The Master walked around the kneeling human, the one clad in black. With his little goatee.

"So, you've sought, and you've found, snivelling human, and now you will... will you stop that confounded laughing?!"

"Oh, I'm so sorry," said the man. He looked up. "It's just... you keep calling me human."

And then... he stood.

The Master stumbled back. The mystical backlash shoved him, but he recovered quickly.

"You defy me?! I will destroy you, and you will serve -"

He started forward and reached out, only to find himself driven back as the man clutched his wrist in a crushing grip.

"How... how dare you! I will drain..." He was forced to his knees. The other stood over him, grinning, drawing a small vial of glowing reddish liquid into one hand, a remote from a pocket into the other.

"That's better. Now," he said, leveling the device at the cowering vampire, "Let's make this clear. I've had this name for thousands of years before you were born. I am a Lord of Time. I am the Master," he said, uncorking the vial, "and you will obey me."