This is a squeal of sorts to my other story Ramblings of a Mad Man. Don't worry you don't have to read that to read this lol

It really was a beautiful morning thought Alice as she made her way down the street towards the bookshop she and Belle owned. Of course she hadn't got very far until she felt a presence behind her, like she was being followed (again). She stopped abruptly and sighed in annoyance, her eyes narrowing in anger and suspicion. He wouldn't give up would he? She turned on the spot and glared down the street. She could clearly see the superfluously ridicules hat sticking out from behind the mail box that the Mad Hatter hid behind.

"Stalking is illegal you realize!" she said, shifting the books in her hand so they wouldnt fall. There were a fair few. He peeked out at her before leaping from his hiding place as if he had been catapulted from it.

"actually its quiet legal in Wonderland!" he said with a smirk, but then he suddenly become serious "besides I wasn't stalking! I was simply making sure, there are many ruffians out at this time of the day!"

"8:00 in the morning you mean?" she said with a huff. After all he wasnt on very good terms with Time was he?

"8 am 8 pm, there are still ruffians" he said striking what he surely thought was an heroic pose, when in reality it simply made him look silly.

"ruffians like you, you mean?" she respond. He sagged a bit and sighed. He turned and produced a single yellow daisy. She blinked at it in confusion.

"There are more where that came from if you will accompany me to lunch later!" he said with a smile.

She was struck speechless, was he getting better at this? She hesitantly took the flower, making his smile widen.

"lunch?" she said trying not to damage the admittedly pretty flower as she adjusted her books again. He nodded enthusiastically.

"a nice picnic to be exact!" he replied with a look that clearly said pretty please!!?. He was being so nice, so unlike him self. It caused her to become more suspicious.

"hmm, a picnic?" he nodded enthusiastically again, probably not understanding why she couldn't grab the concept of a picnic! "Mr. Hatter" he made an annoyed face "I...I'm not sure if I can even get away for lunch." it was the best accuse she could come up with, god help her if Reg got the idea to ask Belle! He frowned and couldn't help a small pout that made her seriously rethink her lie. "But I suppose maybe... " she hadn't even finished when he let out a whoop of joy and grabbed her wrist.

"in honor of this most wondrous thing! You accepting my offer that is! I shall escort you to work!!" he all but yelled and began dragging her down the sidewalk. Almost making her drop her books. She gasped and tried yanking her arm back but couldn't.

"Mr. Theopilius!!-"

"The third!"

"Mr. Theopilius!! Unhand me!!!!!" Of course they were already at the bookshop by the time he did. It was a wonder the daisy hadn't been squished through out the 'escorting'. He just grinned at her like an idiot while she glared at him and tried to unlock the door at the same time.

"You know I never said yes" Alice said angrily, as she walked into the shop, placing her books and the daisy on the counter. He followed her like an obedient puppy.

"Ah! But you never said no!" replied Reginald leaning on the counter. He grabbed one of her books at random and started flipping through it, scanning the pages in interest. She snapped the book shut on him and glared.

"and I never said yes!"

"Sooo" he straightened and gave her a confused look "maybe?" He looked very hopeful. Rolling her eyes she sighed.


he brightened insistently and snatched up the previously accepted daisy. Handing it back to her he grinned happily.

"until then cricket!" and he was gone, out the door. She stood staring at the spot he had previously been standing, trying desperately to understand him.

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