She was reaching up for bowls when she heard him behind her.

"What is that?"

Craning her neck, Penny saw Sheldon pointing his index finger imperiously at her lower back. She sighed and rolled her eyes. Turning back around, she put the bowls on the counter and began opening the drawers looking for the ice cream scoop.

"That's my tattoo, Sheldon."

Finally locating the scoop in the utensil drawer (she suspected Sheldon had been organizing again when she wasn't looking), she looked at him. His eye was twitching and she could practically see his brain attempting to process this new data.


"Yes, sweetie?"

"How long have you had a tattoo?"

There were a number of answers that sprang to mind, the majority of them sarcastic, but Moonpie did look genuinely distressed at the idea that there was something He Did Not Know.

"I got it before I moved here. And before you ask, it's the Chinese character for 'Faith.' Yes, you're right, I don't speak Chinese, but I wanted something to remind me to always have faith in myself."

The twitching had mostly subsided, but the pacing had begun. Using her elbows to lean against the kitchen island, she propped her head on the palms of her hands and watched the show. The tiles were cool against her bare skin. They'd been curled up together watching the '08 Star Trek movie and she had felt like changing into her jammies. It was unseasonably warm for September and she opted for shorts & a tank. She was mostly covered, although perhaps it was a little more scanty than he was used to seeing her in. Well, they'd been dating for three months and if she was ready to move past heavy petting, really, who could blame her?


His voice was strangled and she snapped out of her reverie to find him motionless & staring at her.

"Yes, sweetie?"

"Do you only have the one tattoo?"

Penny's lips curved. Well, now. This was interesting. She went around the island and stood in front of her boyfriend, who was sweating just a little, his eyes very dark.

"If you want to know the answer to that question, Sheldon, you're going to have to do a little hands-on research."

They didn't get to the ice cream until much, much later.