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Jaspers POV

Bella and I had an over extravagant wedding that Alice planned but it was perfect. Bella had looked beautiful. She always looked beautiful even now while she was giving birth to our baby. Bella cried out in pain and I winced.

"Shh Bella its okay baby," I said softly.

"Get the hell out." She growled at me. I didn't move then she smacked me right in the face. "Get OUT." I winced and stalked out of the room feeling hurt and dejected. Thirty minutes later the nurse came out of the room.

"You can go in. Shes asking for you OH and you have a beautiful baby girl," She told me. I rushed into the room. Bella looked tired.

"I'm sorry," She said immediately.

"Its okay." I said softly.

"You want to hold your daughter?" She asked me I nodded before sliding her out of Bellas arms she was gorgeous.

"Shes beautiful." I whispered looking down at her.

"Yes she is." Bella said quietly.

"Well could you expect anything less. I mean look at her parents they are just gorgeous." Alice said from the doorway. I laughed slightly and shook my head.

Bella and Sarah as we named her finally got to go home. So we all sat in the living room cuddling close together. I kissed Bella softly and she laughed quietly, which confused me then I looked down at Sarah who was making the cutest darn face with her nose all scrunched up and I couldn't help but laugh too. Oh she was going to be a handful when she got older I would be beating boys off with sticks. My sister walked into the room.

"Wheres my adorable niece?" Rosalie asked as she walked in followed by Emmett.

"Right here Rose." I told her. "I'm guessing you want to hold her."

"Yes I do." She said walking over to us and scooping Sarah out my arms. I looked at Emmett who at a really....focused? expression.

"I just realized me and Bella are siblings and we are dating people who are each others siblings." Emmett said sounding slightly confused.

"Wow." Bella said, "I never realized that." I laughed shaking my head at this.

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