Chapter Twenty Two- Before

Author's Note – Hey sorry this took so long. You have Rachy to thank for the update. She prodded me lol. Enjoy!


Dean pulled in to the parking lot of the hospital and exchanged a worried look with Sam. Evie was looking out of the window at the day patients who were allowed out of the hospital to see family and friends. Her eyes were moving through the faces. He turned the music off and sighed.

"Do you think we should let…" he didn't finish his sentence to Sam knowing she could hear them.

He shrugged, "ask her?"

Dean pursed his lips and turned to her, "Evie?"

"Yeah?" she answered him while still looking out.
"Do you…can you…" he paused, "do you feel up to this? Can you get through it?"

She turned her head and gazed at him. Tears in her eyes. She bit her bottom lip and nodded warily, "I need to…" She gave them a tight smile before exiting the car.

The brothers exchanged glances. There was clearly something bothering her and it wasn't what had happened down in Mexico. They sighed simultaneously and got out to join her.


They flashed their IDs to the nurses and doctors on duty and were through and able to see Max after only ten minutes. Evie was lagging behind them by a few paces so Dean left his brother and came to walk with her.

"Evie" he started, "what's goin' on?"

"Nothing" she stated and rubbed her eyes, "besides this isn't the time or the place Dean…we have a job to do remember?"

She walked with more purpose now and he had to rush to keep up, "Evie, if you tell me then maybe I can help"

"Not now, please" she waved him off and Sam was talking to a nurse. She pointed to where Max was, "let's get through the case"

Dean muttered under his breath, "If you can make it through the day…"


They found Max walking outside around in the garden. He had crutches and was walking with a limp. More than likely because of the plane crash. When Dean caught up with Sam and Evie they were already talking.

"Max, this is our partner Agent Trent" Sam introduced him.

"Hey" Dean said and looked around.

Max was dark haired with light eyes and seemed dumbfounded, "I don't understand. I already spoke with Homeland Security"

"Right" the older Winchester had to think of a cover, "Some new information has come up. So if you could just answer a couple questions…"

Sam took over, "Just before the plane went down, did you notice anything unusual at all?"

"Like what?" he laughed a little.

"You sure?" Evie asked quietly. She was using a lot of energy staying focused and it showed, "No strange lights, weird noises, maybe….voices?"

"No, nothing" he shook his head trying to think back to something that happened over a month ago.

Dean licked his lips, "Hmm. Mr. Joffey-"

"Jaffey" Max corrected him.

"Jaffey" he said again, "You checked yourself in here, right?"

The younger man nodded, "Yeah"

"Can I ask why?" he probed.

He shrugged, "I was a little stressed. I survived a plane crash"

"Uh-huh" he pretended to take notes on a small black pad taken from his back pocket, "And that's what terrified you? That's what you were afraid of?"

"I" Max started, "I don't wanna talk about this anymore"

"Its okay" Evie tried to sooth him, "You've been through a lot, we just want to know the truth"

Dean eyed her. Yeah that's so rich coming from you

He turned back to the victim "See, I think maybe you did see somethin' up there. We need to know what."

"No. No," he shrugged it off, "I was delusional. I was seeing things"

He turned to Sam, "He was seeing things"

Sam shrugged and looked at Max, "its okay. Then just tell us what you thought you saw, please"

Max looked between each brother and then to the woman before answering, "There was….this….man. And, uh, he had these….eyes—these, uh….black eyes And I saw him—or I thought I saw him…"

Evie's eyebrow pricked up and she relaxed before their very eyes.

"What?" Dean asked him ignoring her reaction.

He looked around, "He…he opened the emergency exit. But that's….that's impossible, right? I mean, I looked it up. There's somethin' like two tons of pressure on that door"

Sam chewed his lip and asked, "This man—did he seem to appear and disappear rapidly? It wouldn't look something like a mirage?"

"What are you, nuts? He was a passenger. He was sitting right in front of me" he told them.

Sam and Dean exchanged a look and started to move away from him. They wanted to talk and left it up to her to finish off the conversation.

Evie nodded, "I see, we'll definitely look into it"

"You thinking that there was a malfunction or somethin'" he asked hopeful.

She shrugged, "we're not at liberty to say. I'm sorry"

He nodded.

"That's all we need, we'll be going now" she smiled at him and walked off back to the Impala leaving the brothers to talk amongst themselves.


She was leaning against the hood when they finally caught up with her. She was rubbing the back of her neck and her eyes were dancing up and down the street. Now she was flustered and concerned.

Sam and Dean shared a look. Afterwards the younger brother went down the street and into a library to do a little more research. The other one walked towards her and sat down next to her.

She sighed knowing what was coming.

"What the hell?" Dean asked her.

She stopped rubbing and the hand fell down her side. She took a deep breath, "I've heard that voice…that growl before"

"What?" he was shell shocked, "when?"

Her voice was quite, "a long time ago…when I was just a kid"

"I had no idea…" he was quite too, "what happened?"

She shrugged and looked at him with eyes bright with tears, "I don't know…I heard that sound, it woke me up…and…then someone died, my brother died Dean"

She broke down and he wrapped his arms around her. He comforted her until the tears stopped and she could talk again.

"They said that the guy broke in and killed him before committing suicide but…that sound" she shook her head, "no one believed me…"

"I do" he told her.

She sniffled, "I was meant to be watching him. I was meant to be looking after him and I fell asleep! He died because I fell asleep"

"No he didn't," he said, "if you hadn't have been asleep it would've gotten you too"

She wiped her eyes with her sleeve, "sometimes I wish it had…my parent's blamed me too"

He hugged her even tighter, "me and Sam'll wrap up this guy who opened the door"

She started to disagree, "no I'll be fine…"

"You go have a break and get a shower. Get something to eat and we'll pick you up after we're done okay?" he told her with a small smile.

She nodded slowly and got in the back seat of the Impala.

Sam came out of the library and waved a torn piece of the residential yellow pages in his hand. When he crossed the road he looked at his brother who had also become quiet.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, what you got?" Dean asked.

Sam shrugged, "address, phone number…" he looked over to Evie who gave him a weak smile, "she okay?"

"We're taking her back to the motel for a while" he said and got in the driver's seat.

He nodded and got in the passenger's seat.