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Okay, Second Fanfic.

It's a Paul imprint story, introducing my own character. I felt like I was stuck with all these characters already made up, and I just wanted some new clay to mold. So here's a summary of my character.

****Originally, this fanfiction was called 'Have Faith in Love', but it has been changed to 'Damned Saint'****

Faith London Rossdale is one of the most loving people you will ever meet. With her long brown hair and red streaks, she's a funny girl that doesn't take life too seriously. She's got this gray eyes that pierce into your soul, but they are filled with nothing but goodness. She's a 4'10 fool with a medium tan, who moved to the La Push area from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with her parents because her mother wants to start a small fabric store in a small town. Even though she misses all her friends, including her best friend and favorite gay Glenn, Faith is open to meeting new friends, but not at first. There is a group that Faith doesn't want to be friends with. The feared "La Push gang" she's heard so much of.

I've had this fanfiction on my mind for a while, so I thought, why not?


P.S. I don't own anything except for Faith! (Yess…..)

Faith POV

Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty

Mother Teresa

La Push.

It literally is on the edge of Washington. I thought my mom was exaggerating, but really she wasn't. Why we left Canada, I don't know. But I hated it. I couldn't believe that my mom wanted to move half way across the state line, just so she could live in a small town. I've never been a small town girl. I've lived in Toronto my whole life. My home was a 10 minute walk from the CN Tower and the Rogers Centre. But Toronto natives still called it Skydome. I knew the best cupcake store there, and I remembered every spot I could hide in when I was at the Eaton Centre. It was the best life and it was my life. It wasn't fair that we had to leave. So maybe we had rain here or there, but it wasn't like La Push. I heard that it wouldn't stop raining in La Push, and it probably got sun 6 times a year.

My fingers on my left hand twisted my ring on my right hand. I've had this ring ever since I was little. It's an oval-shaped ring starting from my knuckle and ending off at my joint in my ring finger. When I turned 10, my mom told me to put on the ring, and never take it off. I thought that when I got older I would take it off, since it would get small. But for some strange reason, it never did. My fingers actually stayed that skinny, or the ring grew. It was black oval stone, giving it mystery, and glossy, giving it glam. The charcoal silver holding it together accented my skin perfectly. It was simple, yet interesting. It was me, in a ring. My mom has one the same shape, only hers is pure silver, yet with a vibrant blue oval stone. She is a calm and bubbly person, and the ring only repeats her personality. I've never seen my mom angry. Ever.

Speaking of family. I'm currently sitting in the back seat of my parent's Dodge Charger, with my mom Miriam, and my dad Bruce. I've got my dad's hair colour and height, and my mom's eyes, and facial features. A perfect carbon copy of both of them mixed together. Dad's a really wealthy freelance lawyer, and Mom is a tailor/dressmaker. And speaking of angry, when they told me we were moving from Toronto to a town that had less people than my highschool, I was mad. I was mad that they were taking me away from my life, without even asking me.

I was really going to miss Toronto.

I also was going to miss my friends. Judy, Alicia, and my best friend Glenn. Judy was a really tall blonde that looked like a model, yet she could whoop your ass. Alicia was the shortest out of the group. Really tan with dark brown hair. She was a softie. No one ever understood Glenn except for me. I know how Glenn's mind works. Sure he may be only 16, but he is one wise mother fucker. He has done a lot of things that could make you say 'what?!', but he truly is a lover, not a fighter. The reason me and Glenn met was because he was exactly one day older than me. March 25th was his birthday, and March 26th was mine. When I want to do something, Glenn always says respect your elders. I get mad, and he laughs. But that's when I pull the 'Beauty over Age' card on him. If Glenn were straight, he'd probably be my boyfriend.

Boyfriend. The one reason I was glad I left Toronto. My old boyfriend Tommy was a jerk. All through dating him, I felt so lonely. He would never call and wish me goodnight. He would never hug me or hold my hand in public, and after a while, he just stopped loving me altogether. It figures, considering I was his 3rd girlfriend he was dating at the same time as the other two. I heard the other two knew about each other, and all three of the Brady Bunch went on a date together. Now that's commitment.

We finally arrived to our new home. I opened my car door and clutched my backpack. I got out and took a look at the house. It was probably the biggest one I've seen so far, but it was not exactly how I pictured it. It was a large two door garage white home, with chipped paint everywhere. Vines were climbing up the sides of it, giving it a Jumanji type feel. Nothing like the expensive condo my parents had where everything would work just by touching a screen.

Oh yea, I'm definatley going to miss TO.


I looked to my mom.

"Sweetheart, when are you going to unpack?"

"The day Glenn goes straight."

My mom sighed, "Faith, love. Just accept the fact that we can't go back."


"Faith! Get your suitcase. I'm not bringing this shit up to your room."

Which reminded me of my dad. I liked my dad more than I like my mom. Probably because I'm more like him.

"Coming. So, tell me again why you had to get a house with 5 bedrooms, yet I'm the only one living here? I mean, everyone else is at college."

He laughed, "Because you get to pick which one."

I got excited.

"But that doesn't mean you go and make yourself at home in the master bedroom."

Shit. He knows me too well.

I tried to play it off, "How do I know which room is which?"

"Because all the doors are closed, and there is one door with a big ass sign on it that says 'Master Bedroom'."

Ha, my dad and his sarcasm. He would never put a sign up.

"Bruce, must you swear all the time?!"

"Mimi, seriously! The girl's practically an adult. Got to stop treating her like she's 6 years old all the time."

One of the reasons I liked my dad more than my mom was because he didn't see me as Daddy's Little Girl anymore. And for that I was grateful.

"You guys can bitch all you want, I'm going to find my room."

I grabbed my suitcase and started making my way into the house. When I walked through the door, I smiled. It looked really similar to the condo. Dad must have done it because I missed home. In front of me was the biggest staircase I have ever seen in my life. It wound all the way around the top level, reaching every door. I dropped my suitcase and examined the rest of the main floor. The living room was the typical shit that I couldn't touch. I peaked my head into the T.V room and danced on the inside. They bought the big screen T.V we couldn't buy because it was a fire hazard to our condo. And they got the movie theatre chairs. Sweet. I made my way into the kitchen and squealed. It was huge, and everything was stainless steel. It had the biggest fridge with a drawer freezer. And the double decker stoves that I love the most. Oh I can't wait to start baking.

I picked my jaw off the floor, and made my way up the stairs, dragging my bag along the stairs. I stopped at the top and went to look at the rooms. I saw the sign to my parent's room and laughed. He did put a sign up. I opened the door. Sure enough, they had a big ass room. Lucky. I closed the door and went to the room next to my parents' room. I wouldn't dream of having a room beside my parents, but I wanted to see what I was missing out on. Clearly nothing, since the room was too small for me. The next two rooms afterwards were craptastic, so I moved to the other side of the top level, hoping that the last room would be my room. I opened the door, and my bag slipped off my back.

My room was amazing. The white walls didn't seem bland in my room. The dark cherry red desk that was on the wall opposite of the window had a brand new Macbook Air on it, along with a photoprinter and scanner. The wall to the left of the desk had the door on this side. And also, a large flat screen T.V. My new king size bed was facing the T.V. It was crisp white, with a down comforter. I moved the sheets to press into the mattress. It was the memory foam ones I've always wanted. I walked to the window, and realized I had my own little terrace. I opened the French doors and walked onto the balcony, which was facing the front of my house. I had my own little table and chair off to the side. A tree with apples on it was leaning into the balcony. I took one of the apples in my hand and examined it. A perfect red apple.

I started to walk backwards into the room. It was perfect.

"So how you like the room?"

I jumped and turned around to see my parents at the door with smiles on their faces.

I had to smile too, "I absolutely love it!"

My dad started to laugh, "See Mims?! I told you she'd pick this room."

Then I realized what my dad did. He made all the rooms look bad so I would pick this one. It was the farthest away from their room, giving each other privacy. I had everything I needed in this room. And I had my own little getaway where maybe in the middle of the night I needed some fresh air. They were just trying to make my stay here in La Push as comfortable as possible. I absolutely felt guilty that I was acting like a bitch to them. Maybe I should just accept my new life here.

I walked up to them both and gave them a hug, "You guys are right. I'll just learn to love it here in La Push."

My mom got excited, "Oh sweetheart! Trust me! You won't regret it!"

"Come on, Miriam; let's give our daughter some space."

After they left, I walked out to my balcony and sat on my comfy chair. I had the perfect room, with the most perfect view of nature. I could see far into the depths of the trees from where I was. It seemed like I had everything I wanted. But I was lonely. I didn't have any new friends in this new town. Maybe I'll go by the pet store and get a puppy. Mom won't mind, she loves dogs. Well, I still feel lonely. Maybe I felt this way because I haven't been loved by someone as often as I'd like. I just needed someone to hold me, or someone to serenade me. A lover who would kiss me like he would never see me again. Just to feel the affection I deserve. I've been used and cheated on by too many boys, that I just feel incomplete. The more I thought about my other half, the more it hurt to be lonely. I shed a few tears, and wiped them away as quickly as I could. No one has seen me cry. Not even my parents. And no one should.

I wish Glenn was here. If he was, I could just picture him telling me 'Girl! What you need to do is get off your ass, put on some sexy booty shorts, a tight tank top, some motha fucking red heels and get to the club, hoe!'. I laughed a bittersweet laugh. Glenn would know just what to say to get me in a better mood. If Judy was here, she's probably say the same thing. And if Alicia was here, she'd be the one bringing the tequila. Thinking about them just made me miss them more

God, I hate feeling lonely.

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