Toasty held on to his seat for dear life as the car swung around the corner. Kid Thunder, who was enjoying having his license, smiled as he turned the radio louder to drown out the screams. "If you don't slow down, we're both gonna die!" Toasty shouted and squeezed his eyes tightly closed.

"It doesn't matter, we're here." Kid Thunder replied as he shifted the car into the drive thru. Toasty unclenched himself from the seat of the car. "May I have your order?" A snotty voice rang from the speakers. "Ugh, give us one second…Hey Toasty what do you want?" Kid Thunder asked.

"Eh, give me four taco supremes, and a Mexican pizza." Toasty replied, pushing his cheek against the car window. Kid Thunder finished the order and pulled around to the window. "I should drive back." Toasty said, before the greasy employee handed them a couple of bags.

"Nonsense, I can drive…gah, I should have got a milkshake." Replied Kid Thunder as he pulled out of Taco Bell and started on his way back to the temple. A small tune could be heard. "That's my phone. Let me see who it is." He added. Kid Thunder pulled out his phone and checked it.

"It's Ermac." He said. "Oh gawd, don't answer it." Toasty said quickly. Kid Thunder obeyed and put his phone away while he rode up to the stoplight. There was another car already waiting in the other lane. Toasty looked out the window to see Quan Chi's ugly face staring back at him.

The hobo sorcerer revved the engine of the old car, and as the light turned, he sped off in front of our heroes. Shang Tsung stuck his hand out of the window, raising his middle finger. "Oh no he just didn't!" Kid Thunder gritted his teeth tightly and slammed on the gas.

Toasty again plastered himself to the car's seat, as Kid Thunder began to catch up with the two idiots. "I'm going to switch lanes. I'm going to draft behind them for a while and pick up speed." Kid Thunder said as Toasty turned very pale.

It wasn't long before the two hobos noticed that Kid Thunder was gaining on them. Shang Tsung looked worried, but Quan Chi just laughed. "Oopsie daisy." He said with a cackle as he hit the lever to open the rear end of the car.

Quan Chi slammed into a pot hole as hard as he could, and both Toasty and Kid Thunder let out blood curdling screams. Lui Kang flew through the air like a soggy, limp torpedo, and slapped on the windshield. Both heroes continued to scream as Kid Thunder made a futile attempt to remove the body with the windshield wipers.

The car swerved all over the road, as Kid Thunder panicked. He hit the brakes and the slowed down to a stop, then pulled over to the side of a dark road. Toasty was clutching his chest, and both of the two spirits were breathing furiously.

"I'm so glad that's over." Kid Thunder said, shaking a little from the horrifying experience. "What…what are we going to do with the body." Said Toasty with a wheeze. "Lets let Raiden take care of it. He's a thunder god. He'll deal with it." Kid Thunder replied wiping the sweat from his brow.

"Damn…I'm so freaking glad I didn't get a milkshake."


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