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Hi. I'm Hatty Williams but for the sake of my favourite novel call me Isabella – Long story. I was always going on about Twilight so my friends christened me 'Isabella-that's-what-he-said-that's-what-she-said-Emmetetta'. I didn't object and everyday we laugh as hard as we did the first time I got called it. But no, my name is Hatty and I like things extravagant (that's the whole Emmet bit) and fun. If not then I will inevitably do something to liven bits up a bit. Because, lets be honest, everyone needs to live a little. Ok, ok, ok I may be 14 but I am the life and soul of the party.

The whole that's what he said, that's what she said, was born from a day I was bored and my friends had the perfect set up – I'm sure you can all see where I'm coming from. I even blurted out in class once. I got a detention, but the class was in hysterics.

Anyway. It was June 12th, two weeks to my birthday, and I was at home. I had dinner and homework was done (prolonged to the last second of course) and so I decided to read Twilight. I was thinking how I would love to be able be Isabella Swan, because let's be honest, she is the luckiest girl in fiction and non fiction EVER! A hot, gentleman vampire who drinks animal blood, sparkles in the sun and says lots of profound things – yes please.

But I digress. I was reading twilight and I was quite literally in the book. I stopped reading and looked around and I was in a different bedroom. WHAT THE FUDGE! Everything was according to my imagination, the imagination of Bella's room. Freaky much? I snapped the book shut and when I blinked I found I was back in my own bedroom. Looking down at the book in my hands, I saw it was simply a black cover, with nothing on it, front or back. I flipped the pages under my thumb and it was blank. I was so panicked that I just destroyed the best story for girls everywhere in a matter of seconds. An involuntary yawn overcame me, and I figured that I was exhausted. I hadn't been sleeping lately and that might have a big part of my delusions. I instantly relaxed-story safe, nobody kill me. I put my book on the side table of my bedroom and went for a shower. I had left the book on the table open and face down on the page I was meant to be reading. It was the preface.

I striped off and went under the steaming water - that was a wake up call. I decided that tonight I would go to bed earlier and sleep through the Saturday that was tomorrow. I heard whispers outside the door and knew that my mother was getting impatient with me. It felt like I had only been in moments, but time escapes me in the shower-or any form of water. I like deep sea diving the best. My mother finally knocked for me and I was annoyed at her. She knew how much I like my showers.

"OCCUPIED" I yelled and quietly snickered.

Knock, knock, knock. She was being persistent today.

"Fine, hold on. I'll be two minuets" I yelled and switched off the shower. I was too irritated to note what she was saying. I quickly got dressed back into my jeans and black button up ¾ sleeve top. I didn't know what made me bring my trainers into the bathroom with me, but I was in the mood for a jog around the village, so I slipped them on and tied my hair back. The wind would dry it for me.

I unlocked the door, and was met by three people who obviously weren't my mother. I shut the door and locked it again. Don't be silly I thought, but those three people looked exactly like how I would picture Emmet, Rosalie and Jasper Cullen. I shook my head and opened the door again. Apparently I was really tired, but if I'm going to be dreaming about the best thing ever, then I would Endeavour to be polite to them-just in case they were real. I noted that the bathroom was definitely my own and the hallway definitely wasn't. I'd heard of people who had said they had been into books, but I thought they were nut jobs. Maybe not.

I slowly opened the door again to see three beautiful, graceful and golden eyed people staring back at me with shock. I took a deep breath and calmed myself.

"I'm sorry, but I appear to be in your hallway" I said politely, desperately trying to hold back a smile – and succeeding. I am a drama queen, and could act to save the planet if necessary. Oscars have my name written all over them.

Emmet burst out laughing and so did Jasper. Of course they might not be called them, but it's easier for me to recognize them like that. Rosalie looked furious.

"She's not screaming" Jasper muttered to the others. And after ages of inbuilt comment comebacks, I acted without speaking. I lifted my left arm and yelled "That's what he said" and I instantly regretted my action.

I looked mortified and Emmet, Rosalie and Jasper cracked into hysterics.

"Aww, she's funny. Can we keep her?" Emmet asked whilst trying to hold his laughter.

"She's not a pet" Jasper retorted. But they finished in snickers

"Well your welcome to stay here, but ermm, could you explain how your ermm, bathroom ended up in our, ermm, hallway" Rosalie asked. I pulled the door top the bathroom shut and as soon as I let go of the handle, I prayed it would disappear. That way no-one else could come through and Mother would have use of her bathroom.

They all looked shocked, and I guessed my plan worked. I sighed in relief and then realized that I'm the DUMBEST PERSON IN THE WORLD. HOW DO I GET HOME NOW? A small part of me registered that maybe I didn't want to go home. I yelled at that part, but couldn't help but accept it. I'm in the ultimate fan world and never want to leave. However the lady inside me had other ideas.

"I apologize for the inconvenience, but I really must be going" I said and made for the stairs. A cold arm grabbed mine and spun me to face them.

"You're English!" he said shocked. Listening to it, I could pick out Jaspers a hint of a Southern accent. I nodded and bit my lip.

"What's your name?" asked Emmet, curiously, the laughter lost from his eyes. Whatever name I choose, it would have to be one I remembered and under no circumstances must I tell these people that they might be from a book.

"Hatty" I said and held out my hand. Where are all these manners from suddenly? I asked myself.

"Emmet" he said smiling and shook my hand. I made sure that I squeezed harder than the average human, so he could feel it. He seemed surprised by my strength. I smiled back and his got bigger.

"Rosalie" said the blonde, and I shook her hand hard again. She raised her eyebrows and let go.

"Jasper" and I shook his hand with extra force too. He smiled and stood with the rest of his family.

Taking a look at them, I realized how gorgeous they all were. Jasper had honey hair, with a floppy edge to it. He was angular, muscular, and fitular. Ok the last one was my own. But wow. If he didn't have Alice…

You could see his scars, but that added to the mystery somehow.

Rosalie was blindingly blonde and it went to the small of her back. She was easily the most beautiful and her figure was, well perfect. I was so taken by her beauty that I forgot to be jealous. When I tore my eyes away I wasn't jealous, because I knew what price it cost her.

Emmet was huge. And that's and under exaggerating. I could see every buldge of his muscles and his brown curly hair, was closer to a black. NO. What am I doing? I can't be here. It's not my place or my world. With that I turned on my heel and attempted the stairs again. I got to the bottom and stopped at the living room. My imagination was pretty damn good. It had perfect details, and I found myself recognizing that the book described it perfectly. If this was the last time that I would see them, then I would make it memorable.

I turned to see all three facing me. I smiled magnificently and said.

"I thank the Cullen's for the hospitality they have shown and give my greatest sympathies for leaving" I said and winked. Two of the three looked horror struck. Emmet was easily relaxing in his stance. He saw the other two and nudged them

"Guys, she's being polite" he whispered. And they looked at him with the 'didn't you just hear what she said' look. He looked deep in thought and then suddenly looked alarmed. Rosalie gave him a 'finally' slap on the arm and then they went into a silent conversation. I made my escape this way and was luckily undetected. I got to the start of the long driveway and internally groaned to myself.

I ran very quietly down the drive and half way down I noticed a flash of silver making its way up. The others? I had a flash of intuition and filled my head with people chattering. I realized I wasn't Bella and so Edward would hear me. I didn't dwell long on the fact, so I didn't get caught. I sprang for the woods either side of the drive quickly and ran through them, so I could go around the very fast car…screeching to a stop. Great. I froze and saw four more exceedingly beautiful people looking at me. That four quickly became 7 and I made sure my head was still with buzzing. Edward was slightly confused, so I added in a high pitched buzz to my head. It was the type that you heard when you put a microphone by a speaker. He looked like he had a head ache.

"Where did you skip out to?" Rosalie asked frowning. I gave a guilty smile and slowly unfroze myself. I saw Alice smile, and it was infectious. I smiled brightly and skipped- yes skipped! - Over to them.

"Sorry, I don't like silent discussions, and it seemed private, so I decided not to bother you" I said sweetly.

"But you were in our woods" Jasper said slightly accusing.

"I didn't want to be hit by a car today" I laughed and winked at Edward.

Thinking nothing, thinking nothing.

But I let myself realize that it would be him driving, because he doesn't like other people driving the Volvo. I held my hand to Alice and said

"I don't believe we've met. I'm Hatty" and said beaming. Now Alice had her signature spiky black hair and she was about as tall as my 5 2. She had timeless eyes and a graceful lope. She ignored my hand and hugged me. I hugged back, tight. Releasing me her smile was so wide, I thought her face would crack, right down the middle.

Esme was next. Her caramel waves, framing her heart shaped, motherly face. I received another hug from her and again squeezed tight. How many more?

Carlisle introduced himself and I shook forcefully. Edward laughed quietly, but it was the most wonderful sound ever. Musical didn't cover it. He saw me look at him, so I quickly released Carlisle and held out my hand to Edward.

He took it wearily, but I held it just as I had the others. An easy smiled played at his lips, and I prayed not to see the crooked smile. I don't need to be breathless just yet. I looked around them all and then Carlisle asked what the others had been wondering about.

"I don't mean to sound rude, but what are you doing here?" he asked intrigued and I hesitated. Everyone picked up on this.

"Well how would you value my sanity if I said I was taking a shower, and when I left the bathroom, I appeared in your hallway?" I said jokingly with a dark humour layered in it. He looked shocked –no doubt the accent – and then to Edward who gave a swift nod. I couldn't help smiling, because it meant Edward had seen the proof and didn't question the others. I needed to get away now, and avoid the questions about the whole materializing incident.

"As I said earlier, thank you for your hospitality but I really must be off" I said making a move towards the bottom of the drive again. A hand caught my arm, and I saw Emmet holding me.

"Hey big brother" I joked. He had a goofy grin on and I saw Alice bounce at these words.

"Hey, lil' sis" he replied. My face cracked to a grin. "You never said how you knew we were Cullen's" he continued. I laughed trying to think of something quick. I decided to try and bluff.

"Where's the fun for me, if you know everything?" I questioned innocently, making my head chatter again. I decided my final call was up, and so stepped into a role, which I never thought I would use. I smiled a devilish smile and bit my lip.

"I wonder…No I don't think you could. Not strong enough" I said shaking my head. He was mad at this.

"I'm sure I'm strong enough" he said squaring himself up.

"Emmet, don't" Alice warned. He didn't look from my eyes.

"See Emmet, I don't think you could beat me in an arm wrestling match" I finished dismissing it like it was unimportant. However to Emmet, his muscles were everything. He snorted and everyone looked at me shocked.

"Deal" he yelled and I flinched from the sound.

"Emmet, she's human" I heard several hisses go up. But I focused on his eyes. I whispered what would only make him more excited.


Now I should mention, that from 11 years old, I found that I could sort of, not control people, but some how make them not concentrate. It was nifty for the teachers, but I only used it when necessary, because I had to focus on their eyes a lot.

He walked over to a rock and everyone was shooting him warning glances. Time to shine. I thought, and I knew Edward would hear that. It's the only think he would hear.

Emmett propped up and arm, and I grasped his waiting hand.

"One, two three" I said calmly and quietly. I was looking intently to his eyes.

"You know you'll win. No one can beat your muscles" I whispered mesmerizingly.

He nodded with me, but we were still at the top, he hadn't moved his hand one bit, so I moved his arm down an inch.

"How can you be beating me already?" I asked feigning shock and anger. He smiled smugly and I moved him arm down more. He was an inch from losing.

"You've…" I started quietly and pushed his arm to the rock "Lost" I said and allowed a smug smile to fill my face. He saw was had happened and whispered several profanities. I looked at the rest of them shocked and stroll right through them.

"I really must go now" I said and danced off. I got to the bottom of the drive and turned right to go to the heart of Forks. I knew the directions by taking the opposite ways Bella did when she was drove here by Edward.

Another hand grabbed my own, and Alice was so delighted. "We have to go shopping" she squealed, apparently forgetting that I came from a hole in the wall. I laughed at her enthusiasm.

"Alice I can't I have no money." I said, but instantly regretted it, for I knew what the next words out of her mouth would be.

"I'll pay" she said dismissively.

I shook my head. "No way, I can't afford to do that. I 'd have no way to pay you back" I said.

She used her famous pout on me and I was so close to caving. "Well…no, No, I can't" I said and closed my eyes, that way I could keep my thoughts straight.

"Well, if you have no money, where are you staying?" damn I hadn't thought of that. Ell for starters it would have to be away from the Cullen's. I was getting more attached by the second. So I used the place, I knew they couldn't go.

"La Push actually. Do you know it?" I said and her face fell and then turned to anger.

"No, you're staying with us." She said and returned to her happy demeanor. Yes, Yes, YES!

"No" I responded. "I won't impose myself on you like that" I said firmly. I was suddenly over her shoulder and being carried up the drive and a fast human pace. When I reached the house all the others were still frozen.

"Help! A pixie is kidnapping me. She'll torture me with a comfy place to stay. Noooooo! " I yelled, but laughing my head off. The statues came alive and laughed with me. I was on the sofa now and watching the people gather in. well if they're gonna do this then I would have some fun.

"Alice, drink some water, you must be tired after that run. I'm not the average gym kit" I said and everyone chuckled. She dramatically swept her forehead and ran to the kitchen.

"Right, now that's done, time to go shopping" she smiled. Not this again. I loved shopping, like most teenage girls, but she'll be going to all the expensive shops. I don't have a single dime.

"Well you can't live in those for your stay" she said tutting. Right. My stay. I had no idea how to get home, and even though am SO willing to live with the Cullen's, I can't LIVE with the CULLEN'S.

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