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Okay, so this is the new version of Reunited Once Again. Everything leads up to chapters 8 and 9. Just for visual reference, Isabella, as she is called, is portrayed by Scarlett Johansson with dark red hair(as in Iron Man 2) for now.

I sighed and continued down this boring town I would soon call home. I don't understand why Caius would have me relocate to here of all places for a vacation. He said it was, "Something I needed." Solemnly, I agreed to his request and I'm now here in Forks. I knew that there was another coven here, the Cullens, however, I didn't pay much attention to them. That was Aro's job, since he was, of course, the one who cared about "peace." I rolled my eyes in thought. Peace, as Aro liked to call it, or power as I knew it by. The Volturi is my family however. Caius, Marcus, Aro, all men who have raised me as a leader. The men I could easily call my adoptive fathers. I shook my head to get rid of these thoughts. I pulled up soon to the lavish house Caius, one I was closest to, set me up with. I pulled into the garage and started to unload all of my belongings. There would only be a few hours until I had to go to the local high school.

I quickly unpacked everything and looked at the time. I had about 45 minutes until I had to leave. While showering, I thought of an outfit to go to this school. As told by Aro, there would be five Cullens who would be going to this school with me. I got out of the shower and tossed on a dark red tank top, black jeans, a pair of combat boots, and my leather jacket. By the time I was ready to go, my dark red hair was dry in its normal slightly curly waves. I grabbed my backpack and tossed it into the Range Rover before walking back inside and grabbing my phone and other necessities. I jumped into the drivers seat and pealed off towards the school.

Pulling up, I saw a Volvo, with the five Cullens. I assumed because of the smell of fellow, but slightly off for some reason, vampire. I winked over at them before taking a glance at every single one of them. I didn't see what they look liked or their names from Aro, so it was pretty much up to me to get to know them. I pulled into the open parking spot next to them and got out. Hiking the backpack over my shoulder I walked up to them. The men stood in front of the two girls that were there and took a slightly crouched stance, ready to fight if necessary. After a quick glance over at them, I could tell one was a mind reader, the other was an empath, and the last didn't have an ability. Unless you count being very attractive as an ability.

"I mean no harm. I'm Isabella Volturi." I told to them, my Italian accent thick. I looked at them again, something didn't seem right. The blonde male, he reminded me of my brother, Jasper.

"Jasper?" I questioned. He straightened up and took another look at me. His eyes widened in shock.

"Isabella? Isabella, this can't be you." He said, almost a mumble. I looked down at his neck, for if this was my brother, he would be wearing the necklaces we made for each other when we were younger. There, in all of its glory, was the leather cord with the three small square bolts on it. I slowly unzipped my jacket and mover my hand so he could see the exact same necklace. He rushed towards me and pulled me into a hug.

"God, I thought I'd never see you again." He whispered into my hair. My arms tightened considerably around him. If I had the ability to cry, I would. I shut my eyes closed and basked in this moment. My brother, the one they said was killed in war, is in front of me. He pulled back and gently held my at the shoulders with both of his hands.

"Issy, what happened? When did you change? Where did you go? What happened to mom and dad?" The questions flowed right after another as soon as his mouth opened. I laughed lightly.

"Jas, you're really in front of me! I changed about two years after you disappeared. I was put on the Volturi's radar and have been in Italy ever since. Mom and Dad? I don't know, ever since I was changed, I've never really looked back on our old life, except you and I. I never forgot about you." I said to him. Someone cleared their throat from behind us.

"Well, this seems like a lovely reunion, but, who are you?" The tall handsome one said to me.

"Isabella Volturi née Whitlock. Jasper's younger sister." I said with a slight smirk. All of their eyebrows went up.

"Jasper never spoke of a younger sister." A small shorthaired girl spoke up.

I shrugged. "Well, I'm his sister. I can tell you anything and everything about him, pre-vampire change." I told her.

"Since you all know who I am, who are you guys?" I asked.

"Emmett Cullen at your service." Emmett grinned at me. In an instant, I knew exactly what Emmett would be to me, my mate. With the glint in his eye, I could tell he knew also. I smiled back at him with the same wicked glint.

"Rosalie Hale." The next one said to me. Easily I could tell we would get along. I smiled at her and she gave a tentative one back.

"Edward Cullen." A bronze haired man sad to me, his arm wrapped around Rosalie's shoulder, easily indicating that they were mates. I gave a slight nod.

"Alice Cullen." The short, annoying, dark haired girl told me. I immediately didn't like her.

I nodded at all of them.

"Well, I think a clear talk is in order, since, a Volturi vampire living so near to another coven, is dangerous, we should set some clear boundaries. And if I'm correct, the school bell is about to ring. So how about after?" As soon as I finished, the school bell rang, signaling the school day to start. They all nodded.

"Are any of you guys seniors?" I asked. Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie nodded.

"Looks like I'll be with you guys." I checked my phone. They had emailed me my schedule already and a map of the school.

"Anyone have art first block?" I looked up at them after viewing my schedule. Jasper nodded.

"Well brother," I grinned, "Looks like we get to catch up. I linked my arm through his outstretched arm, like a true southern gentlemen, and walked towards the school building. However, I didn't miss the glare Alice sent towards me.

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