Harry lay on his bed, barely able to stop from shaking, both from the tears and from the pain. He welcomed the pain, not because he was into self harm, but because the physical agony made it so much easier to ignore the mental. It was hard to believe it had been three weeks since the ministry, sometimes it felt like a life time since he last saw his beloved godfather, and others like yesterday. He had of course been shipped off to the muggles once again, no concern that he may need someone during this loss, no one had the time. Remus had, and tried to take him, but of course the werewolf had been refused.

He could barely breathe, the last round of beatings was the worst, he was sure he had broken ribs for sure. His Uncle had always slapped him around, but he had never been this bad, but Harry's bad dreams had changed that. Where most kids woke up to comforting arms, he was shaken awake, to be conscious for a pounding.

He heard them outside the door. "I just have to check the freak has sent a letter off, and I will be to bed soon."

Petunia was more then aware Harry had. "Of course Vernon."

His owl was locked in a cage except when needed, and his Uncle had forced him to send a letter that morning, and his wife knew that. Petunia pretended not to know what her husband was doing, so she could sleep at night, but she was more then aware. She had always hated Harry, because of his mother, and she loved her husband too much to stand up to him for the freak's sake, even if she didn't condone the abuse.

His Uncle came into the room and Harry tried to pull away from him. "Please, I can't take any more."

Vernon sneered down at the snivelling form of his nephew on the bed. "Your choice, my belt or on your knees."

Harry had known it would be both, if he didn't take the second option, so he stumbled from the bed, and in tears, he sunk down to his knees on the floor. His Uncle smiled, he always knew the brat's answer, he had been a good sucker, and plaything, and it only took him a week to learn his place. He started fucking the fine mouth, as his not good for anything else nephew, braced himself against his legs.

Harry closed his eyes, praying for an end to this, but he knew what came next, it always did. As he swallowed and cleaned him off, Harry felt his Uncle let go, and he stumbled to his feet, and without being told, tears pouring, he pulled off his boxers and knelt on the bed.

His Uncle smiled. "You know what I want, you do it and you may get food tomorrow."

Harry had not been fed in days. "Fuck me please."

Pleased the boy was playing his part, Vernon shoved boxers into the boy's mouth, knowing he would scream. Even after three weeks the boy was tight, and he sure enough could hear the muffled cries as he slammed up to the hilt in the boy, taking such pleasure. He had been using little male whores for years, but he realized why waste the money, when he had a perfectly good little whore of his own, for free. He took two rides on the whore before he pulled out.

He came around and patted Harry on the head. "What a good little whore you are, now clean me off and you can have a crust of bread for dinner tomorrow."

Harry sobbed as the boxers were removed. "Thank you Uncle."

He had to thank the man before cleaning him off, and he knew even if he breathed too loud, there would be no bread. He licked the man, reminding himself to do any thing for food tomorrow, he could not last too much longer. Every time he thought about slitting his wrists, he remembered the war, and all Sirius endured too.

Vernon suddenly went rigid as he noticed someone in the door. "What the hell are you doing in my house?"

A cool voice answered him. "We're here for your nephew."

Harry watched in horror as a green light of a killing curse hit his Uncle in the chest, and the man fell dead to the floor. Harry lay naked and bleeding on the bed, and if he had not already been sure it wasn't the Order, the killing curse proved it.

He saw Lucius' face just before he was hit by a stunner. "Sleep little one, you will soon be in your new bed."