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World – Manga
Characters – Giovanni/Sabrina (Socioshipping)
Genre – Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance (sort of)
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Plain : Giovanni and Sabrina

He had been her boss, her leader.

And nothing more.

She had joined him for many reasons – for the delicious money, the gruesome, spine-tingling tasks and the tantalizing thrill of seeing the weak squirm under her mighty steel grip. That was what Team Rocket was going to do, he told her. And when she tried to read his mind in search of the truth, she was sucked into his ideals even more.

His mind was an unpredictable vortex of swirling thoughts. Thoughts. Void of emotion. So crafty, so dastardly evil, and so hard to read without getting lost in the enigmatic abyss. His intent was true, and his thirst for power was real – raw, dangerous and real –. That was the only time when she attempted to read his mind, very soon after; she decided not to perform such a stunt again. Because there was no need to read his mind now, and neither would she need to read it again in the future. He was her boss now. And she could faintly sense the knowing feeling in his wry smile as they shook hands – cold, clammy, but firm – and she realized that he probably knew it too.

So she joined him, just for the fun of it.

Nothing more.

And she was interested in this particular person, but no – it couldn't have been anything more than pure curiosity and inquisitiveness on her part. She reasoned with herself. Feelings of attraction were either short-lived or just a fleeting emotion in humans. No one really understood Love. So Love couldn't exist because of that. And why would a Master of Minds like her need something as useless as Love – if it even existed –? All she needed was to manipulate her pawns, which was something she could confidently say she had attained perfection in.

Love didn't exist in his eyes as well; she just believed that that was the case right off the bat. She didn't need to use any psychic powers to figure it out. Because when she first tried to see into his mind and his heart, she was met with icy-cold resolve. Unfeeling about the consequences of what they were about to do. He was simply consumed in those impossible dreams. And she liked that.

She was just interested.

Nothing more.

She wanted to experience those impossible dreams come to life in their new world. To witness the dawning of a new era where the strong would rule and the weak either served them – or die. A world where atrocious emotions like Love would cease to exist. What was truly important was fear. That was what controlled people's wills. That was what he said, and what she agreed to.

She was immediately promoted to the second highest rank in the organization, because she wouldn't settle for anything less. And it was partially because of her flawless manipulation skills, as she simply refused to believe that the boss had developed any sort of fondness or respect for her. She certainly hadn't. And before long, two others joined her in the rankings. A poisonous Koga and electrifying Surge. Queer and equally evil individuals, but none could compare to him. For he was the one that interested her the most. The three of them resolved to his bidding without question. To follow their leader through blood, bones and tears on his quest to gain power. Absolute power.

And they took the blood oath together. For as long as they remained Rockets, they would do his bidding and follow him to the pinnacle of greatness.

Nothing more.

The experiments on Pokémon that followed were morbid, cruel and grisly. Blood split and pooled in thick scarlet puddles on the tiled floor whenever one showed feeble resistance, but it was hardly ever enough. They would always be restrained again, because they did not have the strength to match their determination to flee the madness. Pointed needles of the syringes were poised to pierce through the hardest skin and largest of creatures, just to see the reaction. To record their findings about how rampaging Pokémon were, in fact, ten times more powerful than tame ones. Their shrieks and roars and cries resounded throughout the building, carrying the pain, the agony of it all. But that was what she liked about it. To see the powerless writhe in acute terror under the knife and just throw her head back and laugh at the pitiful sight. Because the weak deserved such treatment.

And when one young boy came across an Eevee they had toyed with; well, she just smiled as she sat on her Kadabra's tail, because she had found a new plaything. Then she teleported off to the base, to inform Koga and Surge that she had found the child who had caught their interest. And they proceeded to hatch a full-proof scheme to take over Saffron, tossing away their worries about the threat that such an immature brat would ever pose.

But after the battle, his name was forever etched in her memory – Red. Along with that, that annoying, troublesome she-witch, Blue! The nerve of her! If that meddlesome girl hadn't had those Pokéballs on her chest… She wouldn't have been distracted. And she wouldn't have failed him.

Because her boss left them after that.

And she was only concerned about it because now, Team Rocket had lost its leader.

Nothing more.

After a year, she was forced to meet up with the children again. And this time, it wasn't for a fight. It was for teamwork. It disgusted her to no end, because she never worked together with anyone. She manipulated people to perform her dirty work. That was what she did. But, she took it all in stride, and appeared before the clueless youths in her absolute elegance, alongside Koga and Surge. The Spoon of Destiny chose their partners, and she was appalled when the cutlery bent itself towards the girl. However, she simply rolled her eyes and flicked her long mane of hair over her shoulder, and started to stroll into Cerise Island. Because she wanted to find her boss, regardless of all the hitches and extra burdens she would have to carry.

And when they did find him, she was met with confusion and perplexity. Her wrists were aching from Lorelei's loathsome ice-cuffs but the pain in her hands subsided and went straight for her chest the moment he spoke.

Go back to your gyms, he said. Its over, he continued. And even she couldn't hide the stunned expression on her face. After all she had gone through for him… that was the end? And her heart moved in her chest, but she refused to believe that it had anything to do with him. And yet, she found the questions gnawing at her incessantly.

Why? Why? Why?

Was I too shabby? Did I fail you?

No, nothing of the sort, he replied in his characteristic voice of indifference.

Then tell me, she insisted, grabbing onto the sleeve of his suit and pulling it. Not softly like a damsel, but roughly, like someone who demanded an apology. Her grip tightened on the fabric as he made a motion to brush off the hand. Her long, sharp nails dug into his skin and she didn't even care if her boss felt the pain. But even if he did, he made no effort to show it. And he finally gave in and told them the truth. It was because of her manipulation skills. She was the master.

He told them he had picked up some information about his son.


The word stabbed her hard, right in the middle of her gut. And the world of her mind shook without her permission. Without her permission.

Son?! Surge and Koga were flabbergasted. And she was speechless, because she did not know what to say. She couldn't talk even if she wanted too, because her bodily functions were haywire and she couldn't think straight. Because this could not be happening. This. Could. Not. Be. Happening.

What about us? Surge's tone was as robust and as loud as ever.

Your services are unnecessary; the man explained, shaking her trembling fingers off his jacket.

I've already found the right candidates to help me with this task. The Beast Trio. He informed them in a professional, business-like voice. As if they had made an agreement and now, the deal was over. But it wasn't like that; it wasn't supposed to be like that. They had taken a blood oath. A blood oath.

And there was an air of impress in his voice. Which she hated so much. She wanted to screw with his mind so badly and rip off his lips and push him into the sea. But all of that was out of her reach. Her body was paralyzed with shock, and instead, her mind had been screwed with.

Breaking up Team Rocket just to find his son? Was it all a sad, miserable joke? No, it couldn't have been. He had that warped and intensely pleased smile on his face. The smile he usually reserved for her accomplishments, Now, she hated him even more.

WHY? The anger empowered her to speak.

It was a Father's Love, he replied calmly.

Nothing more, he added.

Koga nodded in understanding, and Surge shook his head in disbelief.

While her shaking world came crashing down all of a sudden in the confines of her mind. And she had to use all of her will not to break down in front of three grown men. So she turned around, and allowed her hair to sway dramatically behind her as she walked away from the idiotic scene. Momentarily forgetting her ability to teleport. And it wasn't because of the impact of the news, she coldly informed her beating heart. Because she was the Master of Manipulation, her feelings would never be manipulated. She was clearly under the weather because of Lorelei's doing.

But after a few more steps, she came to a halt, and she could feel two pairs of eyes on her. Neither of them belonging to the one she desired. She wanted him to see her leave, to see her disappear from his grasp – and then feel the weight of regret collapse onto his broad frame. And when he came crawling back to her, she would kick him away and throw her head back and laugh. Laugh and laugh and laugh, at the pitiful experiment of hers. But no, these were impossible thoughts. A chuckle escaped her lips, and she finally admitted silently to herself.

That Love, that stupid, stupid emotion, probably did exist. That she was in a firm state of denial all along, and now, it was time to be strong and face the truth. But she did not let her shoulders shake and her breath remained still, even as something tiny pricked at her eyes.

And she realized, that perhaps, there was another Master of Manipulation here. But unlike her, he not only toyed with the mind – he toyed with the heart as well.

She did not turn around anymore because she would not let him – nor Koga , nor Surge – to see her tears. Because she was strong. She was not a weakling.

"Farewell, Giovanni."

And she vanished into thin air.

It was just a good bye.

And nothing more.