person with demon-like red eyes, and spiky looking hair coming from the head.

Naruto was about to go to one of the more normal looking ones, but something stopped him.

'Oji-san once told me, that though some people may look evil, there is always the chance that they are one of the kindest people you may ever meet. I wonder...' He walked over to the giant monster held out his hand.

"Hello mister, I'm Uzumaki Naruto."

Eva laughed and smiled. 'Looks like we got a winner.'

"Congratulations, Naruto-kun. You guessed correctly."

All the monsters disappeared except the big one. The darkness surrounding it disappeared leaving only a sleeping man left.

"Naruto-kun meet your new guardian. His name is Namikaze Minato." And with that they left the Shinigami's stomach.

Back to the Shinigami's realm

The Shinigami smirked.

'This boy earned it. He will become powerful, I can tell. I hope the fates will be good to him as they've screwed him over till now.'

His thought ended with the arrival of Naruto and Eva, the latter carrying an unconcious man over her shoulder.

"Good job young Naruto. You have passed my test and I shall keep my word." He raised his hand and Minato slowly opened his eyes.

Minato woke up and heard the words, "I shall send you home now, good luck with the rest of your life", coming from a deep booming voice.

'The Shinigami?! What happened, the last thing I remembered was sealing the kyuubi.' He was suddenly knocked out by Eva. Naruto didn't even notice.

'Let it be a suprise for him.'

Eva opened a portal and gestured for Naruto to enter. She followed him still carrying Minato.

They arrived back at the apartment.

"Naruto, you will be able to call Minato out of your mind by saying or thinking his name. You will be the only person capable of seeing him. There is a way to give him a solid body, but it will be awhile before you figure it out. I wish you a good evening." She put Naruto's spirit back inside his body and Minato's spirit followed.

'I hope Namikaze-san will enjoy sharing a room with the fox.' Eva smirked lightly at the thought before leaving to attend to other business.'

Naruto slept peacefully oblivious to the fact that starting tomorrow his whole life would be changed for the better.