This is my first Inuyasha fanfiction, and I think it's okay, sort of. Might be a little rough around the edges, but please give me tips! This is set in the future, and Rin is 16 years old.

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Those idiots actually think they can catch up to me, do they? Sesshoumaru thought as he ran around the streets, being chased by a very annoying hanyou and his human mate.

This was no ordinary chase, however, seeing as Sesshoumaru was a puppy being chased around Tokyo. This was all Inuyasha's fault: it was just a prank he and Kagome pulled off, but Sesshoumaru's puppy curiousity got the better of him before the miko could turn him back into his original form.

Now, he was running around wildly around people's (huge) legs.

In all of his demon years, he had faced many problems, most of which were easy to get through. This one, however, was one of those this-is-an-extremely-hard-one that took a lot of work.

There was another one that occurred 500 years ago- the one problem that still bothered him even today. When Rin was 10 years old, she had somehow fell off a steep hill, landing on a few sharp rocks at the bottom. Not even Jaken knew how she fell, so Sesshoumaru feared that there was some invisible force against his future mate. Wait, did I say that? Oops.

Anyway, Sesshoumaru had this gut feeling that his Rin would come back to him somehow, without Tenseiga's help. Reincarnation, maybe? He didn't care, as long as she ended up by his side again, it would be alright.

Too deep in his thoughts, Sesshoumaru ran straight into someone's foot. A human's foot. Looking up, he stared into deep, chocolate eyes that stared right back at him. She was standing alone on the sides, looking at all the other children with their parents, it seemed.

This girl looked so familiar...RIN!

Sesshoumaru's tail wagged happily as he barked, scratching at her dirty shoes anxiously.

"You poor puppy, you look lost! Did you run away?" Rin asked.

She felt weird talking to a puppy, but she had a feeling it understood her.

"My name is Rin. Don't worry, you'll be okay with me!"

Rin looked around, not finding anyone who seemed to care for the poor puppy.

"How about I take you to my little shed, just outside of the city? It's kinda crowded, though, since it's so small."

She picked him up and carried him back to her home.

"You poor dog, you must be starving!"

Sesshoumaru wanted to contradict her, but the only noises he could make were soft whimpers. Taking that as a positive response, Rin set out plate of food for him. Human food.

"Sorry, I don't get my paycheck until tomorrow, so you'll just have to eat what I'm giving you," Rin explained. "Even then I might not be able to get enough food for you, though. I work at a flower shop, and I only get enough to feed my self and pay the bills. You'll just have to cope with human for now, boy."

Wanting to make sure she got the gender right, Rin picked him up and turned him over.

"Yup, definitely a boy."

Inuyasha and Kagome stopped to catch their breaths, tired of running around the city so many times to look for Sesshoumaru.

"I hate this...Let's go home, Kagome. Sesshoumaru knows how to take care of himself."

After a few minutes of consideration, Kagome nodded and they both went home.

"You're going to sleep here."

Rin pointed to a little bed made of blankets she had made for the animal. Sesshoumaru growled at her, and climbed onto her bed instead, snuggling into the pillow.

"You'll need a name until I can find your masters."

She narrowed her eyes at the white collar that seemed to blend into his fur. The light stitches on it read Sesshoumaru.

"Since the collar reads Sesshoumaru..."

Sighing, Rin pushed him to one side of the pillow and rested her head in the middle.

"We'll start finding your owner tomorrow," she said, yawning.

But you're the owner...of my heart.

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