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Harper sat cross-legged in a conduit. His fingers trembled as he pulled out a couple of

burnt out wire couplings. He was exhausted. He barely started as Rev Bems' voice came over the intercom.

"Master Harper, remember your medicine."

"Yeah Rev …thanks." Harper was annoyed but he tried to keep it from his voice. Rev had saved him less then a week ago when he

had over dosed on his medicine, and the Magog cleric had been keeping close watch on him ever since. He was just tired and sick of being dependent on the damn medicine. In fact he was still feeling a little nausea from the incident. Tyr said he deserved it. Harper wondered dreamily if Nietzschiens ever got upset stomachs? Harper closed his eyes and leaned forward and put

his head on the bulkhead. He was just so damn tired.

"Harper!……Harper wake up!"

"Wha…Trance stop it." She was shaking him.

"Are you feeling ok? Rommie has been calling you for the past 15 minutes."

"Uh yeah." He rubbed his hand across his face.

"Just tired. There's a lot to do …Rommie needs me."

"You could go and get some sleep, Rommie won't mind." Trance said kindly. "You won't be any good to her if you get sick again."

"Between you and Rev hassling me not a chance." Harper smiled and he followed her out of the conduit.

Dylan stood on the new bridge. He really liked the design. Harper and Rommie had done a great job.

Rommie's voice piped up. "Dylan we're being hailed. It's the Macobi checking in two days early. Dylan frowned as he considered the unexpected hail from the next prospects for joining his Commonwealth. "Thanks Rommie put them on."

"Good evening Captain Hunt." They must run on a different clock, he noticed, as it was hardly evening at 2 PM Standard.

"Yes, hello Ambassador Snag. We weren't expecting to hear from you

this early."

"Yes, I know. However, some members of our council thought it might be nice

if we lent you some of our crew. We thought they could help you with anything

you might need and give your small but ambitious crew a reprieve.

"Thanks but I don't think….." Trance, who had walked in during the middle of

the conversation, quietly pulled at Dylan's Sleeve. "Trance do you mind?"

She reached up and whispered in his ear.

"Ambassador Snag I would like you to met Trance Gemini our environmental

science officer and medic." Snag nodded his big plump head by way of greeting.

"She was wondering if you had any engineers and possibly medical supplies and


"Certainly, I will make sure they are sent. Enjoy our crew Captain Hunt. You

can return them when we meet in two days."

Half an hour later a small craft entered the Andromeda landing bay.

The entire crew was there to greet the visitors.

Dylan was prepping his team. "They are here to help us but they are our

guests so treat them accordingly. That also means we keep an eye on them."

Tyr smiled in mock incredulity. "Why Captain Hunt they are our guests…"

Dylan acknowledged the sarcasm with a glance. "Yes, but we've been kicked a few times and when somebody's nice

it makes me suspicious."

"I think you've become a cynic, Dylan" replied Beka

Before Dylan could reply Harper popped open the docking doors and the Macobi walked and continued to walk in. There were about 30 of them. This was a small crew?

"Whoa," whispered Harper

The Macobi were medium height with large round heads and slightly green skin. He did notice that other than their large heads they weren't completely unattractive.

Trance stepped forward "Welcome friends." She made a small bow and handed what seemed

like the Macobi leader a bouquet of flowers.

"Why, thank you. We are honored." The alien leader picked one flower off, ate it and passed the bouquet

to the crew member beside her who did the same. Tyr raised an eyebrow but nothing was said.

Dylan introduced himself and the crew. They broke into groups and tours were given.

Tyr did not give a tour. Instead he joined Dylan's group to keep a close eye on the Macobi leader. His job was to learn about them so he could better protect himself and the ship if necessary.

The Macobi were particularly interested in the bridge.

"This is impressive" stated Major Antilla, the Macobi leader.

"Thank you, we are quite proud of it, " replied Dylan.

"How do you manage to run this huge ship with such a small crew?"

"It's difficult sometimes but we are all able to handle multiple responsibilities."

Antilla laughed. "We Macobi always require a small army to do anything."

Tyr perked up a little at the word army. Until then he had been practically asleep. "Army?"

"Merely a phrase sir, have no worries. We are very glad you agreed to talk to us."

"You'll have to excuse us Major Antilla" Dylan started. "We are not usually this

suspicious but we have had some recent problems."

"Yes, the Magog," the Major waved her hand distractedly. "They do not plague us."

"You have ways of fighting them?" questioned Tyr.

"We do all right against the Magog but this world~ship you mentioned

does have us…concerned."

"You do all right? Can you be more specific?"

"I leave that kind of talk to the politicians sir. I am just lowly solider and servant."

"You seem much more than that" said Dylan jovially. She smiled and

they continued the tour.

Harper was showing six of the Macobi around his beloved ship. They seemed a very curious

bunch, bordering on the interrogative. They stopped in Machine Shop Two.

"What's this?" one of the aliens asked.

"A nano welder." Harper rolled his eyes but his voice was polite.

"Ohhh interesting design, did you make it?" The Macobi looked avidly at the small tool.

"Yeah… and over here…."

"What's this?" asked another, interrupting him.

"My porting cable."

"For when your mind interfaces with the ship?" asked a third.

"Yeah." Harper yawned.

"Are you tired?"

"Uh, yeah it's been long couple of months."

"You've had trouble with the Magog."

"Yeah, how about you guys?"

"They no longer bother us."

"WHAT! Really?" Harper's voice was astounded – and eager.

"What's this?" asked the fourth. Harper ignored him.

"What do you mean they no longer bother you?"

"Simply that, should we continue you the tour?"

"Rommie!" The hologramed Rommie appeared before him.

"Yes Harper?"

"Can you finish the tour? I need to talk to Trance right away."

Harper dashed from the machine shop before he could hear the answer.


"Trance!!!" yelled Harper as he half slid half ran into the

Hydroponics bay. He nearly slid into a group of Macobi

getting their pictures taken near Harold the large tree.

"What is it Harper, something wrong?"

"No something great!" he pulled her to the side. "The Macobi aren't

afraid of the Magog. They said that they aren't bothered by them.

I tried to get information from them but they wouldn't say any more. Have

they talked to you? Do you think they have a cure?"

The Macobi were starting to look at them suspiciously.

"Harper calm down, they haven't mentioned anything

like that, but I am going to be doing some research

this afternoon with them and I'll ask."


"You'll have to wait. Now go." She gave him a little

push and a smile and returned to her tour.

Harper stood there for a moment. He had a thousand

thoughts racing through his head. What if they did have the cure?

What if they knew how to fight the Magog? Why wouldn't they

just say? Harper needed something to pound on. He turned

and stalked from the room.

He walked down the hallway towards Machine Shop Three. He

wasn't going back to the tour; he couldn't face the Macobi right now.

He couldn't look them in the face with out trying to strangle some

information out of them. Which probably, he had to concede, wasn't the best way to

get information. The doors opened to the machine shop. His 'airplane'

still sat in pieces. It had been a while since he worked on it. He

pulled some wiring out of a storage unit and got to work.

Once the Macobi were happily settled in, Trance went to the bridge

to talk to Dylan.

"Hi, Trance how are our guests?"

"Happily digging in hydroponics at the moment."

"Good, good." He seemed distracted.

"Dylan? Have the Macobi talked to you about the Magog at all?"

"Yes, they have." Dylan perked up. "Have they said anything to you?"

"Only that the Magog weren't a problem."

Dylan smiled "Not very forthcoming are they? I'm hoping the negotiations

will give us more information."

Trance kept looking at him.

"Is there something else?"

"Umm it's just that Harper seemed upset that they wouldn't say anything

about the Magog."

The one thing Dylan had learned after spending a year with this crew was that

that they were each unique. He hadn't known his former crew as personally

as he knew this one. It wasn't as important now. But knowing this crew

meant knowing how they would react and that's how he had learned to rely

on them. He knew what they could and couldn't do. With a few exceptions of


"How's he doing?"

Trance frowned. "He seemed agitated."

Beka, who had been listening, sighed loudly "Sometimes he's a pain in

the ass. I'll go talk to him."

Dylan nodded "Let me know what happens."

"Rommie, where's Harper?"

"Machine Shop Two." The ship's disembodied voice was pleasant, as usual.

Harper had beaten most of his frustrations out on his little creation.

It was wreaked. He sat on the floor and leaned against a bulkhead.

One of his hands was bleeding but he didn't really notice it. Large pieces

of metal littered the floor.

"HOLY CRAP! What happened in here, a typhoon?" Harper smiled

slightly at the reference. Beka hated the weather. "Harper?"

"Over here."

She spied him on the floor.

"What's up?" She plopped down beside him.

"Nothing, I decided to redecorate."

"Haha, why is it when men get frustrated they always rip things apart?"

"Oooh, low Beka."

"No, I mean it! You've been working on this for months." Harper shrugged and did not answer.

They sat together in silence for a few minutes. Beka knew if she waited

long enough Harper would get antsy and tell her what was going on.

She smiled when Harper stood and started to pace.

"Well, really, it's the Macobi's fault."

"They wrecked 'The Fabulous Glenis?'"

"You know what I mean."

Most of the time Harper couldn't be shut up, but trying to get anything

personal from him was like pulling teeth. Beka sighed and tried harder. "Trance said they mentioned

the Magog?"

Harper's voice was outraged. "They acted like the Magog are insects and they have the bug spray. But they

aren't willing to share!"

"It sounds like they will share that info if they sign up with the


"Why wouldn't they just share it? Do they want money?"

"I doubt it. Harper, you just have to be patient."

"Screw that! I'm sick of these Magog, I'm sick of taking medicine,

I'm sick of having no hope, having no reason to get up in the morning,

but most of all, more then anything I'm sick of waiting!" Harper ran from

the room in a fury before Beka could stop him.

Beka jumped over a piece of metal and tried to follow him out the door, but he was already gone.

"Damn he's fast…ROMMIE!"

"You don't need to shout," the ship replied as she flickered into existence

beside Beka's agitated figure.

"Where's Harper now?"

"Machine Shop Five, but access to that area has been restricted to Harper

alone due to radiation leaks."

"Restricted my ass!"

"Beka really, even I have been asked to stay out."

"Do you remember the last times he got mad, he attacked Rev Bem, and

before that he blew up 10,000 Nietzscheans!"

"Harper is …emotional."

"Aggghhh!" growled Beka, utterly frustrated. "Can you at least find out

what he's doing?"

Rommie nodded and disappeared.

Harper worked furiously. He looked a little like mad scientist, mixing potions.

Rommie's voice came over the intercom "Harper…"

"Go away Rommie."

"Beka and Trance are worried about you, what are you doing?"

"I said GO AWAY!"

"I don't detect any radiation leaks."

"Rommie you promised!"

"I won't keep scanning if you tell me what you're doing! You have 30


"You're giving me an ultimatum?"

"25 seconds."

Harper started to dash around the room.

"I detect…"

"That was NOT 25 seconds."

"So I lied. Harper!"

Harper unlocked the doors to Machine Shop Five. He exited with

something under his shirt. Whatever he was concealing, discovered Rommie,

it had novium in it - the raw ingredient for making nova bombs.

"Harper stop right there! What are you planning to do?"

He ignored her and headed to where the Macobi had their quarters.

Dylan was relaxing and shooting some hoops, something he hadn't done for

a while.

The Macobi were on the bridge, though he didn't fully trust them. Rommie

was keeping an eye on them. Even playing basketball for half an hour was

a nice break, plus it helped him think. He aimed and was about to shoot

his first basket when he was interrupted.


"What is it Rommie?"

"Harper is trying to blow up the Macobi."


Rommie seemed a little self-conscious. " I tried to talk him out of it."

"Send Tyr to intercept him and get the Macobi to move

to a new and safer location, but play it down, don't let them know."

Dylan ran from the room. The basketball bounced on floor, forgotten.

Harper hurried down the hall. He was going to ask the Macobi again how they dealt with the Magog, and if they

didn't cough up the information he would threaten them with the

novium. Even Harper wasn't sure what would happen if they

still wouldn't tell after that.

Tyr turned a corner in front of him. Harper jumped in surprise - he

hadn't even heard the big Niet approaching.

"Where you going, little man?"

Tyr was smiling and looked pleased, which made Harper worried.

"Nowhere." Harper tried to step around him but Tyr blocked his way.

"Listen Tyr …" he started. "HEY!"

In one smooth move Tyr pushed Harper against the wall and half pinned

him with his fore arm. Whether it was Tyr's bone armament against

his breast bone or that he finally wised up, Harper didn't put up a struggle.

Tyr searched him and quickly came up with novium.

Now Tyr was really interested. "Novium? Did you just find this

lying around?"

Harper had mixed emotions. What could he say? The novium was a

secret that Dylan had trusted him with but he was desperate. He mind sped

but for once he couldn't think of an answer. So he shrugged his shoulders.

"Would you believe novium Fairies?"

Tyr frowned as Dylan rounded the corner.

"Oh no," groaned Harper.

"Mr. Anasazi, hand me the vial." Tyr hesitated only for a half a second

before he handed it to Dylan. Dylan noticed the pause but decided to let it pass.

"Tyr, escort Mr. Harper to the brig."

"What!?!" Harper shrieked. In the past he had been restricted to quarters but never the brig.


To be continued (there is about 32 more pages but I am still getting them Beta read)