Everyone that reviewed seemed to like my 'Impossible Puzzle' drabble, (I didn't really find it that funny but OH WELL!) so I done another one. This one isn't as good though...

That Incredibly Large Rare Vase...

Luke stumbled across the landing. Why do you always feel tired after waking up? He heard the shower taps turn off in the bathroom. Expecting to see the Professor come out, fully clothed (apart from his top hat because his hair was still wet) and face slightly pink from the hot jets of water, Luke mumbled "Morning Professor." as the bathroom door opened.

"Luke are you that sleepy?"

The voice was more feminine than the Professor's... Either a terrible thing had happened or...

"Sorry Flora! I thought you were the Professor."

"I gathered that."

Luke rubbed his eyes and glanced at Flora. Her face was slightly pink from the hot jets of water and her hair was down, but she was only wearing a towel. Luke knew a gentleman would never ever look at a lady in such ways but... He would have to walk past her. Flora didn't seem to care about her only-wearing-a-towel-ness and began to walk to her room, which was at the end of the landing. Luke took a deep breath and began to walk towards the stairs, which were at the other end of the landing.

Luke could feel himself going crimson at that moment. Each step he took, the prettier she seemed, and the more less of a gentleman-in-training he felt! He was so close to walking past her but then... He saw the tucked in towel begin to loosen, which meant that the towel would fall. To protect himself and Flora from embarrassment and scarring for life, Luke quickly covered his eyes with his hands and dashed forward.



"Professor, he's awake!"

Luke drowsily opened his eyes. "Where am I?" It took Luke a few brain clicks to realise he wasn't in the Professor's house.

Layton walked into the room and smiled. Flora was sitting on a chair next to Luke's bed. "My boy, you're in hospital! The bad news is you ran with your eyes covered, then ran into a wall, fell down the stairs then crashed into that incredibly large rare vase we have... And you'll be needing stitched for awhile."

"The good news?" groaned Luke, his head feeling rather sore.

"That incredibly large rare vase had Don Paolo hiding in it and now he's in hospital too."

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