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In Naruto's mind, Hatake Kakashi was a strong, alert veteran ninja who was always on his guard. At least, from the stories his father had told him he was. So when that very same Hatake Kakashi walked through the doors to the classroom, Naruto was stunned into silence for the first time in four years. The man before him was laid back and looked incredibly lazy. In fact, he seemed bored just standing there.

However Naruto's surprise faded when he realized what the former ANBU was doing. He could tell that beneath the relaxed posture, Kakashi was ready to move at a seconds glance. He obviously hadn't been an ANBU captain for nothing.

"Yo, my name is Hatake Kakashi. I'm your new sensei. Follow me to the roof." And with that, he disappeared from the room in a 'poof'.

'Jounin bastards. Just what makes him think he can be late? I'll get him back for this later." Already Naruto was thinking up pranks in his mind.

'Oh dear, I hope Kakashi doesn't get hurt too badly.' Minato recognized the look on his son's face and knew what would become of poor Kakashi's fate.

Slowly, Naruto got up and walked out the door. He would have used shunshin or walked up the wall, but Sasuke and Sakura were there and he didn't want them to know his secret. All three climbed the stairs and sat down on the roof in front of their new sensei, with Minato standing behind Naruto.

"Well, I do believe introductions are in order. We'll start with.....you." He indicated at Sakura.

"Ano, sensei, what should I say?"

"Your name, hobbies, likes, dislikes, dreams for the future, whatever you want to really." She nodded feverently and began to talk.

"My name is Haruno Sakura. My hobbies are competing with Ino-pig and talking with Sasuke -insert dreamy look-." Sasuke discreetly rolled his eyes at this.

'Since when do I talk with her.'

"Um, I like -looks pointedly at the Uchiha- and I dislike Ino-pig and Naruto-baka." After saying this she turned to glare at the boy himself.

'Oh please, it's not like I actually enjoy your comany either.' When Naruto had first started school, he saw Sakura and thought she was beautiful. He asked her out multiple times and each time she turned him down calling him a baka or some other mean name. Naruto quickly got over her after seeing what she was truly like, but Sakura's dislike for him was still there.

Kakashi seemingly ignored her statement and pointed at Sasuke. "You next."

"Hn, my name is Uchiha Sasuke. I don't really like anything and dislike a lot of things. My main hobby is training. I do not have a dream, but an ambition. That is to kill a certain man." Kakashi, Minato, and Naruto showed a light flash of worry and concern in there eyes before it disappeared. Sakura only continued to fawn over the Uchiha.

'Tou-san, this looks to be getting more serious. If this keeps up, in a few years Sasuke will be willing to do anything for power.' When Naruto had first met Sasuke, he had been quite normal. However, after the massacre he noticed the change. He and Minato had listened around Konoha for gossip and had discovered what had happened. Minato came up with the theory that Itachi had been ordered to kill his clan, and Naruto agreed. He had met Itachi once before, and though the brilliant Uchiha had been cold, kindness had shown through in his eyes. Itachi had clearly held a great love for his brother.

"You are right. For now there is nothing we can do. Let's see how this plays out for awhile, and we'll make a plan later." Naruto lightly nodded his head to show he agreed.

"Okay, you're last." Naruto looked up at his sensei and smirked.

"Yosh! My name is Uzumaki Naruto! My hobbies are eating ramen and pranking people. I like pretty much everything except perverts and boring people! My dream is to gain the respect of everyone in this village and to become Hokage to protect them!" The enthusiasm looked to be lost on everyone with the exception of Minato, but inside his mind Kakashi was thinking.

'Hmm, interesting. This boy has a very formidable dream, to want to protect everyone. As the Sandaime would say he carries the Will of Fire in him. I suppose I'll just have to see how this team does in their test. Speaking of which, time to break the news.' Kakashi smirked lightly underneath his mask.

"Well, now that we've all introduced ourselves-"

"But wait sensei! You have to tell us about yourself!" Kakashi looked a little peeved about being interrupted, but he put on a fake smile.

"Oh right. My name is Hatake Kakashi. My likes and dislikes are none of your concern and I don't have any hobbies. As for my dream for the future....well you wouldn't really understand." His eye curved into a light smile.

Meanwhile, his students looked exasperated with his respone. But, they knew that that was the only information he would give them, so they each sat quietly and waited for further instruction.

"I believe now would be a good time to tell you that you're not officially genin."

"NANI? How could that be, don't you see our forehead protecters? They're a sign that proves we are official shinobi of Konoha!" Sakura belt out with a look of utter disbelief and frustration on her face.

"Yes well, the academy test was only to sort out the completely incompetent from those who might stand a chance at being a shinobi. You will all have to take a test issued by me. If you pass, you will be an official shinobi, but if you don't, you will be sent back to the academy for another year." Kakashi calmly explained the situation, but inwardly laughed at their expressions. Sakura looked heart-broken and incredulous. She was gaping like a fish. Sasuke looked frustrated but also confident. Naruto had a look of surprise on his face that seemed ungenuine.

'I might just have to look into that boy. He seems like he's hiding something.' He gazed contemplatively at the young blond.

'Uh oh, looks like he's suspicious. I wonder what led him on?' Naruto was clearly worried.

Minato was bemused. "Hmm, maybe it was your horrible acting skills."

'How could you say that? My acting skills are awesome! I could easily be an actor if I wasn't going to be Hokage.' Naruto smirked at the thought of him being an actor.

"Oh you're right. But you should know that you inherited those awesome skills from me." Naruto's smirk changed to a pout after discovering that his father was teasing him. Minato just started chuckling.

It was then that Naruto decided to tune back in to what his new sensei was telling them.

"Your test will be held at Training Field 7. Be there at 6 oclock AM sharp. Oh, and I would suggest that you don't eat any breakfast." With those words said he once again disappeared with a 'poof'.

Sakura stood up grumbling about something under her breath. She was so angry that she forgot to start fawning over Sasuke and left by herself. Sasuke followed, but made sure to keep his distance from her incase she remembered.

When Naruto was sure they were both gone, he stood up and shunshined back to the Namikaze Manor with Minato next to him.

"What Kakashi-sensei said doesn't make sense. Why should we not eat? We'll need to eat food so we can have energy for the test."

"Well, he only said it was a suggestion. You do what you think is right." Minato told his opinion.

"Ah, you're right. I'll eat and bring some extra food incase Sasuke and Sakura want some." They both went to the private training grounds to start Naruto's daily routine.

Naruto thought one last thought before he completely focused on his training. 'Tomorrow's going to be interesting, to say the least.'