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So some people have asked me to go deeper into the gypsy world, since they are craving for more. This chapter will involve all of that, plus what you all have been dying to read about. The love story of the gypsy and the werewolf.



Be yourself, don't take anyone's shit, and never let them take you alive.

Gerard Way

My eyes locked onto a very large man. His hair was long and white, where his steel eyes locked onto my gray. He was in a white suit, with a silver tie and white dress shirt. His hands held onto a silver cane, with a silver stoned ring on his index finger. His face was aged with stress and time. He looked important, and he was. He strutted into my room, taking in the surroundings. His face was calm and collected. He seemed to be no threat.

Glenn's eyes bulged out of his head. My mother's smile grew and grew.

His aura radiated the purest of white.

A powerful gypsy indeed.

"Fatima," he said.

I had realized that he was calling me. Fatima was my Arabic name.

"Yes?" I said in a small voice.

He stuck his hand out, "Come with me."

I hesitated. I didn't know who this man was, and by the looks on Glenn and my mother's face, it was...or wasn't, a good thing he was here.

"Come Fatima," he said calling me again.

With a shaky hand, I reached toward his hand. He clasped onto it tightly, almost feeling something. Raising me up, he led me past my mother and out of the bedroom. I followed him down the steps, where there were several other gypsies, staring at me in awe, delight, or frustration. Four were males, two were females. One male had peppered black and white hair, with a rough exterior. His beard didn't hide his frown as he looked into my soul. The man beside him looked like the former man, only shorter and a smile on his face. The third man was blonde, that had eyes almost rivalling Paul's beautiful chocolate browns. The fourth and final man was stout. He seemed almost bored with his dull black eyes and dusty blonde hair. The first woman had the hair of a deep fiery redhead. The colour of blood cascaded from her head, down her body. Her forest green eyes wrapped her in seduction as she stood there in a dark, black gown. She was in awe. The other woman was the complete opposite. Her blonde, almost white hair flowed effortlessly, with deep sea blue eyes. Her white dress hugged her curves. Her happiness radiated off of her.

The man guided me out of the home, leading me through the forest. He hadn't spoken a word to me.

Moments later, we were at the shoreline, witnessing the sun set.

"Beautiful, is it not?" He said with his back facing me.

"It is," I said, remarking at its beauty.

He turned to me.

"Your mother should have named you Patience, Faith."

"Why did you call me Fatima if you know my name?"

"On second thought, she was right."

I shook my head, "Please answer my question."

He smiled, "Respect, darling."

"You know who I am, but unfortunately I am the one who doesn't know a lot."

His cane twirled in his hand, "You have an idea of who I am. Do not be afraid to ask, Faith."

"How did you-"

"You think you were the only gypsy in the world to enter a mind?"

"There's only two who are able to...do...that..."

It hit me like a slap in the face.


He glistened, "Clever."

I couldn't believe it. Ishtar, the Ishtar, the most powerful gypsy in the world, was standing in front of me in a Miami Vice suit.

"But...you haven't shown your face in over four hundred years-"

"It is about time I start, no?" He said with humour.

"I guess," I said slightly chuckling.

He sobered up, "Well, enough with the light talk. I know you want to know why I am here-"

"About that," I said cutting him off in a rushed tone, "I am so, so, so sorry I told my brother what I was! I had no idea we couldn't tell anyone! I needed to tell someone. Nico wouldn't bother anyone. I mean, Nico can keep a secret. Nico can keep plenty of secrets. Of course this one he should keep because if he does I'd probably-"

"Faith," he said in an affirmative voice.

My breath was deep.

"Sorry. Continue."

"As I was saying, if you think I am here because of you exposing us, then I am here to tell you, I don't care."

My jaw dropped.

"But...council's rules are-"

"I do not care about the rules. I am over a thousand years old. I think I can pull out the respect your elder card over the rule book, my dear."

He sat on a log, "You know what you have done is wrong, so there is no punishment."

I sighed in relief. Ishtar is fucking amazing.

"Do not poison your mind with vulgar words, Fatima," he scolded, "but thank you for the compliment."

"You are in my mind right now, aren't you?" I said sitting beside him.

"Of course."

"What do you see?" I asked him.

"You do not ask why I am in your mind?" He countered.

"It's not my place to ask."

He took a long breath.

"I see energy. It is nothing I have ever seen. No gypsy has power like yours. With one exception of course."


He smiled, "I see it. Your intelligence. It is in everything you do. Everything is planned out."

Ishtar squirmed, "I see loyalty within your friends, your family..."

He looked at me with a smile.

"...and your love."

I turned my head, hiding my blush.

"I can see the passion, not only for Paul, but the passion you bring into this world. It balances out the world."

"You can see all of that?" I said in shock.

"Oh, I can see much, much more," he said.

"But one thing stands out among them all."

"Strength? Intelligence? Loyalty?"

He leaned in.



He laughed, "My dear, you do not have an evil thought towards anyone. With the only exception, the vampire. You do not mean to kill; you mean to protect your loved ones, even if you risk your own life."

He became solemn, "You will make a fine gypsy, Faith. Know that I am always just a thought away."

"Any other questions," he said with a knowing look.

I bit my lip.

"I would rather you ask, child."

"But it's so...embarrassing."

"For you, it is."

I sighed, "Why are you wearing a white suit?"

"Would you have imagined me in a robe?" He said with a Cheshire smile.

"I have no clue."

"Faith," he said removing himself from the log, "this is the twenty first century. Although the robes were convenient..."

He adjusted the collar of his suit.

"I think I look rather dashing in this, no?"

I laughed as I got off the log, following him.

"Ishtar?" I said walking beside him.

"Yes, my dear Fatima."

I smiled, "You are unlike anything I had imagined."

"Quite so," he said, offering me his elbow.

Snaking my hand to hold his forearm, he led me through the forest, towards my home.


"You have a mind full of questions, Fatima. I cannot answer them all."

"Sorry," I said, moving my mouth into a ball at the side of my mouth.

He shook his head.

"Yes, my dear. You can tell Paul."

Arriving to my house with Ishtar on my arm was something I had found was a really, really big deal. I felt more auras than I could possibly comprehend. When I actually came into view of the home, I could see every gypsy I have ever met or seen, and some that were new to me. My mother was sitting on the porch chairs with Ms. Mure and Salima, Glenn's mother. Among them was another lady with graying jet black hair. Glenn and Tina were on the swing, with another girl with them. She shouldn't have been called a girl, more like a late teen. She had light brown hair accenting her pale skin. The six other gypsies had been around two black sedans, either sitting in there with the door open, or leaning against it.

It was obviously Glenn who spotted us first.

As my best friend came rushing towards me, Ishtar leaned in.

"He would like to know the events of today, my dear."

I nodded just as Glenn approached us.

"Ishtar, salaam alaykum."

"Alaykum salaam, Ghassan."

Glenn blushed, which Ishtar found weird.

"Glenn, do not be ashamed of your name." He said with a smile.

"It's odd hearing it." He said nervously.

The older ladies, including my mother, came over at that time, shaking hands with one of the greatest gypsies to ever roam the earth. Tina and the unknown girl came to meet him as well. Glenn and I were leaving, with Tina and the new woman on our tail. It was then when it hit me.

Was Paul okay?

As soon as I thought of Paul, I began to panic. He was going after a vampire that could physically hurt me easily. I didn't know how strong a werewolf was, but I only prayed that Paul would make it out alive. But nothing I could think of would calm me down. I worried about him; was he going to be okay? Was I ever to see him again? The more I thought of, the more I panicked. I didn't help him. I didn't help Paul. If I didn't help Paul, would he have been here right now?

Fatima, a voice said in my head.

I jumped, causing everyone around me to jump from my initial shock.

My eyes locked onto the face of the voice.

Ishtar just kept on staring at me, with a small smile on his face.

He is fine.

Knowing I could trust Ishtar, I made my way back into the house with the three of them.

"What was up with that?" Glenn said to me.

"Nothing," I shook him off.

We sat in the living room when I asked, "I don't mean to sound rude, but-"

"You want to know who I am." The brunette asked me.

"Yea, actually."

She smiled, sticking out her hand, "Harmony Mure."

"You're Ms. Mure's daughter?" I said astonished.

"Luckily, I am."

"So who was the woman with the black hair?"

"My mother," Tina said, "Nadia."

"Wow." I said falling back in my seat.

"I've got a question for you, Faith," Harmony asked, leaning forward.


"Is it true? Is your gift being able to control minds?"

I nodded.

"Show me," she tested.

With a raised eyebrow, my mind compelled her own to move her arms up and down.

"Alright," she said exasperated, "I believe you."

"I thought so," I said with a smile.

She shook her head, "I thought my power was amazing."

"Which is?"

She smiled, suddenly shaking. Well she wasn't shaking, more like vibrating. In seconds, another Harmony popped out of the original Harmony, and another one from the other side. Three Harmonies sat across from me.

I was awestruck.

"The ability to duplicate myself," she said proudly.

"What can you do, Tina?" She said, taunting her.

Tina smiled a small smile, smacking Harmony across the face. Once Tina's hand came into contact with her skin, the two newer Harmonies flew back into the original one.

Glenn burst into laughter.

"If something is changed, I can change it back." She said smiling.

"And you hit me because..."

"Skin contact is mandatory." Tina said, widening her grin.

I liked when Tina smiled; her beauty came through.

After talking with the trio, I had moved out of the living room, going towards the porch where all the adults were. As I approached, the council glanced at me. The men conversed amongst themselves, talking about other things while the two women had set their attention on me. Ishtar was sitting between my mother and Ms. Mure. The redhead had left off of the porch and began walking towards the moon. The white haired woman came towards me.

"Hello Faith," her soft, motherly voice sung to me.

"Hello," I said with a smile.

"With your permission, I'd like to walk with you, dear." She said, holding her hand out.

With only a nod, I accepted her warm and soft hand, following her off the porch.

"Who are you?" My inner child squeaked.

She smiled, "I am Lilliana, Faith."

"Who is everyone else, if that's not as much trouble...?"

Her smirk graced her face, "The other woman belonging to the council is Ryma, along with her husband Iman, the blond. Omari is the short man. Samar is the large graying man, along with his brother Kal."

"So you're a part of the council." I said acknowledging her.

"Only by marriage," she said smiling.

"So you are married to..."

"Guess, my dear." Lilliana said leaning in.

"Or better yet, find out."

Knowing exactly what she said, I entered her mind. It was hard at first, since she must have been centuries old. Finally I got to grasp one memory that has been revisited constantly, just like Tina and her memory of Austin. It was a white wedding, surrounded by green forestry. There were familiar faces, but the wardrobe was very old, around 1620s. Lilliana came down the aisle, walking in a white floor length silk gown, with a large train and a large veil. Her long laced sleeves covered her arms, while her hands held one of the biggest bouquets of white lilies, my favourite flower. Also Lilliana's favourite flower, from the way her link was towards the delicate things. She was at the end of the aisle, encasing her small hand into a strong hand. His face came to me instantly.

My head moved out of the memory.

"You're Ishtar's wife?" I said appalled.

Her eyebrows rose.

"Ishtar mistook your power. You are stronger than you appear, Faith."

"Thank you, Lillian."

"You're welcome." She said with a smile.

Her eyes looked at the night's sky as the clouds rolled in.

"Oh dear, now we can't have a night like this. Don't you agree, Faith?"

"Well, what can you do? It's not like you can control the weather."


With a hand in the air and a smirk on her face, a white, smoke-like light produced from Lilliana's hands, quickly flying into the clouds. The clouds sparked with white, and began to dissolve almost instantly. Her other hand had thrown sparks of electricity into the air, hitting the stars in the sky. The little orbs of ice grew with such brightness, it was awe-inspiring. The moon had been hit with a surge, glowing with gleam.

"Oh, that is beautiful." I said admiring the sky.

"What you can do is even more beautiful, Faith." She said holding her hands lightly.

"I would have to agree," Ishtar said, placing his position besides his loving wife.

She smiled, leaning into his embrace. I was inspired by them. If they were married for around three hundred and ninety years, and still acted like a bunch of sixteen year olds, still in the honeymoon like bubble they were in, it filled me with confidence. It gave me hope that maybe Paul and I could last long, like my parents.

A thought popped into my head, making me think.

How long have my parents been together?

"Maybe you should ask them, Faith." Ishtar said, squeezing his wife's waist.

"Terry," Lilliana said, smacking his chest, "stay out of the girl's head."

"Sorry Lilly, it just comes natural to me." He said winking.

"Terry?" I said laughing.

Ishtar sighed, "I hate that name."

"I love that name," Lilliana said smiling.

"Ishtar is horrible on the voice," she said walking away.

"Lilliana is even longer, love." Ishtar said as she was getting into the car.

The gray haired man looked at me.

"You're leaving?"

He nodded, "I must head back to Dubai. Business is now piling since I have finally made an appearance."

I held my hand out to him, "It was an honour meeting you, Ishtar."

His strong hand held onto my own, turning it so he could kiss the top of my hand lightly.

"If there was any honour tonight, it was meeting you Fatima."

I smiled.

"I expect you to come visit us next time," he said, strutting with his cane.

"Bye Ishtar."

"Willing to see you soon, Faith." He said, sitting in the car as well.

Feeling my mother's aura come from behind me, I embraced her as she came from behind me and cradled my body. Both of us watched as the two black sedans moved out of the large driveway, following down the hill. Her head rested on my own head, having me feel like a little girl again.

"I am so proud of you, Faith." My mom whispered.

"How?" I said questioning her.

"One of, if not, the most powerful gypsies in the world thinks you are a kind, sweet, respectful gypsy with potential of becoming someone great."

She turned to face me.

"That is something that never happens, baby."

"Thanks Mama."

"You're welcome."

She rubbed my shoulder, "Let's go inside. I think you need to call Paul."

"Why?" I said, "it's not like I don't want to, but why do you want to?"

Mom smiled, "I prefer you not to lie to Paul anymore."

"I can tell him tonight."

Her smirk grew, "When he finds out you're a gypsy, it'll be the best thing ever."

As she was walking back to the house, she called back to me.

"And when he finds out how good gypsies are in bed, he'll never want anything else."


If you still are confused about which gypsy is which, here is a list of who they are and what their gift is:

Faith (Fatima) Rossdale – The ability to control the minds of every species (vampires are the only exception due to how powerful their minds are).

Miriam Rossdale – Faith's mother – The ability to heal someone (regardless of species).

Glenn (Ghassan) Staton – Faith's best friend – The ability to control time (able to jump from place to place).

Salima Staton – Glenn's mother – Ability has not yet been identified.

Jackie (Jarnitta) Mure – Faith's teacher/Miriam's best friend – The ability to control one's voice (able to easily detect lies, truths, and manipulate one's reasoning for something, i.e. their 'voice' of opinion).

Harmony (Hadya) Mure – Jackie's daughter – The ability to duplicate (able to make copies of herself).

Tina (Tibah) Gavenger – Faith's old enemy/acquaintance – The ability to alter someone or something back to its originality, only by physical contact. (if a shirt was red, and it has been changed to blue, she can change it back to red).

Nadia Gavenger – Tina's mother – Ability has not yet been identified.

The Council:

Ishtar – Oldest gypsy alive/Head of the Council – The ability to control the minds of every species (vampires included, due to the power of Ishtar).

Lilliana – Ishtar's wife – The ability to control the weather.

Ryma – Redhead/other woman on the Council – Ability has not yet been identified.

Iman – Blond/Ryma's husband/member of the Council – Ability has not yet been identified.

Omari – Short, stout, blond, black eyes/member of the Council – Ability has not yet been identified.

Samar – Peppered black and white hair/member of the Council – The ability to sense when a gypsy uses his/her power.

Kal – Samar's younger brother/member of the Council – The ability to find information on everything.

Hope everything is clearer for you all.


Xoxo N.