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Bed of Roses

by: Bon Jovi

Edward's POV

Friday. Thank God it was finally Friday.

I had worked my ass off all week and now that the weekend was here I had plans to do absolutely nothing. If I could just convince myself to finish up the web design for a new up and coming fashion designer that Alice had referred my way, then I could leave my office and head for home.

I was fortunate to be able to work for myself. The few employees I had were faithfully devoted to me. I'm sure most of that had to do with the fact that I let them fuck off whenever they wanted to. As long as the work had gotten done and the clients were happy, I didn't care if they 'tweeted' all day and night. I assumed that's what they did. I had never been one for the social networking of the Internet. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, it was all a bunch of bullshit if you ask me. Alice had asked me at every opportunity to 'follow her' on Twitter. What the hell? Follow her? I'm her damn brother! Why would I want to follow her around on the Internet? Not that I had ever found anything wrong with the social networking of the Internet, I tip my hat to 'Tom' and whoever else was smart enough to come up with such ideas. I made my living off of the Internet, but I never was one to showcase my personal life all over it.

I was also fortunate that my on again/off again girlfriend Tanya was out of town for the weekend. Peace and quiet. Yes, it was going to be a great weekend.

As I put the finishing touches on the layout for the website the office phone rang. Please don't let it be Tanya. Please don't let it be Tanya.

Hesitantly I answered. "Edward Cullen."

"Hey asshole! What'cha doing?" asked an all too familiar voice on the other end.


"You know, you could find a nicer greeting for your only brother," I said. Emmett would never change. I don't know why I even tried.

"Yeah but where is the fun in that?"

"True. So, what do I owe the pleasure, Em?" I asked and leaned back in my chair, propping my feet up on my desk.

"What? I can't call my brother just to see how he is? Why'd you answer the phone like a scared little bitch anyways?"

I sighed. There was no point hiding anything from Emmett. "I was just hoping you weren't Tanya."

"Dude seriously? If you don't want to be with her don't be with her. Grow a pair and get out."

"You're one to talk about growing a pair. Guess who is on the latest cover of Maxim?" I knew if anything would get to him it was the mention of Rosalie.

"Like you even have to ask me that. My copy came in the mail yesterday. She looks smokin' doesn't she?"

Even though Emmett was on the other end of the phone I knew he had a huge grin on his face.

"I guess if you like blonde supermodels." I preferred brunettes but who was I kidding, Tanya was a blonde, bottled blond.

"Damn right I do! And I don't want to hear shit about growing a pair. For your information, I'm about to spend the weekend with an incredibly hot lady."

I acted surprised but I really wasn't. "Really? And which one gets the pleasure of your company this weekend? Let me guess. Tiffany from the cheerleading squad or is it Cindy from the gym?"

"Nope, neither of them. I got four words for you brother." Emmett hesitated before he spoke again. "It's Mardi Gras Bitch!"

Mardi Gras? Why in the world would Emmett... I damn near fell out of my chair when I put two and two together. Emmett was going to New Orleans to visit the one person I hadn't brought myself to visit in eleven years, the one person who meant more to me in the entire world. The one person I was saving myself for.

"Are you fucking kidding me? You're going to see Bella?"

"Damn skippy! Just landed in NOLA." Emmett said and I knew he was beaming.

"Does she know you're coming?" I asked still in utter shock.

"Nope! I'm surprising her. Think she'll be okay with it?"

I really wasn't sure. I mean, I would have guessed she would have been excited to see any of us.

"It's you Emmett, I'm sure she'll be ecstatic. Can I ask you something though? Why Bella?"

"Dude it's Mardi Gras. Think about it. Boobs, beads, beer and more boobs."

I shook my head and laughed. "I see your point. But for the record it better not be Bella's boobs you're wanting to see."

"Would I do that to you? This is your only brother you're talking to! I'm offended Edward."

"Sorry. I'm just shocked you're there to see her when I haven't."

"Not my fault dude. Not my fault. I'll be honest with you. I've done a lot of soul searching recently."

"Oh yeah? Getting bored now that football is over with? What, have you been sitting at home watching, The View and Dr. Phil?"

"Leave the doc out of this bro!" he replied on the defensive.

"Testy, testy Emmett. I was only kidding. Seriously, what's got you acting like this?"

I could hear Emmett sigh into the phone before he spoke. "I'm ready to move back home, Edward."

"Home, like Forks home?" I was beyond shocked to hear Emmett confess that he was ready to move home. I mean the idea crossed my mind a time or two but I never followed through with it. And honestly, I didn't want to go home without Bella in tow.

"No dipshit, Spoons home. Yes, Forks." Emmett sarcastically answered.

"So how does going to see Bella, in New Orleans, get you any closer to Forks? You're kind of headed in the wrong direction there."

"Shut the hell up and listen." Emmett fired back.

"Alright. You have my undivided attention."

"Okay, so I've been thinking a lot lately about the past. I miss everyone man. I mean, I get to see you and Alice cause we're family but I haven't hung out with Bella or Jasper in forever. So, I knew it was Mardi Gras and decided to pay Bella a visit. After New Orleans I think I'm going to head to Dallas to see those J.R. Ewing houses Jasper builds and then maybe I'll head on over and check out the west coast."

"Emmett, Rosalie's on the west coast." I teased.

"Duh dumbass. I have no other reason to check out the west coast."

"So you're going to pay every one of our long lost friends a visit and then head home?" I inquired.

"That's the general idea. And who knows, maybe I can convince a few to come with me in the process."

"Do Mom and Dad know you're headed back yet?" Not that my parents would have been upset. My mom would most likely put an announcement in the local paper.

"No. I figured I'd surprise them too. I'm not calling anyone to tell them I'm coming. Pretty awesome huh?"

Awesome? Not hardly. Emmett was about to enter a death trap.

"I guess." I half assed replied.

"Listen don't be all jealous because you're too much of a pussy to get on a plane and reclaim your long lost love. I'm actually going to do something about mine." Emmett all but yelled into the phone.

If there was one thing Emmett was passionate about it was his family. I don't just mean blood family; he considered every one of 'The Sovereign Six' family.

Emmett was right. I was being a pussy. I was too scared to take a leap of faith and reclaim Bella. But what if she had already been claimed by someone else? What if I was too late? That was the very reason why I hadn't made the trip to see her. I was such a pussy.

"When you're right your right, Emmett." I sighed into the receiver.

"I know. Okay well I gotta jet, I'm at her work now. Anything you want me to say?"

There was a ton I wanted to say to Bella but I didn't want Emmett to say any of them for me.

"No, that's alright. Have fun and be safe."

"Will do. I'll send you pictures or texts later just to piss you off." Emmett joked, but I knew he was serious.

"I'm sure you will. Bye Em."


I hung up the phone and threw my hands over my face. I was such a tool bag! My brother had more guts than I did. He was going to try to reclaim all that he had lost in the past eleven years. Why couldn't I just man up and do the same? I shut my computer down and headed out of the office. I thought this was going to be a great weekend but now having heard that Emmett was in the same city as my Bella made my head hurt. And to top things off, Emmett was headed home. After all these years, he was going back home. I looked at my watch to check the time. I wondered if Dr. Phil was still on. I could use all the help I could get.


The night drug on and I found myself on more than one occasion thinking about what Emmett and Bella were doing. Were they having fun? Was she upset to see him? Of course she wasn't upset. I would almost bet she was on cloud nine to see an old friend. I contemplated calling Emmett just to see how things were going. How big of pussy move is that? I was such a woman sometimes.

I fell asleep on the couch around eleven that night. No word from Tanya, no word from Emmett. As I thought about it, my cell phone hadn't even rung. I looked around the living room for my phone and couldn't find it anywhere. I considered calling it but what purpose would that have served seeing as how I had it on vibrate. So I took a nap on the couch. Yeah, a nap at eleven at night.

I stifled a yawn as I rose out of my slumber. The clock on the wall showed it was ten after one. I faintly heard a noise from under the cushion of the couch. What the hell? I thought maybe I was hearing things until it happened again. Dumbass, pick up the cushions and see what the noise is. I lifted up the cushion and saw my cell phone. Well mystery solved. I clicked on the screen and saw four missed calls and two text messages. All the missed calls were from Tanya. The fact that I had misplaced my cell phone and therefore wasn't able to take her calls was a blessing in disguise.

I thought as much until I saw who the texts were from. They were both from Emmett.

The first one was a picture of Bella. My Bella who looked stunning. She was posing for the camera and she was absolutely beautiful. Of course Emmett being Emmett captioned the picture with See what you've been missing little brother? Yeah, I saw plain as day what I had been missing. I typed a reply back into the phone. She's even more beautiful than I remember. She was definitely that. I wouldn't have thought it possible for her to get more beautiful with age but she did.

I opened the second message to see it was another picture from Emmett. This one was of him and Bella. They looked like they were having the time of their lives. She had her leg thrown up around his waist and their faces were side by side. Had this been with anyone other than my brother I might have been a little jealous. Who was I kidding? This was my brother and I was a lot jealous. Like Emmett could have already gauged my reaction he wrote Jealous little brother? I typed back the most truthful thing I could think of. For once I wish I was you.

I made my way back to my room and settled myself onto the bed. I stared at the pictures of Bella until I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

One day Bella. One day very soon.


I slept the latest I think I had ever slept on a Saturday morning. It was noon by the time I crawled my lazy ass out of bed. I rolled over to pick my cell phone up and opened the texts from the night before. Bella. This is who I wanted to wake up next to every morning.

Then why was I such a jackass? Why had I never gone to her? But as easily as I thought about those things, I also thought about the fact that she had never come for me either. Was that what I was waiting for? For her to be the one to reclaim me?

Before I could get any more lost in my thoughts, my cell phone began to vibrate. An incoming call interrupted my picture of Bella and flashed 'TANYA' across the screen. I groaned at having to speak to her. It wasn't that I disliked Tanya, I wouldn't have continued to date her if I did but she wasn't what I wanted long term.

Tanya was a social butterfly. She had to be seen everywhere. She had to go and do it all. I was perfectly content sitting at home or playing the piano, something I rarely had the opportunity to do anymore. I was thankful for her weekend trip with her sisters. It allowed me to have a few days of peace and quiet. That was until Emmett had to rub it in my face that he was going to spend the weekend with Bella which now occupied every amount of space in my brain.

Emmett had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting Tanya a month or so ago. I hadn't mentioned her to my family, nor had I mentioned my family to her for good reason. I never thought it was necessary to introduce anyone I dated to my family or vice versa. Why do that when I knew I would have never settled down with them. Why give them the opportunity to fall in love with my family or have my family fall in love with them when I new that I could only ever love one person. Why was I such a douche bag?

Why, why, why? I seemed to have been on an Edward pity party cruise today.

I pressed the send button and tried to hide my disappointment in my greeting. "Hello?"

"Hey, Doodle-Bug! I tried calling you last night. Where were you?" Tanya cheerfully said into the phone.

I flinched at her pet name for me. "Yeah, I saw that this morning. I was at home sleeping. My phone was on vibrate." Short, sweet and to the point. I was a no-nonsense man today.

"Oh yeah? You must have had a long day at the office. Are you ready for Tanya-Wanya to come home and rub some of your tension out for you?" She said in the voice that she used to talk to her teacup yorkie, Mr. Puddles. I vomited a little in my mouth at the sound of it.

"Um... no you have fun with your sisters, I'll be fine here. Actually, my brother called me last night from New Orleans so I'll probably call him in a little bit to see how he's doing," I lied. I had no intentions of calling Emmett.

"What's in New Orleans?" she asked.

I told her the most honest thing I think I had ever said to her. "Everything, Tanya."

I knew she wouldn't have caught on to my meaning so instead she made a snide remark. "That's highly doubtful Doodle, New York has everything."

New York didn't have Bella.

"Uh huh. Well, listen I need to run, literally. I slept in this morning so I haven't had my morning jog yet. I'll see you when you get back."

"Okay. Miss me."

I hung up before I could answer her.

I didn't like being a dick to Tanya. All in all she was a pretty great girl. She was fun and she didn't seem to mind the fact that I never let her sleep at my apartment. She actually seemed okay with it. Then again we hadn't been dating for that long, six months at the most. We had fun whenever we went out and to be honest she introduced me to several of my high end business clients. She did however, after meeting Emmett, badger me with a million questions about my family. I left out that fact that my sister was the world famous designer Alice Cullen and that I was actually good friends with Rosalie Hale. I felt like Tanya was more on a need to know basis and those were things she didn't need to know. I guess that made me a dick.


After I had completed my daily run through Central Park, I headed to the coffee shop across the street and a few doors down from my building. The afternoon was too nice to sit cooped up in my apartment all day. I sat at the bistro table and answered emails while the people of New York passed me by. My thoughts constantly drifted to Emmett and Bella. It was Saturday night and I had wondered what their plans were. I could have been a man and called Emmett myself to find out when I didn't, instead I sat on the patio of the coffee shop and people watched.


Later that evening I sat alone with only my thoughts to occupy my time. I reveled in the silence and played the piano. The piano helped take my mind off of things I had no control over. That was bullshit. I had control over my life and my destinies but I had no control over Emmett being with Bella.

I stayed up watching Saturday Night Live and reruns of The Golden Girls. I was about to call it a night at around two thirty when my cell phone began vibrating. I knew it was too late for Tanya to call, so that had to mean it was Emmett. Sure enough, the screen showed that I had a video message from my brother.

A video message? Seriously, a video message? Emmett was really trying to kill me.

I opened the message and instantly smiled. Bella was dancing and singing along to REO Speedwagon it sounded like. She looked amazing. I had honestly never seen her look more beautiful or more drunk for that matter. She swayed her body to the music and knew the song that played, word for word. She quickly noticed Emmett and grabbed his hand, asking him what he was doing. He replied that he was videoing her singing. She wanted to know why. She was so cute drunk. He told her he was going to send it to me. In a million years I could have never guessed what she was about to do. It literally took my breath away as I watched her sing the chorus to 'Keep on Loving You' into the phone. She was singing that to me and only me. I laughed out loud when she asked where the lens was; apparently Emmett found it amusing also.

"You want to say something to my little brother?" Emmett asked.

"I think I just said everything I needed to." She was staggering to keep herself balanced and slurring her words. She was an adorable drunk.

"Alright I'm going to send this to him. You okay with that?" Emmett asked her.

There was no way she was going to remember any of this in the morning. I knew at that moment that there was no way I was going to let her forget.

"Why wouldn't I be? It's the truth and he knows it. I'll remember every bit of this tomorrow." She continued on.

There would only be one way to find out if she did.

Before I knew it, Emmett had turned the phone around on himself and told me I had confirmation of her true feelings.

"A drunk always tells the truth," he said.

I knew that he had done this because of our previous conversation. Without having to tell him, he knew the main reason why I hadn't gone back for her. I was chicken shit. I was afraid she had moved on. One would think if she had then he would have been present with her at whatever function they were at. God knows I wouldn't have let my girlfriend get drunk and profess her feelings for a high school boyfriend if I was around.

Bella reappeared on the screen. It was a good thing I was sitting down because her next statement would have surely made my balance falter. "I hope you're doing well. I know I was earlier. Let's just say I was thinking of you in the shower."


She thought about me in that way! She actually thought about me in...that…way! I couldn't begin to count the number of times I pictured her while I was in the shower, in the bed, in... hell… everywhere! But to know that I was the source of her thoughts, the thoughts that lead her to a release I had once brought her to. Well, words just can't describe the elation I felt.

I refocused my attention back to my phone when I realized that Emmett was giving her a questionable look. She explained that she merrily just had to finish what had gotten started earlier when he had awoken her from an incredible dream, an incredible dream that stared starred me. Emmett laughed so hard his hand slipped. I'm sure he was placing his hands on his sides because he seemed to be doubled over from laughter. Bella began frantically yelling in the background.

"Don't drop Edward, Emmett. It may hurt him," she said. I also found myself laughing along with him. Emmett ended the video but not before they both told me goodbye.

I closed my phone up as I smiled. I was the source of Bella's dreams and fantasies. I was the one, eleven years later that still brought her to her

release. I was a stupid mother fucker.


I hardly slept after the phone message from Emmett. At around four am I finally dozed off, but I knew I had to wake up early so that I could talk to him. I figured Bella might have one hell of a hangover from the previous night and I wanted to catch him before she had woken up.

At ten my time, I called his cell phone. Luckily for me, he picked up.

Without so much as a 'hello' or a 'fuck off' he answered the phone. "I take it you got my little video last night."

I smiled knowing that he had done that to piss me off. "Good morning to you too. Yeah, I got it. How is she this morning?"

"Don't know yet. She's still asleep. I'm going to let her sleep it off for a bit longer. I woke her up yesterday morning because I couldn't figure out her techno savvy coffee pot."

I laughed out loud. "Yeah, I think she made it pretty clear that you woke her up."

"No shit man. That was TMI dude."

I could hear Emmett mumbling into the phone and it sounded like he was having a hard time with something.

"Em, what are you doing?" I asked.

"Still trying to figure out this coffee pot. I mean, why can't there just be a button that says on? Why does this shit have to be so damn difficult?"

After having Emmett explain to me what the buttons on the coffee pot said, I was able to walk him through the mechanisms of the contraption. He heaved a sigh of relief as he poured himself a cup and took a sip, apparently pleased that he hadn't burned it.

"Dude, I wish Bella could see your face when I replay the video for her," Emmett said.

I rolled my eyes but then a light bulb went off. "Emmett, did you bring your computer with you?"

I heard him gulp down his coffee before he answered. "Nope, why?"

"Did Bella by chance leave her computer out?" I asked hopefully.

"Um...yeah, it's on the coffee table. Again, I ask why?"

"I just came up with a brilliant idea. Em, do you have a Skype account?"

The light bulb must have begun to shine brightly for Emmett as well because he excitedly answered me. "Fuckin' a man! You're a genius!"

"Yeah I know. Okay I'm going to turn my computer on. Skype me when you get it up and running."

Emmett laughed. "Alright, see you in a few. Literally, I'll see you in a few."

I hung up the phone and grabbed my laptop off the kitchen counter. This was brilliant! I would be able to see Bella and she would be able to see me. We'd be able to see each other! Why the hell had I not thought of this sooner? Emmett was wrong, I wasn't a genius, I was an idiot.

With my computer on and my Skype pulled up, I waited for Emmett to call. What was taking him so long? My patience was thin today. Just as I was about to call his cell phone again my computer dinged with his incoming call.

"Dude, what the hell? What took you so long?" I huffed as he stared back at me.

"Edward, it's been like two minutes. Calm down."

I took a deep breath to regain my composure. He was right. I needed to calm down. "What's with the headphones?"

Emmett smiled and tugged on one of the ear pieces. "When she wakes up she'll have no idea what I'm doing. I'm planning a big reveal for you bro."

I laughed. "Thanks. So have you two been having fun?"

"Hell yeah! Friday night we went to the House of Blues to watch Better than Ezra and last night we went to this kick ass ball at the Super Dome. Edward, Mardi Gras is awesome! It's like everyone just let's their inhibitions go. And Bella's friends have been really great, even though none of them had any clue who I was."

That was impossible. Even if you didn't follow football, everyone knew who Emmett was. "What do you mean, that had no clue who you were?"

"They didn't know Bella was friends with me. Some of them knew she was friends with an Emmett, they just didn't know it was Emmett Cullen. They don't know about Rose or Alice, man. Can you imagine how pissed Alice is going to be if she ever finds out Bella hasn't bragged about her? I so don't want to be on the receiving end of that wrath."

I laughed at Emmett's joke about our baby sister. He was right though. Alice prided herself on her accomplishments and her fame. She would be hurt if she knew Bella had never bragged about her to anyone. Just as soon as I laughed about Alice my thoughts went back to my pity party.

"Hey Emmett, why haven't I gone to her? Why hasn't she come for me? Why didn't I just say, fuck Dartmouth and head down to Baton Rouge with her? I've been so stupid!"

Emmett gave me a look that only a brother couldn't get pissed at. One that said, yeah you are stupid. Emmett, not being one to hide his emotions, said exactly what his face conveyed. "Yeah, you have been. But dude I can't answer those questions for you. That's something you and Bella are going to have to discuss. I can tell you this though; she's asked me the same exact questions. They way I see it; you two have a lot to discuss. Eleven years to be exact."

He was right. We did have a lot to discuss. I wanted to ask him more. Did she have a boyfriend? Did she mention me any? But I couldn't bring myself to do it. I had decided no matter what our Skyping brought on, there was only one thing I had to do. I had to go to her. Before I could say anything Emmett quickly started talking.

"Dude, she's up. Are you ready?"

"Absolutely." And I was ready. I was ready to see her. I was ready to see her reaction to seeing me and I was ready to see how she reacted to the video. Would she remember? Would she regret anything? God I hoped not.

I watched my computer screen like I was trying to find Waldo. Emmett smiled. I could hear a door open and footsteps. She was so close yet so far away.

"Good Morning, Sunshine." Emmett said.

Her sweet, raspy morning voice filled my ears. "There is nothing good about this morning. What are you doing?" she asked him.

Oh shit! Please let me hear you for a bit longer. Please let me relish in your voice before you see me and remember everything that you said last night. Thank goodness Emmett remained quiet. He looked at me and smiled again. He was going to give everything away if he kept smiling.

Not noticing his lack of an answer, she spoke again. "I see you figured out how to work my coffee pot."

I couldn't keep my words to myself and since Emmett had the headphones on, I knew she couldn't hear me. "No love, it was me who helped him figure out the coffee pot."

Emmett kept smiling. "Yeah, you had a pretty rough night last night, or should I say morning, so I educated myself." We both laughed at our little inside joke. "What are you doing up so early? I figured you would sleep until noon at least!" Emmett continued.

Her sweet voice was back. "I thought I heard someone banging around and it woke me up."

"Damn it Emmett! You should have been quieter." I said with my voice raised. He looked down at the screen and winked.

Bella continued on, not missing a beat. It wasn't like she knew I was behind the computer chastising him for being loud. "Come to find out, it was just my head pounding. Emmett, how did I get into my pajamas?"

I started to laugh but I quickly stopped myself as anger began to build inside of me. "Yes, Emmett, how did she get into her pajamas? I swear to God if you saw any part of her naked I will go all Bon Qui Qui on you. Do you hear me? 'I will cut you'." I said in my best or maybe to some, my worst Bon Qui Qui impersonation.

Emmett laughed again and I knew she was going to question why he kept looking at the computer and laughing. "Don't worry, Bells. You changed yourself." He looked down at the computer with an 'Are you happy now' look on his face. "I tell you what though, when you're drunk you go from happy, to sad, to down right pissed off in a matter of minutes."

"Does she? What was she saying Emmett?" I pleaded with him to tell me.

All was quiet on the other end and I could only assume Bella had not remembered anything from the previous night. "Emmett, what did I do?" she asked.

"Tell her I love her. Tell her I miss her. Damn Emmett, turn this fucking computer around so that I can see her!" I exclaimed. I was getting desperate. I knew he'd give me hell for this but I didn't care.

He laughed again and this time it didn't go unnoticed. "Why are you laughing? I can't, for the life of me, find the humor in any of this," she asked him.

"Before I answer any of your questions, and I will answer them, tell me something. What all do you remember from last night?" Emmett asked her.

It was quiet for a moment so I took the opportunity to talk to him. "She sounds so amazing! Hung over and all she sounds fucking beautiful!"

The silence ended as Bella recounted what she remembered. She told him that the last thing she remembered was singing Pictures with him. His forehead wrinkled and his expression dropped. I internally berated myself because she hadn't remembered the video. It was all just the alcohol talking, nothing more. From what Emmett told her that all happened before one am. He asked her if she could recount anything else. She couldn't. I couldn't stop myself from speaking.

"Emmett, she has no idea. It was just the alcohol talking," I said defeated.

It broke my heart to think that it was just an alcohol induced rant. That had she not been drunk she would have never confessed her feelings for me. But that fact was, she did confess them and again, she was drunk.

Before I continued on my pity party cruise, she spoke. "Just tell me what happened. I'm a big girl, I can handle it."

I agreed with Emmett. It was pretty intense but she had a right to know what she did last night. Everything she had said and she needed to know how I felt about it, about her.

Emmett laughed out loud. He was about to give himself away. I mean, there was only so long she would go on questioning her antics from the previous night before she realized he had her computer in his lap. But before she could ask any more questions he began to explain to her how they got home, how he carried her up the stairs while she laughed and then as she started crying once they were inside. "I won't go into details about what all you were saying, I'll save that for later on." I imagined that was when she began to ask the same questions I had asked him earlier.

He then told her she got so angry he was scared of her. I laughed at that thought. "Emmett, you can't be serious?"

He opened his mouth in an attempt to address me but stopped himself. She once again asked how she had ended up in her pajamas.

"Yes, Emmett, we are all very anxious to learn how she ended up in her pajamas. Please don't keep us waiting," I told him. He looked down at the computer and smiled. He knew that it was killing me inside that he was the one that had taken care of her.

"After you got all violent on me, I left you alone in your room. You banged around in there for about ten minutes before things got quiet. I opened the door and you were passed out laying all crazy like on your bed. So, I moved you so that your head would be on the pillow and covered you up," he explained.

At the same time we both said, "Thank you."

He continued on. "No problem. That's what friends are for. I figured it was the least I could do since I told you I wouldn't hold your hair back if you got sick Friday night. And believe me, I was praying that you wouldn't get sick this morning."

"EMMETT! You should have done whatever was necessary to make sure she was okay. You are a terrible friend! I would have held her hair back for her. I would have sat in the bathroom with her." I chastised him for not offering to take better care of her.

He looked at me with a grin on his face and shook his head. "You are a prick, you know that?" I asked him.

"Emmett, why do you keep looking down at the computer and laughing? What am I not seeing?" Bella asked him, finally having caught on to what Emmett was doing.

I watched as he took the ear buds out of his ears. "What you're not seeing Bella is that we have company."

I regained my composure to face her. All pretenses were out the window as he turned the computer around and I was finally face to face with my Bella. I couldn't help the cheesy grin that covered my entire face. I internally laughed as she almost fell off the bar stool when she took into account that I was staring back at her.

"Good morning beautiful. Rough night?" I asked her. It wasn't a lie. She had bed head and was clearly in a hung over state, but she radiated beauty. Beauty I had denied myself for eleven years. Why? Now was not the time to ask myself questions. Now was the time to bask in her glow.

She stood up and made her way to the couch next to Emmett. He turned the computer around so that I could see the both of them sitting side by side. "Did you hear everything we were just talking about?" she asked me.

"Yes, but since Em had the ear buds in, you didn't hear anything I was saying. Do you want to fill her in Emmett?" I wasn't sure what I wanted him to tell her. I was trying to buy myself some time, build up the nerve to tell her I had been a jackass.

"No man, I'll let you do that another time. Right now why don't you tell Bella about the interesting message you received last night." He looked over at Bella and smirked.

Bella looked between Emmett and myself. "What message? Emmett, Edward, what's going on? I'm really not in the mood to play twenty questions with either of you this morning."

Damn her for being so cute when she was aggravated.

Emmett was smiling. I was smiling. Bella was not.

"Should I play it back for her, bro? Yeah, I think I should." Emmett answered before I had the chance to prepare Bella for what I was sure to be a mistake on her part.

I couldn't form words as I watched her watch Emmett. He handed her the phone and explained that when she was ready she could hit play. Then she would see the message I had received.

She looked up at Emmett and then to me again. "Emmett, did you get the message too or did Edward forward it to you?"

She was so confused and it was undeniably sexy. "Bella, love, just watch it and you'll understand everything."

I smiled to help ease her frustrations and worry, but all along I was trying to ease my own. She was about to witness her drunken banter from the night before and I was preparing myself for the outcome I knew would follow. She wouldn't remember anything and it would have been just the alcohol talking.

She nodded her head and said okay before she hit the play button on Emmett's cell phone. I watched as her face twisted with confusion while she watched herself sing and dance along to the song. Then her face suddenly changed. She had gone from not understanding what was going on to having full comprehension of her actions. She remembered.

I spoke softly to try and ease her tension. She had her hands over her face which I only assumed was to hide the beautiful blush that used to always turn her a lovely shade of red whenever she was embarrassed. "Bella, there's no reason to be embarrassed. I'm actually quite flattered."

She peeked out from behind her hands as she listened and watched Emmett explain that he was going to send this to me. She finally tore her hands away while she watched the rest of the video. Her expression changed and the blush was back when she realized that she confessed to thinking of me in the shower. I couldn't help but smile. Although she may have remembered singing to me, she didn't remember confessing what had transpired in the shower.

She suddenly rose from the couch and before I could call after her, Emmett started in. "Bella, you okay? You're not going to be sick are you? If you are I can put the computer in there with you so it will feel like Edward is there holding your hair back."

He laughed but it was short lived. "Emmett! How dare you? She's obviously embarrassed. You should march you're ass in there and make sure she's okay."

"Dude, she's fine. She flipped me off on her way to the bathroom so I know she's fine."

I wasn't pleased with that response. "Still, you should go after her. I'm not there to do it myself or I would."

The video kept playing the background. I ignored it as Emmett went in after me. "Yeah, but you know what douche bag? You're not here and I am."

He was right. We both knew it. That didn't mean it made it any easier. It made it only harder.

Before Emmett and I could continue our sparing match, she had resumed her seat on the couch. I smiled at her and tried to tell her without so many words that I loved her, that I missed her. That it was okay. Everything she had admitted to was okay. Emmett threw his arm around her and pulled her in nearer to him. My face dropped a little as I watched the connection between them. It should have been me there holding her. I wasn't sure if Emmett had done it on purpose or not. I knew that we all had a close relationship with one another and a part of me wanted to believe that it was easy for them to fall back into the same familiar pattern we all once shared. But this was my brother. He had an ulterior motive for everything. He was trying to get a rise out of me. On some level it was working but I'll be damned, I wasn't going to get all hot headed in front of Bella.

"You okay, Bells?" Emmett asked her.

She smiled at Emmett. "Sure, I'm great. I just needed to take care of morning duties. I was so caught up in other things when I woke up I forgot about peeing."

I was tired of sharing this time with Emmett. I asked him if he wouldn't mind giving Bella and I a moment alone and he obliged. Finally it was just the two of us.

"Hi," she said sheepishly.

"Hi," I replied with a small smile on my face. She did that to me. She always did and she always would. I decided not to beat around the bush.

"Are you okay? I mean, I know you were drunk last night so it's okay if that was just the alcohol talking." I prayed that I was wrong. I prayed that she meant every word of it.

"Edward, I meant every single word I said. I have nothing to be ashamed of. It's the truth and there is no point in denying it."

Oh thank God! I smiled brighter at her. "I'm so happy to hear you say that. I've missed you so much. You looked amazing last night, by the way."

Yeah, I had no filters this morning. It had been too long and I wasn't about to ruin the moment by skirting around my true feelings.

She smiled at me and bit her bottom lip. How had I forgotten her nervous habit? Besides the blush, it was one of the most endearing things about her.

"Thank you. I've missed you too. So, how are you? What's been new?"

I should have been ashamed of myself. I should have called her more, kept in touch with her more. She should have done the same. But instead, this was where we had to start our conversation off at.

"I'm good. Not great, but good. New York is good, again not great, but good." New York would be great if you were with me, I thought. "Work is going really well. You would think in this day and age everyone would have a website, but it's not the case. What about you? How is the museum?"

"It's good, nothing exciting to tell. We've got some new pieces for our Indian collection coming in a few months so that will be big, but other than that..."

She trailed off like she was unsure of what else to say. Conversations were never forced with the two of us. Everything always flowed so naturally. It was like there was an elephant in the room that neither of us wanted to address. It needed to be acknowledged. We were both adults now, not the love sick teenagers we once were. We could make this work, but how? Before I could voice my concerns, she spoke.

"We should bridge this distance between us." She looked sad, almost lost.

I sighed. "I know." I had thought about this a million times, apparently so had she.

"What can we do?" she asked me.

"I don't know. I wish I did, but I don't." It was the truth. I didn't know how to go about getting us back to us. I wanted that more than anything in the world. So why was I being like this?

"Humph. Well, it's been eleven years, what's a little more time right?"

She looked like she was about to cry and that was the last thing I wanted. I wanted to make her smile, to make her laugh. Not cry. But more time was what we both needed. We needed more time to figure out how we were going to fix this. A mess we both had created eleven years ago. Neither of us held more blame than the other. We were both equals in our wrong doings and from the expression on her face, she knew that as well.

Time. Yes, we still needed time. "Yeah, I guess so. Bella we will find a way. I don't know how or when, but we will. Do you have faith in us?" I was pleading with her as much as I was pleading with myself. I needed her to understand that we couldn't fix this overnight. But that we would fix this. That in time we would be Edward and Bella again.

"Yes," she simply stated.

I smiled at her and placed my hand on my computer screen. She mimicked my movements and for a single cyber space moment, we were connected.

She smiled and mouthed three small words I had never been able to bring myself to say to anyone else, only her. She was the only one I had ever loved and would ever love. Those words may have been small on paper but the meaning behind them was huge. My love for her was all consuming.

We sat across from one another, our hands pressed against our computer screens, for a few moments.

"Emmett's done with his shower," she spoke finally.

I didn't want her to leave but I knew that she had to. "I guess you need to go then. Big day planned?"

"There's a party on the parade route that some friends here are throwing. We're gonna hang out down there. No drinking for me though."

I laughed and gave her what I knew was an evil grin. "Oh, I don't know Bella, I kind of like it when you drink. You say everything you're really feeling."

I was totally unprepared for what she said next. Gone was my shy, reserved Bella from high school. In her place was a fierce, bold woman. And I liked it!

"Wel,l here's one for saying what I'm really feeling. Every time you smile at me like that, I need to go change my panties. Gotta go, Edward. I love you!"

Before I could get another word in or one final look at her she had shut the computer down. So she wanted to play like that, huh? I was determined to see her bet and raise the odds. This wasn't the same Bella I remembered from all those years ago. This Bella was much more confident and determined. Eventually, when time granted us the opportunity to meet again, I knew I was going to love this new Bella.

I picked up my cell phone, found her number and sent her a text.

You're going to pay for that. Enjoy your shower. I love you.

I knew it would get under her skin. The new and old Bella would agree to that.

I walked over to my large walk-in closet in the bedroom and found the box that held so much of her. I rummaged around inside until I found what I was looking for. She had given me these eleven years ago and I knew, eventually, I would show her how much they still meant to me. I was bound and determined to intermingle my sweet, innocent angel from high school with the naughty, sexy minx she had become.

I stared down at the simplicity of the cotton panties that bore my name. Revenge was most definitely going to be sweet.

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