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Tony was blindfolded and thrown into the car. He couldn't see where they were going which was the blindfold's purpose. He wondered what would happen to him and would Gibbs find him in time. Luckily he had a GPS chip on him and they haven't found it.

He was then grabbed and yanked out of the car and was taken inside. He could feel that they were inside because of the absence of light. He couldn't see still, but he could see that through his blindfold that it was darker. He was then thrown into the chair and then tied to it. The blindfold was ripped off of him and he looked around.

"Do you have any chardonnay?" Tony asked trying to lighten the very real danger that he was currently in.

"Why are you here?" the man asked as he pulled Tony's hair.

"Vengeance." Tony replied.

"Vengeance for what?"

"For what you did to Ziva."

He remembered how Ziva had looked when they saw her last. Her face was beaten up and her face was swollen. He hated that someone had hurt one of their team.

"Where are the others?"

"I'm here alone."

The man then struck him and then tried again. "Where are the others?"

"At the circus."

The man once again hit Tony. "Where are the others?"

"They went shopping." Tony replied.

"You are a funny man."


It started out a normal day at the bullpen when Gibbs got a call that they found Ziva badly beaten at an overseas hospital. They had gotten on the plane and made their way to their teammate. Gibbs was angry that someone hurt one of his team and so he put a plan into action. DiNozzo was supposed to get himself kidnapped by the very people who had kidnapped Ziva. He had a GPS locator and a tiny microphone to record what was being said. Vance was surprisingly supportive of this operation and had let them go.


"I will ask you again. Where are the others?"

"They went to the movies." Tony replied. He had to draw it out, so that Gibbs and the others could find him and arrest the other men.

The door suddenly opened and there was shouting. He smiled as he heard Gibbs's voice yell at the person to step away from him. He could feel the blood pour down his face. He watched as Gibbs cuffed the man and had thrown him to the man next to him while he walked up to Tony.

"You okay, DiNozzo?"

"Just peachy, boss."

Gibbs uncuffed him and then stepped back. Tony got up, but was a little unsteady. Gibbs grabbed him and led Tony out to the car that was parked near the house. They had gotten the people that had beaten Ziva and for that Tony was glad.

The End