Alone, Patient and Supernatural

Author's Note- Set around the start of series one, just after Wendigo. Sam and Dean find the next coordinates in their father's journal that leads them to something more than dangerous…and i'm going to basically re-write the entire series lol. Also many thanks to ParaCaerOuVoar aka Rachy for betaing this chappy!

Chapter One- La Sierrite

Chapter Song- Supernatural by Daughtry (as suggested by the amazing Rachy lol)

The dusty, desert wind cast Evie Torrè's hair around her face, making it hard to see the cabin and camp fire even in the dark of night. Although she could still hear her boyfriend Daniel Hughes starting to play the guitar, she cast a look to the other couple (and also their best friends) who rented the cabin up in the hills overlooking the town with them. Anna and Sid smiled at her when Daniel started playing 'You're Beautiful'. It was a sweet gesture but a slightly embarrassing one to do in front of your friends, she had first met Dan when she was still in high school and after they had both finished college they got together. She grimaced as she ran her hands through her hair and looked out into the lightly forested area surrounding them; she started looking at the small stream that ran near by.

Just as Dan got past the chorus, Evie thought she could see something in the water. A local woman, dark skinned, sad brown eyes. Her expression was one of grief then something changed. Her eyes grew wider and blazed red before a horrible high pitched wail cut through the chords of the guitar. Anna screamed as something pulled her backwards off of the log she was sat on and towards the stream. Evie was in shock, Anna was getting dragged to the stream by nothing at all!

"Help!" she screamed at her friends.

Dan dropped his guitar instantly and joined Sid running towards Anna, when they caught up with her she was nearly by the water. Her hands were clawing at the desert sand and rock in an attempt to stop herself but the guys held on to her arms and tried to pull her back, it worked and she was free. Evie stood up as her friends relaxed and tried to figure out what had happened.

"What the fuck was that?!" Anna said shakily as she slowly stood up and calmed herself down.

"How the hell do I know?!" Dan said looking back over at Evie, a concerned look gracing his features.

Then something even stranger happened…the water moved…into the shape of a young and beautiful woman.

"Run!" Evie screamed and the woman shot her a death glare before wailing once again.

Her three companions didn't turn around to see what was happening, instead they did just what Evie had said and that was run. They all ran down the hill, Evie in the lead with Sid while the other two started to lag behind. They could still hear her wailing behind them and it was slowly catching up with them.

After five minutes of running they finally stopped in the square in the middle of a small Mexican town close to where they were staying.

"What was that thing?!" Sid screamed as he looked around for any sign of the water woman.

"I have no idea…" Evie said quietly and she looked around, Dan was catching his breath nearby but…Anna…where was Anna? "Where's Anna?"

"What?" Sid looked around too.

Dan lifted his head, "She was right beside me…"

They all looked up at the dark and mysterious hill they had just come from and the cabin where they had planned on staying for the next week.

"She has to be around here somewhere! That thing couldn't have got her! Things like that don't exist!" Sid started to break down.

Evie just stood there, she couldn't think, couldn't talk…all she could do was cry. Her best friend Anna was missing. Her best friend since she was five years old…missing…not with them…lost…

For the first time ever Dean had let Sam drive his Chevy Impala, he cast his brother a worried look as they drove down the dusty road at a higher speed than he would like.

"You better make sure you're careful…" the older brother said, looking out the window.

Sam scoffed and said, "Like I'm gonna drive into a tree or something…"

The comment was meant to calm the man in the passenger seat down but it had the opposite effect, Dean looked at him sideways as they just entered Mexico.

"So glad you trust me…" Sam said to himself before changing the subject, "so what's the journal say now?"

Without a second thought Dean opened the glove box and took out the tattered old journal of John Winchester, his dad, and flicked to the page where the coordinates that would bring them one step closer to him were written in the margin.

"500-32…it's definitely in Mexico…" he said as he read the few words there and after a short moment he pulled out the atlas of central America they had picked up from the last gas station, "La Sierrite and its just past…Reynosa…"

"Wonder what the hell we'll find there," Sam said as he stopped at a set of traffic lights as they entered a city.

"Yeah but…how far away?" Dean asked.

Sam sighed and pointed at the sign in front of them that said 'La Sierrite- 12 miles' and he couldn't help but laugh at his brother as he tried to explain his stupidity.

"Erm, yeah well, I didn't see it did I?" he told him.

"Suuure," was all Sam said as the lights turned green and they pulled left in the direction of the town of La Sierrite…