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Alice caught up with her mad companion as he neared the surf. She walked up behind him as he let his bare feet sink into the wet sand, the what had to be cold water came up covering his feet and making the bottoms of his pants wet.

"what about the picnic?" she asked curiously, wondering why they were down at the waters edge instead of finishing they're beautiful lunch. Reg looked down at the his feet covered in sand and smiled, wiggling his toes he turned to her.

"look around Cricket, noticing anything?" his smile widened when she took a look around with a frown.

"No" Reg just continued to smile. Of course she wouldn't notice, who else but him would notice such an unique feature of this special beach? He bent down and as if he knew it was there all along and pulled from the wet sand a perfectly formed conch shell, no bigger then the palm of his un-gloved hand. Alice stared at the completely unharmed shell. He offered it to her. She took it gently and looked it over, probably looking for an cracks or possibly even a tag so she could claim that it was fake. It was perfect though, no cracks, no chips, no miniature pieces missing.

"how…how did you find this so easily?" asked Alice turning it over in her hand. "its perfect."

"as you can see this beach is very unique" Reg replied turning towards her fully, taking the shell from her and looked it over him self, a sad smile appearing on his face. "See here, on this beach in Wonderland. All the shells are unbroken and perfect. Which is a rare find, you know….because nothing in wonderland is perfect." Alice had never heard him talk like this, or even look like this. He seemed so worldly and knowledgeable. She merely nodded and looked down at the sand, wondering if it really were that easy to just bend down and pluck a perfect shell from the sand, like it were an apple or pear.

"All the shells are perfect?" asked crossing her arms.

"well….not all of them" his lost and sad look was replaced with a mischievously grin "On this beach the trick is to find the broken ones"

"why?" asked Alice stepping back from the water which was getting deeper around them. She didn't feel like getting the bottom of her dress wet.

"because looking for the perfect ones is boring" He said looking at her, a grin plastered across his face. The answer made her think, which meant she had a puzzled look on her pretty face. Rolling his eyes he grabbed her hand. "Come on, lets find some more!" he said gaining some crazy life back and dragging her down the beach away from the picnic.

"Reginald I don't want to look for broken sea shells!!"

"of course you do, cricket, you just don't know it yet! Trust me! Once you start I'll have to drag you away!" Alice highly doubted that…

~~A Few Minutes Later ~~

"I found another one!!" cried Alice running through the sand, devoid of shoes and stockings, towards Reg who was inspecting half of a shiny looking clam shell. It greatly surprised him how open she had become in last couple of minutes. Running around the surf with him, shoes off, dress hiked up so it wouldn't ruin, collecting all manner of broken shells. Reg wondered how long it would take for her to break down and build a sand castle with him. He was rather good at the sport! He would cover it in daisies and broken shells. It would be the greatest master piece since the sixteenth chapel!!! But we're getting off the subject.

"Reg look, it looks like part of a hermit crabs shell! You can see right down the middle" Reg should've been listening but her enthusiasm was amazing, he….he loved it. To see her come out of her shell, pun intended, was amazing. If he had known it was this easy he would've brought her here long before. When Alice realized he wasn't responding she looked up and noticed his secret smile. She blushed and tucked a strand of loose hair behind her ear. "its fun…" He nodded and handed over his find.

"He haven't finished our lunch." Reg said, she seemed to realize this too and nodded.

"No we haven't…" She couldn't keep the exhilarated smile off her face.

"But, this was fun was it not!?" he asked, grabbing both finds and putting them in his never ending pockets, where the rest of the shells had collected. Alice thought his question over, noting how she must look at the moment, but she nodded.

"yes actually, quiet fun!. I…I never realized, but broken shells are better then perfect ones" She replied giving him a meaningful look. He glanced at her and a huge smile broke out.

"well of course!! More rare, at least here, and more fun to find" she agreed and suggested they returned to they're picnic. So they returned, along the way finding more broken shells as they went.

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