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Young Love

By: Carters Chord

Young love, strong love, true love
It's a new love
They're gonna make it through the hard times
Walk those lines
Yeah, these ties will bind
Young love

Young Love, The Judds

The day before the wedding

Alice POV

I was sitting cross legged on the floor filing down my nails with an emery board.

I giggled when I thought of what I was doing. Of course, I was on the floor, not the hood of a Ford but whatever. It was all in the same. The meaning of how I felt; how my friends felt was the same at least.

We were all in love and young, bound and determined to be with our better halves. Rosalie was determined to drive me crazy with her wedding dress. Jasper had to constantly remind me that this was her wedding and not mine. Deep inside I knew he was right and if I was being honest, I kind of liked the idea of designing something so eighties and turning it into something so now. I briefly wondered how Rose felt about Lady Gaga. I could for sure turn that dress into something she would wear at one of her concerts or the Grammy's. Maybe I should contact her people when all the hoopla was over with.

Bella and Edward were still in New York but were scheduled to come home Monday. I was beyond excited to see them. I knew, without a doubt, that Bella would return with a big fat rock on her left hand. Why did I feel this might be the case? Call it sister's intuition, call it psychic ability, call it about damn time! Whatever it was I knew my brother well enough to know that he wouldn't pass up the opportunity to get on bended knee when they had made plans to visit the Holy Grail of jewelry stores. Even I knew that Bella, Miss I don't like surprises they are so cliché, wouldn't be able to leave Tiffany's without at least trying on one of their coveted rings. Of course, I wouldn't dare voice this opinion to anyone other than myself. It wasn't as if I thought I would be wrong, everyone in this family knows better than to bet against me, but I just felt like it wasn't my place to fill everyone's head with the possibility of another wedding. I would leave that honor to the lucky couple.

The thing was I had my own secret that I wasn't willing to share with the family. Aside from my parents, no one else was aware of what Jasper and I had planned for the following day. I knew that I would catch hell from the others when it did come to light but it was a small price I was willing to pay for eternity with my one true love.

I knew everyone expected me to throw the most lavish wedding this side of the Northern Penusula but when it came down to it, I didn't care if I got married in the backyard, at a church, or on an island, I just wanted to be married. And to only one man at that.

When Jasper had told me of the meeting with his suppliers that had suddenly arisen for tomorrow afternoon, we both communicated our desires without words. I mean it was Vegas after all. He didn't have to get on one knee, he didn't have to ask me to be his, I already was. Instead, he kissed the tip of my nose and began packing a suitcase. I immediately called my parents to inform them of our plans. The hesitation in my mother's voice didn't go unnoticed. I understood what she meant but at the same time she only wanted me to be happy. There was no other place than with Jasper Hale that made me the happiest.

So here I sat, with that damn song stuck in my head, as I finished up my self imposed manicure. My dress hung on the back of the door securely zipped up in the garment bag. Although we may have been going about the wedding very unconventionally, I still had some things I wanted to keep sacred. The dress would remain a secret until tomorrow.

We had snuck out of the house almost undetected last night. Rosalie and Emmett were like two rabid dogs in heat as soon as the sun went down. I felt bad for not cluing them in on what was going to be the biggest day of my life. I knew Rosalie would never let down her fight over the dress if she knew what her brother and I were about to do. And let's face it, as much as I detested the idea of her wedding dress I also enjoyed getting a rise out of her.

Bella was going to be a harder person to explain all of this to. If there was ever a person to stand next to me on my big day she was it. I tried not to dwell too much on the reactions of my family but rather focus on the fact that tomorrow I would be Alice Cullen Hale. Finally.

Jasper and I had waited entirely too long for this day to come. Eleven years worth of sporadic phone calls, web cam intimate moments and even fewer one on one meetings had led us to our abrupt decision. I would just have to face the wrath after it was all said and done.

It was going to be worth it.

I heard the water shut off from the shower and I knew it was only a matter of minutes before Jasper emerged into our suite. Considering we were only staying for the one night we decided to splurge on our room. Our honeymoon suite a day before the actual honeymoon. Like I said, we were going about this unconventionally.

He stepped out into the living room area in nothing but a crisp white towel draped around his waist. It hung loosely over his hips while the water he had neglected to dry off himself rolled down his lean, hard stomach. I licked my lips at the sight before my eyes. This man, this beautiful kind hearted man had been mine since we were five years old. How I ever got to be so lucky was beyond me. He was my everything. I would do anything for this man.

"Al, you okay baby? Are you starting to have reservations about not having the whole family here?" he asked taking a seat on the couch that I was perched against. I leaned my body back so that his legs were wrapped on either side of me. I sighed as he began to gently knead my shoulders.

"No and yes. I mean, no because I want this more than anything in the world and yes because I know that they are going to miss the most important day of our lives."

"Well, we could still call them if you want. I'm sure we could postpone our nuptials until everyone arrived."

I turned around to face him, my hands on his knees. I began to rub my palms up and down the length of his thighs. Shaking my head I answered him. "That would be the unselfish thing to do but I can't help but feel selfish at this very moment. I know it's wrong of me, really I do, but I just want to be married to you. At this moment I don't care about anything else. Just you and I. Maybe later down the road I'll regret this but not right now. Right now I want to focus on the fact that in less than fifteen hours you will be legally binded to me for the rest of your life."

Jasper smiled and I'll admit it made my stomach flutter every time he did. "I feel the same way. But are you prepared for the hell that is without a doubt going to head our way when everyone finds out? Not just the girls or your brothers Al, you've also got your future in-laws to consider."

A part of me cringed at the mere mention of Jasper's parents. I never understood why all parents couldn't be as amazing as my own. Jasper's were in fact far from the amazing, down to earth parents I had. His dad wasn't all that bad but his mother. Good Lord his mother was a force to be reckoned with. I was thankful that Jasper wasn't an only child and that in her eyes Rosalie was the golden child. The woman lived off Rose's fame worse than Joe Jackson did his kids.

But then it hit me and I smiled. Jasper cocked his head to the side and gave me a questioning look. I shook my head and kissed him on the cheek before extending out my hand. He followed me into the bedroom and the whole while I thought, I may be doing my family an injustice by not allowing them to be present for our wedding but what made it all worth it was the fact that I wouldn't have to listen to mother Hale go on and on about how I should do things her way.

There is nothing I enjoy more than pissing off my future monster in law.

The day of the wedding

Jasper's POV

I spent the majority of the morning away from Alice. I knew better than to hover while she busied herself with getting ready. Carlisle and Esme were scheduled to arrive at ten and the wedding was to take place around one. We had decided on that time so that Alice could have somewhat of a customary one on one before the big march down the aisle with her mother.

I knew it killed her not to have the rest of the family present. Hell, it killed me too. But at the end of the day, whether we were surrounded by friends and family or not, she was still going to be my wife. That was something I looked forward to more than anything else.

In all actuality, I knew that this day would come. Did I think it would take us eleven years to get to the alter? No, but sometimes you have to take the hand you're dealt. Had it not been for the unforeseen circumstances that brought us all back together, Alice and I would have still managed to find our way back to one another. That I knew to be a fact.

Alice was in the bathroom soaking in the tub when I called out that I was headed downstairs to meet her parents. I wasn't entirely sure what Carlisle and I were going to do while they primped but I was almost sure it would involve the nearest bar. I wasn't planning to drink to ease my nerves. There was nothing to be nervous about. It was just a way to pass the time. It sure beat the hell out of gambling.

I entered the solitude of the elevator and pressed the button for the lobby. As it descended upon each floor my hand made its way into the pocket of my designer dress pants (designed by none other than my future bride). Inside was the ring I was going to give to Alice. Because I never flat out asked her to marry me, I never gave her an engagement ring either. But in my pocket, between my fingers, was the ring that would forever rest upon her finger.

Alice had no idea just how long I had had this ring but in just a few short hours she would. It was big and sparkly and just what I'm sure every girl dreams of. But more importantly when I first laid eyes upon it I knew that it was meant for my Alice. I didn't go to the jeweler of the stars like that Jacob guy that Emmett used. I mean, sure I had seen his works who hasn't seen all the bling P-Diddy flashes or that platinum grill Lil Wayne sports. Nor did I go where I'm sure Edward had visited.

I wasn't a complete fool when it came to the matters of his heart. Alice may think she's the only one who has a sixth sense about things but I catch on to things pretty well myself. Tiffany's was high on their to do list while in New York and I knew Edward well enough to know that he was going to come home with a ring. Now whether or not said ring would be sitting pretty on Bella's hand was another question in itself. But never the less, he was coming home with one.

It wasn't that Tiffany's wasn't good enough for Alice. Lord knows the woman owns enough little blue boxes to build a shrine but I wanted something unique. Something as one of a kind as my girl.

The elevator slowed and the doors opened. I had to look up at the numbers to make sure I had made it to the lobby. The lighted numbers revealed that it had stopped on the tenth floor. Waiting to step inside were a group of women and I smiled politely as they each entered the confines of the space. What caught my attention was that they all seemed to be wearing the same shirt. I tried not to make it seem like I was checking out their chests. I was on my way to the alter after all, but for some reason I just had to know what the shirts said. One of the ladies cleared her throat and I looked up to find eleven sets of eyes on me. All of their faces smirking.

I coughed and bit back a smile. I was almost certain at that moment I was a Bella shade of red. The lady who cleared her throat spoke while all of her friends looked on.

"Was there something we could help you with?" She asked in a voice clearly made for radio.

"No," I said and shook my head. Her friend behind her snorted. I decided I might as well fess up. It sure as hell beat getting caught staring at their chests again. "I mean, I'm sorry I was just trying to figure out what your shirts said."

They all looked down like they had forgotten what they were wearing. A laugh escaped from my mouth and the eleven sets of eyes shot back up to me. I realized then what the shirts said.

"So, you girls are with the band huh? And which band would that be?" I asked thinking that if maybe it was someone worth listening to, Alice might want to stick around.

The girls laughed like it was some kind of inside joke. "The Lost Boys." A girl with an unidentified accent added between the laughter.

"Okay," I said more to myself. "Are they new?"

The laughter continued and I was positive that I was in fact missing or they were drunk. I figured I'd make small talk the rest of the way down. It couldn't hurt right?

"I guess then that 'The Lost Boys' is what brings you girls to Vegas?"

"You betcha!" Another one fired back. She sounded faintly like Jackie from That Seventies Show. I noticed that her shirt was slightly different than the others. On the left side, where a pocket would be, it read, Big Chief WCIP. I considered asking her what it meant but after the round of laughter about the band I decided against it.

"What about you?" Another one asked only this one was Australian.

"Oh, I'm getting married today," I beamed proudly. Each girl oh'ed and ah'ed and sent a mix of congratulations around in a mix of different accents. Who ever this band was had one hell of a following I thought.

"Jasper," I said holding up my hand and giving the ladies a small wave. "My name is Jasper and you ladies are?"

"Not Anna!" they said in unison before doubling over in a fit of laughter.

I decided that I was going to give them the benefit of the doubt by not deciding that they were crazy. Loud, giggly, and maybe drunk? Yes but this was Vegas so anything was to be expected. Before I could engage them in any more laughter because let's face it, the conversation was one sided on my part, the elevator chimed and we finally had made it to the lobby.

Two of the girls, apparently Vegas natives, were discussing who had the best buffet in town as they led the group out of the elevator. I listened intently because after I had made an honest woman out of Alice I wanted to hit up an all you can eat spread.

Being the gentleman I was, I held the elevator doors open so they could each make their way out. One by one, or rather, arm in arm, they each exited still laughing with one another. I shook my head and smiled at the bonds they had. Just as I was about to follow the last one out of the door, she stopped and turned to face me.

"I'm sorry about that. We're a very excited group," she explained in a Scarlet O'Hara southern drawl. I contemplated if she sounded like that all of the time or if it was the effects of alcohol. I nodded and smiled, totally understanding what she meant. "Jasper, good luck with your marriage, there is no doubt she's one lucky lady."

"Thank you and y'all have fun and don't get into too much trouble."

"Please!" she protested. "What's Vegas without a little trouble? By the way, you can call us The Muselets." And with that she ran after her friends while I stood at the elevator gaping because I had only met one other group of friends that had given themselves a name.

Esme and Carlisle were sitting at the bar when I strolled up. Both of them engulfed me in a hug as I approached. Esme excused herself to be with Alice while I took up residence next to Carlisle. We made small talk about the houses, Rose and Emmett's upcoming wedding, the fact that my parents were not present, and what pre-wedding talk with the bride's father would be complete without "the talk".

Carlisle's mood was light up until the point where he deemed it necessary to remind me that Alice was his only daughter, his baby girl, and even though we had been together since kindergarten he had no problems whooping my ass if I ever did anything to hurt her.

I would not have expected anything less from the man.

An hour later, Carlisle and I stood at the doors of the elevators waiting for Esme and Alice to arrive. I tapped my foot, not out of nerves but out of sheer excitement. I couldn't wait to lay my eyes on Alice. I knew that she was going to be stunning. When was she ever not?

Every time the doors opened my heart raced. I was literally on edge to see her. Carlisle sensed my mood and came to stand behind me, clamping his hands on my shoulders.

"Breathe son. Just breathe."

I did as he asked and closed my eyes inhaling the air around me. What happened next will forever be embedded in my mind. It was as if it all happened in slow motion.

I opened my eyes just as the elevator doors opened. Esme stepped out first and moved off to the side to let Alice shine. When she was in my full line of vision, the sight before me took my breath away. She was in a knee length, white fitted creation that was made for her, by her. Her hair was pulled back elegantly in a knit veil that did not hang past her shoulders. A triple strand of pearls hung tightly across her neck.

She was a vision, a beauty. She was all mine.

I smiled and my heart leapt out of my chest as she began to walk towards me. Thank God my legs moved on their on volition because my head was swimming with the thoughts of her beauty.

She returned my smile as I closed the distance between us. Our hands locked together as we stood in the middle of the hotel lobby in front of the elevators like two teenage kids.

"Hi," she shyly said.

"Hi," I returned. "You look amazing, baby."

She bowed her head and squeezed my hands that were still holding hers. "Thank you. You look pretty amazing yourself."

I pulled her closer to my chest and breathed in her scent. I leaned my head so that my nose barely grazed the side of her face. "Are you ready for forever?"

"I've been ready since the first day of kindergarten," she answered back.

We arrived at the Chapel of Flowers with ten minutes to spare. The four of us walked into the small location and were in awe that this was still Vegas. It was quaint and for a brief second you actually forgot that you were on the strip. Instead, inside the place where I was about to tell my one and only, it felt as if we could have been anywhere.

An older lady behind the counter greeted us and began to explain the different packages. We opted for the intimate package which didn't consist of much, a maximum of five guests inside the chapel. The lady was kind enough to throw in four free passes to the buffet of our choice. I joked about having an Elvis impersonator marry us and even teased Alice about donning a set of Princess Leia muffs for the ceremony. The later comment earned a threatening look from both Alice and Esme.

At one o'clock on the dot, I stood at the front of the chapel with the minister. Esme sat alone in the first row of pews, her attention focused on the back of the chapel. The traditional wedding march began to play and the doors slowly opened. There with her arm wrapped together with her fathers was the woman of my dreams. They both smiled as Carlisle walked his only daughter down the aisle.

As soon as they reached where I stood, Carlisle slipped his arm out of Alice's. He kissed her on the cheek and hugged her tightly. Before taking his seat next to Esme, he extended his hand out to me and shook it, never breaking eye contact. Just when I thought his grip couldn't get any more firm he winked and pulled me towards him.

"Don't forget to breathe Jazz. We can't have the groom passing out on us."

I nodded because I was unable to find words. As soon as he was out of the way, I glided next to Alice and took her hand, placing it securely in mine. We looked into each other's eyes as the minister began the short ceremony.

I never broke our stare because the way I saw it, there was no one else in the room with us. I had to be taken out of my trance long enough to acknowledge the minister when he asked for the rings.

I slid the diamond out of my pocket and looked back up at Alice. The expression on her face was one of excitement and love. She placed her dainty hand in mine and as I began to slide the ring down her finger I heard her gasp. I smiled because I knew the moment I saw this ring she would approve.

I repeated the traditional vows to her and she mirrored the actions when it was her turn.

Ten minutes later, the vows had been said and the ceremony was one step away from being over. As soon as the minister pronounced us husband and wife, Alice's eyes lit up and neither of us waited for him say, 'you may now kiss the bride'. I'm pretty sure he never got the words out of his mouth.

I kissed her like it was our first time all over again. She molded her lips against mine and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect first kiss as husband and wife. When we finally detached our lips I held her body close to mine and pressed my forehead to hers.

"I love you so much," I said.

"I love you so much more."

I wasn't going to argue with her. We would have been there all day. I knew that neither of us loved the other more. But I'd give her the satisfaction because I was pretty sure she was saying that because of the giant ring she now sported.

Esme and Carlisle clapped and cheered as we made our way hand in hand down the aisle. They were close behind as we entered the private lobby of the chapel. Everyone shared hugs and kisses before the appointed photographer came over to snap a few pictures of our day.

After all the pictures had been taken the four of us stood outside the chapel deciding on where the best buffet would be to use our free passes. It occurred to me that just hours before this had been discussed in the elevator.

"Hey, I heard earlier that the Rio has the best buffet in town. Why don't we head that way?" I suggested.

Everyone seemed to be in agreement as a car came around to transport us to the hotel.

"Who suggested the Rio baby?" Alice asked while I held the door of the cab open for her.

"The Muselets," I stated matter of factly.

"Oh," she replied. "Well, they sound like a pretty awesome group."

I laughed and got in behind her. "They seemed like it."

I wish I would have had a way to get in touch with the loud, crazy self proclaimed "Muselets" when dinner was over with. It was by far the best food I had eaten in a long time. The menu ranged from omelets to pizza and sushi to fresh carved meats, not to mention the amazing dessert bar. I was in heaven. Buffet Heaven.

I noticed Alice staring at her ring all through dinner. She was mesmerized by the sparkles. It was as if she had a shiny new toy.

"Do you like it?" I asked knowing good and damn well she did.

"Like it? Jazz baby really? I love it!" she exclaimed.

"Good. I've had it for a while," I admitted.

She looked at me in disbelief. "You have? How long is a while?"

I remembered the day I bought the ring like it was yesterday. "Oh, for about seven years."

Her eyes got wide and her mouth hung open slightly. "Seven years? Are you serious? Why have you been keeping it so long?"

"Because I knew the moment I saw it that it was meant for you. I bought it with my first big paycheck."

"Oh Jazzy. I didn't think it was possible to love you anymore than I already do," she cooed and gently kissed me.

"I know baby. Believe me, I know."

When we had our fill of the endless possibilities of food, the car took us back to our hotel where we gathered our bags so we could fly back to Forks. The flight seemed to go by much quicker than it did on the way down.

I wondered as we pulled into the driveway if Rosalie and Emmett would be around to give us the third degree on where we had been. I had them in Seattle all day picking out fixtures for their house and if I knew my sister, she was probably passed out from shopping all day.

Esme and Alice walked into the house together while Carlisle and I stayed behind to collect all of the luggage. With bags in tow we began to walk up to the house in near silence. It wasn't until we reached the door that Carlisle spoke.

"Well Jasper, this is where we part. Thank you for including Esme and I in your big day. We're not judgmental on how you two went about things, all we care about is being there for our children." He took in a deep breath and began to turn the knob of the door. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going upstairs to sleep with my wife."

I couldn't help but smile but I knew better than to mouth off by saying me too. But that was exactly what I was about to do. For the first time, I was going to make love to Alice not only as my soul mate, my better half, my one and only true love but as my wife.

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