Tales of the World Radiant Mythology

Chapter One: Two Descenders

By: KrimsonRain

'Please protect this world for me...

'Its your home as much as anyone else's...

'Protect Teressia for me...

'My children'

"Wake up!"

"Your wold is in danger!"

"Teressia needs you!"

A boy with chin length blond hair moaned softly as his body landed softly on the ground and the bright light around him slowly dimmed. The smell of flowers and water filled his nose as the sound of water flowing filled his ears. The boy squinted his eyes one and closed them again. The light was to bright; it hurt his eyes but at the same time it was soothing, like being with someone you cared greatly about. "Are you awake?" asked a pretty loud voice that made the boy open his eyes and sit up slowly. There was a flying... cat floating in front of him; its bright blue eyes gazing worriedly at the boy. "Oh good your okay!" the flying cat announced happily smiling at him. The boy stared at him, his own blue eyes looking the animal up and down. What the hell was it? And why did it have wings on its tail?

"I'm Mormo I asked your world tree to give birth to you!" the flying cat pointed out. The boy blinked and looked around in confusion. A tree giving birth!? Where was he anyways. A soft moan got his attention as he started to stand up making him stop and look down next to him. A girl with long blond hair wearing the same red outfit as him was next to him, her hand clapped firmly around his. The boy and Mormo looked at the girl but she didn't move. "Oh!" gasped Mormo in surprise and the boy looked over at him. "Two descenders at once!" Mormo shouted in surprise and the blond haired boy raised an eyebrow at him.

"A what?" the boy asked getting Mormo's attention again. Mormo looked over at him and then to the blond haired girl sleeping next to him. "So what are your names?" asked Mormo and the boy glared at him. Was the flying cat avoiding the question? Sighing the boy ran though his memories for any clue to a name.


"And her?"

"Sana," came the immediate reply from Kyros who looked down at the girl and touched her cheek with his free hand. Mormo stared at Kyros for a minuet then looked around for a bit. "Listen I know you have questions right now, but we need to get out of here there are monsters everywhere." Mormo explained and Kyros looked at him, should he trust the flying cat? After debating with his mind Kyros nodded at Mormo then slowly stood up shakily. After gaining his footing Kyros bent down next to Sana and picked her up bridal style. "Which way?" he asked Mormo who pointed down a long path and flew over next to Kyros.


About 10 minuets into the walk Kyros had fallen about four times but thankfully he wasn't hurt and surprisingly neither was Sana. Mormo had asked him each time he had fallen if he was okay, a worried look on his face, which was pretty cute (not like Kyros would emit that out loud), so the flying cat wasn't that bad. "So are you going to answer any of my questions?" Kyros asked Mormo who looked at Kyros then after a second nodded. "You were born from the world tree, which makes Sana and you a descender." Mormo started and Kyros gave him a look. "I remember you saying that earlier; but what is a descender?" he asked. Mormo opened his mouth to answer the question just as a scream broke though the air.

Both Kyros and Mormo stopped dead in their tracks and Mormo eyes got wide. "A scream?!" the flying cat asked shock, then looked over to Kyros. "Lets go, somebody's in trouble!" ordered Mormo flying ahead of Kyros who got a scared look. "W-Wait!" he yelled running after Mormo, almost tripping in the process.


By the time Kyros caught up with Mormo he was staring at the corner of the path. A girl with short pink hair and green eyes was cornered against the wall, a man wearing black armor gripping her arm tightly. "Let go of me!" cried the girl trying to get out of the mans grip but whimpered when his grip on her arm got tighter. "I don't take orders from spies, besides I'd love to see more of you if you catch my drift," the man laughed hatefully and the girl got paler. "NO!" she yelled.

Kyros quickly put Sana down and ran across the opened area as fast as he could, grabbing the sword on the ground as he ran by. In a flash of a movement the man was sent flying into the air and landed about a good three feet away for her. The girl looked over to Kyros who had a very serious look on his face as he glared at the man, who was in a crater, coughing, and clutching his side. "U-umm..." started the girl and Kyros looked down at her. "Are you okay?" he asked as the girl rubbed her wrist softly. The girl smiled at him an nodded. "Yeah he didn't do anything to me." she announced happily and Kyros nodded.

"I'm Kanono and you are?" the girl asked and Kyros stared at her. She was certainly weird that was for sure. "It's Kyros." he answered then brought up the sword in his hand to block the axe that was swinging down at him. The armor clad man had gotten up while he was talking to Kanono; who had a shocked look on her face. "YOU BASTARD!" the man yelled swinging wildly at Kyros who blocked each swing with little trouble. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!" the man yelled pushing all his weight on the axe. Kyros gritted his teeth and in one quick movement knocked the man backwards while jumping back himself. The man fell to the ground roughly landing on injured side and groaned in pain.

Kyros lowered his sword and turned to walk to Sana, Mormo and Kanono, who had made her way over to the two during the short fight. Suddenly a movement behind him made Kyros turn around to be greeted by the tip of a axe ripping deeply though his shoulder. "AHH!" cried Kyros falling to the ground gripping his shoulder as blood flowed quickly from the wound. "KYROS!" yelled Mormo flying towards Kyros but stopped as Kanono dashed forward. The man stood above Kyros smirking evilly at him and raised his axe as Kyros looked up at him glaring. Without thinking Kyros kicked the man between the legs and rolled as the axe fell out of the mans grip; hitting Kyros on his side. The man fell to the ground holding his lower area and choked on a sob. "Y-You!" he cried out but Kyros didn't pay any attention as his vision started to get blurry, maybe the combine pain from his shoulder and side were to much for his newborn body to handle.

"KYROS!" yelled Kanono running to his side, Mormo quickly flying behind her. Suddenly a shadow fell over the three of them just as the sound of a arrow whizzed though the air. Kanono and Mormo looked up and saw the man with a arrow in his chest where his heart was. The man fell backwards and landed with a loud thud on the ground dead. "Kanono!" yelled a voice from the path opposite from the one Mormo and Kyros were taking earlier.

"Are you okay?" asked a man with long silver hair pulled into a low pony tail and blue eyes running up to Kanono. "Yeah but Kyros needs help!" Kanono cried as Chester finally looked at who she was holding onto. Kyros was breathing hard and looking to the left at Sana. "...sa...na.." he muttered as Chester came into his view."Hey.... with......!" He could see Chesters lips moving but really couldn't understand what he was saying. After looking back at Sana who was starting to glow a bit everything went dark.

Well thats chapter one I hope you like it. Sana and Kyros are Teressia's descenders and are really twins. Or something like that

Who do you want Sana to get with, because Kyros is getting with Kanono






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