Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology

Chapter 14: New Mission

By: KrimsonRayne

Yep another chapter and this one is an actual chapter that helps make things progress. I'm aware that some of these things are different then the game, but don't you guys expect that? After all it is a fanfiction. Thanks for those who reviewed and I hope you continue to enjoy my story.

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Kyros looked at all the quest offered on the bored as he quickly read the information. Many were about food, some were about getting rid of monsters that were getting too close to the city and others were just things that were oddly silly but up lifting. One that stuck out the most though was about missing people again.

"Um Raine?" Kyros asked as he held up the one about the missing people. Raine looked up from the book she was reading and looked at Kyros seriously.

"Yes Kyros?" she asked back and Kyros sweat-dropped. Why couldn't she catch the hint?

"Wasn't this already done?" Kyros asked handing her the piece of paper, which she briefly looked over then sighed.

"Yes but.." Raine started then stopped as Kratos and Lloyd came up to the desk; the older of the two still as serious as ever. "Oh which one are you taking Kyros?" Lloyd asked in his normal cheerful way. Kyros smiled slightly at Lloyd then looked over to Raine, who didn't look very pleased at being interrupted.

"The job you couldn't finish Lloyd." Raine snapped as she handed the piece of paper back to Kyros.

"Hey that wasn't my fault!" Lloyd protested, which was actually pretty true considering that Kyros did kind of interrupt Lloyd in the middle of his quest… even though it was kind of Kyros job to find him anyways.

Kratos made a soft sighing noise at the mention of Lloyd's last quest catching the others attention, mostly Lloyd's as all three looked at the older man.

"What Kratos?" Lloyd asked and Kratos glared at him.

"Wasn't your fault?" Kratos asked with a raised eyebrow. Lloyd flinched briefly while Kyros looked back and forward between the two, curiosity finally setting in. These two seemed so..similar.

Kyros looked briefly at Raine, who motioned for him to go on and do whatever he needed to do so that he could be ready for his next quest. Kyros nodded his head then wandered over to the corner of the room as Kratos and Lloyd started to argue quietly.

"Hey." A child's voice announced from behind Kyros, who jumped from where he was sitting at and made the blond descender look over his shoulder. Genis was looking at him through the open window with Mormo hovering next to him.

"Genis." Kyros announce with a smile as Mormo floated over to the blond and landed on his shoulder.

The white haired child mage smiled at Kyros then looked over to where Kratos and Lloyd were arguing. "What did Lloyd do this time?" the young mage asked as Kyros laughed a bit.

"Um…I don't really know something about the last mission Lloyd had?" Kyros answered and Genis nodded his head knowingly, aware of something Kyros certainly didn't know.

"Yeah that sounds right, Lloyd made everyone worry when he didn't check in with anyone; especially Kratos." Genis explained as Kyros stared at him.

"…Are Kratos and Lloyd related?" Kyros asked, that was the question he was more worried about getting answered. Genis looked at Kyros briefly then back to Kratos and Lloyd.

"Well…" Genis started then Mormo got an excited look.

"Are they brothers?" the white flying creature asked with wonder. Genis shook his head at Mormo's question, smiling at Mormo with humor.

"Cousins?" Kyros asked but again the only thing they got as an answer was Genis shaking his head.

"Well they can't be father and son, Kratos is too young..isn't he?" Kyros asked and Genis shrugged his shoulders.

"Guess he aged well." The white haired mage answered and Kyros stared him in shock, then he looked over to where Kratos and Lloyd were. Now that he knew… he noticed the resemblance more than earlier. Same eyes, facial structure, even the same glare!

"Whoa…" Kyros whispered in awe causing Genis to snicker at him. Mormo you ask? Well as soon as he heard Genis confirm the truth the poor animal had went into shock.

"That is all; make sure you come back in once piece alright?" Raine asked as she finished telling Kyros about the missing. Apparently it was another mission to look for the missing people, but the change this time was that Kyros was to actually bring the people back with the help of Kanono.

"Alright thanks Raine." Kyros answered with a smile, causing the woman to smile back at him. Mormo looked at Kyros then floated down to lay on Kyros head.

"So should we tell Sana that we're leaving?" he asked Kyros nodded his head. It was probably for the best that his sister knew where he was going, just in case something happened.

"Sana?" asked Kyros as he entered the room Sana and him shared at the Inn, but no one was inside it. Frowning in concern Kyros walked around the room looking for something like a note since Sana tended to leave them if she planned to go somewhere without telling her brother. Mormo sniffed the air and after a moment looked at Kyros.

"It smells like she left a hour or so ago." He announced to Kyros who frowned even more, getting a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach. Something was wrong…very wrong.

"Let go of me!" Sana screamed as Ganser and his men dragged the blond girl in to Hallow Bastion roughly. The guards growled in annoyance as Sana hit one of them in the face with her fist.

"Hold her still!" Ganser ordered as Sana continued to fight, even more so as the guards gripped her tighter.

"My dear you should learn when to give up, besides your mana will be a lovely gift for my master." The old man laughed as Sana was basically covered into the building. Sana frowned at the news that Ganser had shared with her then shut her eyes.

"NO!" she screamed as a blinding green light surrounded her.

Kyros stopped dead in his tracks as a feeling entered his body, making him lurch forward and almost fall down the steps of the Inn. Thankfully for him though Kanono and Chester were in front of him as he suddenly seemed to lose his balance.

"Kyros are you okay?" Kanono asked the blond as Chester helped him regain his balance. Kyros looked up at Kanono, eyes wide in shock as he stared at her in fear.

"Sana…" Kyros started then looked down at the blue stone he wore around his neck. The stone was glowing slightly as if light was hitting it, despite that no light was. Kanono got a worried look on her face then touched Kyros shoulder.

"Sana what?" she asked kindly making Kyros look back up at her.

"Something's wrong…" Kyros announced fear laced heavily on his voice. Yes something was very, very wrong.

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