I wished I'd listened to my mum when she said never to go out after dark. Her stories of vampires and werewolfs always sounded so surreal and almost laughable to me, I just wished I had payed more attention to her bedtime stories because then maybe I wouldnt be in this worsening predicament.

I had left the shelter of our tiny hole in the ground around late afternoon hoping to get lucky and catch a rabbit, so that we wouldnt have to go hungry for the night and after hours of arguing, my mum had agreed that me and alice could go as long as we stayed together and came back before sunset. So we had set off, we had only managed to have got just out of the birch trees that surrounded our hole when I could not see Alice any longer. I called out, "Alice! Alice! Where are you?" I thought she was playing around, so I called out again rather childishly, "Fine Alice! If you want to play, stay at home!" and with that I marched off thinking that I knew best. I should have known then that something was wrong and something bad had got Alice, I should have guessed that that something bad was coming back to get me aswell.

As I marched off I heard a sound a rustling, so I halted and waited. I thought it was nothing and that I was being as superstitious as my mother with her stupid stories. It was then that I felt a cold hand wrap itself around my waist. I squeaked and my reflex reaction was to scream, and as I was about to let out a cold blooded scream! A sharp hiss sounded in my ear, "Dont you dare! Don't you want to see your sister?"

I stopped 'these monsters had my sister, they had Alice'. I was suddenly shaken out of my thoughts and hoisted over someone's shoulders so I kicked and screamed and wailed as hard as I could they would put me down now or suffer the consequences.

"Jasper this one needs help shutting up, Have you got any sleeping drugs?" 'The monster that was carrying me had the most smooth velvety voice I had ever heard. I felt safe at the sound of this voice and I wanted nothing more than to hear this person talk again' 'WHAT WAS I DOING FOCUS BELLA! THIS MAN HAD KIDNAPPED ME AND WAS NOW TALKING TO NO-ONE IN PARTICULAR, HE IS A BAD MAN BELLA!!!'

The next thing I felt was a numbing form of sleep come into my body.

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