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Rin stared at the white little puppy, fast asleep on the counter. He had been really helpful after the couple left earlier. Jumping off the counter to show customers to the perfect flower, nudging vases he thought were appropriate, and barking goodbyes to customers had him worn out by the end of the day.

Rin pointed out a purple tinted vase to Kaede-sama that matched with the old woman's flowers. It was five minutes past closing time, but Rin was willing to stay after to help any customer.

As she walked to the counter, Rin noticed something. Even though he was a curious and helpful puppy, Sesshoumaru was always cold. He was always scowling or sneering at something or someone. Sometimes, Rin felt as though he really knew what was going on around him. Sesshoumaru's tail twitched a little, and he sniffed the air before opening his eyes and stretching.

Kaede-sama smiled and pat his head, to which he snarled and curled into Rin's side. The old woman didn't seem surprised in the least; instead, she broke out into a full grin.

"Thank you for helping me, Rin," Kaede-sama said.

"It was truly no problem, ma'am," she replied.

"Listen, child, I know you want to attend a medical school, and that you only work here to get the money you need."

Feeling uneasy, Rin fidgeted with the buttons on the register. "Um, yes, I am."

"If you ever need anything, just ask me, alright? "

"I will."

Kaede-sama raised her hand to silence her. "I'm not finished. You know that I have had medical knowledge. If you don't get into the medical school, you can come to me, and I can teach you. Maybe, I can even recommend you to a few good colleges, hm? I used to be a very good doctor, you know. If anything comes up, I'll take care of it for you, child."

"Thank you, Kaede-sama!" Rin exclaimed, her eyes brimming with happy tears.

Nodding, the old lady walked out of the store. Rin turned to Sesshoumaru with excited eyes, while he stared back with the same cold expression as before. He sniffed at her hands before walking out of the store, stopping outside only to wait for Rin to grab her bento and catch up.

"Are you hungry? What do you want to eat? We have some pork from Kaede-sama, rice soup, and an eggplant. We'll have the rice soup tonight, and I'll go grocery shopping tomorrow and get more rice. Would you like that?"

The content grunt from the puppy was enough of an answer. Crouching down, Rin picked up the tiny puppy and squeezed him to her chest.

"You're so adorable!" she squealed.

The content sigh, then the soft up and down motion of his body told her that he was fast asleep again.

Kagome sat on the edge of the well, playing around with her skirt.

"So when are we gonna get him back?" Inuyasha asked from his spot on the ground.

"I don't know if we should take him seems to be content with Rin, and I don't like the idea of separating them again. Remember the few years after Rin died? I don't know about you, but I don't want to be the one who gets in trouble with Sesshoumaru when he turns into his human form again," Kagome answered thoughtfully.

"I can take on that bastard any-"

"No, Inuyasha. What would you feel if we were separated for that long. What if I died?" she shot back.

After some careful consideration, Inuyasha sighed and nodded. He really couldn't understand why Kagome was being so nice to Sesshoumaru. The situation was understandable, but Inuyasha couldn't really bring himself to think of what would happen if he were stuck in that situation. After all, this was still Sesshoumaru.

If it were for Rin and that brat Kohaku, he would have understood to a higher level (sort of), but this was Sesshoumaru. The aristocratic assassin. Still, he didn't want to be "sat" again.

"Fine. But we're still gonna keep close tabs on him. We don't know how Rin will react."

"Of course we will. Rin doesn't remember us, and we should at least try to make her remember."

Rin stood at the dining area of the house, trying to catch Sesshoumaru and give him a bath.

"Look, Sess, this is where I wash the dishes, and it's your new bathtub. If you don't take a bath, I won't let you sleep on the bed."

The pup stared at her with emotionless eyes, still refusing to move. Sighing, Rin picked him up by the scruff and dropped him in the tub. He spluttered and struggled, but Rin kept her hands on him.

He moved closer to the edges, as if trying to get out. He hissed when she pushed him back down.

"Don't worry, I won't let go. If you stop struggling, this would be a lot easier for the both of us, I promise."

A few more minutes of struggling and the pup finally relaxed. His eyes closed as he smelled the flowery scent of the soap on his head. As he finally completely relaxed, however, a downpour of water was spilled onto his head. He spluttered and struggled again before glaring at her angrily.

"Sorry, Sess, I thought you saw it coming. Come on, time to dry off."

Rin picked him up and put him on a towel on the table. Sesshoumaru shook himself and growled as she gathered the towel around him and rubbed it around him. The soft, fluffy towel made him fall asleep, but not before licking Rin's arm affectionately.

"Good night to you, too, Sess," Rin sighed.

Laying him on the pillow, Rin crawled on the bed next to him and cuddled into his fur.

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