Hermione's Amends

AN: Thanks to SnapesBeatice for doing the beta!


One beautiful autumn afternoon, a small party of guests gathered on the lawn of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for the wedding of Severus Snape and Hermione Granger.

Amidst the gently swirling red and orange leaves, three figures stood out in stark contrast to their surroundings.

The bridegroom and his two groomsmen were dressed in Slytherin green.

'Are you entirely sure these are the robes she sent, Lucius?' Severus bit out, failing to hide his nerves. 'If this one of your jokes, I swear I will kill you as soon as the ceremony is over.'

'Stop making threats,' Lucius replied lazily. 'Just because Miss Granger cut you off until your wedding night does not mean you need to channel all that extra energy into violent acts.'

Severus rolled his eyes. Pacifism from a former Death Eater?

'Relax, Uncle,' drawled Draco, the other groomsman. 'From what Father has told me of that morning you came to the Manor with Lucilla, I doubt he wants to incite the wrath of your beloved.'

At the word 'beloved', Severus' face became a study in blankness. Although he and Hermione had recovered much of their good relationship after the turbulence surrounding Lucilla's birth and naming, he still could not shake the feeling that she was hiding something from him. He never doubted for a moment that she was the woman he wanted to marry, but he wondered sometimes whether she felt the same way about him.

He had no more time to worry, however, as Luna Lovegood started walking down the aisle, in a rich, brown dress which shimmered with gold in the afternoon light. Severus didn't bother hiding the upwards quirk of his lips as he noted that instead of flowers, the eccentric ex-Ravenclaw girl had three-month old Lucilla on her hip.

Nothing Luna did would ever be ordinary.

Severus barely had time to register Ginny Potter making her way down the aisle before his attention was entirely transfixed by the sight of Hermione, his lovely girl floating towards him in a simple, elegant, cream gown. The only break in colour was a green sash, which served to accentuate her small waist. He could only glory in her radiant expression as she put her hand in his and faced him to be bound as one.

Suddenly, Severus realised that in contrast to the autumn fire – the reds, oranges, brown and gold of the wedding party and scenery – evergreen was forever. Buoyed by this epiphany, and utterly entranced by the woman pledging her heart and soul to him, Severus barely registered the answers he gave the celebrant until the time came for him to kiss the bride.

Pulling her gently to him, he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her softly at first, savouring the moment as she melted into him and returned his affection with equal fervour. When their lips parted, Severus gazed wickedly into his wife's eyes and raised an eyebrow at her.

'You wore green for me?'

'Don't make me regret it,' she sighed happily, pulling him down for another kiss before they could be swamped by family and well-wishers.

Even through his joy and pleasure, Severus could not resist a large mental smirk.

Gryffindor may have won most of the battles, but Slytherin had won the war.

The End.

Thanks to all the readers and reviewers who followed this little series of through to the end. It still amazes me that one prompt ended up as six ficlets! – MW