Ok, basically Emmett Cullen decides to introduce Romanian coven to MSN, and then later, as a joke, he makes accounts for the Volturi too :P Totally random I know but I need a short break from my deeper fanfic and I thought a silly one would do the trick :PP


Vladimir: 3000YearOldVirgin

Stefan: RevengeIsSweet

Emmett: TheHulk

Edward: IKnowWhatYouDid

Jasper: HowAreYouFeeling

Bella: BlockYou

Rosalie: BabeWithBrains

Alice: IHaveForseen

Carlisle: SmoothOperator

Esme: PerfectHousewife

Aro: IWantToTouchYou

Caius: Don'tMakeMeAngry

Marcus: :I

Jane: SmileAngelSmile


TheHulk has signed on

3000YearOldVirgin has signed on

RevengeIsSweet has signed on

3000YearOldVirgin: Stefan, what is this?

RevengeIsSweet: Some sort of modern conversing method I believe.

TheHulk: It worked!!!!!!

3000YearOldVirgin: Pardon?

RevengeIsSweet: What worked?

TheHulk: Mi plan!!! I sent u the invitation to start using msn :D you accepted!!!!

3000YearOldVirgin: Obviously.

RevengeIsSweet: Why would you do that?

TheHulk: i thought it wud b fun :P

3000YearOldVirgin: What is the colon and P?

TheHulk: Are you serious!?

3000YearOldVirgin: Deadly.

TheHulk: the colon means eyes, and the P is a mouth with a tongue sticking out

RevengeIsSweet: You are disrespecting us?

TheHulk: NOOOOO!!! Its a 21st century lingo thing :S

3000YearOldVirgin: Hmmmm.

TheHulk: pinky promise

RevengeIsSweet: Pinky promise? Meaning?

TheHulk: OMG *faceplants*

3000YearOldVirgin: What is your name, anyway?

SmoothOperator signed on

BlockYou signed on

TheHulk: Hi Carlisle!! Hi Bella!!!

SmoothOperator: Hello Emmett.

BlockYou: Hey Emmett

3000YearOldVirgin: Cullen's I presume?

SmoothOperator: Yes...Who are you?

3000YearOldVirgin: Vladimir.

RevengeIsSweet: Stefan.

BlockYou: The Romanians!?

RevengeIsSweet: Indeed.

SmoothOperator: How did you two come about getting an MSN account!?

RevengeIsSweet: Your son, Emmett, sent us a request.

3000YearOldVirgin: We became curious...

RevengeIsSweet: ...So we accepted.

3000YearOldVirgin: Indeed.

BlockYou: ...

TheHulk: Creepy...

SmoothOperator: Emmett why did you send Vladimir and Stefan MSN requests?

TheHulk: Cos I thought it wud b fun :PPPP

RevengeIsSweet: Again with the colon and P.

TheHulk: ROFL at your names btw

3000YearOldVirgin: We were allocated them through no choice of our own.

RevengeIsSweet: ROFL?

BlockYou: Rolling On the Floor Laughing.

RevengeIsSweet: I see.

TheHulk: r u really a 3000 year old virgin Vladimir????

3000YearOldVirgin: Are you really so illiterate?

RevengeIsSweet: Your spelling is atrocious.

TheHulk: You didn't answer my question!!!

3000YearOldVirgin: I am.


SmoothOperator: Emmett!

TheHulk: I'm not

3000YearOldVirgin: Do you wish for me to kill you?

TheHulk: you and what army? The Volturi killed them all.....

TheHulk has signed off

3000YearOldVirgin: How dare you!

SmoothOperator: I'm so sorry, Vladimir. I will punish him I assure you.

BlockYou has signed out

3000YearOldVirgin: Make it painfull...

RevengeIsSweet: ...Slow...

3000YearOldVirgin: ...Gruesome...

RevengeIsSweet: ...Satisfying.

3000YearOldVirgin: Indeed.

RevengeIsSweet: Indeed.

SmoothOperator: I have to leave...

RevengeIsSweet: Fairwell.

3000YearOldVirgin: Fairwell.

SmoothOperator: ...

SmoothOperator has signed out


Lol, random, retarded etc.. i know But fun for me to write. I am currently very ill :(((( so I am writing this to take a break from the heavier stuff while I recover :P

Dw: The Volturi will come soon, and things will get interesting...



OMG ye: disclaimer!!!