WHOW Allusions & References

MISC – The story itself is a parody of the movie, The Hangover, that was released in the summer of 2009. The overall story, as well as some of the quotes, are either directly taken or paraphrased.

The planet Onde and the hotel Malraggio are both foreign words meaning, "evil"; Onde is Dutch and Malraggio is Italian.

This story is an indirect sequel to "Yuku Sue Unmei", in which characters of that story appear in this one. This is the real world, where YSU had an alternate world which was destroyed. Characters included are Michele Jones (mentioned), Niccolo di Roshi (Hamato Niccolo), Princess Dellandra, and Benji Mou.

Prologue – NONE

Chapter 1

Sammi's description is a reference to Juhani from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game. Juhani is a member of the Cathar species.

Chapter 2-

When Mikey tells Donnie he's the "Best. Brother. Ever." It's a paraphrase of The Simpsons' Comic Guy's usual line.

Mikey says "All praise me!" in response to his night. This is a line from the DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince song, "As We Go"

When the guys are on the roof, Donnie says, "Is this the little boy we've cared for…sunrise, sunset." This is taken from the musical Fiddler on the Roof.

At the end of the chapter, the small alien who is going through the living room is supposed to be the small alien from "Spaceballs", which in itself was a parody of the alien in "Alien"

Chapter 3-

In response to Raph saying he had things in every pocket, Don says, "I'm a turtle, not a robot." This is in reference to Dr. McCoy from Star Trek, who is most notably saying "Damn it, Jim, I'm a doctor not a…"

The Blue Oyster Cult is a 1960's rock group whose biggest hit was "Don't Fear the Reaper"

Donnie mentions that Onde is a lot like Vegas as they are passing numerous wedding chapels. Vegas has been known as the Wedding Chapel Capital for those looking to get hitched quick.

Chapter 4

The description of Cat Mou (and ultimately Benji) is based on the character design of the Remalons from the webcomic The Executioners. Looking back on it, Cat Mou is a bit tongue in cheek – "meow" is of course what a cat says.

When Leo is talking to April, he tells her that they've lost quite a bit when she asks if they have won anything. This was meant as a joke, as they have lost Mikey.

One of the aliens attacking the car screams for them to get the 'fubar' out. Fubar is the acronym for 'fucked up beyond all repair/recognition'. I needed a swear word that wasn't in English and thought of that. It's funny because it describes the situation the turtles are in.

After the alien shoots Sophie, Donnie screams "Oh My God, they shot Sophie!" which Raph replies, "Bastards." This is a reference to South Park in which usually characters Stan Marsh and Kyle Brovlofski say, "Oh my god, they've killed Kenny!" "You bastards!" in regards to their friend Kenny's death in nearly every episode.

When the guys are headed towards Cat's apartment, Donnie asks if they saw the movie about three guys and a baby. This is in reference to the movie, "Three Men and a Baby".

Upon hearing Isaac's real name, Don asks Raph if he heard that. It's supposed to be a reference to the story Yuku Sue Unmei. Near the end, Nick tells Donnie that he is always getting into trouble with his cousin Benji, who happens to be Leo's son in that time period. This will be explained in the upcoming sequel to YSU.

Chapter 5

The title of the chapter is in reference to the first part of the Miranda Rights, rights given to criminals as they are arrested. The actual line is, "you have the right to remain silent."

Maa'k Tol – the drug that the alien officer says was in their system, is a reference to Rufinol (Rohypnol), as Donnie said and as Raph stated, it is commonly known as either 'roofies' or the 'date rape' drug. Rufilin is the name it's was called in the movie, thought the actual trade name is Rohypnol. Mistake in the chapter – forgot to change the alien's question after I changed the official name, so it shows I had originally used the term Rufilin.

When in custody, the alien officers ask the guys if they have any types of medical conditions. This is a reference to medical warnings on most amusement park rides (the next scene is an allusion to a type of ride)

Chapter 6

The title of the chapter is reference to the famous boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier that took place in Manila, Philippines in 1975. The title is used as the guys meet Laila Ali, who is Muhammad's daughter and a boxer in her own right.

When Donnie tells Ali that Leo is obviously in the midst of having an episode, this is a bit of a paraphrase from a Spongebob episode. In it, Spongebob goes over to Patrick's and finds him rushing about the house, trying to fix things in a mad rush for Parent Starfish Day. Seeing him so unhinged (more than normal), Sponge says, "Well Patrick, I came over to invite you to go jellyfishing, but I can see you're busy having an episode." Though not a fan of the episode, I did enjoy the quote and needed to have it in something.

When Don is trying to give the fish the drugged fish, he says, "It's yummers." This is a reference to the second live action turtle movie, the part where Leo and Mikey are giving Tokka and Razar the drugged donuts (Mikey says "yummers", trying to get them to eat the donuts)

When Raph is reminiscing, he mentions that they had been given champagne at April and Casey's wedding. This is an alluision to my fic "Love Is…" which I had ironically planned to pen before writing this.

Chapter 7

The reference of Leo rubbing Mr. Gop's belly is to troll dolls from way back in the day of the late 80's early 90's. Rubbing their big hair or if you had a bigger doll, stomachs were supposed to bring you luck. The same is also said about rubbing the Budda's stomach as well.

There is no Cholla Globee desert in Arizona (where I live), but there is a Cholla (pronounced Choy-A) street and a town called Globe. As a child, I read it as 'globee' or 'glob-ee'). For some reason, the idea of having two mispronounced names as a desert was funny. (C'mon, how many of you read that as "cho-la"?)

Chapter 8

Title is in reference to playing cards, which is what the chapter is about.

Cat mentions that the aliens won't pay much attention to the turtles and mentions a comment a friend said, that "all humans looked alike to her." This is a reference to the appearance of most minorities to others, or people from other countries. It's the lazy man way of never bothering to tell someone apart and has been used to describe most races apart from those of Anglo Saxton decent.

When Leo apologizes to Cat in the car, his words are the same used by Nick in Yuku Sue Unmei, when he apologized for his behavior to Master Splinter.

Chapter 9

Title is in reference to the saying, 'two wrongs don't make a right'.

Raph's thoughts regarding Leo are referenced in the phrase, "playing for the other team." This is a saying used when describing (or telling) a person that they suspect someone is homosexual. The reason I used it was, sometimes I think that about Leo too, until episodes that feature Karai pop up. Also, lately, I've just stumbled across a lot of turtle-cest or yaoi fics involving our favorite leader. It was sort of tongue and cheek.

The scene in the desert between the turtles and Gop are paraphrases taken from the movie.

When Donnie is talking to April, the first three paragraphs are taken from the prologue.

Chapter 10

Title is in reference to the song 'Get Me to the Church on Time' from the musical My Fair Lady.

When Leo is thinking back on Master Splinter's words, he remembers, 'trust your gut'. This is in reference to the 2003 series episode, "Attack of the Mousers". After April has been rescued, Splinter says he trusts her, which Leo asked if he used a new technique to discern that she was trustworthy. Splinter replies it was a technique called, 'trusting your gut'.

At the end, Splinter notices that Mikey looks more grey than green; red and green make either a dark grey or a brown and I wanted Mikey to look a little off due to his sunburn.

At the end Donnie says that Google took them on a weird route. This is a paraphrase of the line in the movie, where Stu says Mapquest took them on a weird route. I, personally, like Google maps better, though it does have a tendency of taking the longest way possible sometimes.


Raph explains the reason he let Laila Ali hit him was because "she's the greatest". This was an actual line used by her father, Muhammad Ali, who usually went around proclaiming himself to be "The Greatest."