On the brink of death, one might see their guiding spirit, whether that be an animal spirit, a god or some other entity. You may have noticed the presence of these entities, Raiden being an extreme example. Fighting alongside mortal men and women, leading them to victory and often granting them life after certain death, no matter the ugly cost. Spirits who aid their mortal counterparts are often vengeful and see the warriors like their own children, unable to accept the defeat of their personal champions, they often resurrect and allow them passage back from beyond the worlds of death. I too, am to blame for these selfish acts. I fear I may have created a monster…

I am the very spirit of all fire that exists in the realms and my father is the elder god of music. You have possibly heard my name being cried out in battle and never given a second thought to the spirit watching, but this time, my friend, I beseech your help. I confide unto you the real truths of Mortal Kombat…No one ever truly dies, their essence is carried throughout he realms forever, and so the mere namesake "Mortal Kombat" is a lie, blurring the lines between the mortal and immortal.

Now I seek the other spirits and the warriors of the realms to come to my side, and fight along with me for the sake of keeping order. The elder gods are losing control over the mortal beings that they are entitled to protect. Men are becoming gods, and gods are becoming men. Some of which have nothing but darkness in their souls and crave the destruction of peace itself. The safeguard against Armageddon failed, no matter which warrior reached the top of the pyramid, it eventually ended in utter chaos. I've sent myself back in time, before the safeguard was placed, to warn the elder gods of the consequences, but alas, they did not believe and will not aid me. Fighting alone will end in my destruction.
This message is my last hope for this world.

I await your response and your aid,

You desperate ally,