Harry knew he should hope that the wand worked, for the sake of those he loved. He was scared George would be sent back to being a puppy to Lucius. He watched the twins together and he wanted them to remain safe together. He knew they were all thought dead and Harry likely had to remain so. The twins and Remus said they would come with him. The goblins would know he was alive and allow him access to his money. Remus explained in the short week before he too was captured he heard Albus speak about how to use Harry's death. Albus was able to have the ministry fall in line behind him. With Harry dead the only hope was Albus, so he had power. Albus had long ago proven he would sacrifice lives to get what he wanted.

Remus looked at Harry and hoped this would work. Severus had long ago set up an escape plan for Remus and Harry. Remus had not told Harry but Voldemort likely saved his life. There had been rumours either Albus or the ministry would kill him. If the wand worked he would take the boys to spinner's end and then on.

It was just after dawn and Harry had his wand in hand. "I think we're free."

Remus took the wand and though not his performed a banned spell."Its over."

The twins were hugging and Harry sunk into Remus' arms with a grateful hug. He knew he should be happier to be free but his hands went to his collar. Remus noticed and knew where his mind was. He knew from George that Harry had broken even if not totally. Voldemort had offered Harry a care and security he never knew. He was sure though his cub would recover. Other then a few like Severus, the Lovegoods and Andromeda no one would know he was alive. Remus would make sure Harry was safe finally and would have a home.

Remus used a book and turned it into a portkey with a password for the wards of Spinner's end. He knew they would not be alone there even without Severus. Draco would have been taken there by his uncle before battle. Holding Harry as the portkey took off, he hoped both boys would be safe.

Fred looked around the odd garden when they arrived as he was ushered in."Where are we?"

Remus took them into the kitchen. "Professor Snape's home. He and Xeno will get me and Harry out of the country.'

George spoke up."All of us or so I hope."

The twins knew they would be at risk if they came back from the dead. There was not as much danger for them as Harry but they would need to be on edge. They had not spoken to their family since Harry was taken and things were rough before. Harry would need them to recover as well. As long as they were welcome they would come where the others went. Lee inherited their shop but they had liquid assets.

Draco appeared in the door. "Wow, then it will be a party. Me, a wolf, two pranksters and Potter."

George sneered." You should be lucky. Your father told me if he ever got his hands on you he would give you to MacNair to paper train."

From the way Draco blanched he was more then aware what that meant. Remus calmed things down and asked Draco if there was any news. Draco had not heard either way, his uncle's elf would have come to warn him if Severus was dead or in prison. He was told to pack and be ready to go; Xeno would come for him if his Uncle could not. There was a stash of wands for them and clothes to change into.

Remus calmed them. "The block on the wand was gone, Voldemort is dead."

Harry looked at the collar and he could not get this feeling out of him that they were wrong. He knew he was being foolish and Remus was right. He simply told himself he was worried because Voldemort was thought dead when he was a baby too.

Remus looked at the four boys, he considered the twins still kids. He knew they were all in his care now. "Soon we will be where no one will ever look for us."